Way Of The Devil Chapter 579

577 Making A Move 4

Lu Sheng hoisted Shajay on his shoulder, and was about to continue on his way.

All of a sudden.

"Jorin, are you… alright?!"

A few girls suddenly dashed out from the building beside him. The one in front was none other than Xia Cheng.

Xia Cheng had been looking worried at first. However, the instant she charged out, she coincidentally witnessed Lu Sheng knocking Shajay out and lifting him over his shoulders.

She did not even have the time to express her worries when she was shocked.

She was not the only one. The other girls widened their eyes as well. They appeared frightened. They found the scene unbelievable.

"Uh… Xia Cheng… It's not what you think!" Lu Sheng quickly removed his big hand from Shajay's butt.

Unfortunately, he had exerted too much force just now. His palm left five deep grooves on Shajay's trousers…

"I… I didn't think that the two of you…" Xia Cheng managed a smile.

"Shajay fainted from the shock. I was hoping to get him to the infirmary!" Lu Sheng quickly changed the topic. He wanted to cover up for his actions.

He did not know if he should laugh or cry in this situation. If it were not for Shajay's rich family and that he seemed to know a lot, he would have killed this kid with a palm right away.

"Mm-hm… It's fine… As long as the two of you are alright…" Xia Cheng had no intention to ask further about this. However, her gaze resting on Lu Sheng was starting to get peculiar.

"I'll be going, then." Lu Sheng was speechless. He did not make any further explanations. He carried Shajay and walked quickly toward the academy's entrance.

Xia Cheng and her bewildered friends were left behind.

Amid the chaos, Lu Sheng brought Shajay quickly out of the academy. He went out the side entrance and quickly headed toward the place where Esha lived.

Esha's house was located in an isolated cheap rental area near the academy.

When Lu Sheng found her, she was peeling some potatoes for herself. Beside her was a boiling pot of water which contained potatoes and vegetables. Not even a drop of water could be seen.

"Rinrin… Why're you here?!" Esha stood up. She felt uneasy with Jorin's sudden visit. She hastily hid the potatoes in her hand behind her subconsciously.

"There's no time to explain. Come with me." Lu Sheng glanced at the surroundings and roughly knew what the situation was.

He took a step forward and pulled Esha out.

Esha did not even have the time to register this sudden change in the situation when she was already pulled out of the rented house.

"My door is still open…"

"Leave it." Lu Sheng dragged Shajay by his shirt's collar with one hand while he pulled on Esha with his other hand. They quickly made their way to the small lake in the nearby outskirts.

Jorin's initial plan was to investigate the truth about the explosion. In truth, he had already found out that the explosion was planned by an organization known as the Iron Screen.

However, he did not know how powerful or influential the Iron Screen was. He did not even know about its history or the number of its members.

Now that Lu Sheng had Arrived in his body, he had no intention of taking his sweet time investigating the truth. Instead, he chose to hit directly and swept everything head on.

According to the previous investigations, the Iron Screen seemed to be influential among the upper echelons of the academy and even the police force.

Hence, the first place Lu Sheng wanted to check out was the police station. As for how he would apprehend the Iron Screen, he had another plan for that.

With Esha and Shajay in tow, Lu Sheng went all the way to the lake in the outskirts. He retrieved his massive armor, and then went to the city center. He controlled his armor with his Harmonizing Power so that it followed closely behind himself. He searched for a sewage drain within 1000 meters from the police station and hid his armor there.

Then, he booked a room in a nearby inn, and had Esha wait for him there. After Esha settled down, he brought Shajay and sauntered into a fast food restaurant opposite the police station's main door. He sat down at a table.

At this moment, Shajay had long regained his consciousness. When he was out cold, he was still in the academy. When he came to, he discovered that he was already before the local police station.

He was still having difficulty registering this sudden change.

"Is the influence of the Iron Screen strong here?" Lu Sheng posed a casual question.

Shajay felt groggy. He half-heartedly answered, "You wish. This is the Bai Family's territory. The Iron Screen is powerful, but the federation is the real boss. The Bai Family is the greatest headsman of the federation. Here, the Iron Screen is a source of information at best." 

"Oh? Is that so?" Lu Sheng nodded, seemingly lost in thought.

"You can't be thinking of bringing me to the police, right?" Shajay snorted. He appeared to still have some courage in him. "I'll tell you the truth: the current chief of the police is a minister's son from the capital. He's known for his iron blood. If you bring me to the police, the only outcome there'll be is one that you'll be executed at gunpoint, and I'll be executed alongside you."

"Do you know his name?"

"Durant Charlie. Why're you asking this?"

"Do you know anything about the Iron Screen's internal structure?" Lu Sheng asked another question.

"A little. The one whom you've killed was just a lackey. He's a normal Gray Sand Envoy. He's also a poor guy who hadn't even had the time to wear his own armor. Then, there's the Four Generals, and above them there's the Deputy Screen Chief and the Screen Chief." Shajay was quite cooperative. He quickly described the organizational structure of the Iron Screen.

"Understood." Lu Sheng stood up slowly. "You stay here. Don't go anywhere."

"Heh…" Shajay snorted. 'Does he take me for a fool? Don't go anywhere, he said.' Shajay was just about to stand up.

