Way Of The Devil Chapter 631

629 God 2

"Big Brother Du, don't you like me? Don't you like Shishi? Can we not play an interesting game?" Lin Shishi controlled the air and looked at Lu Sheng with a pitiable look in her eyes.

Lu Sheng finally understood why no guest wanted to come here for a long time. If she was truly a beautiful girl, perhaps things would not be so. However, this hag…

A hint of speechlessness flashed across Lu Sheng's eyes. He ignored her Suffocation as he suddenly took a step forward and hurled a punch.


Lin Shishi's upper body exploded. Countless black bugs emerged and spread themselves about the room.

These beetle-like bugs had more than 10 legs cramped onto their bodies. They were clinging onto the walls, the floor, the bed, the table, and the chairs.

"Come on… If you don't want to play with me, you could've just said so. Yet you… you broke my most beloved model!"

The bugs gathered in the corner and formed a new body for Lin Shishi.

Initially, she merely wanted to extort the guest a little out of consideration for her uncle. However, she did not expect the guest to react in such a violent way. Lin Shishi was angered.

Tentacles made of condensed bugs shot toward Lu Sheng.


There was a shadow of a punch.

In an instant, the tentacles turned into bugs as they crumbled.

Lu Sheng retracted his hand and took a step backward with a calm expression on his face. An attack like that was useless against him.

"I'll eat you!" The remaining bugs of Lin Shishi gathered and formed a huge humanoid figure with black ox horns.


She leapt at Lu Sheng. Her body, which was more than three meters tall, practically covered all possible space Lu Sheng could dodge in.

A layer of hazy gray radiance surfaced on the humanoid figure.

"Experience the fear! Perfect Form! Black—"

Lin Shishi did not even finish announcing the name of her ultimate skill when Lu Sheng pressed down on her head. Faint white radiance flowed out from Lu Sheng's body and traveled onto Lin Shishi's entire body.

"Here, look at my eyes…" Lu Sheng pulled Lin Shishi's head toward his.

"Look at my eyes… What do you see?"

"A man…"

Lu Sheng's expression stiffened.

"…You see an endless sea of flowers. You're frolicking among it on a light yellow, wooden boat…" He started to guide her with his words.

"The men on the boat are so tantalizing…"

"…" Lu Sheng managed to suppress his anger. "You boarded the boat… and you've arrived at a quiet and calm, hot spring lake… In the lake…"

"Two men are fooling around…" Lu Shishi wore an infatuated smile now. She was giggling with a vulgar expression.

"…" Lu Sheng felt the blood vessels in his mind expanding. This girl's train of thought was too eccentric. He could hardly keep up with her using his psychological guidance art.

"No… There's warm, hot air on the lake. It's enshrouded by a mist that resembles a sun-dried blanket… You walk up to it, remove all your clothes… You lie down slowly…" Lu Sheng truly used everything he had this time.

His hypnotizing skill was at least at level 1,000. Usually, all he needed was a simple action or a hand sign, and he would have been able to hypnotize countless individuals.

However, at this moment, he had to use actions, his eyes, words, and voice to create the hazy environment he needed.

This time, he was determined to control this peculiar Gesha.

Perhaps the seventh leader's mental resistance was too powerful before this. However, this current Gesha's mental shortcoming was very obvious. If everything went smoothly…

Lin Shishi eventually fell into a confused state.

Lu Sheng quickly seized the opportunity and inserted his controlling and suggestive instructions which he had prepared beforehand. Then, he fabricated a segment of memories and impressions to make him the person Lin Shishi admired the most.

The entire process lasted no longer than 30 minutes before it was completed.

This time, in addition to the completion of suggestions, Lu Sheng added a few layers of shackles to this controlling suggestion to prevent it from being broken accidentally.

"Alright… We can now sit down and have a talk." Lu Sheng woke Lin Shishi up. He found two clean chairs and they sat opposite each other.

"Now, let me ask you. Do you know the Yellow Springs Witch?" Lu Sheng began directly.

"Yellow Springs Witch… The core controller of the God Creation Project…" Lin Shishi spoke in a stupefied manner as she sat on the chair.

"God Creation Project?" Lu Sheng was stunned. "How did you know this?"

"I'm one of the Project's spies inside the Imperial Phoenix," Lin Shishi replied, stupefied.

"Spy?" Lu Sheng immediately realized that he had unexpectedly stumbled upon a treasure.

