Warning Tsundere President Chapter 187

When she woke up, it was already past noon. The warmth on her back reminded her of the man sleeping by her side.

The fact that Huo Yunting could stay asleep for so long meant that he must have been quite tired yesterday.

Lu Zhaoyang sat up and changed. She gave him a nudge and said, "Meal time."

She was starving.

Skipping lunch and laying in bed — it must be the autumn season that prompted this laziness.

Seeing Huo Yunting's lack of reaction, Lu Zhaoyang slipped out from underneath her blanket and walked across him.

Before she could leave bed, her ankle was caught in his hand. A sluggish voice spoke up. "Bring the food up here."

Lu Zhaoyang barely stopped herself from replying "In your dreams!".

She forced herself to reply mildly, "Alright, let me go first."

The hand on loosened its grip on her ankle.

"It's so rare for you to be so obedient."

Lu Zhaoyang ignored him and left the bedroom.

She finished her own food before bringing Huo Yunting's portion upstairs.

Fortunately, he spared her any additional special requests. She was dreading him asking for her to spoon feed him.

The weekend was a torture to Lu Zhaoyang as she watched Huo Yunting elegantly filled his stomach.

Suddenly, an urgent problem came to mind — she had not replied to Chen's message.

Chen could still be waiting for her reply or thought that she had not seen his message.

She threw a quick glance at Huo Yunting, who was finishing up the last of his food, and stood up abruptly. "Take your time. I'm bringing my laptop up here."

Huo Yunting looked up at her with mild interest. "What's the rush? No one in the house will steal your laptop.

"Or perhaps, you're thinking of watching something…" He wagged his eyebrows meaningfully.

"It was only a document that I hadn't finished yet. Not everyone is as keen in porn as you!"

She retorted but did not leave the room.

If Huo Yunting so much as suspected something, she would be dead for sure.

"Pork? I dare say, pork meat is definitely good for your health!"

Lu Zhaoyang stared hard at him. She clearly said "porn"!

In the end, they both went downstairs together. Lu Zhaoyang eyed the laptop on the table and went to retrieve it with affected nonchalance.

The man beside her took a few large strides and reached the laptop before her. He switched it on as he said, "You should be spending the weekend with me. If you really want to read the document, then read it sitting on my lap."

"We just had dinner. I'll take a look at it later. For now, I want to take a walk outside to digest the food."

Working on his lap? She would be so nervous that she would forget all about replying Chen.

Huo Yunting studied the computer screen and did not see anything amiss. He tossed the laptop onto the sofa and went outside with her.

The weekend passed by unusually slow. Lu Zhaoyang was tormented by the secret she had to keep.

On Monday night, Huo Yunting was invited to a drinking session.

When Lu Zhaoyang heard the engine sound leaving the house, she rushed back to her room, pulled the window blinds, and then brought her laptop to bed with her.

She kept a TV show streaming in the background in case Huo Yunting suddenly came back.

Once she was in her mailbox, she clicked on "new message" but found it hard to put her thoughts into words.

Her fingers rested hesitatingly on the keyboard before Lu Zhaoyang finally sent her reply with only a single word.


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