Way Of The Devil Chapter 699

697 Revenge 2

\"Final question,\" said the man within the flying ship. \"About an hour ago, a flying ship flew out of Yellow Springs Planet Number Three and passed by here. Have any of you seen it?\"

\"Yellow Springs Planet Number Three?\" The three patrollers immediately felt shocked. Then, their chests tightened. Only the girl displayed a puzzled look.

\"No, we haven't. We've been patrolling the area, but we didn't see any flying ships passing through. This has always been a remote area. We'll be the first ones to notice if there are any flying ships around.\" As she spoke, she placed her hands behind her back and made gestures toward her comrade behind her.

Her comrade understood what she meant. He stealthily activated the emergency alarm formation behind his back.

This person was bold enough to fly all the way here in a single-seat flying ship and came to meet them when they were clearly patrolling this place. He was certainly not someone that the three of them could handle on their own.

They needed reinforcements, just to be safe.

\"Have you seen it?\" The flying ship man's gaze fell upon the other man.

\"No, I haven't. We're patrolling the area together.\" The man waved his hand in dismissal.

\"What about you?\" The flying ship man looked at the final person.


\"You've seen it.\" The flying ship man suddenly cut him short.

\"No! No! I haven't!\" The patrolling man had no idea why a chill ran down his spine. He hastily waved his hand and denied having seen the ship.

\"Bring me there.\" The flying ship man's pitch-black eyes had a faint red glow. He stared at the patrolling man.

\"I\" The patrolling man felt as if cold sweat had broken out on his back. He stepped back slowly and lowered his head to avoid meeting the eyes of the man.

\"Don't be afraid\" the flying ship man suddenly said.


In the blink of an eye, the hair of this patrolling man suddenly grew longer, and turned into two long spikes which impaled his other comrades.

Blood emerged from their bodies like blossoming flowers and sprayed everywhere in the vacuum.

The two patrollers were stunned. They did not expect their comrade to make a move against them, and in such a way, to boot.

The patrolling man was astonished. He gaped as his face contorted and he slowly moved backward.

\"No It wasn't me! It wasn't me! It wasn't me! It wasn't\" he mumbled. His voice rose from a faint whisper to a loud shout.


There was a sound of the two bodies instantly exploding into bits. In the blink of an eye, only a flying ship and a patrolling man were left in the vacuum.

\"Lead the way,\" said the flying ship man drily.

The patrolling man was ghastly pale. His hair suddenly grew longer and weaved itself together. With a swoosh, his hair tangled itself around the handles at the back of the flying ship.

He screamed with terror. He extended his hand as he intended to cut his own long hair. However, he had just raised his hand when another growth of hair spread across his body and bound him firmly.

Within the flying ship's cockpit, Lu Sheng stared forward calmly.

\"Ning'er, Yunxi, if you're dead, I'll send the Yellow Springs Mother your way as well,\" he mumbled.

The flying ship moved forward with increasing speed and urgency.

Lu Sheng abruptly pushed a button before him.


The flying ship suddenly flickered and vanished on the spot.

When it reappeared, it was already very close to the West Sutra Planet.

The flying ship dropped in a beeline toward the West Sutra Planet. Like a meteorite, the flying ship's surface burned with orange-reddish flames from the heat produced by friction.

The flames burned Lu Sheng's body. A slight sense of pain spread out from his skin's surface.

\"Come. It has begun.\" The red glow in his eyes brightened.


A spark erupted on the planet's surface.

The flying ship crashed heavily into a golden desert, and it immediately exploded.

There was a loud sound, and the light of the flames shot into the skies. A crater with a diameter of several hundred meters was immediately created in the desert.

Lu Sheng was kneeling on one knee in the center of the crater. His body was engulfed in terrifying flames thousands of degrees hot.

However, these flames did him no harm. Instead, they were wrapped around him like armor.

The sounds of the sonic barrier breaking came from all over the skies. Powerful auras from the World of Pain closed in on the crater.

\"Be buried with my son.\" Lu Sheng extended one hand and made a grabbing motion.

A mass of formless black light spread out instantly with his as the center.

In an instant, the black light emanated and shot out in all directions. The air contorted, the land contorted, and all living things seemed to be struck by lightning as they stiffened.

The black light surged out like waves. With Lu Sheng as the center, it formed a massive black sphere with a diameter of 10,000 meters[1. Judging by what comes next, the author either meant kilometers, or forgot to say it grew more. Well, it seems like it's the latter, but could be both.].

If one looked down from outer space, it would seem as if a semi-transparent, ethereal black sphere of light had suddenly appeared on West Sutra Planet.

The black light sphere was only slightly smaller than West Sutra Planet. Wherever it covered, the planet's original light bluish hue was instantly bleached to a grayish-blue hue of death.

Countless spirits of the living beings were devoured. Countless lives were lost.

Millions of souls wailed in pain.

When a Void Underworld overlord unleashed his Heart World at full strength, how powerful would it be?

Perhaps not many had witnessed this before.

However, the patrollers around West Sutra Planet were actually witnessing this.

The patrol members were now staring blankly at the planet.

The speeding flying ships slowed to a stop, and the passengers looked toward West Sutra Planet through the crystal windows.

The merchant ships that were passing by and the huge passenger ships on jump tours stopped as well.

Countless people saw it at the same timethe terrifying black light sphere which almost covered half of West Sutra Planet.

The Mother of Pain had 30 platoons stationed on West Sutra Planet. They numbered in the tens of billions.

However, under the sneak attack of the black light sphere which Lu Sheng unleashed, they instantly lost billions of their men.

\"Ah! You have a death wish!!\"

Suddenly, a furious, maddened howl came from a small satellite outside West Sutra Planet.

