Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 704

Chapter 704

Iron-Masked White-Haired

In contrary to the laughter and chit-chats, Ye Cang's mind was intense. He picked up a cup of tea and looked at his folks who were discussing the plot and script. Upon landing his lips on the cup, waves of chills surged through his body and could not be overwhelmed by the heat from the cup of hot tea. It was as if there was a black hand behind him pulling him into an endless abyss. He had no energy to resist or struggle. With despair, his eyes shed tears as they were continuously fixated on the group. However, Ye Cang came back to his senses and wiped away the tears. He took a sip of the tea, put on a smile and sat on the rocking chair like an elder enjoying his life of retirement.

Lastly, due to the fact that there were too many opinions on the script, they decided to do whatever impromptu acts they wanted except for the background setting. Ye Cang looked at the overall synopsis. It was a story about the rise of the Three Kingdoms but apparently there were heroes and devils in the story, not to mention, even SnowWhite.

Avci (Endless Hell)

An iron-masked white-haired man slowly opened his eyes after having his organs eaten by the hell worms. "If Ive given you enough time, you might really be able to defy destiny but youre just an image of me. A clone made from my soul. Were one body and yet, youre trying to forget about Qinxue"

Suddenly, he got furious. "Why?! Have you forgotten the promise weve made in the first place?! The promise of staying together forever! Why?!"

A fairy dressed in white saw how the time and space in the Endless Hell got mixed up at the feeling of the demonish aura caused by his anger. Soon, the place returned to normal and the white-haired man kept his head lowered. "So, you are just my clone. Youre not me! Even if I lost my soul, dont even hope to return to my original body. Youre not worthy enough to be part of me anymore"

"You" the fairy came in front of the man and said kindly, "Actually, I believe youve understood that even if you manage to open the Book of Hopes, things cant be reset."

"So what? I would rather erase my existence than to live in a world without her" he closed his eyes the moment he finished and did not plan to answer any more questions.

The fairy caressed his iron mask sadly and suddenly felt a pain in the chest. Preventing the blood to leak out, it quickly teleported from the Endless Hell.

Midnight. The little house by the beach.

After finished composing a new song and some dance moves, Ye Cang stretched himself and came to the balcony. With his elbows on the fence, he stared at the endless sea under the moonlight. Chinese New Year. The season of preparing the angpaos again. Its so troublesome. After getting done with them, he decided to enter the virtual world to have a walk. I have been staying in-game for awhile. Its been so long since the last time I came here. He adjusted his clothing, brushed his tuxedo, tied his hair and teleported to the club. ThornyRose and the others were practicing. Standing on the observation deck, Ye Cang smiled. She is indeed a diligent person when it comes to this. He then turned into Piercing Thorn.

The girls were battling intensely in a 5v5.

Suddenly, they sensed something amiss with the time. Drops of sweat were floating in front of their eyes and movements became slower. From the corner of her eyes, ThornyRose saw a familiar shadow entering the training arena. It turned into Light Travel and a click of a sword inserted into the halt was heard. Ten of them were pierced either at the throat or at the heart. Before they knew what happened, time returned to normal and streams of blood burst out.

Just when ThornyRose who just resurrected was about to scold him, Ye Cang left the club. "This bastard!"

"Sister Rose, can we limit his rights to enter?" GreenDew asked.

"Its impossible! He is the biggest shareholder here!" ThornyRose ground her teeth.

At lightnings pace, Ye Cang had already arrived at the street and archived ThornyRoses message. He then walked around happily like a dog wagging his tail.

On the other hand, Lin Sen was coaching Lin Le in his dreams.

"Hey, theres a blue pond over there!" Lin Le saw a place that looked like a pond from high grounds.

"Thats not a pond, thats a figurative energy spot. You have to thank your white-haired brother. If this piece of chilling water fire pond is used wisely, it will be beneficial to you but torturous to enemies. It has the sensation of a burning fire and also the coverage of water. It is extremely low in temperature. Even a single touch would cost you a lot of trouble!" Lin Sen who had white hair and red eyes stared into the endless sea of stars. Leles Will region is almost the same as that LinLin. Its just that the fella has the Treasure Tree of Heavenly God and the Book of Crimes. Hmm, I wonder...whats he doing at the moment? He then turned around to see Lin Le jumping into the pond naked and was stunned for a second. Seeing Lin Le resting comfortably at the edge beside, an image of his child flashed through his mind and he quickly ran towards him.

Some weird realm.

"How dare a little Heaven Mysterious Sect trespass into my Mysterious Dark Shrine!" A random sword saint who wore a black robe stared at a middle-parting-white-haired kid. Deep inside him, he was shocked. How can a kid have such great talents at this age?! He is even the head of a sect?! "Hey kid, who the heck are you?!"

"Im the head of Heaven Mysterious Sect - LinLin." LinLin put on an innocent and polite smile. The apprentices behind him consisted of elders, kids, and demonic people. They all jumped backward as a red-shirt demon shouted. "HeavenlyOldFreak! Judging from the fact that we had a drink once, quickly kneel and pay your respects to the master! He might consider sparing your life. I believe you wouldnt want to know the consequences otherwise!"

"GreenMountainBlackDemon?! How did you" HeavenlyOldFreak looked carefully at the person who was talking.

"Pfft! Im no longer GreenMountainBlackDemon. Under the influence of the head of the smart, great, and amazing Heaven Mysterious Sect, Im the 36th apprentice! Please call me by the name GreenAh!"

Suddenly, the demon known as GreenMountainBlackDemon fell on the ground and screamed in pain as a vajra[1]. HeavenlyOldFreak was shocked. How was he attacked?!

"Youve talked too much. I hate noisy people the most!" As he clenched his palm, the vajra returned to LinLins hand. Once again, he stared at the members of Mysterious Dark Shine as he walked towards them, keeping his kind innocent smile.

As the members of Heavenly Dark Sect swallowed, chill engulfed the entire shrine out of a sudden. Moments later, screams and cries were heard. They were begging for forgiveness.

The scene returned to the small house in Lin Hai.

Zhang Zhengxiong noticed a new gene lock was formed but yet he did not dare to break it. The mere chill from it was enough for him to digest. Ill deal with it when I finish unlocking the 5th one. I wonder which level is brother at? Even Zhang Zhengxiong did not know what level Ye Cang was in unlocking gene locks. The only thing he knew was that Ye Cang was very scary when he did that. He was so scary back in Heavens Sword Sect in terms of his incredible regeneration of cells and speed of movement. It was as if he cant be killed and his strength was as great as a god. When can I be like him? I must protect brother someday. I cant have him protecting me forever. He has suffered too much because of sister and me
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