Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 698

Chapter 698

Lava Viper

"Judging from what you guys said, you are from a school among the top five schools in China?" Verlianna was relaxed.

Zhang Zhengxiong could not help but laughed. "Brother, I think Fake Rose asked the same question when we were bathing in the hot spring."

"Yeap, no wonder they are roses. But what you asked is real and what she asked was fake. Are you really not considering killing her for both of our love?" Verlianna smirked when she heard Ye Cangs words. Do you really despise ThornyRose this much? "Then, why did you marry her?"

"*Sigh* Its a sad story. As you know, Im the trump card of that rubbish club. But of course, thats not the main point. Most importantly is my appearance. Ever since the first time we met, I accidentally triggered her as I was a teenager back then. She then remembered my handsome face and wanted to rape me through all kinds of ways. I was very cautious but was still caught off guard. She actually used pills on me! Can you imagine how evil she is?! Because of this, another partner of mine got wasted. On the same night, I was being raped by two ladies. Even my ass*sigh* its really a night I wanted to forget" Ye Cang gradually looked up at the snow falling from the sky and said sadly.

"......" Verlianna wiped her cold sweat. He even lost his virginity for his ass? Never have I thought that ThornyRose is actually this scary Wait, your appearance?! She then rolled her eyes. "Lets talk about which school you guys are from."

"Lin Hai." Zhang Zhengxiong smiled.

"Oh. The Sea of Stars. Ive been there for quite a number of exchanges." Verlianna then recalled her old times when she was the assistant captain for her school.

"If you are free, pay a visit to Lin Hai. We can go to the sea, drink some wine, chit-chat, and eat my barbeque food" At first, Ye Cangs words made Verlianna feel warm. Yet, when she heard the last phrase, she shivered. "Well see. Well see."

"Then, Ill ask Fake Rose out to create an opportunity for you"

Verlianna did not know whether to cry or laugh. You just cant get over this topic, huh?! Seeing the three of them helping each other to brush their backs, she was jealous. Such brotherhood...Ive never felt it before.

As Ye Cang leaned against the edge to rest, Lin Le popped out from the water. "Brother LilWhite! Brother LilWhite! Its so deep down there! I cant dive any deeper and its very hot."

Impatiently, Ye Cang threw away the towel. "Ill go and have a look!"

Ye Cang then dived into the water like a fish. Verlianna was shocked. What kind of speed is that?! He can even move this fast underwater?! Is he an amphibian?! A super-fast kind?!

As he went deeper, Ye Cang felt more uncomfortable. Swiftly, he saw a cave. He then swam into it with great speed. Upon entering the cave, there was no more boiling water but waves of heat blew at his face. Stepping on the black lava rock, he saw a pathway in the cave. At each side of the pathway, there was lava falling from the cliff. Under night vision, Ye Cang saw there was a mini island at the very end of the pathway. There seemed to be a dragon-like creature sleeping on it. He then started to identify it.

Lava Viper - Kasailo (Abyss - Viper - Special Field - Big Leader): A viper creature living in the cave of lava. Its the descendant of a dragon and a hell bird. It can deal impressive damage! Its strength is on par with a pure dragon and it is immune to fire and lightning elemental magic. This kind of dragon has no eyes as they detect their enemies through different levels of heat just like the hell bird. Its also immune to all kinds of mental magic. Try not to battle it in the landscape which it has an advantage on. Even a dragon has no way of defeating a lava viper in the lava. Its crystal is an extremely rare and precious motion-kind crystal. It has the ability to recycle reusable energy. This viper is weak and looked exhausted

Ye Cang examined it carefully. Exhausted? This is just a viper that lacks lava. Cautiously, he backed off and swam back to the surface. He then laid on the rock and continued to rest by covering himself with the towel. "Theres a cave down there Inside it, there is a dragon."

Verlianna was speechless. Seeing Ye Cang being so calm as if there was not something special, she asked. "Is it very strong?"

"Yeap. The cave is too small, it cant get out. But, we could defeat it in the cave." Ye Cang nodded.

"Brother, bring us down there and have a look since we dont see dragon-like creatures often. Moreover, we are here for a vacation." Zhang Zhengxiongs words once again made Ye Cang frustrated and threw the towel away. "Summon Little Tadpole out! Ill ride you guys down there with it! You guys cant reach there by yourself. The deeper you get, the hotter the water is. Only Little Tadpole and I could withstand it."

Zhang Zhengxiong then summoned Little Tadpole.

Innocently, Little Tadpole looked at Zhang Zhengxiong then at Ye Cang. *Croak* *Croak* *Croak*

"Dont be scared. Im just asking you to fetch them down there." Little Tadpole heaved a sigh of relief after hearing what Ye Cang said. Swiftly, it swallowed the three of them with its tongue. Ye Cang then rode on it and activated the driving mode.

*Shoo* Instantly, they dived into the water.

In a blink of an eye, they went through the cave. Little Tadpole felt as if it was being cooked and spat the three of them out. Weakly, it laid on the ground. Ye Cang then caressed its head. "Its alright. Its alright. Come, eat this and youll be energetic."

Little Tadpole which was fatigued shook its head as Ye Cang walked towards its. "Croak croak croak! Croak croak croak!"

Ye Cang then forced every dish they could not finish when they welcomed Verlianna into its mouth.


The horrible scream made the three of them sweat. Lin Le was glad that Little Tadpole was here. If we didnt have it, we would be one eating those remained dishes. With much gratitude, he stared at Zhang Zhengxiong. Brother LilXiong, your pet is our second lifesaver! Zhang Zhengxiong was also glad to have this pet. Even though I was not satisfied with getting a toad in the beginning. But now, if you give me a dragon in exchange for it, I wouldnt agree! It can help us to reduce a lot of food!

Verlianna did not dare to turn around. This is too cruel!

Zhang Zhengxiong then patted her on the shoulder. "Dont feel bad. Imagine if youre the one eating those food"

After much struggle, Verlianna then prayed with much gratitude.

Suddenly, Little Tadpoles body started to change. There was a tail growing out from its butt. At the end of the tail was a giant frog palm.

"Eh? Its evolving! Now, it has an incredible heavy-fist ability!" Zhang Zhengxiong was surprised when he looked at Little Tadpoles attributes.

Just how many cruel stuff had you guys done on this toad?! Verlianna pondered.

With much resentment, Little Tadpole stared at Ye Cangs calm smile and lost consciousness after that.

Zhang Zhengxiong then recalled Little Tadpole back for it to rest. Along with the three of them, Ye Cang arrived at the pathway. Verlianna could feel the heat in the surroundings. This landscape isnt suitable for a lot of people to battle! Make a mistake and youll end in the lava. This pathway is only 2-meter wide but long. Moments later, she roughly saw a gigantic creature on an island not far away.
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