Way Of The Devil Chapter 734

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"I don't think that she's being polite. I think she's really asking for help" the husband reminded him with a slightly pale expression.

He'd initially intended to relish this opportunity, thus he pretended not to notice the tear in Yuna's dress. However, he could no longer stand what he saw next.

He could not bear to see such a young and beautiful girl being treated this cruelly.

"I know that." The smile on Lu Sheng's face vanished immediately. "However, this is my goodwill, she has no right to reject it."

Of course, he knew that he had accidentally broke the girl's arms out of carelessness. However, he was Lu Sheng, and he was never wrong.

If he was not in the wrong, the person who was in the wrong would obviously be the other party.

When the middle-aged couple heard this, they were stunned as well. They did not know what they should say to him.

The people around them were speechless as well.

"Not bad. It's only natural for us nobles to always be in the right. These peasants are only tools who are here to entertain us."

A handsome blonde man walked slowly toward them. He brought two glasses of dark red wine with him. He was looking at Lu Sheng with half a smile.

Lu Sheng removed his shirt. Yuna slumped onto the seat with her arms before herself. It was obvious that her arms were at awkward angles.

Lu Sheng adjusted her arms. After two crisp cracks and some infusion of Soil Qi to heal the injury, Yuna's broken bones were mended after a few seconds.


Her wounds have barely healed when she screamed with a terrified look on her face. She stood up and ran. She dared not stay by Lu Sheng's side any longer.

Her vacated seat was taken up by this blonde young man who brought wine.

Lu Sheng took his shirt back and looked at this man.

"Want a drink?" The young man placed the glass before Lu Sheng.

"You're not afraid of me?" Lu Sheng smiled, revealing his white teeth.

"I'm Jonah. It's always the others who are afraid of me. I'm never afraid of anyone," the young man replied with a smile.

"You sure talk big." After an initial pause, Lu Sheng smiled again.

"I'm not. What I just said are facts. Are you interested in becoming one of my followers?" The young man looked at Lu Sheng. He extended the invitation in a gentle tone.

Lu Sheng did not wish to entertain him. He lifted the glass and took a sip; it was nice. The tang and sweetness reminded him of fruit juice.

No This was a glass of fruit juice.

"Why aren't you saying anything? Is it because you're unsure of the price? Relax, if it's a girl like that one, I can give you however many you want. I'm not lacking in anything as a person, but I do like to make friends," said the young man with a smile.

Lu Sheng shook his head slightly. He did not want to entertain him. He took out another book from his sack and started reading. This time, it was a novel.

This young man did not give up. He stayed by Lu Sheng's side.

It was obvious that the name Jonah was only an alias.

Soon after, Yuna came back with tears streaking down her face. The couple opposite her before this could not stand the pressure Lu Sheng and Jonah exuded, and they slipped away silently. Yuna decided to sit opposite the two of them.

However, she dared not look at Lu Sheng, nor did she dare look at Jonah. She merely lowered her head and curled up.

Lu Sheng minded his own business and read his book. Jonah kept blabbering on about some complex matters which made him seem elegant and awesome.

Lu Sheng did not respond, but he was not irritated by this at all. Jonah continued recounting his fun ventures.

The Kart ambled along. It started picking up speed. The beasts' agility would dramatically increase in the plains. That was one of the characteristics of the wild beasts.

The blurry scenery kept shooting past the window.

Lu Sheng read his book and ate some food. The branch president Yuya came over and asked him some questions. Then, nobody else came by.

It was obvious that the others had been frightened by Lu Sheng's actions just now.

Those who were able to come here were individuals with high status. The highborn would not sit directly under the eaves. They were nobles, and did not have to burden themselves with a peasant here.

Moreover, they had nothing to do with Yuna from the beginning.

After Yuna left, she was derided by the girls from the other compartments. Feeling helpless, she returned to Lu Sheng's compartment.

After the incident just now, none of the men wanted anything to do with her. Her wish went down the drain now. She was seen as Lu Sheng's property.

The other man, Jonah, talked without stopping throughout the journey. He sure was talkative.

Lu Sheng did not seem interested in entertaining him. He was gaining insight on the mysteries of the natural cycle as revealed by the functioning of the Godhoods.

This completed the insight he had regarding the rules of his Heart Image World.

"Uwa Uwa"

Suddenly, the cries of an infant reached his ears through the window. It interrupted Lu Sheng's thoughts.

He stopped thinking and looked out the window.

"We're almost at Hasna. This is a famous slum in these parts. Please take care not to open your windows so that your clothes won't be tarnished by the filthy hands of the people here." The branch president Yuya stood up and reminded everyone in a loud voice.

The infant's cries came from the arms of a dirty woman covered in black clothes. She was holding an emaciated little infant who was still trying its best to cry out.

The infant's limbs were like fried branches, but its feet were as large as balls. It had clearly contracted a disease.

"This is the famous hell on earth of Hasna" Jonah, who had been talking nonstop, was suddenly quiet now. He looked silently at the crowd outside. There was an unexplainable gleam in his eyes.

