Way Of The Devil Chapter 716

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Lu Sheng snorted. He dragged a dragon-headed humanoid behind him as he left the room's entrance.

A thick trail of blood was left on the floor behind him. However, the floorboard quickly absorbed the blood, and all traces of it vanished.

The floor looked as clean as it had been, just as if it had never been tainted by blood.

To think that someone was bold enough to sneak up upon him, the Devil Shadow Fist Emperor. Did they not know that he had killed off all things that posed even the slightest of threats within several hundred miles to protect Hongye back then?

If he had not done that, he would not have been so carefree in letting Hongye attend classes at the academy every day.

"Do your revision after your harp practice! I'll come and check on you tonight. If you're not done with your homework, you know what you'll be getting!" Lu Sheng added before he left.

"U-understood!" A trembling voice came from within the room.

Lu Sheng carried the corpse with a cold expression and tossed it into some bushes in the garden.

Little fairies in beautiful dresses flew out of the bush that had been adorned with brilliant flowers.

These were flower fairies. They had beautiful looks and bodies. They were only the size of a person's palm.

The moment the corpse was thrown onto the bush, the fairies instantly dismembered it. The corpse was reduced to countless chunks and devoured by the fairies.

The flower fairies cheered as they pounced on their food. They opened their mouths, revealing their sharp teeth as they tore away at the corpse's flesh.

These were terrifying fairies Lu Sheng had nurtured for the past 15 years. When he attained the rank of a legend four years ago after reaching rank-19, he was given the choice to pick a legendary art unique to himself.

Lu Sheng did not choose any other. He chose the art, Animate, as his legendary art.

Lu Sheng did not look at the terrifying fairies. Instead, he inquired in a cold voice, "Where's Rebecca?" 

"I'm here, my lord." A dreadful fairy with long blood-red hair in a snow-white dress flew out slowly and knelt with one knee toward Lu Sheng.

"What've you been doing just now?" Lu Sheng eyes Rebecca coldly.

The horrendous fairy clearly felt the temperature around her drop. She was in charge of security here. She had merely slacked off for just a brief moment and went to shower in the underground chamber. She ordered her subordinate to look after things while she was gone.

"I… was… taking a shower…" The smile on her face instantly froze over and her body started trembling.

"So, you're telling me that you didn't notice the two maggots who slipped past at all?" Lu Sheng's gaze grew colder.

"I… I…" Rebecca's body shook wildly as if she was sifting chaff. Her alluring and fair beautiful face lost all color of blood.


In an instant, black radiance shone. Rebecca instantly vanished on the spot. No trace of her aura was left in the air.

"Kyaaah!" one of the fairies screamed out of fright. However, the instant she made a sound, she was instantly engulfed by the black light and vanished on the spot.

The other horrendous fairies had been delighted by the supply of fresh food before this. However, they were now filled with terror and fright.

"Ella, you'll replace Rebecca. I don't wish for this to happen a second time," Lu Sheng said slowly.

A horrendous fairy with long black hair flew out slowly. There was still a faint trace of fear on her face.

"Un… Understood! I'll be on alert!" The pair of transparent wings on Ella's back trembled, exposing her current terrified state.

"Since the two worms that have entered were discovered by Hongye, we'll grant them access." Lu Sheng could naturally tell who had ill intentions and who did not.

The two worms were actually loyal to Hongye. Hence, he did not mind granting them access.

"Understood!" Ella hastily nodded.

Lu Sheng turned around and walked toward the garden in front of the mansion.

The butler Hank walked up to greet him. His right arm was slightly stained by blood.

"My Lord, the dozen dragon men who were keeping an eye on the two worms have been taken care of. However, I didn't expect two of them to slip past me and get in."

Lu Sheng glanced at Hank. He noticed the cruel and fierce expression he was subconsciously displaying.

He knew that this homicidal maniac who had been called the Eye Devil before this was excited by the taste of blood again.

"Have you been eating eyeballs again?" He frowned slightly.

"My Lord, is it not you who said that I'm allowed to devour the eyeballs of those who raised a hand against me?" Hank smiled. His lips parted slightly, and dozens of slender blood-red tongues could be seen packed inside his mouth.

"Did Hongye see any of that?" Lu Sheng asked drily.

Cold crept into Hank's heart, and he hastily replied, "No! Certainly not!" 

"You know the consequences if she sees any of this." Lu Sheng wasted no more words on him. He turned around and went into the mansion.

The old butler was left standing there, drenched in cold sweat.


"Take this with you. It's bound to come in handy on the road."

"That too, and the cup!"

"Some food, clean change of clothes. You should bring at least two sets of clothes if you're going on a long journey!"

Inside her bedroom, Lu Hongye was carefully packing her luggage. She was getting ready to leave with the little lizard and the masked maiden.

"Are you sure that my father won't notice this?" Lu Hongye could not believe what these two were saying. She merely wanted to slip outside and play.

Life was too boring here. Opportunities to have fun would not come by often. Naturally, she would not let this slip.

Although she was afraid of her father, this little lizard and masked maiden seemed powerful. Perhaps they could actually bring her out of this place.

"Of course!" the golden lizard quickly replied. "Nobody noticed when I came in. I've hidden myself here silently!" it said with a certain smugness.

Lu Hongye nodded. A hint of excitement crept into her heart.

