Way Of The Devil Chapter 664

662 Moneymaking 1

Wangshan Planet was the nearest planet to Libra City among the three suns and 19 planets.

Wangshan Planet was also showered by the rays of the three suns, but it enjoyed a richness and prosperity unlike any other planets.

There were 37 tribes in total that collectively formed a huge republic. The republic had been included as a part of Libra City a long time ago, and it became a member of the Era Merchant Alliance.

The next day, Lu Sheng made the arrangements, changed into his Red Moon Disciple robe, and went to the usual gathering venue.

Someone was already waiting for the disciples there. The Red Moon Disciples had a complete transport system. With the Scarlet River Seeds as beacons, they could easily reach any spot on any planet.

Lu Sheng paid the fee and stepped onto the Transport Formation. After two trips, he finally reached the intended rendezvous point of the mission, the satellite Villetan 3.


Before a huge red flying ship, Lu Sheng and another group of men and women in similar red robes stood together. Their eyes were fixed on the entrance to the flying ship.

The scorching rays from the three suns fell on them. Around the flying ship, the land was a desert. The view of golden sand was endless as it stretched toward the horizon.

There was nothing but heat waves in the air. Temperature soared to above 70 degrees. The combination of the heat with the nitrogen-filled atmosphere meant that this was no place where ordinary humans could survive.

However, these Red Moon Disciples wore black armor which covered them completely. They wore red robes atop the armor and covered their bodies thoroughly. They wore black ghost masks which resembled oxygen masks on their faces. It made them look fierce.

Other than the outlines of their bodies, nobody could see the faces and identities of these Red Moon Disciples.

Lu Sheng stood toward the back of the group. Around him stood the other novices who were here to take part in the mission.

Generally, their auras were of varying strength, but were not of any concern to Lu Sheng. However, there was one novice who caught Lu Sheng's eye.

He could not tell the gender of this novice. He stood at the furthest spot from Lu Sheng, and did not say a word from the very beginning. He was not tall, either. It could be said that he was the shortest among the entire team.

However, there was a faint and indistinct aura about him.


After waiting for an hour, the entrance to the flying ship finally opened.

"Everyone, come in. I'm the imam who'll be leading this mission. My name's Men Fa. Our destination this time is Wangshan Planet, which had always been prosperous."

The novices immediately moved into the flying ship along the bridge.

The inside of the flying ship was a spacious lobby. A straight and tough rock pillar stood in the center of the lobby. A red-robed ghost-faced person hovered in the center of the rock pillar.

"Welcome, everyone. You can call me imam, or you can call me Men Faas you please. I'll be clear: from here on out, the target of our hunt is a great tribe of Wangshan Planet, the Veron Clan. Previously, one of our members had declared their affiliation, yet he was still cruelly murdered by this Veron Clan. They used the opportunity to ostracize our businesses as well. Hence, it's time for us to make our move now."

"No problem! However, how will the benefits be allocated? Please explain, imam," one of the novices asked.

Everyone here joined to gain some sort of benefit. They would not have woken up early if there was no benefit. For a mission such as this to be so quickly taken, it was only natural that the benefits it entailed were alluring enough.

"Everyone is free to reap any benefits along the way as you see fit. The great red moon wouldn't hold such a trivial matter against us." The imam Men Fa sneered.

This statement virtually meant that the novices were free to do as they pleased. The novices immediately beamed with joy. This was an opportunity for them to earn as much as they could.

Lu Sheng looked at the imam from his spot among the group. He was only a fellow at the Army Raising tier, yet he was spouting such nonsense here.

However, there was a reason to his confidence. It was said that Men Fa was a highborn. He was an outstanding junior among Master Red Moon's kin. With his background, it was no wonder he was allowed to lead this moneymaking mission.

However, they did not know what Wangshan Planet's Veron Clan was like.

"We'll be transported to Wangshan Planet from here. Then, we'll head straight toward the nation controlled by the Veron Clan. The main target of this assisted hunt is Camby Veron. After he's taken care of, you're free to do whatever you want with your time," said the imam Men Fa casually.

"Thank you for understanding, imam!" The novices cupped their fists.

"Alright, step onto the Transport Formation." Men Fa waved his arm. A door slid open on the wall to everyone's right.

There was a round three-dimensional Transport Formation which flickered with blue fluorescent light.

The imam was the first one to plunge into the formation. He vanished in the blue light in the blink of an eye.

The others followed quickly behind.

Lu Sheng was the second last to enter. He took a step into the formation, and his ears were soon filled with loud whistling sounds.

A few seconds later, a blinding white radiance shone in front of him. The white radiance quickly disappeared.

A brilliant golden paddy field unfolded before his eyes. The wheat stalks rippled and rustled with the wind.

The five of them were safely transported here with the imam.

"Let's go. If there's resistance, kill them." The imam leapt into the air and sped somewhere far away.

The others leapt into the air as well as they followed closely behind the imam.

Lu Sheng sensed an influx of information from his Scarlet River Seed. It was a detailed map of the area and detailed information on the Veron Clan.

