Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 723

Chapter 723


Andor frowned as she saw Lin Liang being calm although his clothes were all wet. This must be the man. Indeed, he isnt easy to deal with.

At the same time, Lin Liang was staring at Andor too. He suddenly realized something. Oh shit! Ive fallen into their trap! Its a non-stop battle! The first two girls were here to disturb my mental preparation, wanting to make me lose my concentration. How careless! This woman is indeed strong! *Sigh* My plan is messed up, I can do nothing but to only react according to the situation now. But...the winner has not been decided yet! We shall see how it goes in the end. Emperor Liu, if you were in my shoes, what would you do?

The restroom behind the stage.

The high-school girl, Kena took a packet of cigarettes from the drawer and changed her tone. "God damn it! Where the heck does that fella come from?!" She then kicked the dustbin beside.

"Sister Na, dont be mad. Dont be mad," Little Qin immediately helped her light up the cigarette.

"Alright, alright, get hold of yourself. Big Sis is here to handle it. We have a target to achieve as well!" Coco untied her hair and put on her makeup.

Kena then sat on the sofa madly, smoking cigarettes. Just then, her phone rang. Instantly, her expression changed to an innocent girl and her voice was as gentle as a lamb. "LilSong"

"Mom! You wouldnt have forgotten what day today is, would you?! I even brought Fang Fang over!"

"Of course, I didnt! How can your mother forget your twentieth birthday? What do you want for your present?"

"Its alright, mom. I dont want any presents. Oh yeah, I successfully got into the Imperial City Technology College. Im a first-class citizen now! You dont have to worry about the bills anymore! You can finally stop going around taking part-time jobs. Its time for the son to show filial respect to his mother. Alright, Im going to fetch some groceries with Fang Fang. Ill talk to you later. Dont forget to come home ya!"

*Beep* The call ended. Kena was holding her phone tightly as tears burst out from her eyes. "My son got into the Imperial City Technology College! He asked me to quit my job! He said he will support me financially! Hes so respectful"

Coco was shocked. "Dont tell me youre going to quit too?! Sis Na, I seriously beg you! Please think carefully! Youre a new shareholder!"

"He wants to save some money to marry the god-damned lucky bitch and have a child. I cannot increase his burden. Two years from now, I will be a grandma and we need money to finance my grandchilds expenses," Kena shook her head with watery eyes. She wiped away tears and smoked one deep breath into the bottom of her lungs, "I would have to be more hardworking to earn more money."

"I wonder how will your sons wife feel if she knows youre this scary," knowing her well, Coco wondered. Kenas responsibility towards her son was not something predictable from her appearance. She came out to work even when she was already 40+, just to finance her son. As for LilSong father, Coco remembered that Kena once mentioned about him when she was drunk. In order to save them and the others, his father bravely held the mutants back all by himself but was sacrificed in the end.

Seeing Little Yao looking lost, Coco walked over. "This purse. This shoe. And these clothes."

Little Yao was then filled with determination and she put on her makeup. Coco sighed. Indeed, these workers are the most loyal.

The scene returned to Zhang Zhengxiong, AV and Lin Liang.

Andor directly walked towards Lin Liang. "I apologize for the two occassions of bad service previously. As an act of sincerity, please allow me to serve you personally. Is it okay~"

Andors kitty voice was already enough for any ordinary man to fantasize. Just by hearing her voice, Zhang Zhengxiong and the others felt a surge of energy rushing through their private parts. Her voice was as clear as crystal and yet had a seducing intention.

Lin Liang squinted his eyes. A seducing voice. She must be an expert. This girl would be a great assistant back in the old days. I must be cautious since it isnt a battle of strength but a battle of mentality! With a graceful smile, he said. "Oh, being able to be served by Miss An is definitely my pleasure."

"Ill punish myself by drinking three glasses to express my apology. The girls will be here soon. No worries. We will definitely make sure all of you enjoy the most of it before going home," Andor apologized softly and yet Lin Liang felt it was as if he was on her spider web. One single mistake and he will become her prey. Where should I start then? *Sigh* I should have gotten more intel from LilWang before this adventure. Im clueless about her interest.

