Way Of The Devil Chapter 633

631 God Clock 2

Du Xia's mouth was open slightly. Her thoughts were in a mess. How could it be him?!

She felt as if her previous understanding had been all but overturned. Her mind went blank. She wanted to clarify something, but she did not now where she should start.

She knew that person so well. She'd never thought that he would possess similar abilities as hers.

However, this truth which was completely unbelievable to her was present before her very eyes. Du Xia even wondered if she was hallucinating.

Zhou Quanwu's beautiful eyes bulged as well. She had guessed the identities of several powerful peak Geshas and some adults with devious minds. However, the person before her eyes was definitely not on any of those lists.

A cold breeze blew across the plains. Several big and tall figures walked toward them. Even from a distance, the strong and fierce root-like knots of their muscles were visible.

The man in the lead had a crew cut. His exposed arms alone pulled up thoughts of steel, city walls, furnace, and other heavy imageries.

His most striking features were his wolf-like eyes. They were intrusive as they slowly scanned Zhou Quanwu's body.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Du Xiong. Our Little Xia has been in your care." Lu Sheng crushed the sunglasses in his hands and tossed the fragments aside.

He wore a black slim-fit shirt and dark-colored jeans. His top buttons were undone, and a green diamond-shaped crystal pendant, which had the character "Xia" inscribed on, hung on his bear-like neck.

"Du Xiong!" Zhou Quanwu would never have thought that Du Xia's elder brother, whom she had dismissed in her plans, would turn out to be such a formidable character. He was not a Gesha, yet he was capable of persuading the Frost Moon Tyrant and Hundred Flower Immortal to betray her at the same time.

For a time, her expression kept changing. The details which she had never noticed before surfaced in her mind right now. However, she could not find any flaw with this man.

Du Xia's jaw dropped as well. Her gaping mouth could fit an egg.

She did not expect things to take a complete turn when she was at such a disadvantage.

What exceeded her expectations was that her own brother, the brother who she had always thought was a mere mortal, was capable of turning two witch Geshas secretly and had them work against Zhou Quanwu at the same time.

"Brother" Du Xia opened her mouth because she wanted to ask him something. However, she knew that this was not the time to be asking questions. Hence, she buried her puzzlement in her heart.

"I know what you want to ask me. However, I wasn't born with my strength as you all have been. I've climbed slowly up to the peak through arduous training and cultivation." When Lu Sheng passed by Du Xia, he reached out and pinched her gaping mouth.

Du Xia's mind was a mess. She remembered that her brother had been experiencing mysterious progress in his martial arts cultivation. When she saw his current might, there were too many questions in her heart that needed answering.

"Alright. Leave this to me." Lu Sheng pulled Du Xia gently to his side.

"Bring Little Xia away. Let her rest."

All of a sudden, two women with black hair tied neatly in ponytails appeared in the plains. They bowed slightly at Lu Sheng, and the two of them supported Du Xia carefully.

"Keh, keh" Zhou Quanwu started coughing vehemently. "Who gave you permission to leave?" White radiance burst forth from behind her. A dozen tough Geshas with various equipment appeared in the plains.

"Kill everyone except Du Xia," Zhou Quanwu said coldly. "Also, Star Sand God Children, Imperial Phoenix, how long do you plan on watching the show? Without Du Xia's third core, we can never open the God Clock."

Zhou Quanwu's wounds were visibly recovering. At the current moment, they were mostly healed.

Gradually, clusters of white radiance landed on the vast plains. After the radiance faded, two young people in the Imperial Phoenix's white uniforms stepped forward with cold expressions.

On the other side, the people had completely blended in with the plains and made no moves for a long time. They must have been the so-called God Children.

"The leaders of the Imperial Phoenix, Star Sand, and the Misty Erosion are all gathered here?" Lu Sheng did not expect there to be someone else hiding here. His spirit had not detected them.

"The only condition for the God Clock to be activated is that Du Xia gives up her body and becomes the key. We can't compromise on this," said the Imperial Phoenix coldly. "I don't care about the mess of a relationship between your lot, the God Clock must be opened. If it's not, everyone here"he pointed a finger and turned it in a circle"must die!"

"Preposterous!" Lin Shishi walked over slowly. She removed her sunglasses. Her eyes were ice-cold and full of killing intent.

"You're the first person in the world who dares talk to my master in that manner." She stared at the Imperial Phoenix, and could not have cared less about his official rank.

"Should we take him out? This is the time when Master needs us." Another young, beautiful black-haired girl in a pink-colored dress leapt deftly from midair and landed soundlessly before Lu Sheng.

Several female Geshas in the Imperial Phoenix's uniform appeared behind Lu Sheng as they joked, "Where's the Imperial Phoenix? I've been in the Imperial Phoenix for such a long time, yet this is my first time seeing the great boss in person."

What made the Imperial Phoenix bulge his eyes was that the dozen Geshas he had placed in ambush just now had all abandoned their positions to this spot.

However, they were not standing with him, but opposite him

Other Geshas started showing up. There were Geshas from the Star Sand, Earth Star Pillar, and the Imperial Phoenix.

