Way Of The Devil Chapter 698

696 Revenge 1

An unknown stellar zone.

The light blue planet orbited around two suns. The two glaring golden stars were constantly emitting a terrifying and shocking amount of heat.

A battered black flying ship floated through the pitch-black starry skies. There were no movements about it, while the nozzles on the sides occasionally released weak blue light.

\"Thud. Thud. Thud.\"

Within the main control room, Mi Guangying crawled out with her face covered in blood. She gave her head a good shake and looked around herself.

\"To think that I, the greatest genius of the Mi Family, would find myself in such a predicament. Lu Sheng, oh Lu Sheng, if you don't compensate me well for this when I get back, I'll make you regret it!\"

She panted and pushed away a silver cabinet which weighed down upon her. Then, she got up to her feet.

Mi Guangying wore brocade garments and ate jade meals throughout her princess-like life. It could even be said that she lived a life far better than that of a princess.

However, when she was framed by her little brother and was sealed by him, the experience purged her of her original pride and arrogance. She was even cured of her princess syndrome.

Mi Guangying spat out some blood. She dragged her broken leg behind her, and she leaned on the ice-cold wall of the flying ship.

\"This is bad\" She extended her index finger and tapped the air.

A cold blue radiance flashed at her fingertip, but nothing happened.

\"Sh*t!\" Mi Guangying's expression changed slightly. A blue Divine Vein surfaced between her brows. However, the Divine Vein quickly dimmed soon after its appearance.

\"No way?\" She gritted her teeth and looked around her.

\"Anza? Are you there!?\"

Her voice echoed within the cockpit. For a long time, there was no reply.

\"This will be a problem\" Mi Guangying paused. She reached up to the black hairband on her hair and gave it a firm tug.


The hairband snapped. Her entire body was instantly wrapped in blue-black radiance. The battered battle armor on her body quickly melted into black light, amid which a black leotard was quickly formed.

The upper half of the leotard resembled a hybrid combat attire of the black battle armor and her clothes. Her slender waistline and voluptuous breasts were accentuated by it.

The lower half of the leotard resembled a pair of black pants which covered her legs from thighs to feet in thin gauze-like material. On the side of her right thigh which faced outward, there was a black dagger pattern. This was the crest of the Mi Family.

After doing all this, Mi Guangying tapped the crest on her thigh lightly.

With a swoosh, a bottle filled with viscous transparent liquid materialized in her hands.

\"Thank the stars The crest's dimension can still be accessed!\"

She quickly downed the liquid into her mouth.

After swallowing it all down, she fought back the exhaustion she felt and moved about in the main control room.

She soon found Anza, who was lying unconscious in one corner. The old gentleman who came with her was nowhere to be found.

After checking up on Anza and making sure that she was alright, she moved to the main control panel, and inspected the damages of the flying ship and the latest flight records.

After tapping away on the main control console, the records were quickly called up.

\"The ship has suffered an external impact. Compromise level, 70%.\"

\"Compromise level, 75%.\"

\"Compromise level, 80%.\"

\"Encountered space-time undercurrent.\"

\"Encountered space-time undercurrent.\"

\"Encountered space-time undercurrent Energy source depleted Activating backup energy source.\"

\"Ship body damage at critical level. Activating life support system. Activating automatic emergency rescue beacon.\"

\"Space-time coordinates lost. Repositioning Repositioning failed Repositioning failed\"

What followed was a series of the same phraserepositioning failed.

\"I knew it! The worst-case scenario!\" After Mi Guangying went through the flight records, she knew what had happened after that.

She had instructed the others to contact Lu Sheng before she lost consciousness. At that time, they had just freed themselves from the space-time undercurrent. She had not expected them to encounter more undercurrents after she lost consciousness

This was Mi Guangying's first time feeling this depressed.

Fortunately, she had some experience and preparations for this since she had previously been tossed into the space-time undercurrent and ended up being sealed away in the Gesha World for hundreds of years.

\"In this situation, we should first determine if we're still in the Heavenly Devil World!\" She touched the crest on her thigh again. A red brooch-like object appeared in her hand.

There were a dozen silver pointers on the brooch. They were spinning in a frenzy at the current moment. They could not even stop.

\"I've made markings of the magnetic fields of more than 10 galaxies and none of them showed up!? It's impossible for us to have flown that far in such a short amount of time! The only possibility is that\" Mi Guangying's expression was extremely sour.

She quickly tapped some more buttons. The console shone with red light.

The structure of the ship was constructed using red light and appeared above the console.

\"Red! It's all red! This is bad!\" Mi Guangying searched frantically everywhere. Finally, she located a shade of blue in a corner.

It was the location where Lu Sheng's most beloved family members and direct disciples of the Prime Devil Sect were located.

\"Thank the stars that this place is alright\"

\"No The moment before this accident occurred, Lu Sheng's wife, Chen Yunxi, and his son, Lu Ning, were having a meal in the restaurant outside\" A slightly hoarse voice reached Mi Guangying from the side.

Anza had regained consciousness. She frowned as she looked at the red lights on the main control console. Her expression was complicated.

\"Are you sure?\" Mi Guangying's expression darkened.

