Way Of The Devil Chapter 366

364 Crazy Profits 1

 Master Yuan Zheng immediately knew someone was playing him and hurriedly switched to another scene.

 The next few scenes made him nearly collapse—a few disciples from the Thousand Sun Sect were weeping on the ground as they handed out checks, attempting to buy their life. The people from the Spirit Bind Sect, on the other hand, stared at them with perplexed expressions. They clearly just said there was no way that they would let them go.

 But the people from the Thousand Sun Sect only wanted them to put an end to their misery by paying them. They were afraid of pain...

 "This generation of disciples… This generation of disciples…" Master Yuan Zheng's white beard flailed around in anner. He stared at the rest of the elders and the palace master in a very unfriendly manner.

 "Look at what kind of disciples you people have brought up!! Money, money, money!! The only thing they know is money!! What are they going to do when they go to the Devil World? Negotiate with the Devil Generals with money!?"

 "Everything in this world happens because of profit, there's no need for Elder Yuanzheng to be so angry. Even the Devil World invaded us for profit. If we could ensure their profit and reach an mutual agreement, even the Devil Army and their generals could make peace," Palace Master Hunxiang[1. ED/N: It should be his name, but may also be the palace's name, so it may change later.], the palace master ranked number one among the nine, lazily retorted. 

 "That's right, I agree with Palace Master Hunxiang."

 "The head palace master is right. If we don't have to bleed, why should we put our lives on the line? War and violence aren't necessities, only deterrence so that we can develop in peace."

 "Head Elder is too aggressive. That will be bad for peace."

 The elders and palace masters chimed in to express agreement one after another.

 Master Yuan Zheng's face turned more and more livid. Such was the general ideology within the Thousand Sun Sect. The Hunxiang Palace Master was even the vice-sect master, and one could easily guess what direction a sect master that would appoint him as vice-sect master would lean toward.

 "Puff, puff, puff!!"

 He rapidly switched around scenes, but every time a Thousand Sun Sect disciple appeared, their stupid face would be paying for their life and ranking. Master Yuan Zheng was getting progressively angrier.

 If it weren't for the fact that the formation was largely funded by the Thousand Sun Sect themselves, the people from the other two sects would have complained already.

 Soon, the screen puffed again and switched to the position of Young Master Song Quan. He was negotiating prices with a few Youyin Sect disciples. 

 "In my eyes, there is nothing that money can't solve. If there is, then that means you just don't have enough money." Song Quang was a leading figure among this generation of disciples. Aside from his level of cultivation, he also founded the Eight Heroes of Divine Fragrance organization. He was the head of the eight heroes.

 "Young Master Song, 20,000. We will take care of two black walls for 20,000. You people take care of the rest yourselves," the Youyin Sect disciples bargained.

 "20,000 for everything, or we might as well take care of it ourselves." Song Quan waved his hand.

 "30,000 for everything!"




 "NEXT!!" Master Yuan Zheng fiercely slapped the formation flag.

 The scene flashed again, and happened to focus on a small lake. Three disciples of the Thousand Sun Sect stood with a few others from smaller sects. One of the men stood in the front. He was muscular and held a scimitar in his hand.

 "There are two kinds of people that deserve to stand in front of me," the man said calmly. "The first kind is people with money."

 Master Yuan Zheng felt like he was about to spew out blood, and was about to switch again.

 "The second kind is dead people."


 Master Yuanzheng abruptly stopped. Not just him, but even the upper management of the three other sects also sounded surprised. 

 All eyes fell on the tall man on the screen, the Thousand Sun marking clearly visible on him.

 "This person… which palace is he from?" Master Yuan Zheng looked at the other palace masters and elders, but they all wore perplexed expressions.

 Master Yuan Zheng adjusted the scene a bit more, the focus appearing in an area in front of the man.


 Everyone on the training ground started talking.

 They saw at least 20 bodies littering the ground and lake in front of the man, all of them wearing the marks of the Youyin and Spirit Bind Sects. Blood flowed down from their bodies and streamed into the lake like a creek.

 "If you can't buy your life, then only death awaits." The man sheathed his knife and walked away.

 How dominant!

 Master Yuan Zheng was immediately excited. This was the ideal Thousand Sun Sect disciple in his eyes! The way he looked at the man changed instantly. This was the ideal disciple he was looking for!

 The other sect's management were all surprised too. He was a member of the Thousand Sun Sect? Even the Youyin Sect's disciples didn't appear this dominant.

 "Great!" Master Yuan Zheng immediately shouted. Even Zhangsun Lan never made him this proud!

 "This should be how the proud disciples of the Thousand Sun Sect should act!" he declared loudly and clearly.

 The other palace masters, especially Hunxiang, frowned as they stared at the man on the screen. He whispered to something to the elder beside him.

 Many other elders and palace masters of the Thousand Sun Sect didn't seem to approve. The Thousand Sun Sect was never supposed to act so arrogant and dominant. Friendliness was good for business, and made it easier to reap in profits by working with other major powers. Disciples who acted like that might get temporary satisfaction, but it would make future business difficult.

