Way Of The Devil Chapter 724

722 Summon 1

Extreme Winter God Nation was the third star in the skies that was only inferior to the Light God Nation and Shadow God Nation.

The main god Lull was revered as the Long Sleeper, the Eternal Confiner, the God of Stillness, the Time Freezer.

His god nation was close to the main plane where abyss and hell intersected. There were countless cold void winds and planar storms there.

Countless black elements brought with them terrifyingly cold temperatures and formed a black storm which wreaked havoc wherever it went. Aside from his own god nation, all other beings, including the Abominations, could not live easily within the planar storms.

Within the black void, the Extreme Winter God Nation was like a huge blue ball of ice. It hovered in the void and swiveled slowly.

Through the thick layers of ice, through the countless snow-capped mountain ranges and frozen water bodies.

In the deepest core of the god nation's land, there was a spacious temple filled with blue radiance.

Lull slowly opened his eye calmly.

He had short blue hair. A deep blue round symbol turned between his brows. Behind him were wide-feathered wings formed by countless threads of blue energy.

If one looked closely enough, one would notice that every single thread which made up the feathers of the wings was filled with the prayers and hymns of countless mortals.

With a single glance, one could see countless images flashing past the surface of the blue feathers. The lives of the mortals could be referred to here.

Lull frowned slightly, and softly asked, "What's this peculiar fluctuation on the main plane?"

"Revered Time Freezer, someone had defiled a bearer of god blood from the main plane's cult nation. The Winter God, His Highness Reza, had already sent his embodiment there," a gentle female voice replied from within the great temple.

"Cult nation? God blood?" A slight fluctuation rose on Lull's extremely vast spirit. He instantly searched for the series of events that happened in the cult nation. He read it all like reading a book.

"Something's interfering with the punishment on the believers of the Void Cult," he spoke in a deep voice. "I'm worried that His Highness Reza might not be able to handle this on his own."

"I'll go, main god." A platinum-colored figure suddenly surfaced within the temple. It was a big, tall, strong-looking woman with white hair.

She carried more than 10 kinds of icy blue weapons on her back. Her weapons were shaped like round discs, and emanated bone-chilling white cold air.

"Tremble Goddess, Peka" Lull muttered to himself for a moment. Without a doubt, the Tremble Goddess was, besides himself, the most powerful deity in the god system ruled by him. She could be referred to as the war goddess of the entire god system.

However, with their rocky relationship with the Light God system and the other evangelizers of the major planes, rashly sending out the Tremble Goddess out might not be suitable. Even if the main plane was the most important core land, this would not do.

"The other side made no attack. They're only protecting the mortal with the Void bloodline. Since they haven't had an acrimonious falling out, there's no need for us to make our move," Lull said slowly.

From the looks of his subordinates, they were all Abominations. That fact aside, the obscure aura on the Abominations was clearly from the abyss.

It was highly possible that the feudal lords of the abyss's lower levels were having a part in this.

The abyssal feudal lords in the deepest layers of the abyss were not easy characters to deal with. Even though he was a main god, if he had an acrimonious falling out with them in the main plane, the best outcome would be that both sides would suffer losses.

"There's no need for you to send your main body there. Just send an embodiment." Lull made the decision.

"As you wish." Tremble Goddess Peka lowered her head slightly as a show of respect.


A white light descended from the skies through the cloud layers.

The warm wind crossed the skies above Dawn City. The elements and materials scattered in the air did not change at all.

Lu Sheng waited for half an hour, but he did not notice any peculiar movements in the Sky God Nation. He immediately knew that the Extreme Winter God Nation might have given up on coming down themselves.

In truth, compared to the abyssal feudal lords, Lu Sheng wanted to eat the gods of the heavens more. This was because Divinities were more useful to him.

A Divinity point here was equivalent to a high-ranked mystery crystal back in the Heavenly Devil World! The amount of knowledge and insights contained within it could allow Lu Sheng's accumulations skyrocket.

If he stayed in the Heavenly Devil World, there was no way that he would be able to get his hands on this many mystery crystals.

'There's no doubt that Divinities are the mystery crystals of this world. A weak incarnation of god power would contain one Divinity point. I couldn't care less about god power or the other powers. They're only some form of concentrated energy to me.'

Lu Sheng sighed and retracted his gaze.

'Alas, for the main plane, mere mortals and ordinary creatures can only possess one Divinity point at most. Even the high-ranked creatures would only possess two points at most. Only by ranking up to a demigod will the creature have three Divinity points. That's the limit already. If the incarnation of a real main god comes into the world, it would at least contain 10 Divinity points. If I can eat one, it'll be a great boost!'

Lu Sheng looked at the skies, speechless. After he confirmed that the Extreme Winter God Nation was making no moves, he closed his window with disappointment and sat back at his desk.

"Since they're not making any moves, I'll take a look at the seven-colored dragons."

He began reading the latest information he got about the seven-colored dragons.


Inside the forest, the scene was like an aftermath of a tornado.

Deep pits and broken tree trunks were scattered all across the forest floor. The rocks were reduced to powder, and none of the grass patches were intact.

Tia and Philemon stood opposite each other.

They were both covered in blood. Tia's head and waist were covered in blood, whereas Philemon's chest was covered in blood too.

The two of them seemed to be at their wits' end.

Initially, Tia had no chance of beating her opponent. She could only maintain her huge claw for a short time.