He then scanned through Andor thoroughly. She looks like someone who knows a little of martial arts. Even though her fingers are not rough, I can see that she can play musical instruments. The way she holds things tells me that she plays plucked string instruments like the pipa.

As Andor was drinking the beer, she could sense that Lin Liang was staring at her. She felt uncomfortable as if she was being checked out, especially when Lin Liang was seriously staring at her butt, having no intention of looking away.

On the other hand, Lin Liang was indeed staring at her butt. He nodded as he flapped his feathered fan. This woman is good at giving birth[1]! Whoever marries her would be fortunate! That ass is really a nice ass! Not bad. Not bad. Despite knowing that Andor knew exactly where he was looking at, he remained his graceful smile and nodded.

"Miss Andor, judging from your butt, I could foresee that your life is a great one. The size shows that youre rich and will bring fortune to your husband and children! Congratulations!" Lin Liang gave a fist-palm salute.

"......" Andor spurted the alcohol out from his mouth. "*Cough* *Cough* Thank you. *Cough* *Cough*"

Andor pondered. This man is indeed hard to deal with. He even complimented me when he benefited. The most important thing is that this persons aura looks extremely graceful. The way he speaks leaves me with nothing to continue.

AV, LilWang, Zhang Zhengxiong and the others gradually turned their heads to look at Lin Liang with much respect. How can he say such shameless things without feeling embarrassed? Who the heck will compliment girls for being good at giving birth. Worst still, he even pointed out that each of her butts shows prosperity.

"I wanted to drink the alcohol she spat out just now" LilWangs sentence made Fang Ci think of something. Its best not to allow LilTong to have any contact with him.

"Can you not be this disgusting?" SpyingBlade was speechless. Suddenly, the image of SpyingBlades wife flashed through AVs mind. "Do you love Sister Qian?"

"Of course!" SpyingBlade answered without hesitation.

"Are you willing to eat her shit?" AV continued to ask.

"Can you be any more disgusting?!"

"You dare not even eat the excrement of the woman you love! And you dare say you love her?! Its a crime for you to act! You should be like me! As long as Sister LilTian is willing to be with me, I am willing to do anything! Anything at all! Hmph!"

Not knowing how to answer AV, SpyingBlade quietly poured himself a glass of beer. Why do I even know these brainless idiots?

"Lets not talk about others. But you still come out to have fun even when you have a crush" Fang Ci added on.

"Thats not the point. Its mens romance. You dont understand because youre still young" AV poured himself a glass of beer and lit his cigar. He looked up at the neon lights up above with a depressing expression. It was as if he had something only he knew.

"Looks like you have some story to tell, AV." Zhang Zhengxiong smiled.

"*Sigh* From young, I have a good life"

The few of them came closer, eager to listen to the rest of the story but a long moment passed and AV did not say anything else.

"Then?" SpyingBlade was impatient.

"What then? Theres no then. I have a good life. Even though Im not some sort of a millionaire, Im still considered quite rich. Hopping from one club to another. All I have is money. *Sigh* Everything comes with pros and cons. You guys wouldnt have understood my pain and loneliness for having such a life" AV gradually closed his eyes.


"Am I the only one who feels like hanging him up and whacking him?" Zhang Zhengxiong said.

"He is indeed someone whom our team leader recruited" SpyingBlade mentioned.

LilWang smiled bitterly as he leaned on the sofa with his arms crossed. He signaled AV to give let him try a puff of cigar and AV handed over. He sucked it and with clouds of smoke surrounding him, he said. "*Sigh* How would I not understand such pain?"

"If I were a girl and I meet a person like that in the club, I would immediately use pepper spray at my own eyes" Fang Ci was so speechless that he poured himself a glass of beer and finished it in a gulp.

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^ In older days, Chinese used to think that if a girl's butt is big, she would be good at giving birth.
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