Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 713

Chapter 713

The Countdown Of Chinese New Year

"Brother, what are you and Brother Liang talking about? The countdown for the Chinese New Year has started. The organizers reminded and urged us to get ready!" Zhang Zhengxiong came over.

"Oh, nothing much. Lets go then." Ye Cang immediately logged into DiFeng City in the virtual world. He then came to the waiting room of Chinas Red Flame Dragon Stage.

It was in the middle of a singing session where famous artists were performing to the enjoyment of their audience, but not for some of them.

"Im bored with the performance already. When are the Three Brothers coming out?!"

"If it wasnt for them, I bet Im having a hook-up right now."

"Its good to be young. You can have as many hook-ups as you want since you dont have a partner to be responsible for. *Sigh*"

"Whats hook-up?"

"Shhh...its a dirty adult game."


"Its gonna be their turn soon. Its gonna be fast. We have two more short dramas, three songs, and two federal advertisements before them."

"Theyre last, you mean?"

"Why dont we take a forty winks? Its gonna take ages."

"Im afraid I might oversleep. Sometimes, even alarm clocks cant wake me up."

"Then I guess we have no choice."

In the waiting room, Wu Na was nervous. Its Chinas biggest stage, the Red Flame Dragon Stage! Im finally going to perform here even though its not my own concert. She then turned to look at Ye Cang and the others.

"Brother, my God Erlang has equipped himself with the Lo Shu Square already! Come and attack me if you have the guts!" Zhang Zhengxiong placed the equipment card with the little figure of God Erlang carrying the Lo Shu square on the table.

"Oops. I have the Holy Sword of Silvery Flame. Activating the Saint Joan of Arcs ultimate move! Purging Holy Flames!" Ye Cang placed the card of Holy Sword of Silvery Flame with a cold smile.

"Its about time, Brother LilWhite. Hold on! My Pokemons! I choose you! Mewtwo! When activating Mewtwo, all attacks are nullified! After two rounds, this card will return to the Pokeball on hand, joining Mew." Lin Le touched his cap.

"Damn it! Lele! Do you know how to play?! His God Erlang already has the Lo Shu Square! If we dont kill him now, we will be dead meat!" Ye Cang was pissed.

"At least its better than getting killed by your AOE skills. Its my Yamas turn. Activating the one and only consumable skill - Death Note! God Erlang, give up the Lo Shu Square! Oops, since you cant give up all, choose one. Or else, the death penalty will be sentenced. Since Ive used my Death Note, the punishment will be doubled!" SpyingBlade took out the Death Note card.

"How dare you use the Death Note to eliminate me. If I dont give up, your card will be wasted. But even if I do, my card will just return to the stack and your card will have to undergo a two-round cooldown." Zhang Zhengxiong stared at SpyingBlade.

"What should I be afraid of? I have another one here." SpyingBlade shrugged his shoulders.

"Damn." Zhang Zhengxiong then put the Lo Shu Square back to his stack of cards and shuffled them, disappointed.

"So, everyone is ignoring my presence?" Fang Ci sighed and draw a card. "Adding Jingwei in Classic of Mountains and Seas. Summoning Jingwei! Ordering it to fill up the sea! Successful! Everyone lost one round and sacrificed a card by placing it back to the stack while I get an extra round. So, let me draw a card. Hoho. The Nine-tailed Fox of Green Hills. Oh, its the Queen of Nine-tailed Fox! Adding the Queen of Nine-tailed fox in Classic of Mountains and Seas. Summoning the Queen! I can draw an additional two cards for the next three rounds. Activating the skill of the Queen! Flames of Fox. Oh no, its a fail. If its successful, Ill be winning. Draw again"

"Draw my ass! I cant take this anymore! Activating hidden card! Come out! My Howling Celestial Dog! Bite this bastard to death!" Zhang Zhengxiong activated his hidden trump card, summoned the dogs and killed the Nine-tailed Fox, thus canceling the illusion effect of the fox. He also removed its effect in the Classic of Mountains and Seas and recalled the dogs as his card could only be activated again after two rounds. "Hmph. Dont you think a tiger is nothing more than a cat when it doesnt roar?"

"Good job, AXiong. Let me lock his Classic of Mountains and Seas for three rounds with my war banner." Ye Cang placed his hidden card - Iris Flower War Banner on the card of Classic of Mountains and Seas.

