Warning Tsundere President Chapter 811

Chapter 811 Fly Free Like A Bird Ill Take Care Of Your Sht.

Chapter 811: 811Fly free like a bird, Ill take care of your sh*t.
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I wasnt that close with Gu Jinzhi anyway.

I mean, Gu Jinzhi might just leave me be, as you wished he would say, after the mess I might have caused. If I beat the crap out of this man, Ill be screwed!

So, calm down, Wen He. You can do it.

Wen He inhibited her rageit was not a pleasant experience for someone straightforward like her. The annoyance and displeasure were visible on her face yet President Lin and his friends did not notice her grave expression as they swarmed upon her, taunting, And you thought you could get away this time?

Their eyes squinted with desirable hunger as they inched towards her while reaching out with their claws. Wen He clenched her left fist and prepared to launch yet


The door was thrown open as a voice rang nonchalantly, Wow, what do you think you are doing to my fellow employee? Gu Jinzhi walked in casually with his gentle smile. He continued as he beamed at President Lin and snorted, It looks like President Lin feels Golden City too much like home, that he decides to throw tantrums whenever he wants.

Mr. Gu Although Gu Jinzhi spoke gently like a scholar, President Lin felt otherwise. There was a chill crawling down his spine that kicked up his consciousness. I-I was just a bit drunk tonight.

Oh really? Asked Gu Jinzhi, glancing at a violent and dangerous queen who failed to execute her fury with an amused look.

Did you forget your guts this morning? When did you learn to tolerate when you always take me as your sandbag?

Wen He froze and lifted her head, I can be myself?

Why not? Fly free like a bird, Ill take care of your sh*t. The line sounded extra dominant coming from Gu Jinzhi.

Okay! And Wen He launched her punch right into President Lins face. The cabin suddenly transformed into an arena as Wen He the boxer gave her barrage to the following men around her. The entire pack of wolves were disarmed as they fell onto the ground and gasped for air.

President Lin, you can always spend the night with me. Pay with not your money but your life!

Her sharp heel dove into President Lins abdomen as the man was lobbed 3 meters away. She applauded herself while sighing in grand relief.

That was good. Can we do this everyday?

Manager Yu was left to take care of the mess while both Wen He and Gu Jinzhi went to an empty cabin next door. There was hesitation in Wen He before she took a seat near him.

Hey, Gu.



I dont mind a thank-you kiss you know.

Her smile twitched as she became speechless. She responded with a glare at first but soon worries filled her eyes, President Lin isnt a nobody, you know. Im afraid that he might do something after this and

Arent you supposed to at least show some concern on this? Likea plan before anything?

So?? Gu Jinzhi chuckled, Whats your plan of dropping by to give me a kiss?

Jesus Christ!

Wen He rubbed her forehead.

Can you be more shameless?

Everybody has been fooled by your masculinity, including me! You look like someone reliable until you get too casual with people!

Good bye! And she stood up.



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