Way Of The Devil Chapter 703

701 Break Away 2

\"You can try.\" Lu Sheng smiled. Although he was acting tough, he was not this kind of person. He would never let his greatest advantage, Deep Blue, go to waste.

That was something that he would not do.

He was a genius, but with Deep Blue's help, he would be even more of a genius.

A genius would never think that he was too incredible. He would have been a fool not to use a modifier when he had one.

\"Are you sure?\" The red shadow's voice grew colder.

Lu Sheng laughed, and suddenly erupted into black shadows which dispersed.

It was as if the vines had been wrapping themselves around a cluster of shadows.

Nearby, Qianshen erupted into countless fragments of black shadows as well.

\"This!?\" The red shadow was stunned. \"Isn't this… the Mystic World's Escape Art!?\"

The Mystic World's Escape Art! This was the most powerful fleeing technique ever recorded among the countless universes.

When the Mystic World's cultivators cultivated to a certain extent, they would obtain a special trait known as the true undead attribute.

This special trait would prevent the cultivator from being attacked by arts related to fate and karma.

According to the sayings of the Mystic World, this was a way to confuse the will of the heavens and conceal one's fate.

If one reached a certain threshold with the true undead attribute, there would even be a chain reaction which would result in an extremely troublesome undead holy body.

It should be known that there were also ranks for the true undead body.

The simplest of them all was the undead attribute. The user would possess a bodily constitution with high-speed regeneration powers.

This was accomplished by absorbing huge amounts of mixed, concentrated nutritional energy to rebuild the bodily structures and heal the body's wounds, thereby achieving an attribute of being undead.

This type was known as the living spirit-level undead body. This meant that just like ordinary living spirits, it needed a supply of nutrients and energy to achieve high-speed regeneration. Once the energy and stock of nutrients within the body were used up, the so-called undead attribute would be just a fantasized edifice.

\"This is wonderful… After so many years, this is my second time seeing a Heavenly Devil that has assimilated the Mystic World's true undead attribute and Escape Art into his own body…\"

The purple moon reappeared behind the red shadow.

\"You didn't get him, either?\" asked the red shadow. He was feeling speechless.

\"I almost got him. As expected from a man who dares to face a galactic force head-on. He won't be caught that easily. None of the experts who had broken through to the Void Underworld tier are simple,\" the purple moon exclaimed with emotion.

\"Even if he combined the Mystic World's Escape Art and his Heart World, he couldn't have gone far. Although the Escape Art is fast, it's not so fast as to exceed the bounds of my senses in an instant,\" said the red shadow coldly.

\"What if he'd place a part of his body somewhere further away, self-destruct, regrow his body with his Heart World, and jump over?\" asked the purple moon.

The red shadow was immediately dumbfounded…


Libra City.

Within a hidden chamber in the manor Lu Sheng had bought, a piece of flesh within a hidden compartment shot out and hovered in midair.

The chunk of flesh wriggled and regenerated. It grew larger and swelled. In no time, the fist-sized chunk of flesh grew into a complete strong man's body in the blink of an eye.

Strands of black hair grew from the body's hair. They increased in length until they reached his waist.

\"Ugh… This is my first time using this Capacity… I'm not used to it yet…\" Lu Sheng flexed his limbs with a peculiar expression on his face.

\"That was awful. It felt like pushing through a tight layer of skin…\"

He waved an arm and a black-gray robe flew out from a hidden compartment. The robe covered him on its own.

'Qianshen undead body… As long as a chunk of my flesh is left somewhere, I can swiftly regrow my body by using the Heavenly Devil regenerative ability with my Heart World. I can even transfer my spirit swiftly.'

The other Heavenly Devils did not possess the ability to transfer their spirit as well. At most, they could hide their spirit away within their Heart Worlds. However, they could only reappear in the same spot.

Even if they left a part of their body somewhere else, it would be pointless.

However, by combining the true undead attribute and the Mystic World White Feather Sutra's Escape Art, Lu Sheng managed to derive an extremely formidable and peculiar Capacity, the Qianshen undead body.

As long as a part of his body was left in a place, he could transfer his spirit over at any time. He would be in a constant state of immortality.

\"Nutrients… I need a lot of nutrients!\" Lu Sheng felt as if his body was on fire. The regeneration of his entire body had consumed a huge amount of nutrients and energy from him.

He could somehow manage to maintain a sufficient supply of energy, but since his body was extremely powerful, the amount of energy he needed was also extremely great. However, his main body cultivated the Qianshen Method, and his cultivation base and competence were mind-blowing. He could somehow manage to satisfy his needs.

However, this was not the case for nutrients. This regeneration had practically consumed 80% of his nutrient storage. All of the nutritional content had been sucked dry from that small piece of flesh. It was barely enough to construct this humanoid frame.

'No… Libra City isn't safe anymore. I must leave at once.' Suddenly, Lu Sheng remembered the auras of the two beings who sneaked up on him before the battle ended. One of them clearly had the aura of Libra City.


He took a sudden big stride forward and morphed into yellow light which shot out of the hidden chamber. Then, he packed his belongings with lightning speed.

Fortunately, most of his important belongings were kept within his Sea Overturning Orb. The other objects were sundries which he would use daily.

\"Toram, pack your things. We'll leave now.\" He immediately located Toram Bach, who was taking a shower.

