Way Of The Devil Chapter 295

295 The World 4


An invisible force field was blocked by an unseen force the instant it appeared on Huang Fu's head. Vast amounts of light gray liquid started to flow out even faster from of his eyes.

"You are right It's my fault Everything is my fault" Huang Fu raised his head, a sad smile on his face.

"Huang Fu, calm down!!" Shangyang Jun realized what was wrong; this kind of power was not something that a sect's First Seat could handle. He tried to calm Huang Fu down to buy some time.

"My fault My fault" Huang Fu was still repeating the same sentence. Two streaks of blood flowed down from his eyes.

"I'm too weak!"


A horrifying heartbeat rung in everyone's heart.

Shangyang Jun's expression darkened.

"Devil Spirit!!?"

Huang Fu grabbed Shangyang Jun with him and flew out of the tent.

From above, a sea of light gray spread rapidly, centered around him. The core of the Alliance Army was destroyed instantly. At least five Judges were buried under the light gray liquid and dissolved. No one even had time to react. Anyone who came into contact with the liquid had their strength drained, and promptly fell into the sea of light gray and dissolved.

"The third Devil Spirit" Shangyang Jun's face turned livid. "He is morphing! All Judges form a formation, we need to stop him!! We can't let him finish the process, or the Devil Army will have a new Devil King!!" he roared.

In the center of the Alliance Army, large amounts of formations emitting all sorts of different colors were formed. Clouds of visible energy formed rainbow-colored runes, led by Judges from faraway to circle Huang Fu at a high speed.


"It begins" Li Shunxi looked toward the spreading sea of light gray at the center of the Alliance Army.

In the future that he saw, Shangyang Jun was unable to stop the metamorphosis of the third Devil Spirit. The Alliance Army suffered casualties under the attack of Devil Army. Very few survived.

"Everything... had already been predetermined"

This was the coming of the Third Devil Spirit King, Pale White, and the establishment of the Gate of Flesh and Blood. The Nine Cities from this point on would become the domain of the devils.

"No one can stop Huang Fu; he has completely merged with the Third Devil Spirit The assassination of his wife and son, the betrayal of his followers and the casualties it caused, and in the end, his plea after giving up all his dignity didn't help. This kind of despair" Li Shungxi sighed. The only hope left was that person...

Bai Xiu..

Bai Xiu spread his arm, standing between the disciples of Wan Shun Palace and Huang Fu, staring at him calmly.

Huang Fu's eyes were still flowing with white liquid just like before.

But it was like he could still somehow see Bai Xiu. His gaze was still staring at Bai Xiu, unaffected.

The two apprentice brothers who had gone through both life and death stared at each other, neither one willing to start.

"You remember what we said in the Buddhist temple?" Baixiu asked calmly. "I believe everyone in this world can swing a sword at me, except you." Bai Xiu wasn't scared, nor did he retreat. He felt only sadness as he stared at his friend.

Huang Fu also stared back quietly

"You still remember Your sister-in-law once said she would introduce you to her sisters."

"Of course I'm not that easy to get rid of. Sister-in-law, she" Bai Xiu's smile dropped as he said this.

"Sister-in-law, she"

The entirety of the West Infinity Court had been destroyed by their own great formation.

"There is no right and wrong in this world." Huang Fu raised his hand, countless amounts of light gray liquid swirled in the center of his palm.

"Only strength and weakness."

"No! Power without control will only make one a beast!" Bai Xiu responded.

"You want to stop me?"Huang Fu said in a low voice. He just completed his metamorphosis, and required a large amount of sacrifices, but Bai Xiu was in front of him. "Just for these trivial people?"

"Ah Fu have you forgotten? We swore notto bully the weak, not to debate morals, not to forget our past, not"


Before he could finish, Bai Xiu lowered his head slightly and looked at the arm that pierced his abdomen in a daze.

Huang Fu's calm face was an inch in front of his. It was calm to the point of coldness. "I... I only care about strength."

The half-clear film of water above was blocking the attacks from the various formations.

Bai Xiu never thought that he would die at the hand of the brother he trusted the most. His two eyes were darkening as he fell backward, sensing every drop of blood being drained from his body. He started to feel powerless.

"Move aside!" A dull roar sounded in the air.

Suddenly, the sky turned dark.

An enormous black brush pen struck from above.

The brush tip was made out of pure snow-white hair, but each one was as wide as a grown man.

"Mountain Shepherding Brush" Huang Fu whispered to himself.


His whole body exploded, dispersing into a countless amount of white liquid.


The earth shook as the Mountain Shepherding Brush violently struck everything in a large radius. The initially light gray liquid was instantly dyed black by ink.

Countless drops of ink flew into the sky and turned into black pythons. They flew around, trying to find victims.

Bai Xiu and the other friendlies were accurately spared. He staggered backward, but was caught by others. His face was deathly pale. He hurriedly looked at the faraway Devil Army, and saw Huang Fu materializing calmly beside Grand Marshall Roxim.

