Way Of The Devil Chapter 674

672 Ambling Along 1

Bai Songzi's simple mind was in a mess.

He had encountered many red-crown cranes before. There were various kinds of breed and tribe, but this was his first time seeing a crane with such a fast growth rate as Little Yun.

Naturally, he had heard about Lu Sheng before. However, he could not believe his eyes. If the changes in Little Yun's size were within normal range before this, the final growth spurt to the height of nearly 10 meters in the end, the size of a hill, could be akin to the body size of a demon general already.

The Demon Tribe was categorized into the four ranks of minor demons, demon elites, demon generals, and demon kings. Every rank had finer division within it.

For example, the minor demons were further divided into the four levels of acquired, innate, complete, and morphed.

Ordinary minor demons would at least need 300-500 years to be born again. They could only cultivate skill formulas after attaining the demon elite rank and gaining intelligence. They could not cultivate instinctively.

The length of this stage depended on the demon's tribe[1. Possibly species.] and bloodline. The more powerful the bloodline was, the longer the stage would last.

For the White Crane Tribe, although their bloodline was not particularly powerful, it was not weak, either. Their stage would last for about 200 years.

Beyond that was the demon general rank.

Bai Songzi was a demon elite. He was only more than 100 years old. This was considered a great opportunity for him already.

However, just what was this being beside him?

With a single glance, Bai Songzi could tell that Little Yun was not older than 10 years. However, his size was that of a demon elite with several hundred years' worth of cultivation base. He might even be close to the rank of a demon general.

"Are you speaking the truth?" He retracted his gaze and directed it toward Lu Sheng.

If what this man said was true, then his opportunity might just be around the corner.

"The truth is laid bare before your very eyes. It's up to you to believe in it or not," Lu Sheng spoke with a smile.

There were 100 red-crown cranes here. If he could put them to good use, he would be in possession of great wealth.

Currently, his Great Clear Crane Enlightened Skill's competence was extremely profound. With a competence of nearly 800 years, he was among the top in the Clear Crane Sect.

On top of that, he had the enhancements and nourishment from the spirit-prompting threads. It would not be a problem for him to mass-produce demon cranes such as Little Yun.

"I believe that you're capable of turning one crane to this size. However, with the various groups here, how do you intend to go about improving each and every one of us?" Bai Songzi could immediately tell that this person was here to subdue him. He decided to get straight to the point.

Lu Sheng was stunned. He did not expect Bai Songzi to have such high intelligence.

"I have my methods, you won't have to worry about that. Are you willing to carry out twin spirit cultivation with me?"

The Twin Spirit Zheng Yuan Mantra was a crucial mantra of the Clear Crane Sect. Once the cultivator's and the crane's mind were connected, the cultivation carried out by one side would also circulate the Pure Qi contained within the other side.

This was the equivalent of having twice the amount of time for cultivation. This was also the reason why the Clear Crane Sect survived for so long. After all, their major sutra was too weak.

Bai Songzi considered the proposal.

"If you can strengthen a white crane I pick to Little Yun's level, I'll lead the entire tribe and we'll submit ourselves to you."

"No problem." Lu Sheng smiled.

10 minutes later, Bai Songzi picked an ordinary average-looking little white crane for Lu Sheng.

"How much time do you need?"

"The same, give me four days," Lu Sheng gave a simple reply.

He accepted the little white crane, turned around, and left the little lake with Little Yun.

Without having to go far, Lu Sheng found an abandoned cave that was used by a bear to endure the winter on the mountain wall.

The interior of the cave seemed to continue on to an underground karst cave.

He released the little white crane into the cave, and swiftly set up a simple hallucinatory formation in the cave. The animals inside and outside the cave would not be able to find their bearings in this area. They would need his approval to get in or out.

After making all the preparations, Lu Sheng officially began modifying the little white crane.

The modification process was actually very simple. The main contributor to Little Yun's transformation was the spirit-prompting threads.

Lu Sheng divided small amounts of spirit-prompting threads at a time, and merged them into the Twin Spirit Zheng Yuan Mantra which he exchanged with the little white crane. He then incorporated them into the Great Clear Crane Enlightened Skill's Pure Qi, and allowed it to flow within himself and the crane.

It was true that he could not use his spirit-prompting threads outside of his body. However, it was still permissible for him to use it in the exchange of Pure Qi and internal remediation.

With the combination of his spirit-prompting threads and the derived Great Clear Crane Enlightened Skill, the little white crane grew bigger like an inflated balloon.

In a mere two days, this little white crane was more than two meters tall. The animal had been skeptical of Lu Sheng at first, but it was now completely convinced of Lu Sheng's abilities.

Animals were as simple as that. They would submit to you if you were strong. If you were weak, they would instinctively push you over.

After displaying the transformation of the little white crane and obtaining Bai Songzi's recognition, Lu Sheng gained indirect control over the 100 cranes.

Under Little Yun's intimidation and Bai Songzi's persuasion, the cranes accepted the new changes brought about by Lu Sheng.

Lu Sheng spent a day to learn the language to communicate with the cranes from Bai Songzi.

After mastering the language, he immediately began preparing for his plan.


Outside the Moon Prince Mansion.

In a side room of Jinghan Tavern, Yuan Jikong sat opposite two fierce-looking yet charming girls. He was smiling bitterly.

"I honestly don't know where your Brother Jing has gone to. He spoke about cultivating before this, and then he went off into the mountains. Nobody can find him, nobody even knows how!"

The two girls each had their own charm. One of them had pronounced contours and a slim waistline. She wore black and red pleated silk dress. Her legs were covered in fitting delicate snow-white stockings.

