Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 707

Chapter 707

Night Market On CNY Eve

"LilWhite! Were here!" Flasher Uncles voice came from somewhere. Because it was CNY eve, Flasher Uncle and Panty Uncle came for a visit.

Little Tong came to the living room excitedly. Seeing the vibrancy and excitement on her face, Flasher Uncle smiled. "Theres no need to bother it so frequently. Ill heal you again next time."

"Alright, Flasher Uncle!" Little Tong hugged Flasher Uncle at the waist and he caressed her head softly. I think thatd be the age of my granddaughter if shes still alive.

Wu Na, SpyingBlade, Zhao Xiangyu, and Frozen Cloud felt out of place. Are you sure you wont be sent to prison for what youve said?!

"Well, everyone is here. So, I guess its time to start cooking for the reunion dinner." Ye Cang pulled his sleeves up with a laugh. Suddenly, silence filled the room and everyone was aware. Even Zhao Xiangyu had tasted his series of grilled and barbecued food in the wild. The mere thought of it sent a chill down her spine.

"Brother, Brother, Ive promised Old Wang that we would be going to the night market for a reunion. Everyone is there!" Zhang Zhengxiong had well expected that Ye Cang would make good use of his cooking skills for this important dinner so he made a pre-arrangement with Old Wang and the others as he knew no one fancied Ye Cangs delicacy.

"Thats right. Thats right. Brother LilWhite, we need to pay OldWang a visit. He was the one who gave us food when he saw us picking unwanted dumplings from the floor." Lin Le agreed and this made Zhao Xiangyu, FrozenCloud, and the others sweated. Just how horrible your life was...you people even picked up unwanted dumplings to eat?

"True enough. We need to respect Old Wang. Oh, and what about LilWang and AV?" Ye Cang asked.

"Ive informed them to meet at the night market. They should be there by now." Zhang Zhengxiong smiled.

"Alright, well be on our way after another rehearsal." Ye Cang clapped. "Chop. Chop. Lets get started."

East District Night Market. Yuerong Street.

The celebrations have long begun to honor the pride and victory of Ye Cang and his comrades in the Great Christmas War. It became something well-known as the night market was a place where tourists would definitely visit when they traveled to Lin Hai in the hope of witnessing the Living World Of Wonder, the God of Panties, the famous figures who had won the Great Christmas War. Everyone had emptied the center of the night market and decorated it with neon lights of various colors. On the table, there was everyones best dish - Chinese food, Japanese food, and western food. Not to mention, among them were the top three best dishes by Old Wang, Old Li, and Marilyn. The quality of ingredients was of top-notch and the quantity was also more than enough due to the large sponsorship of the East District Student Council.

"Damn! This is Old Wangs 26 Pinches of Dancing Fire Sky Bird! If the portion of each pinch is different, then the dish is screwed! Anyone else would need tens of years to learn this single dish!"

"The Dancing Fire is totally incredible! Do you know that the breast of the sky bird must be cut into thirteen slices with only thirteen single strokes of the knife?! The thickness of each slice has to be the same. Or else, the twenty-six pinches would downgrade this dish! It looks like Im in luck to taste it today!"

"On the other side is Old Lis Sashimi of Nine Dragons! Its incredible too! Sun, Moon, Star, Dawn, Wind, Lightning, Fire, Water, and Electric! All nine are of the top class! The soy sauce is specially made by him and he only uses his! The taste is wonderful! He is totally qualified to be the master chef!"

"Hey, those out-of-towners, look at Marilyns dishes too! There is only one person who can cook the Tower of Feast in Europe! Look at Marilyns cooking skills! Every step of it is so enjoyable!"

"The dinner today is divided into the inner and outer circle. The heroes from the east district of Lin Hai would be sitting in the former while the citizens will be in the latter. The signboard here has all the rules and regulations for this dinner. Please abide by them."

"Then, what about us tourists?"

"Hold on for a second. Let me check the list. Evil student council members and tourists are not allowed to enter. (ps: the tourists are allowed to observe while the student council members are forbidden to get anywhere near the dinner.)"

"Hey, this is obviously discriminating! The cost was sponsored by us!"

"Do you know why you need to make such a payment?"

"As the contribution of a loser. No matter what, we are obliged to pay but luckily the money was from the schools Board of Directors."

"How I wish we could join the dinner. Looking at the delicious food from afar is torturing."

"May God bless the elephant! Fortune for everyone!" A sudden cheer arose and the tourists and citizens turned to see Ye Cang and his mates coming over casually. Among them, there was one of the most significant figures in Lin Hai - Flasher Uncle. However, he did not seem very happy on that day. With a sigh, he mumbled. "I just want to hear those frightening and nervous screams. Why is it so hard? The world has changed *Sigh*"

"Hey, think about it. Even 30-to-40-year-old women remembered you as their classic childhood memories. Previously, I interviewed an old woman and she said that she was frightened by you at the age of 11." Wu Na did not tell Flasher Uncle the entire truth. This was because the old woman said that she thought she was the chosen one by Flasher Uncles blessing. Ever since she was attacked by the elephant, she never had flu in tens of years! She could even run a hundred miles without getting lethargic. How exaggerating is her description of her encounter with Flasher Uncle

"Yeah, yeah! Lets keep those wonderful memories in the past" Flasher Uncle pressed his hat sadly and whimpered. "Is it because Im useless? Ive trained so hard but why couldnt she see my effort?!"

Wu Na felt weird. Hey, this isnt something you should be working hard on! However, little did she know that Flasher Uncle was talking about something else. He grabbed his hat tight and eventually let go. "Damn it! Sashimi of Nine Dragons! Sky Bird! Tower! What are these three doing?!"

"The battle hasnt ended. This is just the beginning. They must have something up on their sleeves as their battle spirit was clear." Ye Cangs hands were itching.

"Oh, youre interested in this too?" Panty Uncle smiled politely.

"Im a master, dont you know?" Ye Cang smirked.

"Oh sadly, I happen to only know a little. Thats all." Panty Uncle remained his smile.

At a side, Wu Na stared at Ye Cang. Master?! Dont you know?! Cant you just spare us our lives during Chinese New Year?! Give us some peace, come on! "Alright, alright, today is their day. We shouldnt steal their spotlight!"

"Never thought that Lin Hai would have such an amazing feast. I come from XinYun, can I join the dinner?" a long-haired yet graceful man who was wearing a button-up covered with a coat said. His gracefulness was comparable to Panty Uncle. The only weird thing was that there was a feathered fan sticking on his belt.

Flasher Uncle, PantyUncle, and Ye Cang frowned. This is not an ordinary person! Ye Cang knew it. This lad should be on par with Lin Lan! I cant see through him. He looks flawless as if he was in one of the Yin Yang Divine Trigram.

"Cant you read?! Tourists and students are forbidden!"

"Let him in." Flasher Uncle said. Citizen A then obeyed and allowed the feathered fan man to pass. The man then looked at the lower body of Flasher Uncle. "Hero. Youre indeed a hero. Lin Hai is really an eye-opening place. Im Lin Liang."

"Youre quite perverted. Who else would stick a feathered fan on his belt? Yet, youre too strong, I dare not talk much." Flasher Uncle smiled.

The others on the side rolled their eyes. He just looked weird but you are really perverted, alright?

Lin Liang glanced at Ye Cang and the others. At last, he stared at Ye Cang and smirked. Ye Cang pondered. This guy is something.
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