Warning Tsundere President Chapter 186

She dared not study the message any longer for fear that Huo Yunting would return home soon. She deleted the message promptly. She closed the browser tab and went back to her work documents, but none of the numbers registered in her brain.

When Huo Yunting returned from the sanatorium, he saw her glued to her laptop on the sofa, staring intently at the screen.

He tiptoed over to her, curious to see what was taking so much of her attention.

When he reached behind her, he saw that she was actually reading a document, and she was scrolling slowly downward.

That meant that she was really reading it, and not just spacing out.

Huo Yunting briefly touched her tea cup and found it cold. His eyes flashed in annoyance.

"Working overtime during the weekend, eh? Should I praise your commitment to the company or your lack of efficiency to have to bring work home?"

Lu Zhaoyang slowly turned to face him. The truth was, she had already noticed when he first entered the house. In response, she had quickly brought up the document to pretend to be working.

"I was bored at home and wanted something to do. This agreement looks important, so I thought I should check it again."

"It's admirable to be so diligent, but don't you worry, even without the agreement, Thunderbolt Corp will survive. Your health is more important than money, so you should rest during the weekend."

He took the laptop from her as he spoke.

Lu Zhaoyang watched Huo Yunting carefully, afraid that he would inspect her laptop further. She had deleted her browsing history, but with Huo Yunting's hacking skills, it would take him a second to recover that. She must not raise any suspicion now.

Her heart was beating so fast it was suffocating.

"Why are you staring at me like that? What's in your laptop?"

Huo Yunting pressed the power button and put her laptop aside.

Lu Zhaoyang heaved a quiet sigh of relief as she pretended to roll her eyes at him. "I was watching you, not the laptop. You gave it to me anyway, I wouldn't blink twice if you want to smash it to pieces."

Huo Yunting raised a skeptical eyebrow. He looked at the clock and found that it was already past bedtime.

"Since you've been so hardworking today, I'll let you off tonight. Come, let's go to bed."

He carried her up from the sofa and did not forget to pick up her slippers along the way.

Lu Zhaoyang put her arms around his neck in reflex.

Laying on bed, Lu Zhaoyang listened to Huo Yunting's even breathing. He seemed to have changed a lot lately and did not request for sex as often as before. More accurately speaking, he was taking her emotions into consideration.

Now that her departure was imminent, she was not quite sure how to face Huo Yunting. Every lie she told made her feel guilty inside!

If she was caught red-handed, what would happen to her?

Would Huo Yunting take it out on Mother?

Would he make their marriage public out of rage?

She suddenly realized that she was not ready to deal with the myriad of consequences.

However, since she had made her promise to Chen, she must not back down at this crucial time.

She must not hesitate!

Staying by Huo Yunting's side would drive her mad, sooner or later.

Uncle Huo will take care of her mother, and since Huo Yunting would never move back to the Huo family's house, their tense relationship would at least be at a distance.

Not having to face each other everyday meant that her mother would be spared by Huo Yuning's mockery.

Lu Zhaoyang soon fell asleep with these troubled thoughts on her mind.

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