Way Of The Devil Chapter 720

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Mystic World.

Amid the deep and boundless deep-sea vortex, a dark blue water bubble floated in a water column. A man was sitting with his back straight in the bubble, cultivating with his eyes closed. Dark golden energy spiritual Qi in the form of threads surrounded him.

The man had white hair and a childlike complexion. A colorful halo behind him shone its rays in all directions. There was a thick white cord tied around his forehead. He had an ethereal air about himself.

Time passed slowly by. Before long, the old man suddenly opened his eyes.

"It's further away now… This distance, I don't think he's trying to run away," he muttered to himself.

He suddenly raised his right index finger and tapped in the air before himself.

"The fruit of the path is a nothingness heart."


A transparent ripple immediately spread from his index finger. The tip of his finger had stabbed into the void. The front half of his finger immediately disappeared and plunged deep within the dimension.


In the exhibition hall. White fog covered everything. It was as if everyone had been frozen in time. Nobody moved.

Lu Sheng was just about to reach out for the lesser regalia, the Dawn Sword.

Suddenly, a brilliant golden light shone behind him. A surge of indescribably powerful threatening sensation instantly grabbed hold of his heart.

"Who is it?!" His entire body erupted with strength. He attempted to break free of the golden light's shackles. However, the golden light disappeared just as swiftly as it had appeared. It was as if it had never been there.

Lu Sheng hastily retracted his main body's power which he had slightly released. If he'd erupted with his main body here, Dawn City and the area within 100 miles around this place would have been obliterated by the energy blast released by his main body.

At the Void Underworld tier, his strength seemed to have boarded a rocket, where it was spiking every single moment.

It had been a long time since he had such a powerful sense of being threatened such as just now.


Lu Sheng's arm stayed in midair. He heaved a long sigh and evaporated the cold sweat on his back.

If it was said that he had come here with a light heart, after being stimulated by the golden radiance, his original attitude instantly changed.

Lu Sheng lowered his head to look at the spot where the golden radiance had erupted. It was the edge of his shirt where his waist was.

At this moment, a small row of golden words had appeared at the edge of his clothes.

"Don't forget, the promise of 100 years."

"Mystic World… Indefinite Cult Master!" Lu Sheng's heart gone cold.

He was capable of contacting him across two worlds. On top of that, he could even reach him in this Inferior World. This was a warning!

Although he had guessed that the other person had left some kind of mark on his body, but this Capacity…

He remembered about the golden radiance which sent a chill down his spine.

'As expected, he's done something to me…'

Lu Sheng's expression changed slightly. A series of thoughts flashed past his mind swiftly. However, he extended his hand again toward the crystal case which contained the lesser regalia. He decided to focus on the benefits before his eyes for now.

His palm had just touched the transparent crystal when the countless white veins on the crystal's surface suddenly shone. The power within the veins was about to erupt.


Lu Sheng's palm shone with red veins that were the complete opposite of the white veins. Throughout the past two days, he was not merely here to observe the exhibit.

The veins on his palm swiftly matched those of the crystal. When the two veins collided, a spot of white radiance shone, and the two types of veins dispersed swiftly in no time.

The veins disappeared. Lu Sheng felt as if he was cutting through tofu with his hand as it slid easily into the crystal case. Then, he grabbed the hilt of the Dawn Sword.

He felt as if he was holding a scalding cast iron. A surge of extremely scorching force erupted from within as it attempted to break free from his palm.

Lu Sheng snorted. His main body's Soil Qi surged out and instantly suppressed the force.

The Dawn Sword complained by vibrating slightly before falling silent.

Then, huge amounts of dense Mental Energy surged wildly into his body.

A few minutes later, Lu Sheng walked slowly out of the exhibition hall. He quickly disappeared in the thick fog.

The First Light Church's divine art seemed to be an immobilization art which covered a wide area. It could freeze the movements and thoughts of all living beings. Many Sorcerers also referred to this divine art as Pseudo-time Stop.

However, the entity that was stopped was the creatures' own time. Unfortunately, this was not effective on Lu Sheng.

Lu Sheng returned to his mansion and swiftly entered the underground chamber. He brought some materials for setting up a formation and left the mansion. He sped away from Dawn City.

He did not use the Transportation Door. Instead, he used a method which would create the least fluctuation from his arcane arts and left the area.

The message left by the Indefinite Cult Master made him understand that something had been implanted within him. If he did not remove it, perhaps the Indefinite Cult Master would think that he was incapable of removing this.

If that was the case, he would not be able to bargain for a bigger share of the spoils the next time…

Under the blue skies dotted with white clouds, Lu Sheng cast an invisibility art on himself. Then, he retracted his own aura with his main body's power. He soared rather than flew. After reaching a high enough altitude, all he needed was a small push of energy, and he was able to fly for a very long distance.

He flew past Dawn City and several other towns of unknown names. He eventually crossed a majestic mountain range.

Lu Sheng slowly descended onto a desolate plain with jagged rocks.

The grayish-white plain was dotted with peculiar boulders. Some of the boulders appeared like statues which struck different poses.

