Way Of The Devil Chapter 402

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"Mind-Controlling Devil Master?" Lu Sheng smacked his lips, gazing greedily at the body of Xiao Zizhu. He was an ancient devil! If it weren't for there being two other people present, Lu Sheng would have devoured the entire body. Now, all the devil aura was wasted.

But since two strong people from Blood Sun of the Thousand Suns Sect were here, he should refrain from performing undesirable acts such as eating a corpse.

Both were top-notch Divine Weapon Masters. They were the strongest people around, and were transferred over from Blood Sun because of his emergency flare.

The two men were blood brothers, and cultivated two different forms of palm techniques. Because their Divine Weapons were a set, they could fill in each other's weaknesses perfectly, and formed a formidable duo.

"Since even the Mind-Controlling Devil Master appeared, it seems like you're in some trouble, Brother Lu. You should go directly to the Secret Area and visit the Divine Lord. The higher-ups would have already been alerted due to the Devil Master appearing, so there's no way to hide this," the man known as Ghost Brother said solemnly.

"That's what I was thinking too. It's just the distance is far…" Lu Sheng hesitated.

"In reality, the distance is far. But if you pass through the Secret Area, everything will be easy. If you take a boat up the Golden Waterfall, you can reach it within a day. If you don't have anything else on today, Brother Lu, we can take you to see our master right now," Ghost Brother suggested sincerely.

To be honest, all the Divine Lords of the Thousand Sun Sect noticed Lu Sheng after he shone in the prefecture. He also had the Body of the Savage Moon and was the disciple of Qian Du—Su Ningfei. The only reason none of them made a move was because of Su Ningfei.

Now that they realized Lu Sheng was extremely powerful, a lot of them started turning the gears in their heads.

"If so… Thanks for the introduction!" Lu Sheng bowed slightly to show his gratitude. The wounds on his body were healing at a rate visible to the naked eye. Although only the surface was repairing itself, and the insides still needed time, this rate still amazed the two brothers.

"If so, Brother Lu, take some time to prepare. In four hours, after we grab our stuff, we'll come pick you up," Ghost Brother decided.

"Okay. I'll see you later, then."

"I'll see you later."

Lu Sheng watched as the two picked up the body of the Mind-Controlling Devil Master and slowly disappeared. Obviously, they went directly back to the Secret Area. He felt it a slight pity.

He was also a little suspicious about the battle that had just happened. Although he'd sneaked up on him, he still felt that this supposed Mind-Controlling Devil Master was a little too weak.

From beginning to end, the strength he'd displayed was too different from his Devil Master level and title.

Lu Sheng glanced around. His wounds had already healed, and one could barely tell that there had been scars anymore.

"Xiao Zizhu…" he repeated the man's name. Even till the end, Lu Sheng didn't use his strongest form, his Yin Yang Integration mode. He wanted to keep a card in his sleeve in case someone saw through him.

'After finishing things, I'll just go back. Everything is getting more troublesome. Even with my strength, I'm starting to be unable to hold up.'

Without Xiao Zizhu in his way, Lu Sheng continued down the broken stone steps to a large square monastery with a red roof.

Incense was lit in front of the monastery, giving off puffs of smoke. Scattered wooden sticks lay around on the ground.

Lu Sheng walked up and picked up one.

"Great evil." There were only two words on the pale yellow stick.

Lu Sheng smiled, and threw it away. He walked into the monastery slowly. A group of monks in yellow robes were huddled in a corner, seemingly nervous. The only calm one was the elderly leader. He kept his head lowered, reading his holy text quietly.

A few people from the Thousand Sun Sect were on guard to the side. Seeing Lu Sheng walk in, the leader hurriedly got up.

"Sect Master." This young man seemed very intelligent. He was at most twenty.

"Where are the others?" Lu Sheng asked.

"Reporting to Sect Master, we found an underground maze underneath this monastery. The other two leaders already took some people to check it out," the leader answered quickly.

"Underground maze?" Lu Sheng's interest was hooked. He glanced at the old monk, who was surrounded by their people, as coldness flashed through his eyes.

There were definitely some secrets to this monastery. It seemed like he accidentally found about them.

"Did you find the people from my Lu Family?" Lu Sheng questioned. The most important thing was to first find his second mother. Liu Cuiyu was only an ordinary person. Who knew where Third Mother took her. She was probably in danger right now.

"This…" The leader appeared to be uncomfortable. Obviously, they hadn't found them.

Lu Sheng wasn't surprised. Anyway, the people had to be here. He looked up in time to see a group of people trekking out of the door to the monastery. The leader was a member of the Blood Sun sent by the Thousand Sun Sect, Death Glare True Master, Huang Zhenxian. Lu Sheng sent him to go up the mountain from the other side secretly.

Huang Zhenxian was a young man with a strong, toned body, but his actual age was way older than it looked. He was carefully supporting a middle-aged woman—Second Mother Liu Cuiyu. They walked out of the monastery slowly. Seeing Lu Sheng, Huang Zhenxian immediately let out a breath.

"Sect Master Lu! I didn't let you down!" he shouted.

Lu Sheng looked over. Apart from being unconscious, Second Mother Liu Cuiyu seemed healthy and in one piece. Another beautiful woman walked behind them, supported by other people. It was his third mother, Wang Yanyu, who kidnapped her.

