Warning Tsundere President Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Birthday Bash IV

When everyone was gone, Lu Zhaoyang slumped to the floor. She touched her forehead, and was surprised by how hot it felt.

The weather was turning colder. She must have gotten a fever.

After awhile, she gathered her strength and stood up, left the documents on the table and went straight to Huo Yunting's office.

She had to apply for sick leave.

Behind the office doors was the man himself, casually reading a report.

As her footsteps drew nearer, Huo Yunting looked up at her.

Lu Zhaoyang stopped right in front of his desk and supported herself on it once again. She spoke with difficulty, "President, I'd like to apply for sick leave"

Before she could finish, Huo Yunting stood up.

Lu Zhaoyang watched in confusion as he circled around his desk and walked towards her.

It was only a sick leave, what was he up to now?

Then she felt the coldness from the back of his hand on her forehead. Lu Zhaoyang instinctively straightened up.

She looked up and could barely see his wrist.

"What are you"

Huo Yunting pulled back his hand and studied her for awhile more before saying, "Take your medicine, then go rest in my resting room."

"No! I want to go home right now."

She could never forget what happened in the resting room. That place was simply repulsive to her now.

Huo Yunting had one hand in his pocket as he bent down closer toward her. His face was so close to hers as he whispered by her ear. "Do you want me to go out there and tell everyone that I ended the meeting prematurely because my wife has a fever?"

Lu Zhaoyang's body was burning from her illness, but she still felt a chill run down her spine when she heard him.

Huo Yunting was definitely capable of doing what he just said.

"You think it's a good idea, too?"

He pulled her by the wrist and made his way for the office door.

Lu Zhaoyang was rooted to the spot, despite how wobbly her legs felt just moments ago. Huo Yunting was forced to stop walking.

She looked him in the eye and said without expression, "Stop playing around. I'll do as you say."

Huo Yunting patted her on the head. "That's my girl."

What's with him treating her like a child?!

Lu Zhaoyang was frustrated but helpless. She sighed and was about to start walking when Huo Yunting swept her up in his arms and brought her to the resting room.

This felt very much like that night, except that she was crying back then, but now she was sick.

The bed inside was large, and she lay down peacefully on it. Huo Yunting adjusted the blankets for her but did not try to do anything else.

Just a few minutes later, she saw Huo Yunting brought to her a cup of water and medicine.

It looked like the portrait of a loving husband.

Except he was not.

"You have medicine for fever in your office?" She took the water and pills in bafflement.

He was always on the receiving end of caretaking, so it felt a little awkward to see him taking care of her now.

"I have anything and everything, just let me know what you need." Huo Yunting said smugly as he sat by her bed. "The water is warm, drink it."

He had ordered for a cup of hot water to be brought to the office, and it had now cooled to just the right temperature.

Lu Zhaoyang could not hold it much longer. She quickly swallowed the medicine.

It tasted bitter, so she took few more gulps. The bitter taste did not leave.

Suddenly, the cup was grabbed away from her, and then Huo Yunting was holding her face in his hands.

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