\"I'm sure. I've personally seen Chen Yunxi and Lu Ning disappear as the ship rolled,\" Anza replied with an extremely gloomy emotion.

\"There's also Crewe He had also disappeared alongside the broken ship part\" Crewe was the old gentleman.

\"The possibility of them surviving\" Mi Guangying had not even finished her sentence when Anza finished it for her.

\"Don't even think about it. Chen Yunxi's as good as dead. She's a mortal who has been flung into outer space. Other factors aside, the vacuum of space alone would've been enough to cause her body to implode.\" Anza's tone was calm, but she seemed to be suppressing some kind of emotion.

The two of them fell silent for a moment.


Mi Guangying slammed her fists onto the edge of the control console.

\"Yellow Springs Mother\" she seethed.

\"Fortunately, I've arranged for someone to inform Lu Sheng about this.\" Anza's voice grew fainter and fainter. Then, her head lolled, and she fell unconscious again.

Mi Guangying glanced at her. She felt that Anza's body was fading as well as it grew more transparent.

\"Sh*t! The Arrival of a Heavenly Devil!\" All of her worst fears were coming true.

When a Heavenly Devil traveled to the Other Worlds, they would instinctively choose to transmigrate to prevent from being suppressed by the destination world.

This was an ability that only Heavenly Devil Weapon Grandmasters would possess.

However, if this Heavenly Devil Arrived now, Anza and Mi Guangying would be completely separated.

\"This will be a problem\" Mi Guangying moved over and wanted to shake Anza back to her senses. However, she was a step too late. Anza faded completely and morphed into a black ball of light which vanished on the spot.

\"I knew it!\" Mi Guangying punched the wall. She sat down on where Anza had been, and rested her head on the wall.

\"This is pathetic\" She leaned back onto the wall. Her long black hair scattered loosely on her shoulders. She placed her slender legs together and leaned on a broken piece of silver metal.

\"I can only rely on the origin stone now\" She touched her crest again. With her final glimmer of hope, she tapped the stone.

The origin stone vibrated and became still again.

\"As expected after being dragged away by an undercurrent I can't contact the Iron Flag Council.\" Mi Guangying smiled wryly. \"I can only count on myself now\"

Fortunately, Lu Sheng's family members and the direct disciples of his sect were not completely gone. Otherwise, 10,000 deaths would not have been enough to atone for her sins.



West Sutra Planet.

A faint beam of yellow light shot forth. It stopped abruptly at a distance of a dozen light-years from the planet.

The form of a strong and healthy young man appeared within the flowing light.

The man wielded two black spears. He carried a black diamond-shaped armor on his back. His short black hair stood up.

\"Have you found it?\" A voice came from the collar of the man's shirt.

The man swept his gaze across the place. He searched for something as he replied into his collar. \"No. It must've been dragged into a space-time undercurrent.

\"What about Group Four?\" he asked simply.

\"They haven't found it, either. They merely found some remains.\" A girl's voice came from the collar.

\"To think that a flying ship of such a grade would emerge from Yellow Springs Planet Number Three. The most preposterous thing is that the flying ship has breached all layers of lockdown. That's just incredible.\" The man shook his head slightly.

\"Yeah If the cult master's specter didn't make a move, the flying ship would've safely fled.\" The girl's voice was slightly filled with amazement.

\"That's true\" The man nodded slightly. When he recalled the level of impact the flying ship had made, what his comrade said was indeed true. It, at the final moment

\"Hm?\" The man suddenly gazed at the void far away. A silver-white shuttle was swiftly making its way toward the West Sutra Planet.

\"Stop!\" The man's brows furrowed, and he immediately charged forward to intercept the ship as he shouted.

\"This is the Yellow Springs Galaxy and a private property! Show your documents if you intend to pass!\"

When he got closer, he noticed that the flying ship was very small. It was only half the size of ordinary flying ships at most. Its length and width were only 10 meters. It was a single-person mini flying ship.

A strong-looking man with short black hair sat on the single seat within the flying ship's cockpit.

When he heard the voice, the man brought the flying ship to a stop. \"Is this that West Sutra Planet?\"

The patrolling man was stunned. \"Of course it is. This is a private land of the Yellow Springs Mother. Do not trespass. Leave if you have no business here!\"

\"Well, is the West Sutra Planet in the Yellow Springs Mother's possession now?\" the man asked again.

\"Yes. Why're you asking about this?\" The patrolling man's brows knitted together more tightly. He moved closer and waved his spear slightly. A faint yellow radiance appeared in the void.

In no time, two other beams of yellow light shot toward him. They were a pair of patrollers.

The three of them wore the same uniform, and were equipped with the same standard weapons. They wielded two spears which were shockingly long. They were weapons meant to be used against ships.

An emaciated red-haired male patroller moved closer, and spoke, \"What's the matter? Is someone trying to trespass into the galaxy?\"

\"This is one of the only two access points to the space-time undercurrent. You can only enter through here,\" said the patrol girl drily. \"Have you found out what his business is?\"

\"I haven't. I was just about to ask when the two of you arrived.\"

The three of them cast their gazes onto the flying ship. A single-person flying ship was an extremely expensive luxury item. Ordinary cultivators would not have been able to afford one, let alone drive it all the way here to this remote place.

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