Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 720

Chapter 720

The Beginning Of The Battle

Earth Area. 215 Earth Street.

Even though the Transformation of Girlfriend Club was not located at any strategic place, it was close enough as it was at the end of the Earth Area. It was four stories tall and its design was extraordinarily beautiful. There were many bushes with thorns outside of its main entrance.

Upon arriving at the entrance, they looked up at the full-screen LED board and felt the pinkish aura filled within.

AV pushed the door.

Appearing before their eyes was a long and glorious corridor. Many girls were standing along with it and they were all in different uniforms. Some were friendly, some were scornful.

"Oh, darling~ Youre late~"

"Hey, dumbass, youre late again!"

"Brother, I love you~"

LilWang was shocked for a second. Its indeed an S-ranked club! Meanwhile, Fang Ci felt uncomfortable.

A beautiful lady, wearing a cheongsam and a pair of high heels which was at least 10cm tall, brought them to the corner of the designated hall.

With a professional smile, the lady showed them the information. "Please select your girlfriend."

They then started to scan through the workers who were unoccupied with anything. Swiftly, LilWang glanced through, selecting from BWH measurements to appearances. There are so many good ones. Its so hard to choose. As for SpyingBlade, he took his own sweet time to flip through the information. Suddenly, Fang Ci saw a girl who looked only 12-13 years old. "Isnt this illegal?"

The lady shook her head with a smile. "Dont worry. Our operation is absolutely lawful and our customers do not need to be responsible for anything. As for Kenas age, I regret to inform that it is private and confidential."

Fang Ci nodded. "Okay, Ill choose her." Since its going to be just chit-chatting.

"Cant believe that youre not only gay in terms of relationship but also a pedophile," AV was amazed at Fang Cis decision. Cant believe hes the fastest among us to make a decision. Besides, this little girl looks good too and her breast Shit! Its an F cup! Damn it! How could I miss it! This fella sure knows how to have fun. Having such high standards at the age of 18...no wonder he could work for the team leader. He then immediately chose the new model with the highest reputation - Marlily.

LilWangs option was already taken by AV as he was a few seconds late. With his teeth ground, he gave a dirty stare to AV who was looking at him happily. He had to select again.

Meanwhile, Lin Liang paused when he looked at the information. Its inaccurate to analyze through appearances. These women had make-up to cover up some of their flaws or anything special. We could only judge them on the surface. This is somewhat not reliable, especially when it comes to women! In the end, he chose an ordinary lady whose body shape was average overall. Picking the average one is the best choice in this situation. It cant be any worse! When youre indecisive, you shouldnt make any risky decisions unless thats the only choice! Not hoping for something extra is way better than risk losing something more important.

The lady frowned as she looked at Lin Liangs decision. This uncle actually picked a girl who has the least working time? Judging from his traditional coat and graceful gestures, his taste is surely average. Suddenly, she saw Lin Liang taking out a feathered fan from his waist and started flapping. She sweated. He wouldnt be some weird fella, would he? Working in our field, its normal to see perverted and low-class customers. They are all ordinary men and also our source of income. But its these weird and unpredictable customers that were afraid of.

LilWang switched off the information. "Can I choose you?"

"Of course. But do know that Coco, I am not cheap yo~" The lady did not reject his offer and AV was scolding himself in his head. Damn it! Why didnt I think of it!

LilWang was stunned at her response. The lady in front of us is not easy to deal with. If she joins in the battle, it would only increase the difficulty. But, we must enjoy ourselves when we come out to have fun! "Were just looking for something fun during Chinese New Year, arent we?"

SpyingBlade chose a girl who was approximately the age of a high school student. LilWang and AV pondered. He said he was not interested and yet he chose someone who is the romantic type. They then turned around to look at Zhang Zhengxiongs decision. A standard slut.

"Please choose the uniform that you like," the lady named Coco directly sat beside LilWang. Instantly, a scent of perfume caught up with his senses. It is light and elegant. "I like Chun Lis bun head."

"Ill get dressed up when you guys are done choosing, my dear," Coco hugged LilWangs arms with the same smile. Instantly, he felt the love and respect from a woman which was the opposite of what he recalled about those filthy women in the game and in reality.

"Does my mushroom head haircut look nice? My brother did it for me with his cooking knife!" LilWang started to have fun.

"......" Coco was speechless for a second.

"Oh, what a cute watermelon taro haircut! Your brother is so talented. Which one of you is his brother?"

"He isnt here."

"Aww...what a pity. Can I touch your hair? The texture is so good and its so soft~"

With a despise look, AV and Zhang Zhengxiong stared at LilWang who was having so much fun.

Suddenly, AV coughed and had eye contact with LilWang. Be alert! Dont fall into the trap!

Staring at Cocos lovely eyes, LilWang sensed the chill from AV and he knew something was amiss. Thank god! If I didnt recover, I bet Id have to go back naked again. I was so into it that if shed asked us to order 10 bottles of golden champagne, I would blindly agree.

Coco then turned around to squint at AV. It feels like these fellas are adventurers! Wanna play but dont wanna pay?! Fat hopes! "Ill bring them over now~ What color would you like my hair bun to be? Do you want lace or silk, Bro LilWang~"

The beautiful and lovely voice made LilWangs private part stiff and erect. Shit! I must control myself! Writing would stay for centuries! Enemies would be taken aback by a swing! The calmer the heart, the better the drawing! "Whatever you choose, I like it, Coco~"

AV then nodded. He was lucky he didnt lose himself.

Coco left with a professional smile.

LilWang was relieved. "Luckily. Luckily."

"Brother LilWang, I should praise you for not forgetting the sole purpose of us coming here and regain control of yourself." Lin Liang said proudly while flapping his fan gracefully.

"Oh, thats nothing, Old Brother Liang." LilWang humbly replied.

"......" Fang Ci and SpyingBlade were speechless. Arent you guys tired of living like that?

Lin Hai. Moons Soul Graveyard.

"Xinxue, which family did you reincarnate to? I wanted to know how you are living now. Do your parents treat you well? Are you happy? AXiong, that fella is so naughty these days. He actually involved himself in adult games. Oh, why didnt I stop him? Well, how should I put it in words? There were a few brothers and even an elder with him. This elder is a famous historical figure in China! Guesswho he is? Yeap! Thats right! Its Zhuge Liang! That little fella who died when invading the north in the Three Kingdoms Dynasty."

While giving his long talk, Ye Cang suddenly realized that he had already laid on the ground and stabbed his hand into the mud. Upon touching the icy face, the thought of digging the corpse and reviving it again flashed through his mind. He immediately pulled out his hand to avoid that from happening. Staring at the sky a few moments later, he then fell asleep.

In his dream, there was a girl wearing a straw hat happily running and chasing after her parents while he was standing on a reef with streams of tears running down his cheek as he waved at the girl with a smile.

He sensed a familiar touch on his shoulder all of a sudden. His eyes were still filled with liquid tears as he turned around to see an old, wrinkled but friendly face. Instantly, he cried like a baby, "Grandma!"

The old woman gave him a tight hug.


The little girl then appeared before him.


"Goodbye" The two of them said to Ye Cang.

Ye Cang immediately opened his eyes to see the blue sky darken and turn into a black one. Rain poured on him as he gradually stood up. No matter rain or shine, whatever season it is, or however fast time flies, Ill never forget the two of you! But, I have to move on! With you and grandma smiling, your LilCang will grow up healthily!
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