Warrior's Promise Chapter 652

Warrior's Promise Chapter 652

Chapter 652: Archean Martial Practice

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Li Feng's current situation was exactly the same as Su Mo's. He sat cross-legged within the large shadow of a gigantic Archean Dragonesque Elephant. His physical strength was soaring.

Hong Qingxuan also managed to successfully advance to Lv 2 True Darkness Realm.

Time flew. Another hour had pa.s.sed before they fully exhausted all the Spiritual Qi. The courtyard returned back to normal.

Su Mo opened his eyes and let out a breath of murky Qi.

He had increased his cultivation by one level and his physical strength was now on par with a Lv 4 True Darkness Realm martial artist.

He turned to look at Hong Qingxuan and Li Feng as they opened their eyes.

“How did it go?” Su Mo asked.

“Brother Su Mo, I have now successfully reached the advanced stage of Lv 2 True Darkness Realm.” Hong Qingxuan smiled.

“I have advanced to Lv15 Middle Stage of my Archean Dragonesque Skill,” Li Feng replied.

Su Mo nodded his head. Lv 15 Middle Stage meant that his physical strength would now be on par with a Lv 5 True Darkness Realm martial artist.

Li Feng might have surpa.s.sed Su Mo in terms of physical strength, but his cultivation speed was still a little too slow. After all, he had no lack of Spiritual Stones at the moment.

If Su Mo had focused purely on cultivating his physical strength without his cultivation limiting his progress and with sufficient Spiritual Stones, he wasn't even sure how strong he'd be now!

He contemplated for a moment on whether he should help Li Feng to increase his physical strength further.

He quickly discarded the thought because although Li Feng's cultivation would indeed increase rapidly, he didn't want Li Feng to become reliant on him.

It would probably be better for Li Feng if his cultivation improved gradually at a natural pace. Su Mo could then step in to help with his cultivation every once in a while.

“Let's go!” Su Mo shouted. He sent them all out of the Divine Map.

After their return to the outside world, they sat on the stone bench in the courtyard and started to chat.

Li Feng and Hong Qingxuan tried to give Su Mo some Spiritual Stones but he rejected them.

He had more than enough Spiritual Stones for the time being. It would be better for his friends to keep the thousands of spiritual stones for their own usage.

They decided to stay on for another few days before leaving Sky Devil City.

Su Mo returned to his room and continued his convalesce. He was working to restore his essence, qi, and spirit.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

He heard someone knocking on the door. When he released his spiritual consciousness, he saw it was Yin Tianchou.

Su Mo went to open the door.

“Su Mo, how's your recovery been?” Yin Tianchou asked with a small smile playing on his lips.

“'I should be fine now!” Su Mo said with a laugh.

“That's great!” Yin Tianchou nodded. He looked at Su Mo appraisingly and his eyes suddenly widened as he exclaimed in surprise, “You….you've broken through!”

Yin Tianchou was completely shocked. Wasn't Su Mo supposed to be frail and in convalesce? How had he managed to advance to the next level in just a few days?

“Ha Ha! It was just luck!” Su Mo laughed.

“Luck?” Yin Tianchou shook his head inwardly. For martial artists at their level, there was no luck involved when it came to breaking through.

“Come in!” Su Mo brought Yin Tianchou to the courtyard, not wishing to elaborate further, and they sat around the stone table.

“Su Mo, who are these two?” Yin Tianchou asked when he saw Li Feng and Hong Qingxuan.

They had not been properly introduced earlier as Su Mo had urgently needed to covalence.

Even though Yin Tianchou didn't know Hong Qingxuan or Li Feng, he could guess that these two were not ordinary martial artists either.

Friends of geniuses would never be mediocre. Since they traveled with Su Mo, they were probably geniuses too.

“Please meet Li Feng and Hong Qingxuan, both are my fellow disciples!” Su Mo made a simple introduction.

“Nice to meet you!” The three of them saluted each other.

Yin Tianchou thought for a moment before he said with a smile, “Su Mo, among all the geniuses I've met, you're only the second one I've admired!”

“Oh, who is the first?” Su Mo asked curiously.

“Wenren Tiandu!” Yin Tianchou said.

“Wenren Tiandu?” Su Mo suddenly realized, that they were talking about the top martial artist on the East Continent's List of Top 1,000 Talents. Su Mo became interested.

“What made you admire him?” Su Mo asked.

“He is amazingly talented and was born with a light-based Spirit Build. Not just that, his martial soul is Rank 3 Heaven Cla.s.s. No one else, across the entire East Continent can match him,” Yin Tiachou said reverently. “He may not be as good as you when it comes to fighting others above his level, but he's not too far behind!”

“Light-based Spirit Build! Lv 3 Heaven Cla.s.s Martial Soul!” Su Mo nodded approvingly. This man was blessed indeed.

This level of talent would place him amongst the best within the East Continent.

At the thought of Wenren Tiandu's light-based Spirit Build, a seed was planted in Su Mo's mind!

“Ha Ha!” Yin Tianchou laughed wryly. “Wenren Tiandu might be amazingly talented, but whether he will be able to advance to the Martial King Realm is still uncertain!”

“Why is that?” Su Mo asked curiously. Based on his talent, it shouldn't be much of a problem for him to advance to the Martial King Realm!

“You may not know, but Wenren Tiandu is different from most of us. He has cultivated seven spiritual spirals. It would be extremely difficult for him to advance to the Martial King Realm,” Yin Tianchou said.

“Seven Spiritual Spirals!” Su Mo was stunned, not because Wenren Tiandu had seven spiritual spirals since he himself had nine, but because Yin Tianchou had said it would be more difficult for him to advance to the Martial King Realm with all his spiritual spirals!

“Why would it be more difficult to enter the Martial King Realm with seven spiritual spirals?” Su Mo asked urgently. If it was this hard to advance to the Martial King Realm with seven spiritual spirals, what would he do? He had nine spiritual spirals!

“You should be aware that if a True Darkness Realm martial artist wishes to advance to the Martial King Realm, they need to refine their spiritual spiral into a divine elixir. However, it is not possible to do so with seven spiritual spirals!” Yin Tianchou continued, “So Wenren Tiandu has been stuck at Lv 9 True Darkness Realm for the past three years. But, I'm not too sure about his specific situation!”

Su Mo's heart sank and his brows knitted tightly together. He had two more spiritual spirals than Wenren Tiandu. If Wenren Tiandu wasn't able to advance, wouldn't his situation be much worse?

Yin Tianchou noticed Su Mo's expression and asked curiously, “Su Mo, what's the matter? Do you also cultivate Archean martial practice?”

“Archean martial practice?” Su Mo repeated, looking confused.

“Multiple Spiritual Spirals would be a form of Archean martial practice!” Yin Tianchou said.

He couldn't help but look at Su Mo again, even more certain that Su Mo was indeed a cultivator of Archean martial practice.

How else could he possess such strong combat strength.

Su Mo nodded in comprehension and sighed. “I am indeed a cultivator of Archean martial practice.”

He thought for a moment, then asked, “Brother Yin, could you tell me about the Archean martial practice?”

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