Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 702

Chapter 702

The New Year Is Around The Corner

ThornyRose confirmed the value of the three in this season. A troop leader! A war machine! A battlefield destructor! Once the battle of the nations began, they will lead China to conquer the world, especially during the troop battle! In her mind, she saw a scene of China standing on the top of the mountain, waving the flag of Thorns and Roses in the rain of blossoms.

*Boom!* Seeing Anza about to take his flight, Lin Le took out the handcart and aimed at it. *Boom!*

It was a failed shot.

Despite the incredible effect, LordAsked was shocked and triggered at the same time. Son of a b*tch! You son of a b*tch! It is not necessary. Just let a few people die and well pass the level! Staring at the golden explosion, he shouted inside, "Hey, thats my money!"

"Hunting Beast - the Bird of Wind - Anza is defeated! All players in Thousand Peak Mountain and Goddess City get the blessing effect! Movement speed +20%, dexterity +30%, experience +50% and wind elemental skills effects +30%! Lasts for 7 days!"

Suddenly, LordAsked felt something like an electric current flashing past his shoulders. He turned around to see Ye Cang was nowhere to be found. "NoThat idiot wants to touch the dead bird!"

CloudDragon was the first to react. He dashed at Ye Cang and gave him a devastating kick. However, upon landing onto the ground, Ye Cang entered into spirit status and charged himself. With Shadow Step, Ye Cang blinked at Lin Le, kicked away his hands and inserted his hand into the ash of the soul of the boss.

ThornyRose, CloudDragon, and LordAsked who dropped their jaws were disappointed as they know there was no turning back. The system showed that Ye Cang had touched the corpse.

"Two five-star shotsTwo five-star shots" LordAsked mumbled these phrases repeatedly as if he was deeply focused in prayer.

Silence filled the air for the next moment. The happiness of defeating the boss just made way for intense disappointment. Most of them were stunned with their smiles still on their faces, not able to fathom their reaction in time

"Who says I cant get anything?! Look! Whats this! The godly crystal!" Ye Cang raised the item high and shouted, sharing its attributes with everyone.

The Bird of Wind - Anzas Spiritual Orb: The soul crystal of the Bird of Wind - Anza.

With ThornyRoses signal, Lin Le examined the corpse. He shook his head and shrugged his shoulders. "...but theres nothing at all."

"Lets go. Lets go. Im not going to share the cost of the cannon shots. ThornyRose, it isnt me being not trustworthy but if it was you, you wouldnt have paid too. Besides, not claiming the human resource fees from you guys is already the best we can do." LordAsked turned around and patted ThornyRoses shoulders. When he left, he glanced at Ye Cang for one last time and sighed deeply. "Its just a months time and we totally forgot about defending it." he sighed.

Looking up at the sky, CloudDragon quietly left along with his team. "Same here...not going to pay."

With apologies from the bottom of her heart, ThornyRose nodded and stared at Ye Cang raising the soul orb high.

Outside of the arena, players were celebrating their share of blessings but were also confused with the dissatisfaction of those walking out Why do they look as if theyve lost their families? They didnt even look that bad when they were completely wiped out.

"Brothers, youve just finished defeating the boss but you look extremely gloomy?"

"Dont even bother asking me that. I dont have any comments. I just want to figure out my purpose in this world. Originally, I thought my points are going to be put into good use but who knows...Life is just so unpredictable. Where does mankind come from? And where do they need to go at the end of the day?"


SpyingBlade was sitting cross-legged on the ground quietly, staring at the souvenir brought back by Lin Le. Luckily I still have these. Meanwhile, NalanPureSoul crossed his arms with regret and glanced at the accessory Ye Cang gave him but suddenly, the thought of the cost of two cannon shots ached his heart once again. Ouch. Even though Lin Le has the refund talent, the cost is still a great one. He then quickly left the arena. On the other hand, Zhang Zhengxiong swiftly retreated from Ye Cang as he felt something was going awry. Lin Le followed by rolling aside. I sense some killing energy!

