Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 722

Chapter 722


Zhang Zhengxiongs initial idea to order another bottle had to be given up when he saw AVs eye contact which served as a warning. Dont be reckless. Meanwhile, the girls were staring at him with excitement. Zhang Zhengxiong then changed the topic to make it less awkward. "About that, LilFang just entered adulthood recently. Its better not to drink too much first. We shouldnt leave a bad image. We must control ourselves."

Coco looked at her with a despising look. And so you bring him out to play set-your-girlfriend?

Even though the excuse seemed a little too forceful, we managed to brush it off anyway. LilWang praised him in his heart.

Due to the fact that Lin Liangs girl had not arrived, Coco was observing the situation cautiously and still reserving her plan for any counterattacks. I shall wait for Yolijia to deal with this master adventurer. Only then can we torture the others! Lets play safe now!

Meanwhile, AV was finding an opportunity to molest her hand.

Suddenly, the scent of orchids filled the air. A beautiful lady then walked towards them with a guqin. Seeing such a scene made SpyingBlade feel weird. Its just weird for a girl from ancient times to join modern people. Worst still, she is drinking champagne What kind of logic is this?

Looking at the customer whom she was about to deal with, Yolijia thought that he looked quite graceful. She then sighed as she saw the feathered fan.

"I heard that this uncle is interested in ancient music. Do we have the privilege to witness your talent?" Yolijia placed down the instrument and sat beside Lin Liang. She wanted to hug his arm but she was just clueless about this thought.

"Very well then, I shall sing a song for everyone," Lin Liang gently placed his feathered fan beside the instrument. LilWang and AV pondered. Is Brother Liang about to unleash another ultimate?

Lin Liang chose to sing his Sleeping Dragon Song. As the melody of the guqin filled the air, strangers who were having fun at the side stopped whatever they were doing and paid full attention with their eyes closed. They were able to picture a studious scholar with a feathered fan standing in front of thousands of soldiers as he swung it according to the melody. Suddenly, the army vanished into ashes when the melody changed. Lin Liang then recalled his memories of him helping to secure and protect the Han Dynasty. His hope was actually to sing the Sleeping Dragon Song out loud in the countryside when the chaos was settled.

The Five-Feet Field. I didnt get to defy my fate and change the world before I died. At the far end, he seemed to be able to see an ugly woman waving at him with a smile. My dear husband, youre back, Yeah, Im back. Emperor Liu, Shaner, I...tried my best...I couldnt get myself back to the army to battle those enemies anymore...Why does God treat me this unfairly

Lin Liang then started singing. "Oh~ If I ever had the chance to come back, I wont mind being an ordinary farmer for the rest of my life~ If I ever had the chance to come back, I wont mind being an ordinary farmer for the rest of my life~ Able to embrace the warm breeze and moon~ Monkeys and cranes can listen to my music~"

The men at the table beside them gradually lowered their glasses. With tears in their eyes, they paid the bill as they were so emotional that they did not have the mood to have fun anymore.

"ANa, Im leaving. I might not be able to return for a long period of time. Ive decided to enter the security force of the college. I dont have time to spare"


"I suddenly miss my wife. Im getting the bill. Take this champagne away for me. Id like to bring it home to share it with my wife. Its been a while since we had a decent chat."

"There are a few acres of land abandoned back home. It used to be a garden. But ever since father passed away, it became nothing but a dump. Speaking of which, the memories of him teaching me how to plant flowers were still fresh in my mind. Im paying the bills. Its about time for me to go home and start gardening."

"Okay, Ive decided to quit my job to follow you, is it okay?"

"Oh really?! What kind of flowers do you like?"

Many customers were leaving and some employees decided to quit the job to seek the true meaning in their lives and go after their dreams. Even though Lin Liangs voice was touching, Coco tried so hard not to let her tears drop. Can we still operate our business?! I think I should inform Big Sis.

At the same time, Yolijia recalled the moments when her mother taught her how to play the piano when she was young. As she was back to her senses, she looked at Lin Liang with a weird look. "Uncle."

Lin Liang pondered. She was not focused. Could it be a trick? Hmph! Ive figured. She pretended to compliment me but she was actually making a move. This ladys fingernails are so long. Theyre so rough too. She must have played the guqin for awhile.