Her dark red hair reached her waist, while crescent-shaped gemstone earrings hung from her earlobes. She appeared gorgeous and sexy.

The other girl had a pure air about her. She wore a white shirt and a pair of black trousers which were too fitting, which made her buttocks and legs seem tight and slender.

She held a white circular fan in her hands which she covered her red lips with. Her silky black hair fell loose over her shoulders. Her large, round eyes stared calmly and peacefully at Yuan Jikong.

These two were Yuan Jikong's younger sisters. The voluptuous one was Yuan Liuliu, while the one with long legs was Yuan Yuanyuan.

They had their mother to thank for their names.

The sisters were not born from the same womb as Yuan Jikong. Yuan Jikong was the eldest son, born from the first wife. The two sisters were born from General Yuan's third wife.

The concubine was peerlessly beautiful, but she was of lowly birth, born into a family of butchers. Fortunately, she was betrothed to General Yuan before he established his career. Yuan Jikong's father was a person who valued love, and did not dismiss any of his wives. He brought them with him to the Moon Prince Mansion, and became the greatest garrison general of the Moon Prince's lands.

"Liuliu, Yuanyuan, I honestly have no idea where your Brother Jing has gone to. If you want to look for him, you'd better go ask the young master of the Ning Family. I'm sure he knows something. I heard that the sect which the crown prince joined is connected to a worshipper in their house."

Yuan Jikong immediately pushed the responsibility away. If his sisters truly troubled him because of this, he would have a fair share of trouble.

"Is that true!?" Yuan Liuliu stood up. Her voluminous breasts swayed to the sides. Yuan Jikong quickly averted his gaze.

"I'm not so bold as to lie to the two of you," said Yuan Jikong in a helpless tone. These younger sisters of his behaved well before Huang Jing, but were otherwise little devil queens.

Yuan Liuliu sneered and crossed her arms as she said, "If you lied to me, I'll tell Dad about this. I'll tell him that you wanted to force yourself on me!"

Her long legs were covered in pure white gauze stockings. She propped her legs up on the edge of the table, and her nether regions were faintly visible under the hem of her black and red dress. Yuan Jikong dared not let his gaze wander.

"My dear great aunt, I really don't know where he's gone to!" Yuan Jikong complained.

His sisters had an eye for Huang Jing alone ever since they were little. They even inherited their mother's shrewish personality.

She was cute, helpless-looking, pure, and quiet before Huang Jing and the elders. However, to the others, she was a vicious, merciless, and terrifying woman.

"I'll take your word for it this time!" Yuan Liuliu hmphed. "If we're not able to find any clues at the Ning Family, we'll be back for you!" She pushed the chair away and strode toward the exit.

"Big Brother, it's not as if we don't trust you. It's just that Brother Jing has not shown himself for a long time now. We're just worried that he was snatched away by some vixen, and that'd be troublesome," Yuan Yuanyuan, who stayed behind, said in her gentle tone.

"Yuanyuan, it's not like I don't want to help you, I really have no idea about his whereabouts." Yuan Jikong felt like crying, but he could not find the tears. If he had to pick, he was actually more terrified of this quiet and pure younger sister before him right now.

These girls had their minds set on marrying Huang Jing. They wanted to be the future princesses of that nuisance.

However, if he thought about it, the status of these two girls, their nature included, was not sufficient to be the princesses of the Moon Prince.

Yuan Jikong was always troubled by this.

There were a few times when Huang Jing went to his house as a guest. When it was time for them to retire for the night, they would suddenly discover his sisters stripped naked inside the bed chamber.

He was practically traumatized.

Although Huang Jing was not one to turn down pleasures from the opposite sex, these sisters were no ordinary girls. They were the apples of General Yuan's eyes.

If he actually laid hands on them, he would have to marry them no matter what.

In the end, Huang Jing was too afraid to even enter his house. The two of them could only communicate through a series of secret code outside.

"However, why would Brother Jing embark on cultivation all of a sudden? The Taoist masters are always described as mysterious and unpredictable. What if he's never coming back" Yuan Yuanyuan's umber-black eyebrows were slightly knitted together. She was starting to worry.

"You won't have to worry about that. I reckon that that brat Huang Jing won't be able to endure the bland life in the mountains, and will silently return to the prince's mansion himself," Yuan Jikong offered his consolation with a forced smile.

"Let's hope that that'll be the case." Yuan Yuanyuan stood up as well. She prepared to walk out the door.

"Oh, Yuanyuan!" Yuan Jikong suddenly called out to her. "I remember Father summoning you the other day. Does he need your help again?"

Yuan Yuanyuan was silent for a while before she responded, "It's no big deal. He just wanted me to train some female guards."

Yuan Jikong opened his mouth to speak, but did not say anything in the end.

He was afraid of his sisters. It was not only because of their shrewish methods. More importantly, these sisters of his were actual female generals in the army!

The older Yuan Liuliu favored the use of a pair of uneven spears. She was a fearsome general whose combat prowess was feared both on foot and on horseback. On top of that, she was born with great strength. She appeared weak and gentle, but when she fought, even her father would not be a match for her.

The younger Yuan Yuanyuan was an Emei Piercers user. She would flit around the battlefield with her shocking agility. She had successfully assassinated various officials and generals who opposed her father before this.

Outsiders might not know this, but Yuan Jikong knew that three years ago, Yuan Yuanyuan had used her own personal funds to recruit talents and establish her own secret organization of assassins.

The members of the organization were personally groomed by her. The trained assassins had participated in great battles led by the Moon Prince and played pivotal roles during the battles.

"You shouldn't worry about other matters. What you should do is help us retrieve Brother Jing!" Yuan Yuanyuan pushed the doors open and walked slowly out. She soon disappeared among the crowd.
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