Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 714

Chapter 714

Time To Get on Stage

"Gong Xi Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni~~"

The Chinese New Year songs were still being performed. Meanwhile, in the waiting room, Ye Cang and the others had entered into the final battle.

"The descended Saint Joan of Arc, the ultimate form of the 10th Yama - Dark - Ying Zheng, Mew, and the Mad King of Martial Art - Guan Yu. This is going to be hard. If one makes a move, everyone would follow suit, especially when SpyingBlade is the strongest for now. The Nine Yamas summoned the 10th Yama, True - Yama - Ying Zheng. Ying Zheng, who is in his dark form has a ghostly body of the holy king. He has an immunity skill which would reflect damage to a particular target."

"I think Leles Mew is the only one that can counter-attack Yin Zheng in the dark form. If they were to fight in a one-on-one battle, their strengths are quite similar. Mew has psychokinesis while Ying Zheng has a ghostly body of the holy king. They are a nemesis to each other. The coverage attack of psychokinesis is not reflected by Ying Zhengs skill but the ghostly body would be filled with the conquering power of Yama as it absorbs the attack. Similarly, Ying Zhengs spiritual attack would trigger Mews nerve system and enhance its cells, pushing it to evolve. If Mew evolves into Mega Mew, it would be a stalemate. Its going to be difficult for everyone. Nobody would dare make a move or a step. We shall see whether LilWhite is able to draw the card - Holy Quenching, evolving his Iris Flower War Banner into Iris Flower Spear and activating its special skills to purify the dark form. But even so, if SpyingBlade got himself the King of All Times, his Ying Zheng would turn into the real Qin Shi Huang. It would be even harder for everyone. There are three strategies for the Nine Yama deck and obviously, SpyingBlade is using the Ying Zheng strategy. I bet he has a backup plan if his dark form is being eliminated. That man is evil." ThornyRose shook her head.

Hey, hey, do you people still remember that we have a performance to do? We have to get up there now. Wu Na pondered and stared at the four of them who were still playing. Afraid to say anything, she sighed deeply.

The emcee once again got up the stage after the songs were finished. "I know everyone has been waiting for this significant moment. Without further ado, lets welcome the performance brought by the heroes of China! The Oath in the Blossom Garden - Mad Crazy Dance!"

"Damn it! Its finally the Three Brothers turn! I almost fell asleep! Hey, wake up! Wake up! Everyone, wake up! The Three Brothers are gonna perform! The King of the Holy Elephant! Goddess Zuo Yiyi and the others! Wake up quickly! Hype it up!"

"Oh finally! Alright, let me lead the slogan! Three, two, one! The stars have fallen!"

"Shut the hell up! Why are you shouting when they arent even here yet! Come on! Be more precise!"

As there was no sight of the performers, the emcee broke the awkwardness. "Lets welcome!"

A few moments later, the stage was still empty. Silence filled the atmosphere.

"If were not able to see the Three Brothers or you, the organizer lied to us, Im pretty sure the consequences are not something imaginable"

"Ive wasted four hours watching these nonsensical performances. If Im not able to see the Three Brothers and their show, I would mail you guys 30,000 blades every day! They are already on their way alright."

"30,000?! Thats so little! I personally contribute 300,000 blades! Lets mail together, everyone! God damn it! Lets bury the federal Radio and Television Administration!"

Seeing approximately 3 million comments appearing out of a sudden, which includes 2 million threatening letters, the director shivered. "Hey, lets go! Lets find out whats taking them so long!"

Upon entering the waiting room, the director saw the group crowding around to observe Ye Cang and the others playing the X-hero card game. His chest felt heavy for a second as he was beginning to rage and shout at them but he did not have the courage to. Cant these people just put their game on hold? Dont they know which is more important? "Ladies and gentlemen, its time to perform~ Everyone is waiting!"