"Tell me, what's this God Creation Project?" He swiftly spread his spirit out to prevent any possible form of surveillance around them.

"…In this world, in the dimension enveloped by the Divine Energy Embellishment, there's a mysterious, powerful, and dangerous vestige dimension. There's a stone tablet at the entrance to the dimension. The inscriptions say that whoever's able to pass through the entrance into the dimension will be able to obtain the legendary divine medicine, the Heavenly Evil Phoenix Soul Pill," Lin Shishi replied in a deep voice.

"Heavenly Evil Phoenix Soul Pill…"



After leaving Lin Shishi's place, Lu Sheng ordered her to hide herself. He gave her his new number so that she could contact him. However, they would most likely communicate through a set of encrypted messages.

Lu Sheng headed straight back home after leaving the mansion. His parents were working overtime today. Du Xia was the only one at home.

Lu Sheng had just entered the house when he saw Du Xia sitting blankly in the living room.

She was sitting on the couch alone, watching television. Her eyes were fixed on the screen, but they were not focused. She seemed to be thinking about something.

Her long brown hair rested on her levelled legs. She did not move.

"You're still awake?" Lu Sheng glanced at the time; it was past ten at night.

"Brother, where have you been?" Du Xia looked up at Lu Sheng. Her gaze finally showed some focus.

"I've been out running some errands. What's the matter?" Lu Sheng wore the indoor slippers, walked up to the water dispenser and had a drink.

"I'm worried about you," Du Xia replied calmly.

"Don't worry. Instead of worrying about me, you should take better care of yourself," Lu Sheng said casually. When he walked past Du Xia, he gave her hair a ruffle.

Geshas were only ordinary children with powerful abilities. Lu Sheng was slightly filled with emotion. They obtained unimaginably powerful abilities at such a young age. Hence, they barged into the world of adults with their ruthless will and ambitions, making a mess of everything.

However, inside, they were still children.

"Two days from now, I might be going for a vacation with my friends to take a break." Du Xia suddenly grabbed Lu Sheng's hand. "I might be gone for a long time."

A chill crept onto Lu Sheng's heart. However, he maintained his expression. "You're just going out to have fun. How long will you be gone?"

"About… a week…" Du Xia tried hard to maintain her composure. However, her tiredness and exhaustion were starting to show between her eyes. She appeared exceptionally frail and pitiable.


Three Geshas of the same rank as her had declared war against her at the same time.

Yesterday, she kept calling Zhou Quanwu up, but she received no reply.

From that moment on, she seemed to have understood something.

"Go, then. It's good for you to take your mind off things…" Lu Sheng spoke in a gentle tone.

"…" Du Xia pursed her lips. She gripped Lu Sheng's wrist firmly. She felt as if a dagger was being drawn across her heart. However, she had no choice but to put on a tough act so that her family would not be worried.

"If… and that's a big if, I'm gone, and some stranger comes here to look for me, please…" Du Xia did not know how to continue.

She was not sure if she could still come back alive from this war. Hence, there were many things which she did not know how she was supposed to come clean on. She had made backup plans, but…

Lu Sheng could tell that Du Xia was not acting normally. He had a faint idea that she must have been slightly overwhelmed from the pressure of the recent incidents.

However, there was nothing he could do about that.

He needed a suitable window—a window to completely get rid of all the problems they were facing. That window was not here yet.

Coincidentally, Du Xia's weakness might just lure out more bad characters. If he could take care of them once and for all in one fell swoop, that would be the best.

"Go and have some rest." In the end, Lu Sheng pulled his arm away and walked toward the shower room.

Du Xia sat on the couch and brought her own arm back toward herself. She curled up and said no more.

Lu Sheng took his shower naturally and went to his bedroom to sleep. Before he slept, he received a short message about tomorrow's problem.

One of the members, Lin Shishi, had completely became Lu Sheng's spy under the influence of his psychological guidance art.

This time, there were three witch Geshas of the same rank as Du Xia involved in the annihilation battle.

There was a huge difference between ordinary Geshas and witch Geshas. This difference was not merely in terms of strength, but it was also a difference in their spirits.

Basically, witch Geshas would not have any obvious mental flaws. They had experienced various trials and eventually became the big shots among Geshas. They could practically slaughter ordinary Geshas.

After learning about the three witch Geshas who would fight against Du Xia, Lu Sheng sent a message to Andes. They had made the preparations, and it was time for him to make his move as well.

He had already arranged for his host's parents to be removed from the area for their safety.

