Way Of The Devil Chapter 736

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"Hey! Wait up! Where should I go look for you?!" Jonah was slightly stunned before she shouted this question after him.

Nobody made a reply.

Jonah sat back down, speechless. 'That man What an easy way to make an empty promise.'


Suddenly, a huge black silhouette shot past the mansion's windows.

Jonah hastily stood up. She looked out with slight anxiousness.

"What's that?!" Her chest tightened. She had a bad feeling about this.

She made it to the window of the hall.

Another black silhouette shot past.

This time, she could clearly see it. It was a dragon!

A dragon's silhouette!

She hastily rushed toward the window and opened it wide. However, she could not see any signs of dragons, just as if what she saw just now was only illusions.

"What What was that?!" Jonah felt her heart race.


In a patch of the forest some miles away from the mansion.

The moonlight shone on the empty ground. Lu Sheng had been chatting with Jonah just moments ago. Now, he was hovering above the ground.

With him as the center, more than 10 huge dragons circled as they danced in the air.

The moonlight reflected off the bodies of these dragons, producing black sparkling radiance. They were rainbow dragons!

"Eernie?" Lu Sheng looked up at the largest dragon.

"It's you!? I'm Tia!" The largest seven-colored dragon suddenly dropped down. She revealed her graceful body and slender neck.

The other seven-colored dragons recognized Lu Sheng and slowly descended as well.

There were 11 seven-colored dragons in total. Many of them had wounds on their bodies.

Tia lost a front leg. Her only right leg was the only thing supporting her body off the ground in the front. There were several spear wounds on her torso.

"When we were passing by, we sensed some familiar aura here, and we made this detour. I didn't think that we'd run into you, Lu Sheng. Or, perhaps, Omis."

Tia remembered the little younglings whom she'd taught all those years ago. Lu Sheng was the most outstanding of them all. She did not expect him to be capable of taking human form in slightly more than 10 years.

"Where did those wounds come from? The red dragons and Sardine?" Lu Sheng glanced at the wounds of the other seven-colored dragons. His gaze gradually darkened.

"There's no need to dwell on these. Since you've morphed, you should keep hiding. You must be careful never to let Sardine and the red dragons see you directly. They have special regalia. With one single look, they'll be able to chase after you forever," Tia carefully instructed him with a hint of anger and sadness.

"Let's go. The longer we stay here, the more we'll put Lu Sheng in trouble," a male dragon advised them. He was Keboye. However, he was now blind in both eyes. His eyeballs had been gouged out by some sharp object. One of his wings showed signs of being patched up. His flesh on his wing seemed like a battered rag that was full of holes.

When Lu Sheng looked at this group of exhausted and dispirited seven-colored dragons, he could not help but heave a long sigh. After all, when he'd transmigrated here all those years ago, these dragons had taken care of him and taught him all he knew.

"Where can all of you go in this state?" he asked softly.

"To the north, there's the city of the ice snow dragons. That's a nation governed by the white dragons and the blue dragons. They're nemeses of the red dragons. We're planning on locating a nesting ground there," Tia replied helplessly.

"What about Eernie?" Lu Sheng asked again.

"The dragon queen For us to escape, she used herself as a decoy and led Sardine and the red dragons away We don't know where she is now" Tia said softly.

Since Lu Sheng was capable of morphing, this meant that he was a Sorcerer of rank-10 or above. With this talent and strength, she could already treat him as her equal.

"If you run into any trouble, you can find us in the northern lands. The bloodline's guidance will immediately tell you where we are." Keboye waved his arm and produced a thin sheet of light gold paper. The true names of all seven-colored dragons were written on it.

"This is the mark of the true names. If any of us dies, the mark on this will fade away and disappear. If Tia and I are dead, then you should never come for us. Remember that," Keboye instructed him earnestly.

Lu Sheng swiftly accepted the gold paper.

"Sari and Bog are at my place. I don't think it's a good idea for all of you to head north now. I've established my own forces in Dawn City. I have my own Sorcerer's Tower there. We can make use of the elemental pool to set up an elemental belt around the city to escape from their detection."

"Sorcerer Tower?" The group of seven-colored dragons were just about to leave when they heard the words "Sorcerer's Tower". All of them were immediately stunned.

They could not believe that Lu Sheng had built his own Sorcerer's Tower in the short span of time they had been separated.

In a period of a dozen years, if a seven-colored dragon was diligent enough, it could very well break through to a rank-10 Sorcerer. However, a rank-10 Sorcerer with a Sorcerer's Tower and a rank-10 Sorcerer without a Sorcerer's Tower were two different things.

If preparations were made, a rank-10 Sorcerer with a Sorcerer's Tower could easily take the place of dozens of rank-10 Sorcerers without Sorcerer's Towers.

