Warrior's Promise Chapter 885

Warrior's Promise Chapter 885 - Bai Yiners Decision

Chapter 885: Bai Yiners Decision

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"Thank you, the Great!"

No. 8 beauty was filled with joy and immediately saluted the Divine Martial Emperor.

He looked peaceful and slightly nodded his head.

Later, the old eunuch immediately told No. 8 to wait by side. The rest ladies from the Tianwu City failed to be chosen and left the square to wait.

"All the candidates from Qingwu City approach." The old eunuch said again.

Then, the second row of contestants stepped forward.

"No. 15." The Divine Martial Emperor announced.

"No. 27!"

"No. 34!"

The Divine Martial Emperor made fast choices since he only glanced at the ladies for a few seconds.

There were 36 cities, with more than 360 beauties. Only 36 people would be chosen.

This was the rule that would not be changed every year unless the Divine Martial Emperor would like to choose more.

Su Mo secretly shook his head. "The Great is really so h.o.r.n.y that he needs so many women."

36 women every year and it had last for dozens of years. The Divine Martial Emperor had had a large number of women in his palace.

He was more dissolute than any Emperor he knew. They even had a shorter life than the Divine Martial Emperor who could live for hundreds of years.

Su Mo was really sad for these women. Once they became the Imperial Concubines, they would live in the cold palace forever.

He glanced at Bai Yiner and sighed. He hoped she could fail to be chosen.

Otherwise, the girls future would be ruined!

As time went by, the Divine Martial Emperor had selected more than 30 ladies.

It was the turn of the last row from the Great Martial City.

"The candidates from the Great Martial City, please step up." The old eunuch shouted again.

Ten contestants walked forward in succession. Bai Yiner took a deep breath and slowly stepped forward.

"Please, Divine Martial Emperor." The old eunuch said.

The Divine Martial Emperor swept over the eleven beauties and his gaze fell on Bai Yiner without surprise.

She was too special to be not noticed.

The Divine Martial Emperor stared at Bai Yiner.

Bai Yiner lowered her head, her heart thumping and her fingers intertwining. She was so tense.

The Divine Martial Emperors gaze made her feel like she was naked.

"Raise your head!" The Divine Martial Emperor said wryly.

Seeing this, the old eunuch said to Bai Yiner, "No. 362, raise your head!"

Bai Yiner shuddered, clenching her lips, and slowly raised her head.

The Divine Martial Emperor sized up her and smiled.

He knew why she dressed like this.

The Divine Martial Emperor could see her face clear even she wore like this.

The wide linen clothes could not cover Bai Yiners shape and the thick makeup could not change her face.

Moreover, she was at Lv 1 Martial King Realm which was rare among all the beauties.

"You!" The Divine Martial Emperor selected Bai Yiner without hesitation.

Hearing this, Bai Yiners face instantly turned pale, her body shaking and she was about to fall down.

"No. 362, please come forward. I will arrange celebrations for all of you!" The old eunuch said.

Bai Yiner seemed to have lost her soul and became frozen up.

"Congratulations. The Great."


At this moment, all the experts on the stands, as well as the countless people on the scene, congratulated the Divine Martial Emperor at the same time.


The Divine Martial Emperor chuckled and said, "Men, as usual, there will be a big banquet tonight, welcoming to all the beauties."

"The emperor, lets drink tonight."

"Today is a wonderful day. We should celebrate!"

"I will go definitely."

All the experts on the stands spoke with smiles, and they had to come to dinner for the emperor.

So far, the selection was over.

Su Mo had been watching Bai Yiner all the time and found she looked bad.

She looked desperate among the selected beauties.

She looked up at the Divine Martial Emperor with smiles as if she had seen her tragic fate.

She didnt want to accept the result. She dressed up like this and even cut off her favorite ponytail in order not to be selected.

However, the result was so ruthless and she was still chosen by the emperor.

She didnt like the emperor, and she didnt want to be an Imperial Concubine, competing with countless women.

Moreover, as far as she knew, the emperor had no feelings for his concubines and would not give any feelings.

The numerous concubines, for the emperor, were only the resources for cultivation. They were not much different from Spiritual Stone and Spiritual Herb.

She had learned from her father that the Great cultivated with absorbing womens essences.

As for the Imperial Concubines, they all stopped improving or retrogressing or died in the palace.

These things were completely covered up, and it was impossible for outsiders to know.

But as a city governor of the Great Martial City, her father had his own eyes and ears in the palace.

Bai Yiner felt sad. She had been proud of her entire life and She couldnt imagine that she would end up like this.

Bai Yiner sighed, and then suddenly made a decision.

She raised her slender white hands starting Dark Force, and suddenly hit her chest.

The Dark Force rolled over with the palm power and hit Bai Yiner on her heart.


Su Mo, who had been watching Bai Yiner, was shocked when he saw this.


Without thinking too much, Su Mo flew to Bai Yiner without hesitation.

He reached out to catch Bai Yiner in the air.

He would not watch her die like this. He was her guard and she helped him to get the Blood-striped Seeds.

Therefore, Su Mo took action without hesitation.

This sudden change made people fall quiet at once because they were all stunned.

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