However, Philemon had tried to summon a god just now. He'd initially thought that the god-summoning art would surely succeed. He paid a huge price and spent much of his mental and physical energy. However, nothing happened after he unleashed his art.

While Philemon was stunned, Tia landed another claw strike on his chest.

This time, Philemon was caught completely off-guard. His rib cage caved in and several of his ribs broke; he was gravely wounded.

Then, the two of them continued hacking away at each other for several hours. At this moment, both of them were exhausted. They no longer had the energy to fight.

Philemon panted heavily. He placed a hand on his chest as he asked in his deep voice, "Do you still want to continue?"

"Of course... not." Tia was panting heavily as well. However, her words came out more smoothly compared to her opponent. "Because I've won." She looked at her opponent with a cold and amused gaze.

"You've won?" Philemon was stunned. He did not understand what Tia meant.


Suddenly, a searing pain spread out from his abdomen.

Philemon was stunned. He hastily looked down.

At his underbelly, a dark red blotch had appeared without him noticing. His flesh on his underbelly spread out, enlarged, wriggled, and formed a meaty lump the size of a fingernail.

The divine power coursing through his veins was incapable of expelling the peculiar power contained in his underbelly.

"Let loose, Contortion Blade!" Tia suddenly drew out the red dagger behind her. She stabbed mercilessly at her own heart.



It was Philemon who was spitting out blood. His face paled as he staggered backward. Mouthfuls of fresh blood surged out from his mouth.

The white divine power surging throughout his body attempted to heal his wound. However, it was pointless. Instead, the influx of divine power made blood surge out of his body at a quicker rate.

Philemon looked up at the heavens, and shouted, "My god" The look of despair registered in his eyes.

"Your god won't be able to save you!" Tia took a step forward.


There was a flash of a blade. Philemon's head shot into the air. It fell to the ground, rolled to the side, and stayed motionless.

His body was still standing still as blood sprayed out in a mist from where his severed head once sat.

Tia fell to her knees, panting heavily. She looked at the mess before herself. Her eyes could not help but redden.

"I can't let my guard down now. I must leave this place immediately! Although I don't know who's helping me, I can't let their good intentions go to waste!"

She forced herself to her feet and sped toward the cult nation's capital.

Her revenge mission this time was unusual.

She knew that the elites of the Ice Blue Cult Nation had never once used their ultimate moves from the beginning until the end.

It was not as if they did not want to use them, but their ultimate moves did nothing.

The cult nation's sacred son was killed, its many bases destroyed, and even the Sacred Sound Executioner was killed. Their greatest loss would be their only divine son and the Sacred Sound Executioner.

These two individuals were very important to the Ice Blue Cult Nation. The only divine son had the blood of the gods; hence, he served as the most suitable for a true god if they ever wanted to come into the world. Also, he could be reused.

The Sacred Sound Executioner was a member of the most powerful secret organization in the Ice Blue Cult Nation. He held the highest office directly under the pope and the gods.

There were not many Sacred Sound Executioners, but every single one of them was strong. They usually served as executioners passing sentences on the infidels.

All Sacred Sound Executioners wielded great power. They were authorized to kill.

When she thought of this, Tia suddenly remembered the man who sneaked up upon her from behind Philemon back then. While she continued to fight Philemon, the man did not show himself. She wondered if he had fled the scene, or if something else had happened to him.

'In any case, someone must be helping me from behind the scenes. Otherwise, it's impossible for the Ice Blue Cult Nation to withhold its legendary experts after having two of their important people killed'

She had already made the resolve to throw her life away. After all, no matter how special she was, she was not a match for legendary opponents. Even the weakest legendary warrior could unleash a destructive power she could never have imagined.

However, the miraculous thing was that not a single legendary expert had appeared from the beginning until the end.

Tia quickly made her way past the trees. She could almost see the end of the forest.

Suddenly, she picked up a thick scent of blood in the wind that blew against her.

With a swoosh, she swiftly landed on a thick branch and cast her gaze past the forest.

It was a valley filled with peculiar, jagged rocks.

A person was standing in the valley. The person was completely dark red in color. Even his hair and eyes were of that color. This was a mysterious and strange person.

"Lady Tia, before I take my leave, I'll help you take care of the god power mark hidden on you." The man wore a gentle smile as he extended an arm toward Tia.

Before Tia could react, she felt a semi-transparent faint golden light spot within her chest being separated from her body.

The spot of light seemed to have been pinched by something. It struggled all it could, but its efforts were futile.


The spot of light burst. Tia immediately felt a wave of relief wash over herself.

"Well then, I wish you joy." The blood-red man smiled again. He disintegrated into blood-colored droplets and seeped into the ground without a sound. He vanished in no time.

Tia hastily went forward and asked in a loud voice, "Wait! Who are you? Why are you helping me?!"

"We're only responding to your kindness. That's all there is to this." The man's voice reached her from afar. It was faint, just as if the man had already gone far away.

"Kindness?" Tia was stunned. She reviewed her memories carefully. She suddenly shook. She remembered the strange smile that man had on his face when she'd brought the two young dragons there.

Although she had done quite a number of good deeds, the person who could actually help her was only the brother of those two seven-colored dragons.

This was because she could tell that he was not weak.

However, she had not expected that his level would be this high

'But this is all just my guess. I have no way of proving this yet.' Tia processed her thought quickly. She dashed into the valley and sprinted into the distance.

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