Way Of The Devil Chapter 630

628 God 1


The seventh leader's left cheek was hit with a loud slap.

His soft left cheek visibly started to swell.

However, he still showed no reaction.

Lu Sheng was slightly stunned. Initially, he saw that the seventh leader seemed to have been shocked by something. He planned to seize the opportunity when his mind was lax and use the psychological guidance art on him. However, he did not expect this young fellow to experience some new change again.

'Did I succeed or not?' Lu Sheng was slightly hesitant.

"You!!" The seventh leader suddenly snapped back to his senses. He started retreating with fear. "Don't come any closer!"

"…" Lu Sheng was feeling slightly speechless. He had saved his life, after all. This was all he got in thanks?

'Looks like it's not working… Are Geshas this difficult to hypnotize?' He was feeling slightly shocked internally. Judging by the Geshas' age, they did not have much experience and were barely involved with the world. They should not be all that mature. Logically speaking, they should have been easy to manipulate.

However, the truth was that he could not control the kid's mind at all.

'Interesting… Is some other force weakening mine?' Lu Sheng stroked his chin. He turned around and went to another ruin site. He stabbed his arm into the ground as easily as if he was punching through tofu.


A huge chunk of bricks erupted. A huge pit about eight meters wide was blown into the ground.

Two beautiful girls in maid outfits lay unconscious in the pit. They were the sisters whom he had hypnotized before this.

The sisters were not Geshas. However, their moves and physiques were good. They were perfectly suitable to serve as his subordinates.

Now that Lu Sheng was experiencing a shortage in subordinates he could trust, personnel were the resources he needed the most.

This was the case for Jiu Nan before this.

That was why Lu Sheng had protected the two maids who waited at the door during the critical moments.

"…" The seventh leader finally sighed with relief when he saw Lu Sheng leaving while carrying the two girls.

The scene just now truly shocked him. The Yellow Springs Witch's Apocalypse Meteor was a terrifying grand weapon of destruction even on the international stage.

Its might was on par with strategic missiles used in terrestrial warfare. An area of several thousand meters could be instantly destroyed.

However, that terrifying sneak meteor attack was parried by that man with a single punch.


The dark red coloration of the surrounding skies started to fade quickly.

The seventh leader sighed heavily in relief. This meant that the Yellow Springs Witch had retreated as well. The aftereffects of the Divine Energy Embellishment were terrible, but… those who died were easily replaceable. The most important thing was that he was alright.

The dark red coloration faded quickly. The seventh leader's vision blurred, and then he found himself standing within his original office.

The walls of the building around him did not move. However, the floors above and below him were silent. Before this, it'd been a lively place, but it was currently as quiet as death.

He sighed and walked through the door slowly. He saw Lu Sheng carrying the maids in his arms.

Lu Sheng was standing before another huge office in the corridor. He looked up and peered into the room.

"There's no use in looking… Other than Ling'er and Yu'er in your arms, the others are dead," the seventh leader explained after a brief moment of silence.

"This is Divine Energy Embellishment for you. This is the main reason we're referred to as gods. All lives lost in the space occupied by Divine Energy Embellishment will also be lost in the real world."

Lu Sheng retracted his gaze. There was nobody in the office. There were no bodies, no flames. It was merely an empty space.

It was as if there was nobody here.

"I think I know who the murderer is now," Lu Sheng said drily. Since he could not hypnotize the seventh leader, there was no point in his staying here. With Jiu Nan and the sisters under his control, he would obtain all the information he needed sooner or later.

He was about to leave.

"Wait! We can work together! You've saved my life! I can give you some great information for free! It's about the Yellow Springs Witch!" the seventh leader called out loudly to him from behind.

"Great information?" Lu Sheng turned to look at him.

"Yes… I think I know the Yellow Springs Witch's objective now," the seventh leader replied with a straight face.


An hour later, Lu Sheng walked out of the building. He saw many black sedans parked outside. Throngs of people walked into the building without any strange expressions. It was as if this was their original workplace and they were here routinely for work.

The building was quickly filled with the sounds of phone calls and the clacking of keyboards again, just as it was before.

Jiu Nan drove another personal car to fetch Lu Sheng.

"What's this?" Lu Sheng asked with a frown. He opened the door and boarded the car.

"Most of the people before this were part of the Nihility Mirage. It's one of the Imperial Phoenix's seventh leader's abilities. The Nihility Mirage can create illusions of various sceneries according to the seventh leader's memories," Jiu Nan explained.

He started the car and drove slowly away from the building.

"He had such an ability?" Lu Sheng was surprised. He immediately regretted not controlling the seventh leader even more.

"There are huge differences in the abilities of the master Geshas. However, they all have one thing in common: they're powerful!" Jiu Nan praised. "My energy source comes from my niece. Her greatest ability was control over the air. If she's willing, the entire Flower Tree City will be wiped out by her ability in a day. All living beings will die of suffocation."

"That's truly powerful…" Lu Sheng nodded. Fortunately, he had cultivated his Limit Indestructible Body to the state where he could carry out internal breathing. He was an independent being now, and had very low dependency on the external environment.

After cultivating this fist technique to its extreme, it gave rise to a powerful body. Even with his former Eight-Headed Devil Art, he did not have the confidence that it would be a sure win.