The Kart kept moving forward. Shortly after, a waiter brought them their lunch.

However, lunch had to be bought. Lu Sheng bought his own, and Yuna somehow managed to afford a meal. Only the noble-looking Jonah waved his hand dismissively, and did not even look at the choice of food.

"We, nobles, won't just settle for anything to fill our bellies."

Lu Sheng had no time for him.

After traveling for some time and having eaten their meal, the group stopped before a mansion in Hasna.

This place would serve as their lodgings. However, everyone had to pay a security deposit.

The mansion was not far from the slums. Lu Sheng could still hear the cries of the infants from afar.

"Hasna is a popular peninsular nation. The nearest city is only a day's journey from here. This is a peripheral location. The mansion we'll be staying in is a real estate owned by Earl Pock. There's quite a history to this mansion. It dates back to"

After branch president Yuya alighted from the Kart, she walked in front of everyone and began explaining about this place.

After Lu Sheng alighted, he could not help but feel his eyes stray toward the slums.

He could feel a massive aura of death hanging upon the slums. At the same time, vitality was also mixed with the aura of death. Like sprouts growing out of the soil, they grew with all their might.

"Here, death brings peace. It's an end to one's suffering." Jonah walked beside him. He could not help but sigh.

This was a sign that he was actually a good person.

"Why're you still following me?" Lu Sheng gave him a peculiar look. This fellow had been sticking around him after they alighted from the Kart. Yuna was also staying near him.

Jonah blushed as he tried his best to act calm, and said, "Are you really not considering joining me as a follower of the Becca Family? I'll have you know that I, Jonah, as the fifth successor, am in line to inherit vast farmlands. I can give you everything you want!"

"You don't have any money for food, don't you?" Lu Sheng cut to the chase.

Jonah jumped like a kitten whose tail had been stepped on. He blushed, and could not muster any words to retort.

"You're young, but you're wasting your time on crossdressing," said Lu Sheng, feeling speechless.

Jonah was stunned.

Lu Sheng brought Jonah and Yuna into the mansion. He bought dinner for three. Yuna seemed to have run out of money as well. When they asked for the bill, she did not expect dinner to be that expensive here. The money she'd brought with her was almost gone.

Lu Sheng was still feeling apologetic toward her. After all, she was Hongye's classmate, and she nearly died after his rough treatment. It was only right for him to give her some form of compensation. Hence, he paid for her as well.

"Thank you" Yuna lowered her head and squeaked. Her face was as red as an apple.

As for Jonah, Lu Sheng tossed some silver coins to her. The tips he gave was already enough for her to have a meal.

Then, she went to the washroom and came back in a clean white dress.

Her brilliant blonde hair fell loosely on her shoulders. Her dress extended all the way to her calves. The black form-fitting tights wrapped around her slender legs. A wide black belt with silver stripes was fastened around her waist. What caught the attention of the others were her eyes.

Her pupils were clearly of a different color than the others'. After taking off her disguise, Jonah revealed her moving purple crystal pupils.

She was merely sitting on her seat and enjoying her meal silently. Her every move showcased the rigid and near-perfect etiquette which she was trained in.

However, the dish before her was only a plate of steamed cabbages

Lu Sheng glanced at her belt. He could tell that she had used this belt to disguise herself before this.

"From where I come from, cabbages are also known as luoxin. It's a mysterious vegetable that has a long history and a place in elegant literature." Jonah stabbed a small chunk of cabbage lightly with her fork and brought it to her mouth. She looked as if she was enjoying the most expensive fresh steak in the world.

"I loved cabbages ever since I was a little girl. Alas, my father would always say that this is a dish only the peasants would eat. I didn't expect to be able to enjoy this delicacy which would've usually been denied me."

Yuna was not afraid of Jonah anymore.

"Did you run away, on your own?" she asked, curious.

"No, I left the family in broad daylight. Running away is hardly a term befitting of a noble and graceful lady. You're being too impudent, Yuna!" Jonah gave Yuna a dissatisfied glare.

"I've just forgotten my purse, is all," she added.

Yuna immediately put her hands on her mouth to stifle her laughter. She could tell that Jonah was acting tough to save face. Hence, she granted her the wish. This Jonah was actually pure and kind girl.

Just like that person.

She could not help but steal a glance at Lu Sheng who sat beside her.

Lu Sheng was holding a rib on his hands and easily tore off a chunk of meat that would have been to much for a single person's meal. Then, he chewed and swallowed it.

If looking at Jonah eating was a form of enjoyment, looking at Lu Sheng eat was torture.

In less than 30 minutes, Lu Sheng had finished a portion that would have fed a table of 10.

The waiters could not help breaking out in a cold sweat. Some of them could tell that Jonah was a beautiful noble. When they saw this table of guests, they dared not get close. They merely talked about them from a distance.

After all, even the Beast Tribe, the elephant men, who were known for their appetite, would not be able to eat as much as Lu Sheng did in a single sitting.

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