Even though the Alliance Army was distracted by the chaos for a moment, as it was an army with tens of thousands of people, it affected only a small area. With the Mountain Shepherding Brush, the commotion quickly quieted down. However, the fact that the core of the defensive formation had been broken was undeniable.

Shangyang Jun's face was livid after being tricked by a Devil Spirit like that. No matter how good of a mentality he used to have, it no longer remained. Activating the Mountain Shepherding Brush in a hurry was not an easy task; the Third Devil Spirit had integrated with Huang Fu, caused chaos, and destroyed the defensive formation by the time the Brush was ready.

In his defense, his speed was already one of the fastest among all of the Noble Families. The process would have taken at least a day if he didn't have multiple Holy Weapons at his disposal.

"Roxim you and your damned schemes!" Shangyang Jun stood on the shaft of the pen, looking toward the Commanding General 10 li away.

Roxim smiled warmly. "You lost this round, Shangyang Jun."

The Devil Spirit and himself; no matter how powerful the Mountain Shepherding Pen was, it couldn't split into two to deal with both Devil Kings at once.

The formations of both armies tightened; both formation and Devil Qi were being operated at maximum efficiency. Countless eyes stared at the other side. The tension increased steadily; this battle that would cost tens of thousand of lives would begin the moment either commander ordered the attack.


At the edge of the battlefield.


Black blood sprayed everywhere.

Lu Sheng knifed a goat-headed devil in half.

Its hardened fur as strong as Black Membrane opened like it didn't even exist.

He raised his long knife at the ten other goat-headed devils that were charging at him.

"Extreme Yin: Spirit Massacre!"

The knife swung down with a boom, creating a storm of pitch-black edges.

"Hiss, hiss, hiss!"

All the charging devils were cut into pieces in an instant.

Lu Sheng flew forward into the oncoming devil army with a tap of his foot.

"Divine might!!"


Dark purple flame exploded. Countless devils went flying; body parts fell on the ground, some still burning.

Umbrella Girl and the rest followed tightly behind him, but couldn't match the speed that Lu Sheng was ploughing through the army at.

Wave after wave of devils charged at him from all sides, and all of them were cut into pieces by Lu Sheng's casual knife strikes.

Every swing of his knife cleared at least twenty or thirty devils, creating a small space around him.

In a few short moments, hundreds of devils were killed by Lu Sheng with terrifying efficiency.

Soon, the high-ranking generals of the Devil Army took notice. Two fish-headed devils wearing a weird hide filled with spikes charged at him from both his left and right.

But the only thing they received were two knife swings from Lu Sheng.

Two streaks of blood sprayed out as both were turned into mincemeat.

Without any extra moves, just the chaos-inducing mental attacks made Lu Sheng's knife impossible to avoid. It came with the added benefit of enticing the devils to charge at him with their weak spots exposed.

After countless devils had been slaughtered, the Devil Army was finally thinning out.

Lu Sheng's relentless killing spree was a deterence even to these cruel devils.

Grand Marshall Roxim and Shangyang Jun both noticed the disciples of the Prime Devil Sect.

Right now, Lu Sheng had slaughtered his way to the Alliance Army, successfully joining with his allies.

"Can someone please tell me who activated the great formation within the West Infinity Court?" Lu Sheng lowered his knife. His voice wasn't loud, but was still clearly delivered to Roxim and Shangyang Jun's ear.

Roxim closed his eyes.

Shangyang Jun frowned; his attention was still on the Third Devil Spirit Huang Fu.

"No one knows?" Lu Sheng asked again.


Aside from a small force of devils that started the fight with the Alliance Army, most were still in formation. Roxim looked like he couldn't care less.

Shangyang Jun, on the other hand, was promptly warned by the other elders in the family, and looked toward Lu Sheng.

"A disciple of the Prime Devil Sect? The Hundred Sects has such a young master? He's at least Snake Level," he whispered. "All forces available must rally together right now. Shenyan, bring your men and stop him. He must be enraged by the fall of his sect master; don't let him impulsively destroy himself."

"Yes!" Shangyang Shenyan landed on the ground, and strode in front of Lu Sheng in a couple paces.

"Prime Devil Sect's"

"Do you know?" Lu Sheng narrowed his eyes, revealing a dangerous glint.

"I" Shangyang Shenyan suddenly felt cold in his heart, unexpectedly at a loss of words. He missed a breath, and just stood there, stunned.

He only realized what happened as Lu Sheng led his companions past him.

"Whoever killed my master Liu Shanzi, roll your ass over here right now." Lu Sheng was too lazy to say anything more, and casually walked toward the center between the two armies, and into the small space in between the rainbow-colored light of the formations and pitch-black Devil Qi.

Lu Sheng didn't miss a step as he spoke, but every syllable he uttered rung like thunder through the whole battlefield.ED/N: Ah + first name = sort of a familiar address between friends (well, technically it's A, not Ah, but you pronounce it Ah)
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