Way Of The Devil Chapter 733

731 Journey 2

The bronze tablet behind Lu Sheng was inscribed with detailed information.

The gist of the information was that Sardine paid the Red Dragon Tribe a handsome reward. On top of that, with the Ocean God System behind him, the Red Dragon Tribe showed him favor as well. They sent out adult red dragons to join in the hunt.

During one of the encounter battles, the seven-colored dragons lost a primordial elder and another adult seven-colored dragon.

Lu Sheng stroked the information on the bronze tablet. A cold gleam flashed past his eyes.

"As long as we've found them." The location of the encounter battle was on a peninsula in the West Sea.

It was in an island nation called Hasna.

"I've just made my move against three gods. I can't guarantee that the other gods won't come reckoning. Perhaps I should keep a low profile this time" Lu Sheng gave it some thought, and quickly came up with a course of action.


Every year, the coffee evaluation committee in Dawn City would organize trips to the four coffee production lands where its members exchanged their views about coffee and evaluated the quality of the coffee.

This activity was considered a semi-casual trip. The tourists involved in these trips were largely members of the coffee evaluation committee.

The president of one of the evaluation committee's branches in Dawn City was a graceful lady with waist-length blonde hair. Everyone called her Yuya.

In the evaluation committee, nobody talked about your background. This was merely a gathering of individuals with the same hobbies and interests.

Status, income, race, and religion had no place here. The people gathered here purely because of coffee.

In truth, besides some of the people from the upper class who frequently showed their faces in public, in this world where there was no television or rich media, nobody would even recognize those who held high offices.

Lu Sheng sat beside the slightly swaying window in the carriage. He was casually flipping through a poem collection in his hands.

The carriage he sat in was of the model Kart. It was being pulled by four huge black beasts that resembled hybrids between oxen and horses.

The Kart was the size of a train car. More than 20 passengers were cramped inside it. They were all members of the coffee evaluation committee.

The branch president Yuya was the organizer of this event.

Lu Sheng had many other ways of reaching Hasna, but none of the other ways were as natural as this.

On top of that, he was sick of having his subordinates around him at all times. He decided to join this group on a trip to the peninsula and relax.

He had a window seat. A girl with a freckled nose and auburn hair sat beside him. She wore a one-piecea short light pink dress with puff sleeves. Her legs, wrapped in white lace, extended from under the hem of her dress. They were swaying freely as they dangled off the seat.

The girl had a cute appearance. The freckles she had did not mask the beauty of her exquisite facial features. She was also talkative. She kept a conversation going with the middle-aged couple who sat opposite her. They were having a good time.

Most of the ladies who joined the coffee evaluation committee were of acceptable quality in terms of looks and figure.

This was because those who had the time and means to participate in such events were usually no ordinary personage.

Hence, many girls would do all they could to enter this circle. The coffee evaluation committee's activity would usually turn into some vague form of social dance.

Some of the young girls from fallen noble families were well-educated and had well-kept figures to begin with. They were unwilling to accept their fate of having to marry into families that they did not like just because their families had fallen from grace.

Hence, they took part in all sorts of dances and social events. They attempted to change their lives and fate once again with marriage.

The coffee evaluation committee's events were one of the more influential ones.

Yuna was such a highborn girl. She was very confident in her own looks. However, after paying a fortune to get into this coffee evaluation committee, she realized that her looks were only below average.

Nearby, there was another girl, Mirin, who she heard had been dancing since she was a little girl. Mirin's looks were not inferior to hers, and the flexibility and balanced poise of her body were much better than hers. Yuna was sure that she would tick all the boxes of the middle-aged nobles.

Behind her, Camila was having a jolly conversation with a baron. Her looks were flawless. She was charming, seductive, mesmerizing, and a blend of other adjectives which aroused the primal urges of men. Many of the males in the Kart found their own gazes straying toward her every now and then.

Besides them, there were other young girls in the Kart. All of them had their own special features and were gorgeously dressed. They did not seem to have any obvious flaws.

Although Yuna was cute in her own way, she was insignificant in this place where beauties gathered.

The few freckles on her nose now became a serious flaw that was put under the magnifying glass.

She could not win against the others with her own advantages, and she had a flaw that no one else had. This was making Yuna slightly losing her self-esteem.

Feeling helpless, she banked in on her advantage in character. She struck up a cheerful conversation with the middle-aged couple before herself.

She did not have any ideas on the middle-aged man; after all, his wife was right there beside him. She merely did not want to sit awkwardly on her own seat.

Early into the conversation, some other passengers boarded the Kart. One of them was a middle-aged man with a fierce look. He sat on her left, near the window.

The man was handsome, but his physique was on the terrifying side of the spectrum. His muscles looked like steel. Even his loose black shirt could not conceal the strong contours of his bulging muscles. His attire was not extravagant. He appeared average.

Fortunately, this man took little interest in the exchanges around him after he boarded the Kart. He immediately fished out a poem collection and went through it casually.

The Kart ambled along. The heavy breathing of the four wild beasts could be heard coming from the front.

A young nobleman who looked slightly handsome started singing as he played his harp. He immediately caught the attention of the girls around him as they cheered him on.

The coffee had yet to be served, but some of the passengers had already drew up their doors.

Passengers were seated in fours in compartments. The doors of the compartments had excellent soundproof capabilities.

The Kart could carry more than 50 passengers. With only more than 20 passengers currently, the men could easily find an empty compartment, bring the girl they fancied with them, and do whatever they wanted to do in there.