"Your niece?" Lu Sheng stroked his chin. "There's no need to rush to send me back home. Bring me to your niece first. I'm very interested in her."

Jiu Nan's expression showed fear. Then, he smiled bitterly out of helplessness. "Master, if you like, I can suggest other girls for you…"

"What're you thinking about? I'm merely interested in her abilities," Lu Sheng explained casually. "That's enough. Bring me there."

"No, I mean… Alright." Jiu Nan wanted to say something, but he stopped himself. His expression was quite helpless. However, he eventually agreed to Lu Sheng's request.

He drove for a while. At a stretch of the road where there were no surveillance cameras, he took out his phone and made a call.

Then, he brought Lu Sheng all the way to a mansion area in the outskirts.

It was already lunch time. Jiu Nan brought the car steadily to the end of the mansion area. He slowed the car to a stop before the mansion furthest in the area.

He turned to glance at Lu Sheng. Then, he made another phone call.

The call connected in no time. Jiu Nan spoke briefly in a dialect and hung up.

"I've told my niece about you. I told her that you're my superior, and that you're here to ask her about the abilities of Geshas."

Lu Sheng nodded slightly.

Jiu Nan smiled wryly. "Also, please be careful, Master. Because of her other ability, my niece's… slightly eccentric. This is especially true of her ability. I'm her vassal, so I can't spell it out…"

"Mm-hm, I'll be careful." Lu Sheng was looking forward to this. She would be the second Gesha he would meet. He hoped that something good would come out of this meeting.

They alighted, and Jiu Nan brought Lu Sheng to the iron gates of the mansion. Jiu Nan rang the doorbell.

"Ding, ding…"

After two rings, the iron gates slowly opened inward.

Jiu Nan smiled apologetically, and said, "I won't be going in. As you please, Master. Also, please be careful."

"Mm-hm, I will." Lu Sheng nodded.

He passed by the fountain and came up to the mansion's doors. With a soft push, the doors opened.

A beautiful girl with a large black bowknot on her shoulder-length gray hair stood at the door calmly. She seemed to be welcoming him.

The girl was about 1.4 meters tall. Her breasts were in bud, while her frame seemed slightly frail. However, her prominent buttocks were still visible through the dress she wore.

The only not-so-healthy part about her was her skin tone. Perhaps she had stayed away from the sun for too long, but she was pale, without a trace of the color of blood.

"Welcome. It's been a long time since we've had a guest. Come in," the girl greeted him in a cold voice.

"Sorry to trouble you." Lu Sheng made a genial smile. He exchanged his shoes for indoor slippers. He barely took a few steps when he heard the mansion's doors slamming shut behind him.

The girl lowered chains that were as thick as her arms on the door. Then, she fastened the five bolts that were as thick as her wrist.

Then, she took a step back and pressed a button somewhere.


A thick and solid alloyed metallic wall slowly lowered from above the doors. The exit was firmly barred.

"Alright." The girl turned around and looked at the speechless Lu Sheng. "I'm sorry. It's been a long time since there was a guest. I'm so excited."

It was only now that Lu Sheng noticed that there was not a single window in the entire mansion. The only exit was the doorway which he had just entered through.

"Come with me, please." The girl walked toward the wooden staircase in the living room. "My uncle surprisingly told me that there's someone who's willing to be my guest here. Even if you're just here to ask for information, I'm still plenty happy. Also, my name's Lin Shishi. You can call me Shishi. I like it when people call me Shishi."

Within the girl's huge black eyes, there was an unexplainable joy and excitement. There was also a hint of longing and elation.

"I'm Du Xiong. You can call me by my full name, or you can call me Big Brother Du," Lu Sheng responded politely.

"Well then, Big Brother Du, what brings you here to my mansion? Have you heard anything about me before you came?" As Lin Shishi spoke, she brought Lu Sheng to a recreational room that resembled a study on the second floor.

"I haven't. The only thing I know is that you can control the air," Lu Sheng responded honestly.

"Oh. I haven't been using that ability for a long time now," Lin Shishi said casually. "Compared to that, I like my other ability even more."

"What ability would that be?" Lu Sheng was starting to feel curious.

"Ten Thousand Desires." Lin Shishi locked the door with a click. She turned around and looked at Lu Sheng.

The dark blue coloration of her dress started to fade slowly. Her beautiful young body was exposed; it was only covered with skin-tight inner garments.

Scorching flames started spreading in her eyes. Lin Shishi stared at Lu Sheng's strong build. She felt as if her entire person was on fire.

"Come! I like strong men like you!" She tore the hem of her inner garment away.

"Pccht! Pccht! Pcchht! Pcchht!"

Dozens of pitch-black, slimy tendrils shot toward Lu Sheng.

"Let me love you tenderly! Hahahaha!" Lin Shishilaughed maniacally as she pounced toward Lu Sheng.

"What's this?!" Lu Sheng took a step back and sideways, and raised his leg in a whipping kick.


The intense force shook the air. Blurry images of a leg hit the center of the tendrils.

"Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!"

The tendrils instantly broke and Lin Shishi reeled until she crashed into the iron door. She was completely wedged into the door.

"Suffocation!" she shouted shrilly.

The air in the room suddenly froze. Lu Sheng could not take another breath.
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