Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 725

Chapter 725

Hero Spirit and Alcohol Chess

Andor was pissed. Hmph! Ill just go with the flow. Im one of the few who can drink the most. Give me tens of those bottles and it doesnt mean anything to me! But Im not gonna let him know about it yet. "Its so boring if I drink alone Coco, Nana, and Little Qin, come over to drink and play some games."

"What games are we playing?" Lin Liang asked. Has she given up? No! This lady is nothing close to ordinary! She must have something up her sleeves!

"X-hero - Hero Spirit And Alcohol Chess. Using 30 bottles of golden champagne as a bet!" Upon hearing what Andor said, Coco and the other girls gradually turned their heads to look at her in confusion. Andor then sent a message using eye contact, which meant, Thats it. Were rushing them out in one shot so we can continue to operate as usual! Coco got the message and nodded. Indeed, we have incurred quite a loss today.

"Here it is!" Lin Liang exclaimed. Hero Spirit and Alcohol Chess is one of the games under the X-hero series. This woman is going all out! What a brave move! But, the creator of this chess is no one else but me! Hehe! I would definitely win!

Seeing Lin Liang flapping his feathered fan confidently, AV and the others were reassured. Meanwhile, Zhang Zhengxiong was doubting the purpose of their adventure. When did having fun turn into a battle of chess? He looked left and right as they had started to randomly pick a character. With a sigh, he picked one himself too. Robin Hood?

Lin Liang examined his teammates character cards. Xiang Yu (SpyingBlade), Consort Yu (Fang Ci), Robin Hood (Zhang Zhengxiong), Di Renjie (LilWang), Florence Nightingale (AV) and his character - Zhou Yu. He then started distributing their roles. Xiang Yu was being assigned as the general, Consort Yu as a guard, Robin Hood as a horse, Di Renjie as an elephant, and either Nightingale or himself as soldiers. Unless we make Xiang Yu the soldier. Although its possible, its better for Xiang Yu to be the general because he has the ability - Conquering Qin and Chu Nation. Having Consort Yu as the guard will trigger a lot of special skills and abilities. So, I guess I could only change Robin Hood to be a soldier, Nightingale to be the horse and I to be the elephant. Swiftly, he finished assigning the roles. They then summoned the heroes on the 3D chessboard. Lin Liang felt that Zhou Yu was glancing at him with much despise. He could sense that in his Zhou Yus mind, he was scolding him "You bastard!".https://m.wikihow.com/Play-Chinese-Chess

Lin Liang somewhat recalled something. Oh, Gongjin, I didnt make the coke incident happen on purpose back in the Hero Spirit Battle *sigh* Why does everyone think that Im evil. Im passive all these while

With a bitter smile, he looked at the opponents lineup. Wu Zetian, Mu Guiying, Zilong, Wang Jian, and Li Xuanba. Heh! Four warriors and a queen regnant. Its a good combo especially for Wu Zetian to match up with Mu Guiying. Wang Jian is the most troublesome one. He is smart, brave and always has great ideas. He has inborn magic immunity and strategies that bring negative effects. Not to mention, those who are assigned to be the general, horse, soldier, and elephant are top-class hero spirits. At last, he stared at the tanned woman with a black veil for awhile. Yueying

SpyingBlade and Fang Ci looked at AVs, LilWangs, and Zhang Zhengxiongs expression.

"Xiang Yu."

"Consort Yu."

"Farewell My Concubine. Can you guys not be this obvious?"

SpyingBlade was speechless too. What a coincidence.

"Lets begin. Ladies first," Lin Liang started from Huang Yueying.

"Here I go then. I shall draw a card. Establishing a monument! Giving up the chance to move." Andor immediately activated the no-name monument and it popped up in the middle of the chessboard.

"My turn." SpyingBlade drew a card. The no-name monument will need two rounds to get the opportunity to write down the names of the opponents and a round to cool down. But once the names are written on it, its gonna be very troublesome. She is planning to lock us down in the final round. He looked at the card he drew. My luck isnt that bad after all.

"Xiang Yu equips the Sky Dragon Halbert! Activating Conquering Chu and Han Nation! Targeting the no-name monument! Destroy! And Ill pass."

"Activating the hero spirits battle card! Building the Changban!" Kena flipped the card she drew and a pathway exclusive for Zhao Yun appeared on the chessboard. "Due to the characteristic of Changban, I get to draw another card so Ill add the card - Seven Rounds of Battle into my hand."

Kena once again drew a card. "Riding the Legendary White Horse and obtaining an extra move. Advance to Mu Guiying to protect her."

LilWang frowned. Protecting Mu Guiying. She must be scared that we would kill Mu Guiying and Wu Zetian instantly and thus destroying the special characteristic of those two women. Its troublesome. He drew a card. "Mysterious case! Mu Guiying is involved in conquering the hill and entitling herself as the queen without the nations permission. Also, she is involved in using the land illegally! Arrest! Successful! She is locked into the jail for two rounds! And I got to draw two more cards! Activating detective Di Renjie, activating detective mood! Obtaining the observing specialty! Targeting this ugly woman! Huang Yueying!"

Lin Liang pondered. Hmm...not bad. We have forced Zhao Yun to disappear and locked down Mu Guiying. The observing specialty caused Huang Yueying to be unable to activate her abilities. Even though Im not resigned, it has to be done. Im the one who designed the character of Yueying. Her mechanical skills are impressive.

Coco ground her teeth. You watermelon taro! "Its my turn!! Haha! Summoning - Save Me, Husband!"

"The sleeping dragon is here! Who dares to challenge?!" Suddenly, a handsome man appeared out of the yin yang divine trigram with a feathered fan.

"I could always feel the creators hatred towards Zhuge Liang," LilWang said as he stared at the illusion of Zhuge Liang hugging Huang Yueying.

"Im having goosebumps. The worst thing is that no one would bother even if they are having PDA" AV shivered.

"......" Lin Liang was trembling with his feathered fan. So, its my fault?! Im sorry for setting the opening sentence of Zhuge Liang. I shouldnt drink with the Chrysanthemum Emperor that day

"My turn. Err" Fang Ci drew a card and was reluctant to use it as he stared at it. "Well, move beside Xiang Yu and get into his embrace...Activating...sleep Ill draw again. Xiang Yu was granted a chance to draw a skill card again in the next round. Activating Drawing The Sword For Husband, obtaining goodbye status. (If she dies within three rounds, she would say goodbye to the king and enter into Farewell My Concubine)."

Amidst the weird expressions shown on the faces of everyone present, SpyingBlade drew two cards. He stared at the first - Feast at Swan Goose Gate! This card is very overpowered! But in order to activate it, I need Fan Zeng. The corner of his mouth curled as he looked at the second one, "Summoning - Yafu - Fan Zeng! Prepare the feast!"

On the Changban, a feast appeared.

"Yafu, Ive already got Uncle Xiang prepared. Who shall we kill?!"

"Wang Jian!"

"Failed! Wang Jian lost one round!"

"What a pity." Upon finishing his comment, Fan Zeng closed his eyes slowly, radiating with a dangerous aura.

Andor heaved a sigh of relief. The Feast at Swan Goose Gate is a special field that will always be there. Fan Zang would be activated every two rounds. Once it is successful, he can kill one person! We must destroy the Feast! But first, we must kill Fan Zeng! Thank God this old fella appeared as a summoned character. Or else, it will be extremely scary since not everyone is as stubborn and as confident as Xiang Yu.
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