Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 706

Chapter 706

Seeking Shelter

A flow of energy filled Zhao Xiangyus body fierily. She felt a pain as her muscles were strengthened and her senses were sharpened. She turned around to see Ye Cang and once again saw the virtual point. The body reacted to it. Attack at that point! Attack! Quick! Quick! Attack! Her heart, brain, and hand suddenly moved. Instantly, she grabbed the sword and flashed in the speed of light. Ye Cang was surprised. Oh, well, she can actually enhance the speed of the sword to this extent. He then stopped the edge of the sword with his index finger calmly.

Zhao Xiangyu was also shocked by her attacking speed. The muscles of her hands felt sore and she could not even hold the sword well with her shivering hands.

Some lock-on superpower? That virtual point must be a signal of capturing the opponents weakness and the body automatically enhances its speed limit in order to react but the after-effect must be horrible. That attack just now...only a person who has unlocked his or her fourth chain could dodge it. Im afraid if there isnt a difference in strength, the target would not be able to escape. Strength and speed must be her bodys after-effect for breaking the limit. Immediately, he grabbed Zhao Xiangyu and inserted healing energy into her body. "Dont use it so often at the moment. Only activate it twice per day. Have at least a 6-hour break in between for the muscles to get used to it. Youve unlocked the chain just now, your body had endured some burden from the strengthening of genes. It needs rest. Thats why your hands are shivering now. Remember, dont do any difficult training within three days. Rest well. Reduce your training to half of the usuals and divide it into two sessions. Dont rush, alright?"

Zhao Xiangyu ground her teeth. "I got it, master. But why is your healing ability so painful?!"

"You might not even believe it if I tell you...I actually did it on purpose" Ye Cang smiled and Zhao Xiangyu was about to cry. I knew youd torture me on purpose!

"Im just kidding. Let me take you home." Ye Cang pulled her over.

"Its alright. Its alright. I can go back myself!" Zhao Xiangyu immediately rejected. I just received some money for this month. I need it for Chinese New Year.

"Alright then, Im leaving." Ye Cang shrugged his shoulders and disappeared out of thin air.

"Oh yeah, I went to your house just now and found out that someone hid filthy lucre in your hidden drawer. Ive taken them away, treat it as my angpao for Chinese New Year." A voice was heard from afar.

Zhao Xiangyu stunned for awhile and took out her phone. "Hey, FlowerFlower"

"The person youre calling has escaped back to her hometown for Chinese New Year"


A small house in Lin Hai.

Ye Cang stretched and Wu Na said speechlessly. "Tomorrow is the day and cant you act a little serious, Brother XuanDe?"

"Dont you know we must have a work-life balance, Evil Stepmother?" The serious Wu Na did not get Ye Cangs sense of humor and she was pissed instead. What do you mean by Evil Stepmother?! Cant you just call me Black Queen?!

Suddenly, there was someone knocking at the door. Knowing that Wu Na was angry, Ye Cang swiftly opened the door. Appearing before his eyes was Zhao Xiangyu. "First of all, thats the filthy lucre I found. Besides, I wouldnt give away any money I found at all. Its not that I dont want to but thats the norm, got it?"

"Master, I dont have a single cent with me, cant go back to my hometown and cant pay my rent. Please let me stay here! Just provide me with food. I dont mind sleeping on the floor!"

"What do you think I am?! Ive already taught you secret techniques without asking for any fees! And now, you still want me to provide food and accommodation?! Do you want me to hang you on the mast and send you to the sea for three days and three nights?!"

"Once a master, always a father! Do you really wish to see me begging on the streets?!"

"Well, now you say...I do wish to see that happen"


"Alright, brother, let her in. Its about time for her to practice with Lele and me."

"Youve got a point there, AXiong. Come in then." Ye Cang immediately pulled Zhao Xiangyu into the house. "Youll stay in the same room with LilTong."

Staring at Zhao Xiangyu, Wu Na recalled the girl in the picture. She was overwhelmed with sadness and jealousy at the same time despite knowing she was Ye Cangs apprentice. Without a word, she put on a warm smile and introduce everyone to her. Fang Ci and SpyingBlade nodded at her friendly.

"Hey everyone, let me introduce my second apprentice! Zhao Xiangyu!" Ye Cang was introducing each and every one of them, especially her master uncles. Just then, Lin Le came in front of her arrogantly. "I want to hear you calling me Grandmaster Uncle Le. If not, Ill send you out of here with one tight slap."

Zhao Xiangyu smirked as she looked at Lin Le. This must be the innocent but weird strategist. With my current strength, I guess I wouldnt get knocked away? She was hesitating.

"Im not kidding, just so you know. Im really going to knock you out, alright." Lin Le once again reminded her.

Zhao Xiangyu continued to examine Lin Le from head to toe. He doesnt look strong to me though. Just when she was about to call him, she heard a dragon roar. There was a shadow of a white dragon soaring behind Lin Le, with White Tiger Fangs in his left hand and Black Mysterious Sword Energy Slash[1] on his right fingertips.

Instantly, Zhao Xiangyu was knocked out from the windows by Lin Les White Tiger Palm. Zhang Zhengxiong sighed. With a dragon roar, he unleashed a dragon-shaped qi from his right hand to chase after Zhao Xiangyu and dragged her back.

Without any harm, Zhao Xiangyu returned to her original position. She was completely dumbfounded and immediately kneeled before Lin Le. "Grandmaster Uncle Le! I beg for your forgiveness!"

"Hmm. Now you know how strong I am!" Lin Le pressed on Zhao Xiangyus shoulder and held his chin high. On the other hand, Ye Cang pondered, The two of them actually combined Ten Thousand Sword Secret Art with Yin Yang Divine Trigram. Its no longer the white tiger image from the Holy Beasts incarnations. It was a product of sword energy slash and Holy Beasts incarnations. As for Zhang Zhengxiong, he has a good balance of gentle and hard. His attack was so hard that even sword energy slash couldnt penetrate and yet gentle as if being on the surface of the water. Both of their improvements are out of my expectation. He then put a broad smile on his face

Wu Na and Zhao Xiangyu got closer in no time. She brought her to Fang Tongs room and asked Zhang Zhengxiong and the others to bring a bed over. Facing the new roommate, Fang Tong was not shy at all and was very welcoming instead. Seeing his sister being so cheerful after being healed by Flasher Uncle, Fang Ci thought. It was supposed to be a happy thing but why does it feel weird and arousing? He felt even more awkward when he saw a poster of Flasher Uncle playing the bass naked on the wall.

"I cant believe youre also a hardcore fan of Flasher Uncles, LilTong" Zhao Xiangyu mumbled.

"Flasher Uncles elephant managed to inflame my spirits. Ahh, that warm feeling" FrozenCloud immediately interrupted Fang Tong. "Stop, stop. Its getting more indecent as you speak. Sometimes, you can just feel it but its best for you to keep your mouth shut."
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