Way Of The Devil Chapter 719

717 Lesser Regalia 2

What Lu Sheng wanted to do was to absorb the Mental Energy within the lesser regalia while it was on display.

It should be known that this was his first time seeing lesser regalia after living in Dawn City for such a long time.

He had summoned many abyssal devils who were all demigod experts. However, the armors and weapons within the abyss wasted away at an alarming rate. Not much Mental Energy was contained within them.

Only the church had lesser regalia.

"The one transporting the lesser regalia this time is the First Church's archbishop, Jed. He's accompanied by the church's army, numbering about 200 men."

Lu Sheng considered the information he had just obtained from Devil Shadow.

The carriage was driven all the way up to the entrance to the exhibition hall.

Many nobles and elites of society were already here.

The entrance to the exhibition hall was guarded by guards in white armor that completely covered their bodies. These guards wielded weapons that resembled tridents. Some of them stood guard at the door, while some others patrolled the area.

There were many visitors. The upper class of society were not the only ones. There were also some from the middle class and also ordinary citizens. Everyone was allowed to enter the exhibition hall.

Lu Sheng glanced through the window of the carriage. The entire exhibition hall was wrapped in a dense divine aura.

This divine feeling was something that was difficult to describe. It would make those who noticed it act more solemnly despite themselves, and a sense of urgency and respect would well up within them.

It was as if they were looking up at some grandest and highest being in existence.

"You should stay here. Although I've modified you, if you get too close to the area covered by the radiance of a god, you'll still be found out," Lu Sheng instructed casually.

"Understood." Veston nodded.

Lu Sheng opened the carriage door and alighted. He adjusted his bowtie. Today, he wore a black shirt with white slacks and a red bowtie.

If it were not for his bulging muscles resulting in his inability to button the two topmost buttons, he would not have used a bowtie.

"Mister Lu! Long time no see! Looks like you've gotten bulkier!" A middle-aged man with a little beard walked up to him as he chuckled.

"Oh? Professor Grim? You're here to see the Dawn Sword as well?" Lu Sheng quickly extended a handshake toward him.

"Yes… After all, this is legendary regalia. I remember the last time I saw it; it was five years ago. In the blink of an eye, so much time has passed."

Professor Grim was a professor of history in the academy which Lu Hongye was currently enrolled in. He was a person of power and caliber who had been hired as the vice principal of the academy.

However, he did not like to be addressed by his office. He preferred to be called a professor.

"However, I find it rare that you're interested in such things, Mister Lu," he said with a smile as he turned and looked at Lu Sheng.

"Although I'm a brute, I do have an interest in these things. Shall we?" Lu Sheng suggested with a smile.

"Of course!"

The two of them entered the exhibition hall in single file.

The hall was already filled with visitors. The entrance fee was one gold coin. For the average family, this was no small amount. It was equivalent to the expenses of a family of three for three days.

Although the average citizen could afford it, there were not many who were willing to spend this much money just to go in and have a look.

However, for the middle and upper class, this fee amounted to nothing.

After entering the exhibition hall, Lu Sheng could see a huge golden sword encased in a diamond crystal box suspended on the ceiling with a single glance.

The long sword was decorated with patterns of birds and knights. The hilt was covered with colorful ribbons, which seemed odd. However, the golden radiance of the blade instantly made all inconsistencies pale.

Looking at the sword, Lu Sheng suddenly remembered the bracelet that little golden lizard had taken out before this. He forgot to inspect it for any content of Mental Energy.

'I should focus on getting this sword first.' He calmed his mind down.

He did not spread his spirit out. He merely felt the fluctuations and flow around him passively. Then, he estimated the numbers of experts in the hall.

'There's one legendary expert and five golden experts. This lineup isn't too bad no matter where they are. On top of that, nobody would actually think of stealing lesser regalia from a church, so this security measure isn't too shabby as well.'

Lu Sheng walked closer and looked up at the shining golden radiance emitted by the sword.

He was considering his options for getting close to the lesser regalia. He would stand out too much if he made a direct attempt. He had no intention of battling the gods for now. It would be too sensitive for him to snatch the regalia away.

'What should I do...?' He stroked his chin.

He could use his art. However, even as a legendary Sorcerer, it would not be an easy feat to touch the lesser regalia without alerting everyone else. Moreover, he had to avoid exposing himself.

'Looks like the only way to do this is to rob…' He did not actually plan on robbing it. All he wanted to do was to hold it in his hands for a short while, absorb the Mental Energy it contained, and put it back.

'So, it'll be sufficient to just create a show of a robbery.' Lu Sheng turned and walked toward a wall. He pretended to be appraising the oil painting of the churches hung on the walls.

'Well then… let's see how valuable this lesser regalia actually is…' Lu Sheng glanced at the archbishop who was proclaiming the doctrine. This was the only legendary expert in the area.

Beside him were the leaders of the church's army. They were all golden elites. At the back, he noticed that a teen who appeared to be Lu Hongye's peer was standing beside the archbishop.

The teen had emerald eyes. His long blond hair flowed with the slightest of winds.

Although his features were gentle, they were not exquisite. At most, he could only be regarded as approachable.

