Warning Tsundere President Chapter 114

Chapter 114: Cant Move, Tired...

"Can't move, tired..." Muttered Lu with her eyes tightly shut. She could not even move a muscle. Huo was helpful as he parked his entire body over hers, while he stole a few peeks at the few shopping bags scattered on the sofa.

"Shopping today?"


"You bought this little and you say you are tired?"

"I was with Lin, she bought A LOT." To be honest, Lu was more like a shopping assistant than a shopper.

"Use my card next time," he whispered gently as his hand sank into her pajamas.

"P-please I'm really tired I can't do it tonight" She reluctantly pulled her eyes open to give a bloodshot glance, "And aren't you tired too?" She noticed the fatigue on his handsome face.

Judging from his grimace he pulled, she could already imagine his reply. Before she could make her statement, "Don't say 'oh I'll make you even more tired tonight', seriously, I'm dead, dead. The fountain is dry, the fish has died. So, spare me. I don't want to traumatize you."

I'm serious. Look at how considerate I am of your sexual experience.

"Listen toall those silly excuses coming from your mouth," mumbled Huo as he pinched her waist, causing her to tumble.

"Ugh!" She closed her eyes and spread her limbs wide, "Do whatever you want. But I'm not going to respond. I'm tired."

Huo Yunting looked at her. Convinced, he spared her. "Good night then." He hugged her tight.

Lu was triggered by her man that she was no longer as sleepy as before.

"Are you aware of Lin Yazhi's background?" Asked Lu.

"Nah, it can't be her. She just came." In other words, he had not checked her out.

"Right, I almost forgot she's the newbie and we submitted the proposal way before."

The tension was cleared and finally she could get some real sleep.


The next morning, after a quick shower, Lu remove this changed into the outfit Lin laid out for her. It was a white blouse with a flannel skirt and a denim vest.

It still gave off an aura of a working woman but much more casual than before.

The sight was simple yet it caught Huo's eyes while he was gargling milk downstairs.

She was truly a beauty after all. Simple beauty. Not the pretentious, hypocritical beauty who dunked herself in cosmetics. She had the charm and it never felt too much.

"I must say this, Lin has good taste. If she became your life secretary, she would surely make you the brightest office lady in the city."

Cough cough.

"She could have done a better job on a better model, like you." Feeling the passionate gaze from the needy beast, she shifted the focus.

"Well, I'm a handsome man. I look in everything," said Huo as he continued eating his breakfast. Occasionally his glances fell on the smooth thighs exposed under her skirt.

He frowned.

Is the skirt a bittoo short?

The moment Lu entered the office, every girl stared at her, stupefied on the way she strolled to her seat.

The legendary stern mistress of black-and-white was dressing casual?

"I almost thought it was the dress code of our company" Whispered one confused girl.

"Yup, looks betterthan her usual black widow outfit. Much lovelier."

"Much lovelier" the colleagues presumed, yet the black widow was still herself on the inside.

She was not lovelier than usual.

Lin giggled as she joined the gossip, "You have to agree, I have such a great taste. Zhaoyang is still a beauty after all. Those legs she has, brrr I can't resist watching them. Yo-"

"Lin." The black widow spoke, "Work."

"Okay" The little girl pursed her lips and headed back to her seat to work.

A few minutes later, the landline rang.

Lu got up and poured two cups of coffee. She then went into the meeting room, where a bald, middle-aged man sat.

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