Warrior's Promise Chapter 636

Warrior's Promise Chapter 636

Chapter 636: Sword Devil

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After failing to level-up his Martial Soul, Su Mo left the Divine Map dejectedly and returned to his room.

Then, he focused on his cultivation and began refining his Dark Force.

His Dark Force was now quite concentrated, and he was preparing to increase his cultivation in two days.


After four hours, he heard someone knocking outside. It was Li Feng and Hong Qingxuan.

In the room, Li Feng said quietly, “Su Mo, I heard of a place where we could earn Spiritual Stones!”


Su Mo's eyes lit up, and he asked hurriedly, “Where?”

“Death Arena of Sky Devil City!” Li Feng said seriously.

“Death Arena?” Su Mo frowned. It sounded like a violent place.

“What's it like?” Su Mo asked.

“Death Arena is thousands of kilometers from of Sky Devil City. Just as its name implies, it's a deadly battleground where men fight against men or beasts. All battles only end when one opponent dies.”

Li Feng's expression was grave, but his eyes shone brightly. He continued, “There are rich rewards to be won at Death Arena and people could also place bets, but I don't know the specifics!”

Su Mo contemplated for a while, then said with a nod, “Let's go to Sky Devil City!”

Although Death Arena was very violent, it was definitely a treasure trove for Su Mo.

“Brother Su Mo!”

Suddenly, Hong Qingxuan spoke up, her face clouding over with concern, “The battles fought in this Arena would be relentless and deadly. It's too dangerous!”

Although she knew that Su Mo was very powerful and unparalleled in terms of combat strength, she was still afraid of accidents happening!

In the case of deadly arena fights, accidents meant death.

“No worries, we'll just take a look first!” Su Mo said with a smile.

They needed to know what the rules were before taking part.

Otherwise, Su Mo would not act rashly.

“Alright!” Hong Qingxuan nodded in defeat.

Then, the three of them headed straight for Sky Devil City.

Sky Devil City was one of the ten ancient cities in Devilish Land, and it was rumored that this city was capable of counterbalancing the Devilish Qi across the lands.

This city was many times bigger than Black Rock City. The pitch black city wall towered over the earth like a giant barrier.

They arrived at Sky Devil City by noon the next day.

They made enquires and soon found out the location of Death Arena.

Death Arena was established by the Mansion of the City Governor, so it was right next to the mansion.

Then, without further hesitation, the three of them headed straight for the Mansion of the City Governor.

Soon, they arrived at a little square before the mansion, next to which stood a sprawling group of buildings.

The words “Death Arena” were strikingly emblazoned in red on the building's gate, as if they were written in fresh blood. This sign would be enough to send chills down anyone's spine.

“This is it. Let's head in!”

Li Feng stared at the gate, fighting desire clear in his eyes. It has been a while since he last fought and he was excited for a fight to the death.

“What's that?”

Suddenly, Hong Qingxuan saw a giant sword-shaped stele in the center of the square.

The stele was over three meters tall and was surrounded by around a dozen martial artists.

“Let's go take a look!”

Su Mo walked towards it, and Li Feng and Hong Qingxuan followed.

Su Mo looked up at the stele and saw that a picture lightly etched onto it, but he couldn't make out what it was.

“What is this stele?” Su Mo asked a middle-aged man at Enlightenment Realm standing next to him.

The middle-aged man was first annoyed by Su Mo's question, but once he sensed Su Mo's cultivation, his heart dropped. This was an expert at True Darkness Realm!

“This is the Devil Stele, which is said to contain the secrets of Devilish Land!” Said the middle-aged man.

“Secrets of Devilish Land?”

Su Mo asked curiously, “What kind of secrets?”

“I'm not sure either!”

The middle-aged man shook his head and said, “It is said that during the post-archean times, Devilish Land was not like the way it is today. It all changed because of one person.”

“Who's that?”

“Dugu Shang, Sword Devil!” Said the middle-aged man. “He turned Devilish Land to the way it is today!”

“Dugu Shang, Sword Devil?” Su Mo was shocked. He had never heard of this man, but this man must have been exceptional to single-handedly transform Devilish Land!

“Brother Su Mo, I've actually heard some legends about the Sword Devil, Dugu Shang,” said Hong Qingxuan.

“Oh? What do you know?” Su Mo asked.

“It was said that Dugu Shang was the top expert in the East Continent during the late post-archean years. His strength was considered the peak of all Firmament and Continent.”

Hong Qingxuan contemplated for a while and continued, “However, this person was a demonic skill cultivator and addicted to killing. He was rumored to have forged a Demonic Sword that could kill 1 billion people at once, marking the bloodiest ma.s.sacre in the history of East Continent!”

“What? 1 billion people at once?”

Su Mo and Li Feng gasped in shock.

How could that be possible?

Su Mo was a little skeptical. If this were the case, that man was too terrifying!

“She's right!”

The middle-aged man nodded and said, “People used to tremble at the sound of his name back then. This stele contains secrets about the connection this Sword Devil has with Devilish Land!”

“Legend also has it that whoever understood this stele would learn these secrets!”

At this, the middle-aged man smiled wryly and said, “Steles like this have dotted the ten ancient cities for countless years, and yet no one has managed to understand them.”

“Oh?” Su Mo's eyes flashed, his interest piqued.

What kind of secrets could the Sword Devil and the Devilish Land have?

Then, he re-examined the Devil Stele and even used his Mind to explore it further.

Suddenly, the scene before his eyes changed to something really terrifying.

This was a vast and dark world filled with endless Demonic Qi.

A tall man clad in a long black robe stood in the middle of the Demonic Qi.

He couldn't make out the man's features, but he gave off an air of power and authority that would make anyone quake in their boots.

He held a long black sword that gave off piercing sanguine light and feelings of destruction, murder, madness, and resentment.

Su Mo could not help but tremble when he sensed the aura from the sword. All the negative emotions inside him were brought to the fore, and his eyes instantly grew red, with intense murderous intent surging in his heart.

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