Way Of The Devil Chapter 700

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Unknown stellar zone.

Mi Guangying opened her eyes slowly. She had been too exhausted and had fainted just now.

She wondered how long had she been out this time.

\"Lucky.\" She touched her own legs. Her broken bones had been mended.

Her True Essence circulated rapidly within her body. Where there were kinks in the flow before, it was now smooth. It was much better compared to when she had woken up the first time.

\"Is that the Mother of Pain's shadow? I'll remember it.\" This was Mi Guangying's second experience being beaten up this badly.

She did not even have this kind of exaggerated experience when she worked for the Iron Flag Council.

She quickly swept her gaze over where Anza was.

\"As expected, she's no longer here.\"

Mi Guangying got up from the floor and swept the dust off her legs. She went over to the control console and pressed the control button.


The door which separated the main control room and the passenger cabin slid upward.

Mi Guangying lowered her head and looked at her own combat attire. She was feeling slightly speechless.

'I don't think there are many who would wear their combat attire after the battle is over'

She was aching all over and could not even put strength in her limbs. She was currently in an unprecedented state of weakness. However, she was grateful that her combat attire which protected her body was still in one piece.

This was the moment that it could be of use.

\"I feel strange\"

Mi Guangying walked while she supported her weight with a hand on the wall. She walked slowly into the passenger cabin.

Corpses were strewn across the passenger cabin. Most of them wore the white Prime Devil Sect uniform. There were corpses from both genders.

The corpses floated in the vacuum. The life support system had stopped functioning a long time ago.

'I remember that the quarantine room lies beyond this door It's used for disinfection purposes and to isolate special organisms How can there be so many people here?' Mi Guangying frowned deeply. She walked closer to the quarantine room.

A floating male corpse slowly got closer to her. His eyes were opened wide, while his eyeballs had already shriveled and exploded. The fluids from within wetted his face. He appeared as if someone had smeared faint yellow flue all over his face.

Mi Guangying drew a deep breath. She pushed the body away and quickened her pace toward the cabin door at the other end of the quarantine room.


There was a sound of leaking gas.

At the end of the quarantine room, the round cabin door was slightly pushed open. The cabin was lit with flashes of red light.

The cabin was also filled with many bodies. Some of them were broken in half. Their organs and blood solidified into round balls which floated all over.

\"Is anyone here?\" she shouted.

Her voice echoed across the spacious cabin. There was no reply.

Mi Guangying sighed. She hastened toward the central protected area which was the only place still functioning. That was the area prepared for the people of Lu Manor and the upper echelons of the Prime Devil Sect.

Mi Guangying floated over and soon stood at the cabin door which led to the central protected area.


A soft sound suddenly came from the darkness to her right.

Mi Guangying extended her hand and held it in the air. She quickly turned to look to her right. A black dagger instantly appeared in her palm.

In the darkness, the black dagger's blade emitted formless and peculiar contortions.

This black centrifugal blade was a weapon her uncle gave to her as a gift. It was meant to be used for self-protection. In this universe, although the different rules had greatly reduced the blade's might, its basic functions of sharpness and agility increase were still working.

\"Who's there!?\" Mi Guangying's expression was cold. She stared at the spot in the darkness where the sound came from.

Within the darkness, a pair of long and narrow eyes which glowed with faint fluorescent red light opened slowly and stared at her throat.


With the starlight that shone into the cabin through the opening in the ship's body, Mi Guangying could faintly make out the being in the darkness.

It was a beautiful girl with long purplish-red hair. However, this girl was completely naked. Only her three vital parts were covered by scant black metal plates. Her streamlined muscles and white skin glinted with a delicate sheen under the starlight.

What puzzled her was that this girl behaved like a great hound, supporting her body on the ground with all four limbs. She bared her teeth and was growling at her.

The ends of her limbs did sport sharp wolf claws. A pitch-black barbed tail extended behind her buttocks.

Mi Guangying was silent for a moment before she spoke in the Language of E. \"Can you communicate?\"

Even if the listener could not understand language or words, the Language of E could be used to directly convey the speaker's message to the listener.

As long as the listener had an organ to listen.


With a swoosh, the girl suddenly morphed into a purplish afterimage as she charged toward Mi Guangying at a shocking speed.


West Sutra Planet.

The giant black crane shot into the skies as it shrieked.

Compared to the last time, the giant crane Qianshen was now several times larger. Its body enlarged to a size of dozens of miles.

As it charged, Qianshen waved its wings and slammed them into the huge palm above it.


The size of the golden hand was too huge. It was no match for Qianshen's body which was composed of high-density energy. When the two entities came into contact, it was like seeing a black spike stabbing into golden butter.

The golden palm was instantly split open into several chunks. Golden mist scattered from the exploding chunks of flesh.

They quickly converged and morphed into a bronze-colored girl with four wings.

The girl was 3,000 meters tall. Right after she appeared, she charged toward Lu Sheng head-on.

Then, her four wings shone brazenly with golden radiance.

\"Golden Luan Nine Transformations!\"

The golden radiance scattered as golden shadows shot out to the sides. Every shadow was a two-winged golden person with bronze skin.