The company of six sped northward along the wheat field. Soon enough, white spiral-shaped towers gradually appeared among the rippling wheat.

The imam Men Fa dropped down directly. He did not say anything before he struck the tower with a palm.

White smoke surged out of his palm. The smoke swiftly entered the tower through the slits of the door and windows.

"Who goes there!?" Several yellow flowing lights shot out of the window toward Men Fa.

"Attack!" Men Fa started laughing. He charged toward the flowing light.

The white smoke kept surging out from his body. It swiftly enveloped the few streams of flowing light. After several breaths, there was no longer any sign of the flowing lights.

Lu Sheng observed all this from behind. He was just about to make his move, but when he witnessed this scene, he immediately felt speechless.

The elites of this Veron Clan were too weak. They could not even withstand a single attack. The art which the imam Men Fa used was at the Weapon Master realm at most. Even with that, he managed to kill several men of the Veron Clan.

"I'll take my leave now. See you all in a bit." He had not even reacted to this statement when the other four members immediately shot in other directions.

These people clearly came prepared. Soon, Lu Sheng was left standing alone on the spot.

The imam Men Fa had already dashed into the tower to loot it.

He gave the imam Men Fa a final glance. He kept pushing deeper into the tower without much resistance. He immediately understood the mode of operations for this mission.


Lu Sheng leapt into the air as well. He shot past the tower before him at high speed.

The direction he chose had been chosen by one of the novices already. Along the way, he was met with ruins and corpses. The paddy fields were alright since there was not much worth to destroy in them, but all visible buildings were reduced to ruins. Some were still fuming, and plumes of dust settled on their surface.


Lu Sheng continued on for several dozens of kilometers. Suddenly, there was a flash of great light before him, followed by a deafening explosion.

Golden flames erupted in front of Lu Sheng. The glare from the flames made him squint.

"F*ck! Have these barbarians lost their minds!?" A voice came from the Scarlet River Seed.

"What's wrong?" someone asked.

"Self-destruction. I've encountered a dozen of them by now. The cultivation base of the person was greater than the previous one. I was almost caught in the explosion of the most recent one. They're throwing their lives away. They've lost it!"

"Are you alright?"

"I'm fine. The most powerful one has been dealt with. The rest are mere rubbish."

Lu Sheng glanced in the direction of the explosion. He increased his pace and flew forward.

In no time, he saw a huge patch of white ruins. A group of men and women with their hair tied in double ponytails gathered together. They were answering one of the novices with a reverent tone.

"The Veron Clan is unarmed. Come here, everyone!" A voice came from the Scarlet River Seed.

Lu Sheng quickly landed there. The others arrived soon after.

"Follow me if you want to be rich!" The imam Men Fa was laughing as he communicated through the Scarlet River Seed. "The Scarlet Capital is right before us. As long as we take care of that Veron King, the others won't stand a chance against us!"

Lu Sheng frowned slightly. He scanned the gifts and treasures presented by these people who had surrendered.

There were some jade ornaments, mini-treasures, and special materials, but their energy ranks were only at Snake Level.

These Veron Clansmen knocked their heads on the ground and begged for mercy as soon as they presented their gifts. Men Fa ignored them and flew off. The others did not follow him closely. Instead, they snickered and scattered.

Soon, Lu Sheng was the only person left standing there.

'If this is all we'll be able to get, this mission is meaningless to me. This is a waste of time.'

Lu Sheng frowned. He looked around himself. A lull hung over the white ruins. The Veron Clansmen still had their faces on the ground. They did not even dare look up.

Lu Sheng stroked the mask and armor he wore. This equipment was easily capable of concealing his aura. Currently, his entire body was filled with the Scarlet River Seed's aura. His main body's aura was completely masked.

He gave it some thought before asking in a low voice, "Is there a place around here with a long history? It might be historical remains, a secret land, a formidable primal beast, or something."

The leading Veron old man raised his head, and hastily replied, "My lord, there aren't any historical remains or secret lands around here. Well, there is a demon dragon guarding the Indestructible Abyss in the south However, that demon dragon is a disciple of the Nothing God Cult's emissary. Its powers are extremely"

"Demon dragon?" Lu Sheng was immediately intrigued. In the beginning, he'd thought that he would be able to gain much benefit from this mission. However, when the mission actually started and he learned that they would only be able to obtain Snake Level treasures, he lost his interest.

He was a Confusion Realm elite. There was no way that he would be content with such meager rewards.

"Tell me, just how powerful is this demon dragon?" As for the Nothing God Cult, it was much inferior compared to the Red Moon Disciples. It was a middle-sized cult, and was of no consequence.

The old Veron Clansman immediately replied softly, "My lord, you might not know this, but that demon dragon is in possession of a treasure. It can move mountains and oceans, summon wind and rain. With a single command, it could kill people and destroy their souls. It's called the Mystic Heart Nine Dragons Flag. Many experts stronger than the demon dragon have gone to try and snatch the treasure from it, but they all failed. They were all killed by the flag, and their souls were imprisoned in it. I heard that there were even lords of the Army Raising realm among them."
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