"Actually, the item in my hands is a divine artifact! But you guys have to know, getting a divine artifact will mean that you wouldnt get other things. This is the rule! Every essence is accumulated in this. Dont get so upset just because you didnt get any ordinary"

"Ah! My face!"

Ye Cangs scream was so loud that it could be heard from outside of the arena. LordAsked then looked at CloudDragon. "Why is he such a stubborn prick?"

Without turning back, CloudDragon stopped and replied, "Great players have their own fetish. You can have yours once you are entitled as an emperor." He finished and left.

"Its just a matter of time." LordAsked turned around and glanced at the arena. Hero spirit skill, huh?

"Brother." Ji Xiaos voice came out of nowhere. LordAsked immediately clenched his fists, preparing to hit him.

"Youll become one someday. Be confident."

LordAsked was stunned for a second and turned around to see Ji Xiaos determined look. This little fella

Lin Hai. The small house by the beach.

"The day after tomorrow will be Chinese New Years Eve. Time sure flies so fast." Ye Cang said as he was flipping through the calendar.

"Oh yeah, have you thought of the performance for the Gala?" Wu Na was playing the guitar sadly. "Sadness from yesterdays, its still here -- Ive got myself a little chicken (one of the pieces in mahjong)-- I see no pieces on the table, so I gave it out -- Who could understand the eagerness of the three opponents to get a winning hand--"

"They repeatedly urged me but I didnt see it. I should be able to make it if I start thinking about it." Ye Cang was sitting on the rocking chair. "AXiong, Lele, Little Tian, LilZhao, Tongtong, LilFang, and LilDino, do you guys have any suggestions on what we can do?"

"Brother, I think we can have all the beautiful girls to dance with me on the stage! I want those who can get themselves wet!" After hearing Zhang Zhengxiongs words and seeing the smirk on his face, everyone was speechless, especially FrozenCloud.

"Brother LilWhite, I think we can dance Agogo Little Bear dance. Im good at it!" Lin Le was starting to shake his body to the moves.

"You guys have fun. Im busy that day." SpyignBlade shrugged his shoulders.

"Traitor! How betraying !" Zhang Zhengxiong shouted at him.

"......" Facing his accusation, SpyingBlade rolled his eyes.

Ye Cang then quietly texted a message.

"Alright, Gongsun Qian will be here with us on that day." Ye Cangs words shocked SpyingBlade and made his voice burst out. "What was that?!"

"Nothing much, I just said that youre going to develop your secret relationship on CNY eve, wanting to go to Dust Street to get your d*ck unleashed." Ye Cang shrugged his shoulders. "Alright, any other suggestions?"

"Brother White! Can we invite Naked Emperor to come over and bless everyone?" Fang Tong held her palms and fingertips together. Meanwhile, Fang Ci facepalmed as if he wanted to die. His sister had become a loyal fan of Flasher Uncle and even joined his religion.

"Little Tian and LilDino, any ideas from the two of you?" Ye Cang then looked at the sisters of handcart merchandise.

"Father, Ive investigated the type of everyones favorite shows and the meaning of CNY Eve and came to the conclusion that a small production or a short drama will be the most suitable. The second best option will be a musical show. Its best to showcase some deep meaning and some elements of Chinese New Year but Im not as intelligent as father so I cant suggest anything for the plot. Of course, this is fathers decision." Little Ye Tian gave her say after reading a book about the study of kiss-ass.

Ye Cang nodded in satisfaction and acceptance while Little Ye Tian took a glance at Lin Le.

"Team leader, youre smart and knowledgeable. Its just something small for you. Ill not suggest anything stupid then." FrozenCloud said.

"Aww dont praise me like that. We know youre a little stupid and ugly but youre still hardworking. Give yourself some confidence." Ye Cang patted FrozenClouds shoulders and gave him a jokers smile.

FrozenCloud was pissed. Isnt there a normal person in this house?! She then looked at Wu Na. Were still good sisters when we arent playing mahjong.
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