With a bam, the wooden door was banged open. Within the bath barrel, Toram Bach had lifted her leg while she scrubbed away at the inner side of her thigh.

When the door was banged open, the two of them were momentarily stunned. Her private parts could be completely seen with a single glance.

\"Alright! I'll get right to it!\" Toram bach was expressionless. She swiftly brought her legs together and sat into the bath barrel.

Lu Sheng was feeling slightly awkward as well. He turned around and swiftly went out of the bathroom. He undid all the formations he had laid in his manor.

He could not let anyone else know his habits in laying down formations. Otherwise, his future Arrivals might be interfered with by someone else and a space-time incident would occur.

About five minutes later.

Lu Sheng removed all traces of his formations. He even mixed up the concentration of energy in the air. After he did all that, he walked slowly out of the bedroom.

Toram Bach had already changed into a black leather leotard which was easy to move about in. She carried a simple standard bow on her back.

\"I'm ready.\"

\"What're you wearing?\" Lu Sheng had never seen her in these clothes.

\"This is a 100 ice money standard combat attire sold in the marketplace. It's a worthwhile buy. It has the functions of flying and oxygen supply,\" Toram Bach replied with a calm expression. \"I've saved the pocket money you've given me before this.\"

\"There's something like this sold in the market?\" Lu Sheng was stunned.

\"There is. This is only the cheapest one. Its protective attributes can only support the wearer to survive in outer space for a short period of time.\"

\"Very well…\" Lu Sheng felt that he might have been too cooped up in his own world all this while. He would never take notice of any resource around him which he could use.

Perhaps having another person managing the usage and gathering of external resources for him would be a good choice…

He frowned slightly. He suddenly remembered somebody—Duanmu Wan.

As the demon king's princess, her money and power were of great help in all her undertakings. On top of that, she projected an extremely good image and her emotional quotient was high as well. She was also skilled in managing affairs.

\"When I think about Duanmu Wan, I'd remember this incident…\" Lu Sheng felt gloomy again.

He thought about his parents, Chen Yunxi, Lu Ning, his teachers and disciples in the Prime Devil Sect…

\"Mother of Pain!\" Lu Sheng snorted. His gaze quickly went cold.

\"Is there anything edible left in the house?\" he asked quickly.

\"There are a dozen geese, three chickens, and a young cow in the kitchen.\" Toram Bach had been in charge of the logistics of the entire manor. When she heard the question, she reflexively made her reply.

\"All of them are in the kitchen?\" Lu Sheng asked with more detail.


\"Bring me there!\" Lu Sheng wasted no more words and had Toram lead the way. The two of them quickly went to the small patch of empty ground behind the kitchen.


His fingers instantly thinned into spikes. He stabbed them into the livestock.

At the same time, slurping sounds could be heard.

Lu Sheng started to feel filled. He somehow managed to satiate some of his hunger for nutrients.

\"This isn't enough! It's far from enough!\" He was saying this even though these livestock were high-class products that were difficult to find even in the market.

Ever since Lu Sheng no longer had the need to earn large sums of ice money, his quality of life experienced a great raise as well. The quality of his food was high.

However, for Lu Sheng who wanted to grow back to the powerful state his main body had been in, this was far from enough!

\"Forget it. Let's go!\" He grabbed Toram Bach's waist and shot into the skies.

The scarlet-yellow radiance instantly penetrated the protective barrier above Libra City like a sharp arrow. It flew toward the nearest Transport Formation.

He had taken a high-class single passenger flying ship near the Transport Formation by force before this. He intended to do the same this time.

The single passenger flying ship was truly too convenient to use.

Nobody was chasing after him from within Libra City. Many Confusion Realm elites would occasionally shoot into the skies toward the Transport Formation as a matter of expediency.

Libra City's protective barrier only had basic capabilities which might be enough to fend off meteorites; it was nothing to a true Confusion Realm expert.

However, Lu Sheng's movements were too fast and done with too much haste. Several beams of blur light immediately followed closely behind him.

However, after giving chase for a short while, the lights slowly retreated and gave up.

Their speed was much too inferior to Lu Sheng's.

No matter how bad a Void Underworld being was at flying, their skills would still be a cut above those of ordinary Weapon Grandmasters or Confusion Realm cultivators.

\"Where are we going now?\" Toram Bach was shouting her question in the flowing light.

The sound of the flowing light was too loud. If she did not shout, Lu Sheng would not be able to hear it.

\"To do what we must,\" Lu Sheng replied casually. The Mother of Pain had harmed his beloved people. Even Mi Guangying was missing now. It was not enough for him to just kill a deputy cult master and destroy a West Sutra Planet.

Without waiting for Libra City's Void Underworld beings to make their move, Lu Sheng was already leaving Libra City at his highest speed. He flew toward the Transport Formation satellite on the asteroid belt.

On the barren surface of the gray satellite, a dozen galactic Transport Formations were built.

However, what caught Lu Sheng's eye were the flying ships docked in the stellar harbor.

Flying ships of various designs were parked within the stellar harbor. They were just like the spaceships Lu Sheng had seen in science-fiction movies in the past. They were magnificent and elegant.


He continued flying within the flowing light and headed toward the scattered single passenger flying ships.

However, the moment he got closer, he suddenly remembered that he was bringing Toram Bach along. Also, he might even be able to rescue some survivors this time. A single passenger flying ship would not be enough…

He shifted his gaze and looked toward some of the middle-sized flying ships above his head.

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