A huge dark green specter with an ox's head and a human body flew out from the satellite.

The specter instantly grew to a size of 1000 meters as it charged directly toward the black light sphere.

The ox-headed man's arms were knotted with muscles. Countless blood vessels and nerves popped and shook. The two-sided axe in his hands shone with a glaring golden light.

\"Mystic Sun Blazing Axe!\"

The two-sided axe enlarged again. In an instant, it was already the size of the black light sphere. With a loud boom, it fell onto the surface of the light sphere.

However, the instant his axe came into contact with the surface of the light sphere, the ox-headed man immediately felt that something was not right.

\"This power...!?\" He did not even have the time to register shock when a terrifying force more than a dozen times stronger than he was repelled him.

The immense explosive force launched a terrifying impact which smashed the axe back into his own forehead.


In an instant, the ox-headed man had just made his debut when his body exploded into minced meat.

The minced meat shot as far as several thousand miles. Just when the remains were about to converge and recover the form of the avatar, a beam of black light shot past the skies. The newly formed ox-headed man was quickly pulled toward the black light sphere.

\"No!\" The ox-headed man's body shone brightly with green radiance. Countless runic chains emerged from his body. A blurry green light sphere spread in all directions with him as the center.

This was his Heart World.

However, his heart image had just been released when it was mercilessly pierced through by the black light. Like a deflated balloon, the green light sphere instantly shriveled, and quickly shattered before it eventually disappeared.

In a few dozen breaths, a Confusion Realm expert who looked after a planet had lost his life.

The crumbling of the Heart World signified the death of the spirit and the body at the same time. The being would not even have the opportunity to be reborn. It would be completely erased from existence.

The black light retracted swiftly like tendrils, and plunged into the surface of the black light sphere.

The West Sutra Planet's surface.

Lu Sheng hovered in the air with his body level with the ground. He flew straight toward his destination.

Wherever he went, the living beings stiffened, whether it was the birds in the skies, the beasts on land, or the soldiers and generals of the Pain Army with profound cultivation bases.

The fate of everything that faced the black light was the same: death.

The black light sphere completed an orbit around West Sutra Planet, and went over the entire surface of the planet. After devouring all living beings, it quickly shrunk.


The black light plunged into Lu Sheng's body with lightning speed.

He looked around him. The golden desert had now completely dried up. It was now made up of countless grayish-white sand dunes.

Without the geothermal source and magnetic field, the star's rays shone through the atmospheric layer of the planet, and intense radiation rained down on the planet's surface like poisoned arrows. The stray beings that had somehow evaded the onslaught of the black light sphere were killed off.

\"The spirit of the planet is now dead.\"

A blurry red shadow looked in this direction from a distance in the vacuum.

\"The most powerful aspect of a Void Underworld Heavenly Devil is the awakening of the Heart World which devours and destroys everything. It's been a long time since I've witnessed this\"

In another spot, a purple crescent moon slowly appeared. The clear voice of a lady came from the crescent. \"Are you moved, Brother Zhengjue? It's quite rare to see you up and about.\"

\"I've been living in seclusion in the area for several thousand years now. I'm just here to take a look at things since I've sensed something strange,\" replied the red specter drily. \"What about you? Why are you suddenly here in this remote place instead of staying in your Libra City?\"

The purple crescent moon was silent for a while.

\"That's because that Void Underworld being was within my Libra City two hours ago\"

\"\" The red specter chuckled softly. \"You sure have an area plagued with misfortunes.\"

\"This is the same problem your Nine Heavens Cave back then. No one other than the monsters themselves could control these Void Underworld beings, especially Void Underworld Heavenly Devils. Even if you can beat them, they can't be killed, unless you somehow manage to destroy their Heart World. However, destroying the Heart World is much easier said than done,\" said the purple moon helplessly.

\"That's true. However, only a Void Underworld Heavenly Devil can deal with a Void Underworld Heavenly Devil. Their Heart Worlds are too troublesome to deal with.\" The red specter nodded in agreement.

\"She's here. The elite from the Mother of Pain!\" The purple moon's tone suddenly grew anxious. \"Whose side do you think will win?\"

\"The Mother of Pain, most likely. The gap between their strength is too clear. This one is clearly a newcomer to the peak rank,\" said the red specter casually.

\"Then I'll have no choice but to bet on the newbie.\" The purple moon giggled. She did not seem to be reluctant at all.

The two of them ended their conversation. They merely gazed toward the depths of the starry skies. A faint yellow cluster of radiance was swiftly making its way across the void.

The light cluster was wrapped around a big and tall woman with four wings on her back and bronze-like skin.

The lower half of the woman's face was covered in a mask. Her exposed golden eyes were directed toward West Sutra Planet.

\"I'll teach you what despair means for destroying my stellar zone!\" She flapped her two pairs of huge bronze wings on her back slowly. Her feathers grew and enlarged.

Her body enlarged swiftly as well. From her original height of several dozen meters, she quickly grew larger and morphed.

100 meters, 200 meters.

300 meters, 1,000 meters.

2,000 meters! 3,000 meters!

The woman's body grew to a size of 3,000 meters. The armor on her body seemed to have been forged from gold. It shone with glaring golden brilliance. She extended an arm toward West Sutra Planet.

A giant golden palm materialized before her own palm. Its size was almost half of the West Sutra Planet's size.


The golden palm shot toward the black light sphere.


On the West Sutra Planet.

Lu Sheng looked up at the incoming golden palm. He spread his arms slowly.

Black tides surged forth from beneath his feet. With him as the center, an area of several thousand miles turned into a black lake.

\"Kill her, Qianshen!\"


A colossal crane's silhouette shot into the skies from behind him. It reared its head and charged toward the palm.

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