Way Of The Devil Chapter 711

709 Independence 2

"I'm done." Lu Sheng closed the art book. They were about to migrate from this place. He did not think that it was necessary to bring anything else. He would be fine as long as he had his art books.

Lu Sheng walked out of the cave and looked up at the other dragons. Many adult seven-colored dragons carried a blackish-purple light sphere on their backs. They had packed all their collections with their arcane art, which was used to form a space capsule.

The seven-colored dragons were natural born arcane art elites. Practically, all of the adults were Archimages or greater. Their control over the arcane arts and energies were to the point of perfection.

On top of that, they enjoyed the natural enhancements from the Dragon Language arts.

Hence, this majestic scene was born.

The space art waves of more than a dozen Archimages were gathered together in the same place. The other creatures in the vicinity were so greatly suppressed that they shuddered and dared not move a muscle.

"Arcane arts and evocation school elemental arts were different… They're directly manipulating the rules of space with their magic power…" Lu Sheng narrowed his eyes as he looked at the space arts on the seven-colored dragons. An unexplainable idea came to his mind.

With this, these arts would clearly not be limited by the concentration of the elements…

'Perhaps I should head in the direction of pure arcane arts… and not focus on elemental arts…' Lu Sheng had a thought.

"Are you feeling envious?" Yati landed near them. She looked at Lu Sheng and Sari.

"Don't worry. With the elemental arts that you're learning about, you'll be able to build an elemental pool after you reach rank-6. If you put it to good use, the might of your arts will be much more powerful than pure arcane arts. Of course, the advantage of the arcane arts is that they have high adaptabilities and can be used almost anywhere. It won't be affected by the concentration of elements, but it's very difficult to master. You two aren't at that level yet."

"Thank you, teacher Yati. I understand." Lu Sheng nodded.

"Mhm, I know. You're the steadiest and the one who could stay focused for the longest among the four of you. However, there's no rush. We, seven-colored dragons, will naturally reach rank-6 when we're at the suitable age," Yati said.

"Although you've just started at rank-1, we're seven-colored dragons, gifted with unparalleled natural talents. You have all the time on your hands."

"Mhm. I understand, teacher." Lu Sheng nodded.

"Thank you for your lesson, teacher."

Sari thanked her obediently as well.

"However, you've always been slightly ahead of them. Lu Sheng, I can sense some huge elemental waves from your body. You should be about to reach rank-2, am I right?" Yati said with a smile.

"Mhm. I've just recently achieved the breakthrough." Lu Sheng, who was about to reach rank-7, nodded.

"I think that I've been progressing too quickly recently. I feel that my foundations aren't all that steady. So, I've decided to take it slow and reinforce my foundations."

"That's the proper way. It's good that you understand this." Yati nodded with satisfaction.

The seven-colored dragons would only reach adulthood at 300 years old. Even if an adult learned nothing, he would be able to master a fire elemental art with a might equivalent to a rank-5 art, and also rank-3 arts of the other elements.

Moreover, these four young dragons had been learning since they were born. It was believable that these four young dragons would surpass the current adult dragons in the future.

There was nothing more terrifying than the thought of a seven-colored dragon who earnestly studied the arcane arts since young rather than relying on his natural talents.

"Work hard. Tell me if you need anything. Alas, we have to continue migrating, and we can't stay in a place for too long. Otherwise, we could've built a Sorcerer Tower…" Yati said with slight helplessness.

A Sorcerer Tower would be able to provide the Sorcerer with an elemental pool. This was equivalent to a near-endless source of elemental supply. The Sorcerer would no longer be affected by the concentration of the elements. As long as their mind powers could handle it, they would be able to continuously unleash their arts to do battle.

Their stamina and combat powers would be greatly boosted.


"It's alright, teacher Yati. If we keep working hard and cultivate painstakingly, we'll surely be rewarded," Lu Sheng said with an earnest and deep voice.

"Yes…" Yati nodded. "Let's go. This time, we've found an island. I hope that we'll be able to stay there longer this time…" Her expression was slightly helpless.

When she finished talking, the dragon queen let out a drawn-out roar and took to the skies.

The other adult dragons followed suit. Yati brought Lu Sheng and Sari into the air as well. They followed closely behind the pack.

Three formidable primordial dragons guarded the group's rear. They served as a warning to any suspicious creatures that dared draw near.

The seven-colored dragons flew in a single row and rose into the skies. In the blink of an eye, they vanished into the thick layers of clouds and flew toward the vast ocean.

The dragon pack flew past tall mountains, plains, and grasslands. It took them an entire week before they could see the vast, deep blue ocean.

They kept flying further across the sea's surface. Soon, after half a day of flying, the dragon pack reached the deep-sea region known as the Blue Moon Sea.

"How do you feel? Was the journey too hard?" Ansaifei moved closer to Lu Sheng and Sari and asked them softly. "The two of you haven't been out hunting before, your wings might feel sore after all this flying, and you might run out of strength. You should tell if you're feeling tired, otherwise, an accident may happen."

"My… my wings are slightly sore…" Sari gritted her teeth, determined to continue flying for now, as she answered softly.

"Move closer to teacher Yati. If she sees you in your state, she'll surely use Lighten on you," Ansaifei reminded her.