Her face was flushed and her clothes were ripped and untidy. She didn't even dare glance up at Lu Sheng.

"Hehe, Sect Master, you don't know, but after we walked in, we found this woman playing around with a few men. They were really going for the extreme." Huang Zhenxi chuckled as he reported to Lu Sheng through voice transmission. "In anger, I chopped off all the men's... you know what. Don't worry, apart from me, no one else saw this scene. I promise I won't tell anyone, either."

This was him pledging his loyalty.

Lu Sheng walked up and rested his hand on his second mother's shoulder. After making sure she was okay, he finally relaxed.

"Good job." Lu Sheng nodded toward Huang Zhenxian. "What's this about the underground maze?"

"It's a hidden place for all filth. The underground maze isn't big, but it is filled with altars made out of people's bodies and carcasses. I don't know what they're worshipping. It doesn't seem like any devil or Devil Master, but more like some barbaric ceremony that someone made up. Should we report this, or…?" Huang Zhenxian was introduced to Lu Sheng by Chen Jing. Although he was also a member of Blood Sun, his personality was greatly different. Before, he accidentally stood out for some reason, and got bullied and ignored by the larger sub-sects within the Thousand Sun Sect. He supposedly got on the bad side of an important figure too.

Now that Lu Sheng returned, it was as if a huge dock appeared out of nowhere. So, he tried to get close to Lu Sheng immediately. If he could get Lu Sheng's approval, he would be safe.

This task was very dangerous, which was why Chen Jing introduced him.

Lu Sheng originally thought there would be some aftermath of this event, but up until now, nothing out of the ordinary had happened. It seemed that he had completely gotten rid of the Mind-Controlling Devil Master, Xiao Zizhu.

He walked up and put his hand on the shoulder of his third mother, Wang Yanyu. He separated one thread of his Infinity Technique's Yang Aura and sent it into her body.

There was nothing abnormal.

Keeping his expression the same, Lu Sheng took a step back.

Wang Yanyu's face was pale. She opened her mouth as if to plead with him. "Young Master…"

"Take her down. Lock her up, then take her to the Lu Mansion later," Lu Sheng ordered.


A Prime Devil Sect disciple walked forward and escorted Wang Yanyu away.

Lu Sheng mulled over his fight with Xiao Zizhu again. He knew a little about Yin forms. Basically, they were one level lower than their original body. So, something along the lines of a clone, but stronger. It was like his Yin Devils from the Eight-Headed Devil Art. They had their own minds and were in a servant-master relationship with their original form.

'We are both Devil Masters. Xiao Zizhu is just at the top end of all Devil Masters. His Yin form would be one level lower, so at the Jade Star level. Yet, it is still so much more powerful than me.' Lu Sheng couldn't understand. Just then, he realized that ever since he broke through to the Divine Lord level, he had never received any material regarding it.

Su Ningfei didn't mention anything, either. She just kept giving him tasks. So apart from his current Infinity Technique that he created himself, there were no other true arts he could cultivate as a Divine Lord.

Lu Sheng ordered for his second mother to be taken back to the Lu Mansion. He then walked toward the inner quarters of the monastery. Under a thousand-armed buddha statue, he found the underground maze entrance beneath the cushion it was sitting on, and entered.

Huang Zhenxian, who was leading the way with a torch, explained everything in a small voice as they walked past.

"Come to think of it, these sacrifices in the maze have no effect at all. It looks like a bunch of crazy people just performed blood sacrifices for no reason. Not to mention any image of looking like a sacrifice, there aren't even any ghosts…"


Huang Zhenxian noticed something off in his words.

Lu Sheng squinted.

After killing so many people, there wasn't even one ghost. How could this be normal?

The two followed the dark tunnel down into the earth. After passing through a few broken, messy caves, they soon came to an oval, spacious underground palace.

The entire underground palace was only as large as a small basketball field. In the center was an altar made out of white bones. A large pot of boiling bloody water was placed on it, bones and skulls floating up to the surface periodically. A faint trace of smoke came from under the pot as if this was just the most ordinary fire.

Lu Sheng frowned and looked around. Some messy talismans were strewn around, and some twisted symbols were drawn into the floor.

"Get rid of this place. I can't sense anything wrong with it, either," Lu Sheng ordered after finding nothing.

"Understood!" Huang Zhenxian answered quickly.

Lu Sheng followed their path back. Before he left, he noticed a large brown symbol on the wall. Or, one could say a symbol that looked like the character 元.

There was nothing wrong with the character. Lu Sheng only glanced at it before turning around and leaving the rest to Huang Zhenxian.

Settling this matter, Lu Sheng hurried down the mountain. After making sure his subordinates at the foot of the mountain knew how to take care of things, he hastened back to the Thousand Sun Sect monastery. He asked Chen Jing to check out a locked room for reclusive cultivation, and walked in.

"Wait!" Just when Lu Sheng was about to shut the door, Chen Jing suddenly shouted, "Elder Lu, please wait. Here is an emergency note asking for help from the nearby Liyang City. Please look over it."

"Emergency assistance note?" Lu Sheng turned around to look at Chen Jingzhi. His expression was serious, and he held a dark rose-colored letter in his hands.

"You should report this to the prefecture or the main sect. Why are you showing this to me?" Lu Sheng didn't get it. He had already been targeted by the Devil Master from the Devil World, and didn't have a solution yet. He had no time for nearby Devil Disasters.
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