The golden people flew in a dense formation toward Lu Sheng without uttering a word. They each wielded a spear.

There were nine golden people scattered out from the golden radiance. However, each of the nine golden people emitted a bone-chilling coldness. It was sufficient to make Lu Sheng feel cold.

It was clear that each of them possessed the strength to harm him.

Lu Sheng launched a flying kick, while Qianshen swept its huge wing. Their attacks sailed across the air toward to golden people.


There was a deafening explosion.

Two golden people reeled and crashed onto the ground on the spot. They sunk deep into the ground. Two small holes had appeared on Qianshen's black wings. They were clearly the work of the golden people's spears when they were hit.

However, as long as the heart image existed, the Heavenly Devil would not die.

Lu Sheng took flight and shot into Qianshen's chest. He instantly merged with the giant crane.


Qianshen parted its beak and cawed at the skies. Its wounds closed up instantly. Then, it charged toward the four-winged bronze lady in the skies.

The remaining golden people swarmed over to kill it. However, they were swatted away by its wings over and over again.

However, Qianshen's momentum was also disrupted. It launched several charges, but could not reach the four-winged lady.

After missing two attempts, a huge white disc suddenly appeared behind Qianshen. It was a radiant disc!

The radiant disc turned slowly until one of the symbols aligned with the giant crane's head. Then, it stopped with a clap.

It was the pattern that represented power. It was brute force.

A layer of faint white radiance shone on Qianshen's body.


It raised its head and drew a deep breath.

The huge airflow instantly turned into a tornado which pulled everything around it toward itself.

The nine golden people could not block this as well. Three of them were instantly pulled toward Qianshen's parted beak with blinding speed.


The giant crane extended its claws and slashed at them. The three golden people were instantly split in two.

The remaining six golden people charged at it from the back. Their spears penetrated Qianshen's back mercilessly.

However, the peculiar thing was that there were no signs of blood from the stab wounds.

Instead, Qianshen used its terrifying brute force and dragged the six golden people along as it charged upward. Right above, the four-winged lady who was focusing all her attention on controlling the golden people was rammed.


The lady felt as if she had been hit by a cannonball head-on. Her bones broke in dozens of places. Qianshen's sharp beak penetrated the middle of her chest.

Two colossal beings flew in a straight line away from West Sutra Planet.

Struggling, the four-winged lady shouted, \"Raging Billows!\"

She was not a match for Qianshen in a fistfight. She decided to unleash her Heart World.

A faint golden spear expanded in all directions with her as the center.

The giant crane Qianshen was not willing to show weakness, either. A pitch-black light sphere spread out from its body.

The black light sphere and the golden light sphere struggled against each other and collided. The two beings were instantly pulled into the other's Heart World.


Lu Sheng stood silently on a beautiful beach with pure white sand.

The skies were azure and spotless. The surface of the sea rose and fell as if it was breathing.

He snapped back to the present and looked at himself. He was wearing clothes weaved together with leaves. A belt made from vines was girded around his waist. A long and a short wooden spear were tied to the belt.

\"Ah Sheng. Come here! The fish are roasted already. Come and eat.\" Somewhere nearby on the beach, a beautiful girl in the same leaf clothes was waving and shouting at him.

Lu Sheng walked over, and the girl shoved a roasted fish into his hands.

\"Eat up. I, Little Ruan, personally roasted this.\" This girls face had a happy smile.

Lu Sheng looked at the roasted fish. For reasons unknown to him, a warmth that was difficult to describe surged into his heart. He had never felt this warm and happy before. He could not help but raise the roasted fish in his hand.

For a time, he seemed to have felt that he had forgotten about something important. However, with the touching sensation lingering in his chest, he did not have the motivation to think about other matters.

Lu Sheng sat down and feasted on the roasted fish in his hand with Little Ruan.

\"Is it good?\" asked the girl, Little Ruan, in a gentle voice. She sat down lightly beside him.

\"It's not bad. But it might be slightly overcooked.\" Lu Sheng spat out half of the metal grill from his mouth. Then, he grabbed some red-hot stones and shoved them into his mouth. He chewed on them briefly and swallowed them.

\"Wait! What What're you eating!?\" Little Ruan stared at him blankly. Then, the color quickly drained from her face.

She turned toward the roasting pit. Other than some charcoal, rocks, the roasting grill and live coals, everything else had been devoured by Lu Sheng within seconds.

\"Can't it be eaten?\" Lu Sheng was puzzled. His slightly fazed brain seemed to have found something wrong with this situation. He was merely picking up the other items around the food and tasted them. When he found that they were actually edible, he basically finished them off.

\"Oh my God!\" Little Ruan fell onto the sand and looked at him with a terrified look. \"Who, what are you!?\"

\"What's wrong?\" When Lu Sheng looked at Little Ruan's terrified looks and heard her question, the blurriness in his heart suddenly clarified.

\"Me? I'm I'm\" Lu Sheng's expression grew gloomier. \"I'm Lu Sheng That's right What am I doing here again?\"

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