Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 699

Chapter 699

Cooking Quest

A few people came to Ye Cang and he then received a quest notice.

"Congratulations! Youve discovered the cooking quest! Anorexia Nervosa Kasailo! This viper has been sick of the taste of lava so it has anorexia nervosa of hell lava. Please make a delicious meal to make it energetic. The higher the satisfactory level, the greater the rewards! There will be a punishment of dropping a level in cooking if you use the wrong ingredients! Ps: The utmost moto of a chef is to deliver the food that satisfies the customer!"

"What?! Reduce my cooking level?!" Ye Cang screamed loud. At the side, Zhang Zhengxiong and the others were shocked since there were not many things that could cause Ye Cang to be shocked.

"Theres nothing special. This thing is the NPC for my cooking quest." Ye Cang paid attention back to the quest itself. The utmost moto of a chef is to deliver the food that satisfies the customer. Yeap, thats right. As a master in this career, I must really consider this.

Ye Cang then walked towards the viper and touched its boiling hot body. Even though its quite hot right now, once it has recovered, its temperature will be frightening. It is indeed weak now! He then turned over to see Lin Le, out of boredom, fishing in the lava. Oh yeah, he can fish in lava too.

On the other hand, Verlianna was dumbfounded. What?! Fishing in the lava?!

Moments later, Lin Le yawned and hooked up a fish covered with lava. He put it into an alloy box and continued fishing.

Meanwhile, Zhang Zhengxiong was mining ores with his pickaxe.

Ye Cang was the only one sitting on the floor, thinking about the quest. It isnt going to work if I use those kinds of meat. From its point of view, what is considered tasty to it? Its main food was previously lava So, I guess fluid food will do the job. Soon, he had an idea. "AXiong, come over and help me to smelt ores. If you have some over there, smelt it too."

"Alright." Zhang Zhengxiong then set up his smelting tools.

"It lacks iron. So well use high-quality black iron as its main dish!"

"Brother, how do you know that it lacks iron?"

"A master level chefs instinct"


"In terms of nutrition, well use our best crystal powder! Adding on 30 different rare ores! AXiong, you still have some Gods Iron right? Add some in too!"

"Brother, Gods Iron is extremely rare! Ive only gotten ourselves three pieces after playing this game for so long! I still dont have enough to make one equipment with it!"

"Stop nagging! Just add one piece!"

"Brother LilWhite, I fished an extremely rare lava fish. But, it isnt edible, any human would die from eating it."

"Just throw it in!"

At last, Ye Cang frowned as he stared at the jar with the colorful liquidated ores. Now, the nutrition is balanced. But, it lacks something strong. A catalyst that can recover its energy at an instant. He then gradually took out a small portion of black excrement and threw it in heartbrokenly.

"Brother is really going all out. He even added that last bit of black dragons excrement. He was so reluctant to use it." Zhang Zhengxiong said with his arms crossed while Verlianna was confused. Black dragons what?!

Dragging the boiling hot jar, Ye Cang poured the contents into a corner of its mouth.

Moments later, the cracked lava shell turned from maroon to bright red. Kasailo suddenly stood up and roared loudly while the lava beside it burst up. "Roar! (Its too delicious!)"

Gladly, Ye Cang sat down. "Good taste"

The scales on the lava shell were getting clearer and an Eye of Flame appeared on the dragons head. It was burning greatly while accumulating energy!

At last, with a roar, a black lava crystallized egg and a big pile of an unknown yet sticky black stuff appeared by Kasailos right foot.

Lava Dragon Crystal Egg: A Lava Crystal Dragon can be hatched from this egg.

Lava Fluid Crystal: Crystalized unknown and mysterious fluid. It contains the elemental power of the black dragon and other elements. Its an extremely rare ingredient!

The Eyes of Flame on Kasailos head then stared at Ye Cang with much satisfactory and the viper gradually bend down. "Alosai, dikeo, sisiamy (Thank you for such delicious food. This...is my child. Im about to hibernate to digest the food into power. Im not sure how long it will take, so please take care of my child.)"

Ye Cang nodded and kept the dragon egg and its excrement as Kasailo started its hibernation.

"Congratulations! Youve completed the quest, Anorexia Nervosa Kasailo! Completeness - X rank! Youve received a chance to enter into the Hero Spirit Realm! The effect of your dishes will be increased by 25% and youve obtained 3 lucky coins!"

Instantly, a slot machine appeared before Ye Cang wich shocked Verlianna. A slot machine!

"Brother! Give the lucky coins to Lele! If not, youll get something useless again!" Zhang Zhengxiong said when he saw Ye Cang holding three lucky coins.

"F*ck off! Ill get a divine artifact this time!" Ye Cang was pissed.

"Alright, alright. Give one to Lele and me each. Lets compete and see what we get." Zhang Zhengxiong was too lazy to explain so he snatched two coins from Ye Cang.

Verlianna was standing aside, watching Ye Cang inserting his lucky coin. *Beep* *Beep* *Beep* A ring with all attributes of 1000?! Nope, not this. Lock-on Gods Gun?! Not this either. With this spinning speed, I bet he is going to get the next one. The accessory of the Death Reapers Determination. Increases 1% of all attributes permanently after killing an enemy. No limit. If he really gets this, we dont have to play this game anymore!

At last, the slot machine slowly stopped at the accessory of the Death Reapers Determination. Ye Cang then laughed out loud. "Ive told you"

Before he could finish his sentence, the slot machine forcefully moved to the next slot.

"Congratulations! Youve obtained the black dragons excrement!"

A pile of a black objects then fell into Ye Cangs hands. Staring at the thing, Ye Cang was stunned for quite some time. "You motherf*cker! F*ck you, system!"

"I knew it." Zhang Zhengxiong then inserted his lucky coin. He got himself a big piece of Gods Iron with which he was satisfied. This is enough for the making of equipment.

After that, it was Lin Les turn. He got a piece of extremely rare holy material.

"Lets go. Its useless staying here anymore." Ye Cang kept the items into his bag.

Even though Verlianna was interested in the dragon egg, she knew it was best not to ask anything. Hence, she remained quiet. She memorized the location of this boss, the way to enter and its surrounding landscape. We may not be able to defeat it now but the day to fight it will come.

They then returned to the hot spring and Verlianna parted ways with them after bringing them to Maple Beach.

Red maple leaves, a warm beach, and snowy mountains behind. The three of them were in love with the beautiful scenery. Ye Cang was wearing Hawaii pants and laid on the beach. He then thought of the Hero Spirit Realm. Wondering what the other two were doing, he turned around to have a look. Zhang Zhengxiong was catching fishes while Lin Le was fishing. I shall go and have a look at the realm.

Seconds later, Lin Le turned around to see an empty beach. "Eh? Wheres Brother LilWhite?"

Zhang Zhengxiong popped out from the water. "Whats wrong?"

"Brother LilWhite disappeared. He was laying there touching his tiny d*ck seconds ago." Lin Le was confused.

"Maybe he went to the forest to get some biological stuff." Zhang Zhengxiong said.

Lin Le shrugged his shoulders and continued fishing.
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