Radiance from several Divine Energy Embellishments shone with a variety of brilliant colors. However, the people from the Imperial Phoenix and Zhou Quanwu could not find it in themselves to relax.

This was because more than 90% of Geshas here were looking at them with eye full of ill intent.

They formed a huge encirclement around the three leaders.

Lu Sheng and Du Xia were standing outside the encirclement.

"Who's willing to be the new third core?" Lu Sheng did not look at the sour expressions of the Imperial Phoenix or the other leaders. Instead, he gazed at the huge God Clock in the distance.

"It's my honor to die for you, Master!" almost everyone in the crowd responded in loud voices.

Their voices traveled several hundred meters. Everyone's face was filled apathetic and passionate expressions.

The three leaders felt chills in their hearts. They clenched their fists.

"I don't need so many." Lu Sheng did not find anything wrong with this.

These Geshas were powerful, but they had a fatal flaw. Their minds were too weak.

Only the witch Geshas managed to escape his hypnotic control. Facing the Hundred Flower Immortal and Frost Moon Tyrant, he merely used other methods to coerce them into attacking Zhou Quanwu.

"Take care of them first." Lu Sheng pointed at the three leaders.

"Run!" The Star Sand God Child turned around and leapt. He nearly vanished into thin air.

He was the fastest among the witch Geshas. When he erupted with his speed, even the Hundred Flower Immortal and the others could not react.

He almost succeeded in fleeing.


The God Child moved quickly and appeared behind Lu Sheng in the blink of an eye. He wielded a pure white knife in his hand, and his face was full of ill intent and fierceness. He brought the blade on the back of Lu Sheng's neck.

All his Divine Energy Embellishment was concentrated onto the blade. Even the thickest armor in the world could not block this slash. There was nothing in the world he could not cut.

The blade was closing in. It penetrated Lu Sheng's clothes and pressed against his skin. He could already feel the feedback from the blade as if it had encountered something hard.

All he needed was another instant, an instant


A layer of hazy white radiance flashed on the surface of Lu Sheng's skin.

The God Child's body shook, while the blade in his hand shattered. He could feel a surge of indescribably intense force travelling up his blade.


There was a crisp sound.

The Star Sand God Child pressed his own chest with incredulity. A gaping hole the size of a human head was fuming with white smoke.

Lu Sheng's arm had penetrated his body. Lu Sheng's arm was like a fork as he hung there.


Lu Sheng slowly withdrew his arm and looked calmly at the other two.

He spread out his right hand slowly. Oval, translucent white clusters of light hovered above his fingers.

The light clusters were as shiny as gemstones and crystals. They were magnificent to look at.

Inner Chain Qi. The formidable power which Lu Sheng had had no idea how to use in the beginning was what he used to kill the God Child just now. It had terrifying counterattacking powers.

The Inner Chain Qi had an extremely terrifying and unyielding attribute. This inner Qi had condensed all his strength onto 10 points, which Lu Sheng controlled with his 10 fingers.

The light clusters on each of his fingers had a terrible might, each equivalent to half of Lu Sheng's full strength.

There were 10 light clusters. If he launched them all, it would be him instantly exploding with five times his full strength.

With this, the terrifying properties of Inner Chain Qi were evident.

Only Lu Sheng with his Limit Indestructible Body could manage such an inner Qi.

"I There's no way I'd die here" The Star Sand God Child staggered backward and fell to his knees with a thump.

He wanted to plug the bleeding hole on his chest with his hands. However, the hole was too wide. He could not even cover it with his hands.

Du Xia loosened her palm which she had readied for an attack. She looked up and stared blankly at Lu Sheng. At that instant, she had been sure that her brother would have died. She'd even prepared to unleash her Divine Energy Embellishment to block the blade.

However, the result was that the God Child died.

Lu Sheng brought along and walked past the God Child.

"What a pity. You guys are only being controlled like puppets that are harvested once every five years. You can't see hope or future. You might even personally destroy your past.

"Zhou Quanwu I can understand why you want to break free from the future. In the beginning, I didn't plan to meddle in your affairs. However, you've dragged Little Xia into this, and you killed Little Qiu. So"

"Big Brother" Lu Sheng was not done talking yet when he was interrupted by a young and shy boy's voice.

A Gesha who stood behind the Imperial Phoenix stepped forward and pulled his hat away. A familiar face was revealed. It was Du Qiu who was supposed to be dead!

Lu Sheng was stunned.

"I didn't die. Sister Qu has made the best arrangements for me. She merely wanted to trick Big Sister into throwing all her fetters away," Du Qiu spoke in his tart voice. "As for the assassins, they were sent out by other forces."

Lu Sheng fell silent. He looked at Zhou Quanwu who pursed her lips.


Lu Sheng slapped Zhou Quanwu heavily with lightning speed. She reeled and dropped to the ground. She skidded for more than 10 meters and spat out another mouthful of blood.

"I'll get back to this." Lu Sheng removed his gaze from Zhou Quanwu and diverted it toward the huge God Clock in the distance.

Since Little Qiu was not dead, all his grudges dispersed like smoke in the wind.

Next, it was time for his actual objective for coming here. It was time for official business.

The real problem had just begun.
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