However, not many did that. After all, the journey had just begun. The girls needed some time to be sure of their targets.

Yuna kept talking with the baron and his wife for a while before she felt an urge to use the toilet. When she saw that it was vacant, she hastily stood up to head toward it.

However, she had just stood up when she heard a crisp and faint tearing sound.

Yuna felt that the hem on her left butt cheek was caught by something, and a huge part of it was torn open.

She turned ghastly pale as she hastily sat back down. She desperately pulled on her hem to cover her buttock.

Unfortunately, she could feel a breeze on the part where her body was covered with her lace stockings. It was obvious that her dress could no longer cover her body.

'It's over!' Yuna's heart was ice-cold.

She quickly looked at the couple opposite her. Although the lady was wearing a gentle smile, she was clearly pretending not to have noticed any of this.

From the lady's angle, she should have been able to see what had happened to Yuna.

However, this lady who she had just been conversing happily with was acting as if she saw nothing.

Yuna instantly understood what she was thinking. This lady was not feeling happy that she had joked and laughed with her husband for so long.

She was waiting for this joke to blow up.

Yuna lowered her head. She could feel tears welling up in her eyes.

This was one of the most high-class social events in Dawn City. If she made a fool of herself here, her reputation would

A b*tch who tore her dress on purpose to seduce men on the way to an evaluation event?

Yuna did not have to think too hard to know just how vicious the rumors could be.

She was having the urge to use the toilet now. The more pressing the need felt, the more her tummy bore down on her bladder. She was near the point where she could no longer hold it in. She did a quick visual check on the spot where her dress had been torn. Out of nowhere, there was a rogue nail sticking out. It was this object that tore her dress.

'What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?!'


Lu Sheng casually flipped through the poem collection. He had gone from cover to cover twice. He liked beauty and sought after beauty as well. He had a tireless zeal to approach anything beautiful.

Take this trip, for example. Although he had another agenda, being able to admire the beautiful girls while he hurried on toward his destination was also a form of enjoyment for him.

He took notice of the girl Yuna, who sat beside him. There was no other reason besides Yuna being one of the few girls in the Kart who had not lost their virginity.

The others appeared pure, but there were dense auras of at least 10 men on each of them. The others could not sense this, but Lu Sheng was not them.

Most of the girls were tainted by the auras of at least a handful of men. It was obvious that they were completely unscrupulous for this evaluation committee event.

That was why he chose to sit beside Yuna.

Regarding the affairs between a man and a women, Lu Sheng had lost all interest ever since the disappearance of his son Lu Ning and his wife Chen Yunxi.

Although he could keep a good control over his own powers now, after taking in Hongye, he had even less time to think about other matters.


Suddenly, there was a crisp sound. Lu Sheng glanced with the edge of his vision and saw the white exposed patch of the girl's buttock beside him.

Then, he glanced at the girl's face. He saw her tense, pale expression that was close to tears.

He suddenly felt that she looked familiar.

Lu Sheng always had a good memory. If he felt that someone was familiar, it meant that he must have seen that person before.

After searching through his memories for a while, he immediately remembered that this girl was Yuna. She was a classmate of Hongye.

However, she was not close to Hongye. That was why Lu Sheng did not have much of an impression of her.

As time passed by, Yuna's abnormal behavior was quickly picked up by these nobles and young girls who liked to scrutinize other people.

Some of the young girls around them wore curious expressions. They moved closer intentionally to get a glimpse. Some younger men have also moved closer to them, whether intentionally or unintentionally. They were trying to peek at Yuna's torn dress from various angles.

Yuna felt more embarrassed by the second. On top of that, she could hardly suppress her need to answer the call of nature anymore. Tears welled up in her eyes, and they finally dropped.

Lu Sheng found this whole ordeal interesting. A girl whose looks were only average had surprisingly shown such seductive charm with just a torn dress.

This reminded him of another girl whom he knew, Duanmu Wan.

When he remembered Duanmu Wan, he remembered the missing people of the Lu Manor and his son Lu Ning.

His playful thoughts were quickly scattered.

He looked around himself. There were many gathering around this spot right now. There were about eight individuals passing by at one time. They put up an appearance of being engaged in conversation, but they were constantly peeking at Yuna's torn dress.

Some of the other girls who noticed this were already accusing Yuna of tearing her own dress on purpose.

Lu Sheng's expression grew gloomy. He casually removed his own shirt and tried to drape it over Yuna.

Surprisingly, Yuna was slightly stunned before she shouted, "No!"

In such an event, once a girl was being covered in a man's clothes, this meant that she was his alone. This bore the meaning of the man having decided his target.

Lu Sheng was stunned. The shirt in his hands froze in midair. He had no knowledge about this rule. He merely stared in stunned silence at Yuna who turned him down.

He did this out of good will

Could it be a reflex? It was most probably a misunderstanding. He draped his shirt on her.

"No! No!"

"You're being too polite, young lady." Lu Sheng smiled and put more force into his arms.

"No! No!"

"There's no need to thank me. It's what I should do." Lu Sheng could not stand polite people. He put more strength in his arms.


Amid all the action, he seemed to have heard something break.

However, Lu Sheng was quite confident in his control of his own strength lately even though gaining insight on the Godhood had improved the overall qualities of his body.

However, he was confident that he could control this body of his with no problem.

"H-help" A voice as weak as a mosquito's buzz came from under his shirt.

Lu Sheng pulled his hands back.

"You're welcome. We should all look after each other in society."

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