"Take this! Trump card - Ord of Elves!" Lin Le used his card, attacked Jingwei and successfully kept it in the Pokeball. *Beep Beep* *Beep Beep* *Beep* *Beep* "Yes, I successfully captured a Jingwei."

"Pen of The Judge! The effect of the Iris Flower War Banner is canceled and my card is disposed of. Ishh!" SpyingBlade removed the lock on the Classic of Mountains and Seas.

"Brother LilWhite! The two of them formed an alliance! Shameless!" Lin Le was furious.

"Hey, you have no right to talk bad about others. But, its true that the Classic of Mountains and Seas has to be limited for some time." ThornyRose who was watching from the side said speechlessly.

"Hmph! Its my turn now!" Ye Cang made a hmph sound but FrozenCloud interrupted. "Did you forget about me? Activating Guan Yus hero ability! Breaking the Relationship! I wont have anything to do with the Classic of Mountains and Seas for two rounds. Frost Fair Blade! Execute!"

Instantly, Fang Cis Son of Mountains and Sea is being killed and FrozenCloud drew three cards. "Summoning the weapon bearer - Zhou Cang! Able to draw an extra one card every round and two cards if an enemy is killed! Summoning the Red Hare! Activating the Change of Clouds! Skipping Lin Les turn and back to me! Activating the ultimate move! Greatest Morality of All Times! Targeting God Erlang! Removing his Lo Shu Square! Turning it into Three-Pointed Double-Edged Spear! Draw two extra cards! Haha! Its here! Evolve! The Lord Guan Yu descended! Take this! The Martial Art Masters Executing Chop! Another one is dead! Another three cards! Activating Zhou Cangs special skill, drawing another two cards!"

"Eww, this game is so lame and boring. I think Im watching the gala." Lin Le picked his nose as he stood up and flicked his booger away.

"True. Who else plays card games during CNY?! *Sigh* Cant you people do something more meaningful?! Come on. How many times do I have to remind all of you? Since you have some time to spare, go and rehearse for the performance later. Practice makes perfect" Ye Cang threw away his cards and stood up.

"....." ThornyRose saw how FrozenCloud became speechless just when she was about to win the game. Hey, is it good to act like that when youre about to lose?

"Activating the hidden card. I was saving this for going against the team leader but nevermind, Im using it on you. The Reincarnation of the Nine Yamas! Removing all equipment, status, and summonings of Guan Yu! Interrupting the current round! Advancing to the next round! Ill be sealed for two rounds and could not do anything, removing the Death Note." SpyingBlade speechlessly took out his greatest trump card. I saved this for Saint Joan of Arc but who knows this would happen. LilDino suddenly advanced into the Godly Guan Yu, killing two people consecutively. If she kills one more person, shell be able to summon the three brothers from the Blossom Garden. If that happens, its the end and even my reincarnation wouldnt counter it.

Angrily, FrozenCloud glared at SpyingBlade. "OldZhao! Cant you just let me win once?!"

"Its my turn! Come out! My Pokemons! Snorlax! Haha! Take this! Bodyslam!" Lin Le got alert.

"LilDino, this game is very cruel. Youre still young. You should be cautious at all times until the game ends. Got it?" Ye Cang suddenly lectured FrozenCloud with the cards in his hand, all prepared to draw them after Lin Les turn.

"You two bastards!" FrozenCloud ground her teeth and took out her hidden card. "Activate Attacking Fancheng! Due to the fact that Ive lost every equipment and status, Ill target Lin Les Pokemons, activating the Massacre of the Nightmare Demon."

"What a cruel move. She actually activates the one-time ultimate move. Leles 10 collected Pokemons are now killed, including the legendary one - Mewtwo." Flasher Uncle was observing their battle with his arms crossed. There isnt anything left.

"Yeap, LilWhite has something up in his sleeves. Lele has also been keeping one card, not even when all his Pokemons are dead. I bet its a mega evolution, so hes going to wait until he gets back Mewtwo."

"If Im not wrong, team leaders card would be Saint Joan of Arcs Brave Sacrificial. Killing everyone and having one HP left for herself." Fang Ci was observing the situation too. Damn it. Its a waste for me. That card I drew just now was Chiyou! If I could activate it, everyone will die! That stupid Howling Celestial Dogs attack interrupted mine!

"....." Seeing them playing their game of cards - X-hero seriously, Wu Na facepalmed. Are these people insane? The performance is about to start!
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