 But since the strongest Head Elder Master Yuan Zheng spoke, no one else dared to question him. Even Palace Master Hunxiang didn't disagree. In the end, Master Yuan Zheng was the most senior in rank aside from the sect master, and was even the strongest man of the Moling branch.

 Not to mention, this was only a difference in opinion, and no profit was harmed.

 "Unfortunately, he showed too much edge…" a vice-palace master muttered under his breath.

 "Too much edge my a*s!" Master Yuan Zheng was furious. "The face of the Moling branch was destroyed by you people! Look at this kid on the screen, that's how the Thousand Sun Sect should act!" 

 Everyone looked at each other as the vice-palace master's face turned red. No one dared speak.

 The people from the other sects also turned their attention back onto the screen.


 Lu Sheng shook the blood off his knife. With his level of cultivation, he, of course, immediately noticed the people observing him. Most of them were doing so out of curiosity, and, as such, were neutral.

 He easily figured out that it was some sort of Secret Art the upper management of the three sects used to monitor the situation.

 He didn't care why these people were watching him. He needed to gain enough money out of this regardless. Good opportunities just wouldn't present themselves like this often. Besides, Su Ningfei stood behind Lu Sheng, and combined with his Devil Master level power, he had nothing to worry about.

 He returned to Xie Yuqiong and the others' side and glanced at the temple and building with smoke coming out, then frowned.

 "The Buddha's Sound area is that way, right?"

 "Yes, Senior Apprentice Brother Lu. We even saw disciples from the Spirit Bind Sect walking that way," Xie Yuqiong said in a low voice.

 "They didn't bother us?" Lu Sheng raised his eyebrows. He just went to a place further out. He planned to earn more income, but, unfortunately, those people were very stingy, and started a fight without even talking.

 The only thing waiting for these people without foresight was, of course, death by knife.

 "Not at all, surprisingly. They even acted as if they were in a hurry. Maybe they received some secret message from the Spirit Bind Sect." Xie Yuqiong frowned.

 This woman had a lot of experience and opinions. Even though she wasn't very powerful, her strength was enough to make sure she wouldn't die. Lu Sheng was starting to heavily rely on her.

 "Then we will follow them. There aren't many people left. The Spirit Bind Sect members must have gotten some sort of information for them to gather like this so close to the end," Lu Sheng said flatly.

 "Senior Apprentice Brother Lu wants to… eliminate more people??" Xie Yuqiong immediately understood. Lu Sheng had always been ruthless with disciples from the Spirit Bind Sect.

 "What do you mean, eliminate? Ranking should be determined by skill, anyway. I heard that Senior Apprentice Brother Sun Rongji is extremely talented and is the number 1 among the Spirit Bind Sect. I simply want to see how powerful this rumored number 1 is," Lu Sheng said casually. 

 While no one believed him when he said that, since Lu Sheng had made his decision, the rest had no choice but to follow.

 They checked their surroundings, and after making sure there weren't any monsters left, began to go straight to the area of Buddha's Sound area.

 As soon as they left and entered into the area in between the three major areas, an ancient voice rang out throughout the sky.

 "Go to the three Buddhist towers within the Buddha's Sound Temple and fight for the last keys that open other reas. Gold, silver, and bronze keys, respectively, represent first, second, and third place. The fight will be limited to five hours."

 The voice repeated itself three times, and everything went back to normal as it finished. Lu Sheng also stopped sensing the eyes watching him.

 He raised his head to look at the sky. 

 The voice clearly only appeared after noticing his performance. The three major sects' upper management had complete control over who got the chance to fight over the keys.

 "Senior Apprentice Brother Lu… three keys…" Xie Yuqiong eyes shone with envy, but she knew that they were in no position to fight for the three keys.

 "You can go by yourself if you want to," Lu Sheng said casually. 

 Xie Yuqiong and her brother look at each other and laughed bitterly. Some among Xuan Zhu's people were also intrigued, but ultimately didn't move. Being intrigued was one thing, but when the time for them to actually fight came, they knew they wouldn't have the courage. With their strength, they would be killed within minutes if they met someone powerful. 

 The team continued on. A sudden shout came from an alley to the side.

 "The fellow in front, do you know which direction the Buddha's Sound area is? Rest easy, we will pay for your escort."

 A team of young disciples wearing the Spirit Bind Sect marks walked out of a white-domed temple. Two people were leading them—one was a handsome man with a mustache, the other one was a pretty woman with shoulder-length red hair. Both wore fiery-red leather armor, and both had two whips with inverted hooks on them.

 Lu Sheng abruptly stopped and looked at them.

 "Spirit Bind Sect?" he asked.

 "Yes, I am Zhao—" The man didn't have the time to finish. His expression abruptly changed and he frantically retreated.


 A light from Lu Sheng's knife shot past him. Lu Sheng had somehow appeared next to him, light exploding out of the knife in his hand as it streaked toward the handsome man. It also struck toward the ten or so other Spirit Bind disciples present. The light flashed, then disappeared. 
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