"Give us a moment. Were almost done here. Its ending soon! Its the most intense moment!" Ye Cang complained, neither wanting to budge nor feeling the slightest sense of responsibility

"Hey, you, dont make me lose my focus. Im using my psychokinesis to guess ZhaoZhaos cards!" Lin Le was staring at SpyingBlade seriously.

"Director Zhang, what do we do?" The assistants beside the director were sweating.

With everyone ranting and shouting outside, the director ground his teeth. "Well put this scene on live! Let the audience see what they are doing"

"Dont you think its a bad idea? The Three Brothers would be mad at us."

"At least its better than getting buried in blades as you step out of the office, isnt it?!"

Suddenly, the live stream changed to the scene behind the stage. Everyone was watching the four of them playing their card game. Surprisingly, the audience did not complain but commented.

"Oh, so that is why. Well, its indeed impossible to leave such a match. 10th Yama, the mad King of Martial Art, Mew, and descended Saint Joan of Arc. It is indeed intense."

"True. Hey, look! Root Emperor - Brother Le is trying to peak SpyingBlades card with psychokinesis. I bet he is trying to find out whether his opponent has the King of All Times."

"Damn it! It would be so much better if the live stream showed their game earlier. Its itching to know how they got themselves into this situation! What a waste of time watching those meaningless performances! I dont care! Im still mailing the blades! Maybe Ill just reduce the amount!"

"Thats right! Its a six-man game. I want to know how Roar Emperors God Erlang got disqualified! Theres the Son of Mountains and Seas on the table too!"

"The one having the 10th Yama is the Frenzied Shadow - SpyingBlade! Its his turn now! Lets see what he gets! Damn! Its really the King of All Times! He placed it in the ambush area! Acting Emperor is getting into trouble now! Even if the Holy Spear purifies the dark form, it would trigger the King of All Times. Once its activated, he can follow up with the Conquering The World card and it would be gg for everyone!"

"Brother Le has gotten the ultimate evolution card - the growing hormone antidote of Kentucky Fried Chicken! Mew is about to evolve into Mega Mew!"

Knowing that it was his last chance, Ye Cang drew a card and hoped for the best. With a cold smile, he said. "Bye everyone! Activating skills! The Saints Holy Song!"

"Shit!" SpyingBlade blurted.

"Remove all non-holy series hidden cards, evolution cards and equipment cards on the field! And sacrifice one card on your hands to me! Come on. Come on." Ye Cang started to collect the cards, feeling so satisfied. Seeing FrozenCloud not letting go of her own ultimate card, he snatched it from her. "Give it to me! Let me see. Yo! Its the Peerless King of Martial Arts! This is luck! Come on Lele! I knew you have Mews Storm of Psychokinesis. OldZhao, let me see what youve got! Oh! Its Conquering The World! Discard these three cards and I shall draw three new cards. Holy Quenching! Evolving into Holy Spear! Purify OldZhaos ghostly body of the holy king! Due to the effect of the song, Ill be entering into the dead status! Activating Brave Sacrificial! Hold on! Im not done yet. Together with the Holy Sword of Heavenly Flame! Activating Purging Holy Flames! Haha! The winner is me! Haha!"

"Its time to go! Its time to go! Its all Brother LilWhites fault that were late for the performance." Lin Le got up calmly and mumbled as he walked away.

"The team leader has no time management at all. Everyone is waiting for us." FrozenCloud followed up.

"I knew it. You couldnt be this lucky. Its just because its past 12 a.m. Youve just used your little luck that just got replenished this new year. *Sigh*" Staring at the clock pointing at 12 a.m. sharp, SpyingBlade shook his head sadly and headed to the stage.

"Sister Rose and everyone, my brothers luck has been completely used. Please take good care of the treasure chest beside you, okay!" Zhang Zhengxiong shook his head as well with his arms crossed.

"......" Ye Cang was just standing awkwardly, staring at their backs as they complained. "My luck has no limits! Its destined! All of you are just jealous of my divine hand!"

Everyone turned around and gradually sighed, not batting an eyelid on him.
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