Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 721

Chapter 721

Lin Liang's Confusion

"Theyre here." Zhang Zhengxiong was excited when he saw a group of girls coming.

"The real battle is about to start. Be prepared." AV said in a lower tone.

"Lets do this" Coco waved at them with a smile while talking to her girls with ventriloquism.

The girls sat down one by one.

"Hey senior~ My name is Little Qin~" The high school girl chosen by SpyingBlade sat beside him and was overwhelmed with enthusiasm. Upon being called a senior, SpyingBlade recalled his high school memories. I dont remember being called "senior" because I was too ordinary back then. Emotionally, he nodded. "Junior Little Qin~"

"Ewww I cant take those seniors and juniors" LilWang laughed. Coco then hugged his arms and said. "Aww... come on. Little Qin is still a newbie shes shy"

Lin Liang pondered. This Little Qin isnt easy to deal with. Her smile makes me feel like Im falling into her intricate and adhesive spider web. He turned around and frowned at the other girls. Whats their plan?

"Uncle, uncle." A gentle voice that was calling him pulled Lin Liang back to reality. Lin Liang was confused that even though the place looked normal, there were many outstanding opponents, especially the girl named Fang Lily who was looking at Lin Liang with much gratitude. The innocent and pure look of hers made Lin Liang uncomfortable. I might have just chosen a great opponent. Cant believe Im being outsmarted. Being ordinary does not mean an easy defeat. Why didnt I think of that?! Damn it! Wait, I shall test her out! As his feathered fan stopped flapping, he said. "Lady Lily, can you recite the Chu Shi Biao?"

"......" Fang Lily was stunned and everyone was looking at Lin Liang with a weird look.

Av pondered. Who the heck would ask the girl to recite Chu Shi Biao when theyre out to have fun? I seriously cant understand him. Is this some new skills?! Old Brother Liang must be crazy to some extent. What an expert.

"The previous emperor passed away while he was halfway conquering kingdoms to form an empire. But it is now divided into three. The Shus power is getting weaker and were in a tough situation. It might be the end. For the Shu" Fang Lily recited what she wanted to say in a perfect and sheepish tone. Meanwhile, Lin Liang was closing his eyes, listening to the essay he wrote a long while ago. Fang Lily did not know where to put her hands at so she just sat there.

Shit! Lily failed! What a nice move! Its the first time Im seeing such a weird move! He actually asked our sisters to recite the Chu Shi Biao.

On the other hand, LilWang was shocked too. He flipped the table upside down! With just one sentence! Do you know how to recite the Chu Shi Biao? How did he come up with such an idea?! He is indeed an expert!

Zhang Zhengxiong was dumbfounded too. This is a time for having fun! Whats with the Chu Shi Biao?!

"We can never predict the outcome. I could only try my best to serve the king until the day I die. Whether the rebuilding of the country would be a success or a failure is beyond my knowledge," Fang Lily was in deep thoughts when she finally finished reciting the entire Chu Shi Biao. Is it really good for me to stay here? Zhuge Liang was so brave in achieving the dreams of the previous emperor. And what about me? I had to leave the stage just because of my leg injury and someone was there to substitute me. Why didnt I hold on ?! Look howI ended up? Why?! Streams of tears ran down her cheek. Yes! We should always insist and put our backs into doing whats right! I must try my best and never give up until the moment of my death!

However, Lin Liang was thinking otherwise. Indeed, she is not ordinary. Im surprised she could actually recite the entire Chu Shi Biao. And her linguistic tone was not bad. Look at her. The watery eyes complement with her strong determination. Its so troublesome. It would be great if Emperor Liu is here.

"Coco, I suddenly realized a lot of things. Ive decided to quit this job," Fang Lily wiped her tears and smiled at Coco. She then took off her dress and immediately returned to the changing room without any other reaction apart from a cheerful smile she gave to Lin Liang when walking past him.

Lin Liangs heart sank for a moment. What kind of tactic is this?! That smile is so influencing. Hey? Did she just walk away like that?! What just happened?! Calm down. Calm down. Lets analyze it first Is it the strategy I used against Meng Huo? Wait, no, thats not it.

As for Fang Lily, she left the club. Looking at the blue sky, sunlight shone upon her and she felt as if she was reborn and purified. Immediately, she called someone, "Teacher, I"

"Its been two years you finally have the courage to call me. Come back, Lily. I kept the script for you"


After allowing her emotions to stabilize, Fang Lily turned around, "Uncle, thank you so much. Regarding Chu Shi Biao, Ill never forget about it"

Upon finishing her sentence, she gave a bow, dragged her luggage and marched determinedly to the train station.

Everyone was stunned and even Coco couldnt react. She just quit like that?! Just because of one Chu Shi Biao?! With much amazement, she stared at Lin Liang who looked as if his plan worked out. This man is a master among the adventurers!

LilWang and the others dropped their jaw in bewilderment. He turned her back into her normal self?! What kind of ultimate move did he place in the Chu Shi Biao?!

The remaining girls were afraid of Lin Liang too as they dared not get closer.

Coco pondered. Shit! The girls are scared of Lin Liang! This isnt a good sign! She then took a deep breath. "Oh, Lily wasnt feeling very well recently and is busy with some personal issues. Hah. Im so sorry, uncle. Why dont you choose another one? Please dont be mad about this. We sincerely apologize if our service is not good enough. Please forgive us."

"Yeah, yeah. Thas right. Lily may have left, but we are here too~ Am I right, brother~" Kena laid on SpyingBlades chest. "*Cough* *Cough* Yeap. Yeap."

With a nod, Lin Liang chose another one. This time, it was not an ordinary woman but one of the few most famous girls - Yolijia. She was tall, skinny, passionate and has a perfect BWH measurement. Lets try to have something interesting. Lin Liang left a note. "The Han Dynasty costume must be worn with hairpins. Its better that she knows how to dance our ancient dance and play the guqin. But its alright if she doesnt know. I can teach her."

Staring at the note, Coco felt weird but still accepted it. Satisfying the customer is our utmost priority in providing our service.

Yolijia was staring at the note at the back of the stage. "......" and a message came through all of a sudden. "Jiajia, this man is extremely difficult to deal with. Be careful."

"Hmph, its just a man. Nothing special," she addressed.

Even though the atmosphere became less intense, Coco was truly aware that they were at a disadvantage. She pouted, "Lets play some games~ The loser will have to finish a glass of beer yo~"

"Give us two bottles of golden champagne!" the high school girl shouted.

"Lets just order one bottle first! It would be a waste if we cant finish...so just one. One bottle is enough," LilWang knew it was necessary to order at least a bottle of golden champagne in this situation. But I must control it! I must not lose!

"Aww...this little brother is so unmanly~ Senior, you wouldnt be the same, would you" Little Qin started to be flirtatious while SpyingBlade despised LilWang for being a little too stingy. My bonus for this year is reasonable. Although most of the money is controlled by Gongsun Qian, some expenses have to be incurred anyway. Why should we limit ourselves? However, the source of the income made him decide that it would be better to save when he could. It wouldnt be too good if I get caught spending too much. "Give us one more bottle."
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