All of a sudden, a muffled sound came from the opposite direction.

A huge black metallic hand as thick as two meters suddenly emerged from the sewer before the police station's entrance. Then, it grabbed onto the surface of the ground and pulled.


A colossal object broke through the ground's surface and crawled out of the sewer.

It was a massive armor five meters tall. It was covered in dirt and black rocks. It appeared burly, heavy, barbarous, and strong.

"Durant Charlie! Come out here!" A loud shout suddenly resounded across the skies above the police station.


The immense armor shattered the police station's doors with a fist.

Amid the loud explosion, the door was broken into pieces and shot in all directions into the building.

"Who goes there?!" Silver humanoid armors shot out of the building. The armors were armed with an arsenal of close- and long-range weapons.

Most of their weapons were cold weapons. Only a handful of them wielded long-range rifles.

"What armor is this?!" The police officers dashed out of the building, and were greeted with the sight of this massive five-meter-tall black armor blocking the door letting out a furious howl.

"Shoot it with the long-range rifles first!" Someone barked orders from the back.

The police officers snapped out of their daze. They quickly took up positions and spread out. 

The bullets of the rifles let out soft rings as they bounced off the armor's surface. They only managed to create some shallow dents in the armor.

Then, they started bombarding it with cannons. The shells exploded like grenades.

However, they were not much of help, either. The five-meter-tall armor giant tore the police station's door to shreds in a barbaric and crude manner. Then, it charged into the building.

"I, Iron Screen's Cain, will let you have a taste of pain and hell!" the giant armor man shouted with rage as he charged toward the central police station in great strides.

The shells of the cannons could not even slow him down. The most they could do was batter his several layers of external armor. However, it would be impossible for them to completely pierce his armor.

A middle-aged man with a short golden beard stood at the entrance with a stern expression, and shouted, "Who are you?! Iron Screen's Cain? Such unscrupulous behavior! Don't you have any respect for the rule of law? Aren't you afraid of the punishment dealt by the federal laws?!"

"The rule of law?" The armor man guffawed. "In the eyes of the Iron Screen, the law is nothing! Who cares about the federation?! The law? The entire federation is in the hands of senile trash. The Iron Screen will soon rule over the federation and let the world live under the eternal rule of the iron blood!"

He jabbed out with his palm toward the man.

"And all of you will be our slaves!" He laughed and advanced toward the golden-bearded middle-aged man.

"The f*ck?!" Far away, Shajay was bug-eyed at the scene. This was a blatant attempt at making the Iron Screen into a scapegoat for something.

Even if the police chief did not believe this, Cain's voice had traveled through half of the city already. It was possible that half of the city's 100,000 inhabitants had heard him. The Iron Screen was completely famous right now.

Even if the upper echelons did not want to touch the Iron Screen, they would not have a choice now.

It had to be known that the upper echelons were not exactly a united front. This commotion was of too large a scale. Besides, the statements of the armor giant were too offensive.

It was only now that he understood how ruthless Lu Sheng was. This was clearly a ploy.

Since Lu Sheng did not have the resources to investigate the Iron Screen, he decided to force the country into smoking out the Iron Screen.


Just when the armor giant nearly grabbed the middle-aged man, the sound of an explosion suddenly erupted from under the giant's arm. The impact blew its arm upward.

The giant cried out in pain, and staggered behind for a few feet. Piles of rubble and metal pieces fell from its body.

"You again! You wretched lowlife! I'll skin you and eat you alive one day!" the armor giant roared angrily, and quickly retreated as if it was fearing something. It left the police station swiftly before the officers managed to retrieve their heavy weapons from the armory. It fled the scene through the sewer.

It was only now that Shajay understood what had transpired. Lu Sheng had no intention of killing the police chief in the first place. His objective for creating the scene just now was to announce how powerful and terrifying the Iron Screen was.

For the police, this was too blatant an attempt at shifting the blame. However, the masses would not be as sharp.

The country's department, the guardian of the people, the police headquarters was breached in broad daylight, and many police officers were injured.

With such an outcome, someone had to step forward and bear the responsibility. To salvage the police's image, the upper echelons had to look for a criminal organization that was big enough to take the blame.

This way, the Iron Screen would be right at the blade's edge.

"What do you think?" Shajay was still befuddled by the incident when he heard Lu Sheng's voice at his side.

"How was my acting?" Lu Sheng stroked his chin as he looked on at the commotion in the police station far away.

Shajay snapped back to the present. He felt as if he had known this gloomy and lonesome classmate of his for the first time.

"This… will only make the Iron Screen hide deeper…" Shajay felt a hoarseness creeping onto his voice.

"Worse comes to worse, I'll just repeat this for a few times under the Iron Screen's name." Lu Sheng was indifferent.

It was only now that Shajay really understood how perilous a situation he was in.

Compared to the Iron Screen which abided the rules, this Jorin before him was a real and more dangerous terrorist.

To achieve his goals, he would use everything he could to serve his ambition. No method would be too despicable for him.

Did he not know that it was possible for policemen and civilians to be killed with his armor barging into the police station just now?

No, he knew it alright.

Shajay lowered his head. He did not dare meet Lu Sheng's eyes

'He knows. He just doesn't care…'
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