"Alright." Sari did not put up a strong front. She obediently flew closer to teacher Yati.

"Lu Sheng, how about you? Are you alright?" Ansaifei looked at Lu Sheng.

There was no reply.

"Lu Sheng?" He inched closer, puzzled.

Then, he heard some faint snoring…

"What!?" Ansaifei appeared stunned. "He's fallen asleep?" He flew slightly ahead of Lu Sheng to take a look at his face.

Extremely fine and slender, transparent magic power threads connected the scales of the adult seven-colored dragons with Lu Sheng's body.

What made Ansaifei felt speechless was that the adult dragons took no notice of this.

The amazing part about these magic threads was that they would break off on their own when the seven-colored dragons changed their formation, and then they would tie themselves onto another adult seven-colored dragon who was in the right position.

"A…amazing…" Ansaifei felt that he had learned something new about the application of magic power.

To think that magic power could be used in this way…

As expected, Lu Sheng was the most amazing dragon among the four of them.

He could not help but have that thought. It was no wonder that Sari would always hand around him. Ansaifei suddenly felt some sour feelings in his heart. He slowly flew away from this spot and returned to his original spot.

"Westward." The dragon queen in front let out a long roar and lead the pack in another direction.

The dozen adult seven-colored dragons slowly turned.

"Look out!" Suddenly, the dragon queen shouted.

A deep blue lightning bolt suddenly shot out from the sea's surface below them.

The lightning bolt charged out of the sea's surface. It morphed into the shape of a swirling tornado as it charged into the heavens right into the seven-colored dragons' formation.


The lightning bolt was a hundred meters thick. It practically spanned the largest area in the middle of the dragons' formation.

The terrifying lightning bolt instantly exploded into a terrifying shockwave.



The dragon pack quickly dispersed. However, there were two seven-colored dragons who could not didge in time and were hit by the lightning bolt. Their magic power barrier were instantly shredded.

The huge impact force torn their barriers open as the lightning laced with poison attacked the dragons. It instantly stunned most of the two seven-colored dragons' nerves.

Amidst the anxious cries of the other seven-colored dragons, the two seven-colored dragons' bodies stiffened, and they fell.

They were not even close to the sea's surface when a vast black shadow a thousand meters wide rose up through the water column.


The huge black shadow broke surface and leapt into the skies.

Its huge black and red mouth devoured the two seven-colored dragons whole. Then, it started chewing.

"Diana!" The dragon queen Eernie shouted furiously. However, she did not dare to stop.

This was because it was Sardine, one of the overlords of the Blue Moon Sea. It was a deep-sea overlord who had existed since primordial times.

It was also a sea demigod that lived up to its name.

Sardine usually dwelled in the western seas. Eernie did not expect that they would run into it in this region. This was an ill turn of events.

"Leave! Leave this place, now!" shouted the dragon queen.

Although the other seven-dragons were filled with grief and indignation, these incidents have happened over the course of a thousand years for far too many times.

They bore with the pain in their hearts and picked up their pace as they continued flying further away.

Because of their altitude of a thousand meters and their high-speed flying, even the deep-sea demigod had one single chance of attacking them.

Consuming two seven-colored dragons could already be considered an appetizer for Sardine. Its behemoth body slowly sunk into the sea again.

The dragons flew in formation once more.

However, at this moment, one of the seven-colored dragons noticed that two of the four young dragons have gone missing.

"Sari! Where's Sari!?"

"Lu Sheng's gone as well!"

Huge sadness crept into Yati's large dragon eyes.

For the colossal Sardine, the two young dragons might have only served to fill its cavities. However, for the Seven-colored Dragon Tribe, those were two seeds of hope for the future!"

"Lu Sheng! Sari!" Huge drops of tears fell from Ansaifei's eyes.

Bog appeared dejected beside him. He said nothing.

They had hatched together, lived together, took classes together…

The four young dragons had always stayed together. This was their first instance of separation, and it was their last…



Ten hours later…

Lu Sheng lowered his altitude. He slowly landed atop an abandoned lighthouse on the shore.

The lighthouse was built on a cliff. The vast sea expanded before it, while, the grayish-black, fertile forest spread out behind it.

"I'm separated from the others." Lu Sheng did not expect that he would be separated from the pack by an impact when he was taking a nap.

"Just as well. Staying with the dragon pack will limit my progress. I need more resources and I need to build my own Sorcerer Tower."

He stroked his chin and pondered.

"I'll need manpower to build a Sorcerer Tower. The seven-colored dragons are notorious, and I reckon that going into the human society is out of the question. I'll attract too much attention." He was lost in deep thought.

"As for resources, I can borrow some from the towns. I need to find a place with a dependable bedrock, and gather as much resources as I can, while staying under the church's radar… In that case, I'll need a stable and dependable Tribe to build my Sorcerer Tower for me, and establish my territory which is secure against an assault…"

Lu Sheng was still lost in thought when he suddenly turned around and saw a gray rabbit passing by the light house as it skipped and hopped. It did not notice that Lu Sheng was standing right there.

"It's time for me to put my accumulation from that world to good use…" A cold gleam flashed past Lu Sheng's eyes.

Although the Qianshen Method had absorbed an assortment of other energies, while he was the strongest rabbit in history, he had the richest experience in modifying wild animals.

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