The little lizard had already helped her activate the Golden Dragon King's bloodline mark in her body.

The brilliant golden mark seemed to have grown out of her arm. There was no flaw.

She faintly felt the wonderful power that was welling up within herself.

This made her believe these two more.

However, because of her deep-set fear of her father, she only made the decision to go out with these two after practicing her harp and finishing her homework.

"Alright. Don't forget that we have to be back by midnight. If my father finds out that I'm not in my room at midnight, I'll certainly be beat to death tomorrow!" When Lu Hongye remembered the times when she was given a beating, she could not help but shudder.

"Don't worry! Don't worry! It's just around the corner. We've gathered many old subordinates of the dragon king's household. The main thing for you today is to meet everyone," the little lizard replied swiftly.

"Alright." Lu Hongye was feeling slightly excited, but she did not wear her heart on her sleeve. There was merely a slight upward curve on the edge of her lip. A cold outer appearance with half a smile—this was the trademark of the Lu Family.

According to her father, no matter the situation, she would never be at a disadvantage as long as she had a sneer.

She finished packing in no time.

Lu Hongye placed the homework that needed reviewing on the little table by the door. This was the place where Lu Sheng checked her homework every day.

Then, she lifted the edge of her skirt and carefully went down the stairs.

"Are you going somewhere, My Lady?" Suddenly, the voice of butler Hank reached her from behind.

Lu Hongye shuddered. Fortunately, the two visitors had brought her luggage out; otherwise, she would have had no way of explaining this.

She turned around and saw the butler's genial face.

"Old man Hank, why're you still awake? It's so late in the night."

"There's something that I have to attend to, but I'll be in bed before long. My Lady, if you're going out at this hour, you should be careful and stay warm. Please don't catch a cold." Hank smiled amiably and ruffled Hongye's hair.

"Thanks, old man Hank. I'm only going out for a short while. I'll be back soon." Lu Hongye stuck out her tongue and acted coquettishly. "Can you keep this a secret from my father?"

"Do you want this old man to accompany you?" Hank asked.

"There's no need for that!" Lu Hongye quickly waved her hand.

Hank nodded with a smile, and said, "Alright then. Go on, don't stay out too late. It'll be bad if Master finds out…" 

"You're the best!" Lu Hongye tiptoed and gave Hank a kiss. She turned around and ran away. She quickly vanished outside the iron gates.

Hank looked at her receding back. He stood there for a long while before leaving slowly.

Ever since the little golden lizard came, Lu Hongye's life turned on its head.

After her harp practice and homework, her remaining time was no longer dull. She frequently went out with the little golden lizard on special training sessions.

The golden royal mark on her body became more obvious. The power within her became stronger as well.

She was no longer that ordinary girl she'd once been. With the bloodline power within her activated, her qualities were experiencing an overall improvement. With her special training, she seemed to be improving every single day.

However, no matter how powerful she became, in the house, she was still the obedient Lu Hongye.

She did not wish to drag her father and old man Hank into this.

Although her father was strong, he was only an ordinary shopkeeper of an antique store, while old man Hank was only an ordinary person, and he was old. He could not withstand the shock from this.

She just wanted to enjoy this peaceful life.

"Good morning, little fairies." Early in the morning, Lu Hongye brought her textbook to the garden to study.

She had another secret. A group of flower fairies dwelled in the garden behind her house.

She could still remember the time she'd discovered the flower fairies. She remembered the surprise and happiness she'd felt back then.

"Squeak, squeak…" The group of flower fairies timidly poked their heads out. They looked at her with slight fear.

They had supple skin, beautiful faces, silky hair, slender waists, and they looked like the most precious and delicate dolls on her hand.

Lu Hongye softly stroked the head of a little black-haired fairy.

"I'm going to revise out loud again. I hope I won't bother you," she said with a smile.

The group of little fairies widened their eyes and gathered around her out of curiosity. They circled her through the slits in the bush. They seemed to be very interested in the book she was reading.

The bush was adorned with brightly colored flowers. The little fairies were as cute as the fairy tales depicted them, and the summer sun was bright.

Lu Hongye felt as if she had been placed in the world of fairy tales, and she could not extract herself from it.

In the nearby study on the second floor, Lu Sheng looked through the window and down at Lu Hongye with his hands behind him.

Lu Ning had gone missing. He filled the void with Lu Hongye.

"If Ningning had been here, he would've been slightly older than Hongye. Alas…" Lu Sheng sighed.

"My Lord, is it alright for lady Hongye to discover these things?" Jolin spoke softly behind him. This Arcane Knight was one of the Flower Ring's strongest. Currently, she was the most powerful legendary expert under Lu Sheng's command on the surface.

"There's nothing wrong with this. Let her get used to this and have some fun," Lu Sheng said drily. "She'll be involved in our operations sooner or later. Let's treat this as her training."

Jolin nodded slowly.

"The Golden Dragon Tribe and the Black Dragon Tribe are warring against each other. The feuds between dragon tribes are known to last long. I'm worried that the old farts of the golden dragons would use the lady as fodder."

"Are you confident in going against a primordial golden dragon?" Lu Sheng suddenly asked.

"…Uh…" Although Jolin had obtained an undying body thanks to the spirit-prompting threads, and she was full of confidence with her early-stage legendary strength, if she had to go up against a primordial golden dragon…

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