LilWang and the others had already considered Lin Liang to be a mega super weird pervert master instead of just a weird pervert. They regarded him as equal with Flasher Uncle and Panty Uncle. Ordinary people force those girls to be escorts but he forced those escorts to turn kind instead.

Zhang Zhengxiong felt awkward too as he stared at the girls who no longer looked slutty. Why do I feel like we have lost our original purpose of coming out to have fun?

Just when Coco wanted to say something as she saw the girls getting purified and starting to lose interest, Yolijia walked to the guqin. Her fingers laid on the instrument and started dancing gracefully like a cheerful elf. Lin Liang immediately took his feathered fan and squinted his eyes. I knew it! Shes going to counterattack! What a good move! It looks like I have no choice but to fetch some alcohol.

As she played the instrument in a mad manner, scenes of the ward, the pale skinny face, the dark room, the burnt music score and the fear of loneliness flashed through her mind,

"LilJia, Ill always be waiting for you at our old place."

Suddenly, she stopped playing.

Lin Liang pondered. Her skills are pretty good. This song was filled with emotions. Its the performers realization. Being able to insert emotions into the song, this girl is really something. She is indeed hard to deal with. "Give this lady a bottle of golden champagne."

Yolijia then returned to the table to retrieve the bottle of champagne and poured it on her head. Bubbles and golden fluid flowed down her cheek.

Instantly, Lin Liang was dumbfounded. Hey, this is not what Im expecting. Shes not making her move accordingly. But she could at least give me some hints on what shes trying to do. Her move made Lin Liang scared because her intention was unknown and yet anticipating at the same time. What a good strategy! Nothing actually means something, huh?! I shall play your game! He then took another bottle and poured on himself too. Lets see what youre going to do next! Its still early to decide whos better!

Lin Liangs move made Yolijia think, If it wasnt that Im interested in someone else, this uncle is quite a good person. She let go of the bottle of champagne and swung her hair. "Coco, tell Big Sis that theres someone waiting for me. Im sorry."

She turned around to look at Lin Liang who stared at her blindly. "Feather fan uncle, Im sorry...but thank you...youre a good man."

Upon finishing her sentence, she dashed out of the club in her wet costume.

Under the warming sunlight, her hair was swaying in the mid and her makeup was gone. Her original appearance was extremely beautiful. The strangers on the street were amazed when they saw a plain beautiful lady running on the street with her wet clothes and a heart-melting smile on her face.

Once again, Lin Liang was stunned. Am I being abandoned?! Wait, this must be a planned move of hers! She wanted me to chase after her! Give her some time and she will be back! This time for sure! He then tied his long hair into a ponytail and sat down calmly. I must remain calm as she will definitely be back. Or else, my move will be humiliating. I would be laughed at by the others. Will she come back? I think she will! Yeap! Thats right! He grabbed his feathered fan and flapped, not being bothered by the fact that he was all wet.

Staring at Lin Liangs casual smile and fan-flipping, Coco had a thought. He didnt even plan to change his clothes. Where are you, Big Sis? Get here fast. This person isnt someone that we can handle! Even Yolijia ran away from him!

"That performance just now was truly touching. We let our emotions overwhelm us. We might need to excuse ourselves and go to the washroom for a second. Im sorry for the embarrassment. Well be back shortly," Knowing her girls had lost their spirits to fight, Coco decided to stop for a while. If this continues, we will lose it all! Its better to have a break!

Staring at Lin Liang and the girls who were leaving, Zhang Zhengxiong questioned himself. Did we have any fun today? Two bottles of champagne. None of us manage to drink a sip of it and they were all wasted. Just when he was about to lecture Lin Liang, AV saw a graceful girl walking towards them from the corner of his eye. "Our opponents true trump card is finally here, Brother Liang!"

"Everyone, be careful! Its boss level now!" LilWang looked at the sexy woman. She had an oval face, shoulder-length dark red hair and a pair of shiny eyes.

Actually...were just here to have fun, arent we? Zhang Zhengxiong felt weird somehow. I didnt get to touch any woman and didnt have any fun up until now. Were basically just looking at those girls trying to find their usual self He sighed and stared at Andor. Indeed, impressive. He nodded. I must get the chance to touch her butt! Or else, what a waste would it be!
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