The shelter he placed them in was a temporary accommodation Du Xia had arranged for one of the Geshas. The enemy who would arrive at the shelter first would have the worst luck.

Lu Sheng left the house early next morning. According to the information Lin Shishi gave him, he went first to the Misty Erosion's headquarters. He found it to be abandoned.

Then, he visited two other hotels in Flower Tree City. He stayed at each hotel for about 30 minutes.

Then, he met up with Lin Shishi's good friend.

She was another Gesha. She was a beautiful and soft young girl who had just recently tasted the forbidden fruit and was thoroughly initiated by Lin Shishi.

Due to he huge opening in her spirit, Lu Sheng easily gained control over her. Then, through this Gesha, he continued to meet the other Geshas in her network of friends.

In a short time, merely two days, Lu Sheng went far and wide. However, the information about him and his whereabouts decreased by the day.


Three days later.

On a barren and vast field, white clouds glided past the blue skies.

A huge bronze-colored round disc towered among the ruins deep within the plains.

Countless complicated patterns and symbols were inscribed on the round disc. It had a diameter of several thousand meters. From afar, it resembled a huge sundial.

The disc's surface was divided into a dozen layers of differing patterns. Every layer had different patterns of peculiar styles.

"This is the place…"

Zhou Quanwu carried the sword and looked at the huge round disc which was stabbed into the ground at an angle. Her eyes were filled with anticipation and hope.

The cold wind whistled and tugged at the edges of her clothes and the hem of her skirt. However, she did not feel cold at all.

"Is that the God Clock?" Zhou Nanfei walked out from behind. Soldiers with black equipment lined up in neat rows behind him. They flowed past the duo like a torrent toward the huge round disc.

Armored vehicles and tanks drove past them slowly.

"This time, I will succeed… I can't wait until the next time anymore…" Zhou Quanwu gazed at the huge round disc with a delirious look in her eyes. Her fingers slowly curved around the hilt of the sword.

Zhou Nanfei glanced at his daughter.

"Everything hinges on this operation. Once it's activated, retrieve the divine pill, and put an end to all of this."

"That was my objective all along… The monsters in our bodies… will never have another chance… Never!" Zhou Quanwu slowly proceeded toward the huge round disc. There was an unprecedented determination in her steps.

Geshas would only live for five years since awakening.

Five years later, the power within their bodies would instantly devour them. They would transform into the most powerful of monsters and devour everything around them. That was the price they had to pay for such powerful strength.


On the other side of the plains.


Lin Shishi spat on the grass and trampled it with her foot.

She looked at her watch from behind her sunglasses. There were a dozen members different in height behind her.

The sun's rays reflected off their strong muscles with a faint layer of oil.

Lin Shishi included, they wore black tank tops with jeans and sunglasses. Everyone there was at least 1.9 meters tall. The heaviest among them weighed more than 200 kilograms.

A tank top could never cover their fierce, knotted muscles.


A helicopter sped toward them and landed slowly.

The cockpit slid open.

Lu Sheng alighted from the helicopter alongside two greasy big men in maid outfits.

"Where's Jiu Nan?" Lu Sheng took the sunglasses offered to him by a subordinate. His cold gaze scanned the gathered people. Everyone's heart shuddered.

"I'm here!" A peak muscular man with a fierce face and a width of about two meters stood up. He had been squatting down on the grass.

"Ling'er, Yu'er, the two of you have finally made the right choice," Jiu Nan said as he looked at the two big men in maid outfits behind Lu Sheng with a sigh.

"The master needs our strength. That's the basis of our choice." The two big men were the two beautiful maids whom Lu Sheng had rescued from the great explosion.

Naturally, that was a story of the past.

Currently, each of them had arms as thick as their previous waistlines. As they stood on the ground, their legs resembled two marble columns. Their hair fell loosely to their shoulders like iron-blooded warriors'. They were filled with a wildness and killing intent.

"Is everything ready?" Lu Sheng interrupted their catch-up session. He looked at the huge round disc in the distance which could not be seen with a mortal's eyes. A cold gleam flashed across his eyes.

"Everything's ready!" the dozen men shouted at the same time.

Lu Sheng tugged at the buttons of his black shirt. He slowly put on his sunglasses.

"Let's go… We'll show those weak chickens what true strength is all about." He led the way as he strode toward the round disc.

"Uoh!" The group of strong men followed closely behind him. None of them were afraid even though they knew that they would be facing peak Geshas from the three great organizations of the world.
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