The sun's rays seemed to have been somehow affected here as well. The sunlight was cold and dark here.

Lu Sheng had a thought. He dived down and descended swiftly before landing softly on the ground.

"The cursed land…" He remembered some of the forbidden lands marked out on the map of this continent.

One of them was here.

In the main plane, there were many sites where the gods had battled the forces of hell and the abyss. This cursed land was one of those locations.

There were taboo beings that threatened even the gods and creatures of hell and the abyss.

Well, Lu Sheng did not know what being could be a threat to both the gods and the creatures of hell and the abyss at the same time.

'This is the place. The curse power from the cursed land should be able to add another layer to obstruct the Indefinite Cult Master's tampering with my power.'

Lu Sheng only managed to sigh in relief here. This was because he clearly felt the golden power at the edge of his shirt pale compared to before.

"Well then, let's dig a hole!" He looked around him, formed claws with his hand, and threw them at the ground.


The formless arcane art energy formed a Sorcerer's Hand and stabbed into the ground. Rocks and soil were pried open, and a huge pit with a depth of several meters swiftly appeared in the ground.

The excavated soil and rocks were thrown to the side, and rained down on the weathered rocks, making them look akin to beehives.

Lu Sheng kept digging the hole.


Suddenly, his Sorcerer's Hand seemed to have collided with something hard.

"What's this?" Lu Sheng was stunned. He instantly felt as if his Sorcerer's Hand was being absorbed by something else.

With a swoosh, the magic power which he used to construct his Sorcerer's Hand instantly vanished.

Lu Sheng peeked into the hole that was now 100 meters deep.

'Something's blocking the way.'

There seemed to be a layer of fog covering the pit, but he could not quite see it clearly. Lu Sheng narrowed his eyes as much as he could and pushed his head deeper. He attempted to take a better look.


Suddenly, a dark red tongue shot out with lightning speed. It wrapped tightly around Lu Sheng's neck and tugged.

Caught off guard, Lu Sheng was instantly pulled into the deep pit he had dug.


Then, there was a scream.

Lu Sheng leapt out of the deep pit again. He carried a black creature with a human torso and ox trunk with rows of sharp teeth.

"This is great! I even have my meal now!"

"I'm an Abomination, Enifers, a beast that devours the heart of darkness! Mere mortal, you dare provoke me…" the monster roared, and his muscles wriggled in a peculiar fashion as he erupted with incredible strength.

He was not afraid of arcane arts. His strength and speed were terrifyingly powerful. He feasted on god power and took up abyssal power and hell power as his nutrition.

He could only be wounded by pure physical attacks.

However, he would merely be wounded. His body was so powerful that he was nearly immortal. He would not even have any fear even if he faced monsters of the same rank.

This was an Abomination, a monster born from the power of gods and other chaotic forces.

If Abominations were allowed to roam the main plane, they could even destroy the world.

Enifers possessed a power on par with a giant dragon. He had regenerative powers of the blood princes and was immune to arcane arts of rank-7 and below. God power and abyssal, hell powers would only serve to feed him.

He had slain giant dragons and even dragon kings before. He had also devoured divine areas, demigods, and even avatars of the gods that roamed the world.

This piece of land was his resting place which he had defended from countless years. In the legendary circle, this was a public secret known by everyone.

That was why this cursed land was deserted. Nobody dared to enter or exit this place.

However, things were different now.

Lu Sheng had no idea that there was a master of this land. All these years, his most powerful asset was not the power he wielded as a so-called legendary Sorcerer, nor was it his seven-colored dragon's body.

His core power was actually the 99 kinds of arcane power he cultivated. He used this power to modify and move his dragon body, resulting in a terrifying might unleashed.

Attacking an enemy with arcane arts directly was the dumbest way of fighting.

Lu Sheng had said this to his subordinates before.

"We must convert all forms of power into kinetic energy, into muscles! The true essence of one's power is to crush the enemy with pure primordial energy!"

He had walked the talk.

His rank-999 Death Finger was one of the skills in this system.

What Lu Sheng actually cultivated was the completed arcane art system which he derived with Deep Blue.

'Now that I've absorbed the Mental Energy within the lesser regalia, it's the right opportunity for me to complete this arcane art system!' Lu Sheng grabbed the Abomination's neck and turned it around to observe its body.

"Your power's not bad at all. Are you interested in following me? I can grant you greater power." This was his first time seeing a creature known as an Abomination. The formidable magic resistance of this creature sparked a deep sense of interest within him.

This resistance did not work against elemental energy alone. It was a resistance to arcane arts' magic power, god power, abyssal power, hell power, and other powers as well.

"You wish! I'm the nemesis of the god of darkness! Destroying and devouring the darkness is my mission!" Enifers roared wildly.

However, the unfortunate thing was that his power meant nothing to Lu Sheng.

As an Abomination, he was afraid of nothing but brute force.

Coincidentally, he ran into Lu Sheng, who was capable of converting all the power he had into brute force.

On top of that, Lu Sheng himself was a seven-colored dragon. No matter what, his pure strength was much greater compared to ordinary humans'.

With this, Enifers was completely at his mercy.

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