When Lu Sheng looked at him, the teen met his gaze as well. Then, the teen flashed a friendly smile and nodded at him.

'Interesting…' Lu Sheng wore a slightly shocked expression. Then, he smiled at the teen in return.

The church would hold the exhibition for five days. He was in no hurry.

He stood where he was. After looking around at the other exhibits for a while, Lu Sheng exited the hall.

The second day, Lu Sheng came to see the lesser regalia as well.

The third day…

The fourth day…

Up to the fifth day.

Lu Sheng finally decided to make his move. The exhibition was almost at its end as well.

"Ding… Ding…"

The crisp sound of silver bells resounded throughout the hall as the archbishop went around sprinkling holy water on the masses.

Everyone was praying, some more piously than others. Most of them were only putting up a show as a sign of respect to the Dawn God.

Lu Sheng stood among the crowds as well. He waited for the praying session to end and for the afternoon exhibit to open. It was then that he would execute his staged robbery.

"This way." Suddenly, a faint beckoning call reached his ears.

A beautiful girl with long blonde hair in white shirt and pants walked in. Behind her followed an exquisite-looking girl Lu Sheng was extremely familiar with. They walked into the hall.

"Hongye?!" Lu Sheng narrowed his eyes. He clearly instructed Hongye to study at home and prepare for her upcoming tests. To think that this young woman was bold enough to go against his instructions and slip away?!

When he thought about this, he had almost gone over to teach his adopted daughter a lesson. He would have her know that the consequence for disobedience was a solid beating.

Suddenly, Lu Sheng caught something in the edge of his vision. The teen with emerald eyes who followed the archbishop around was slowly making his way toward Lu Hongye.

That was not all. The several soldiers were also making their way toward her, though they did not make it obvious. They were slowly surrounding Lu Hongye and her companion.

"Be careful. The Dawn God and the Dragon God have always been at odds. One of the Dawn God's chosen one had been killed by the former golden dragon king. We'll leave after taking a look at the lesser regalia from afar." Misu was still explaining the arrangements for this visit to Lu Hongye.

"The Dawn Sword is no ordinary lesser regalia. It carries the glorious battle history of slaying a dozen golden and black dragons. It can be referred to as a dragon-slaying sword alright. It has a certain suppressive effect on us. If you encounter it in the future, you must run away as quickly as possible."

"Yes. I can already sense the threatening aura around that sword…" Lu Hongye was already familiar with some of the basic aura-sensing techniques.

Although she was not a master of it, she could still sense the Dawn Sword's aura, which was domineering.

"Are you… Her Highness… Shar?" The teen with emerald eyes had already gotten close to them without them noticing. He was speaking to them softly.

"You?!" Fear crept into Misu's heart. Being recognized like this was completely out of her expectations.

There was no need for contemplation. She pulled on Hongye, turned around, and ran out of the hall.

Amid their hurried footsteps, they exited the hall, and found that the streets were deserted.

A fog lingered at the sides as well. A blond-haired figure walked out of the fog, blocking their way. It was the teen with emerald eyes.

"You! Are you disregarding the pact between the gods?!" Misu shouted.

The teen merely smiled and made no reply.

Within the fog, the other soldiers were wielding sharp blades as they slowly closed in on them. Their stance was clear.

"Run!" Misu knew that she had no chance against them. She turned around, carried Hongye in her arms, and ran. They instantly vanished into the thick fog.

"I've come all the way for you…" The teen smiled and extended his arm at the two of them.

"Andre, are you sure that you want to make a move? Here?"

All of a sudden, the mist behind the teen dissipated. A slender, big, and tall muscular man appeared. The man had an exquisite golden stud earring on one ear. A long golden crystal was embedded on the center of his right arm.

"Elder Chris. Come to think of it, it's been 300 years since we've last met, isn't that right?" The teen turned around and looked at the man behind him.

"Don't you golden dragons know that this is my, Andre's, parish?"

Chris had sensed that something was off just now, and he hurried all the way here. However, when he saw the blond teen, his heart sank slightly as well.

He knew the identity of this teen. He was the chosen one of the Dawn God, Andre Phillipscad.

"If you're looking for a fight, we'll gladly participate," he said in a cold voice.

"I'm sorry. I'm merely here on a whim to see the future golden dragon queen. I don't have any ill intentions." The teen raised his hands, speaking with an innocent expression.


Inside the exhibition hall.

Lu Sheng had already raised his right arm and lowered it slowly. He returned his gaze onto the lesser regalia in midair.

"You should've told me this sooner… I'm a coward, and am not born to survive such a scare…"

If he had launched an attack, everyone except for Lu Hongye would have died.

The hand of a Sorcerer with a rank greater than 3,600 would have been capable of mashing the entire Dawn City into a flat cake and plunging it down into a deep pit 1000 meters deep.

If that kid had spoken a moment later, Dawn City would have had to start over. The great scene of the building of this stronghold thousands of years ago would have been reenacted.

'I should just take a look at the lesser regalia.' Lu Sheng retracted the arcane energy gathered on his arm. He levitated and closed in on the Dawn Sword.

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