A Sorcerer's Tower was only something great nobles with rich families or successful merchants could have.

Most importantly, who would allow a seven-colored dragon to build a Sorcerer's Tower in their own land in these times?

For some time, the other seven-colored dragons were too shocked to say anything.

Lu Sheng smiled.

"I haven't been sitting around idly all these years. Ever since attaining the legendary-rank, I've started gathering information and built my own"

"Hold on Just hold on!" Tia raised a hand. She was feeling a little dizzy. "What did you just say? Legendary?!"

The other seven-colored dragons widened their eyes as well.

"Yes. It's been a few years now. I was planning to build my own Absolute Element Area, but as you all know, I'll need at least 10 elemental pools to construct an Absolute Element Area, and I'll need large elemental pools at that"

"Absolute Element Area" The seven-colored dragons drew cold breaths despite themselves.

"Isn't that something only a divine region being can" One of the seven-colored dragons' voice was trembling.

"Yes." Lu Sheng nodded. "Oh, I forgot to tell you, I've attained the divine region rank two years ago. However, I couldn't find you no matter where I looked back then. I heard that you've gone overseas, and I sent some men to search. Alas"

As he spoke, he took out a pitch-black dragon hide scroll from his dimensional pouch.

"This is a special scroll I made from my own hide. The unique art I created when I attained the divine region, Elemental Stripping, is recorded here."

He shook the scroll in his hand. It looked like an ordinary magic scroll, but when it moved through the air, the space around it started vibrating and rocking. An extremely immense and terrifying power started spreading in all directions.

This power instantly covered an area of several hundred meters, isolating it from the rest of the dimension.

"This is Divine Region"

The primordial dragons among the seven-colored dragons could not help but exclaim in surprise.

Lu Sheng nodded, and said, "I've made 12 of these with the old skin shed from my legs. It should be enough for us to head back to Dawn City. I'm telling you, there's no need for you to head to the north. Follow me back to Dawn City. I've made preparations there!"

No dragons replied.

The seven-colored dragons were currently having their understanding of reality shattered.

A young seven-colored dragon who'd been separated from them for a little more than a decade had already moved past the legendary rank, broken through the seven-colored dragon bloodline's limits, broken through the high legend rank, and attained the divine region rank!

That was the highest tier which life in the main plane could ever attain!

A dragon god

No, even the dragons gods did not have such an exaggerated rate of improvement when they were little.

Dragon god Ayka attained the divine region rank when he was more than 130 years old. That was already an unprecedented miracle.

The nine-headed serpent dragon Dishta attained the divine region when he was more than 700 years old. He was also regarded as the greatest genius of the Nine-headed Dragon Tribe

The most important point was that Lu Sheng had broken through the bloodline limits, broken through the high legend rank, and attained the divine region rank!

The seven-colored dragons felt as if they were having a dream. A dozen years was too short of a time for time. To them, it was the same as taking a nap.

This situation was the equivalent of a newborn being able to break steel with its bare hands, shatter rocks with its chest, and rival the strength of dozens of burly men.

However, only a divine region being could activate a divine region scroll. Ordinary people could not even get close before being torn to shreds by the divine region's power.

The seven-colored dragons exchanged glances. They were silent for a long time.

"What do we do now?" As the interim chief, Tia was also at a loss.

She'd initially planned to say farewell and leave, but she had not expected that the little fellow that they were supposed to say goodbye to was a great sea dragon, and one that could gobble them up in one single bite, to boot.

The divine region dragons wielded combat strength much more powerful than the other Tribes. Not to mention that the dragon queen Eernie was not with them now, the combat strength of the seven-colored dragons was a whole lot weaker now.

"If we can actually fool Sardine and the red dragons, it's not impossible for us to stay" said one of the primordial elders in a low voice.

However, for a bunch of adult seven-colored dragons to be protected by a young dragon in his teens?

Tia and Keboye felt their cheeks getting hot.

"Perhaps only a seven-colored dragon with such talents is capable of truly delivering us from this dangerous situation and restore our Tribe to its glory," said another primordial dragon with a sigh.

After feeling awed for some time, the looks which the other dragons gave Lu Sheng were completely different.

The final primordial dragon, the most powerful old dragon of the Seven-colored Dragon Tribe, Caesar, suggested, "I propose that the place of the dragon queen be taken up by Lu Sheng. This might be our best choice for now."

With this, the other seven-colored dragons fell silent.

In their current predicament, other than heading north, their only other option was to find a place to hide. If their hiding spot could be concealed by Lu Sheng's Sorcerer's Tower, that would undoubtedly be the best choice for them.

With a divine region-ranked Sorcerer's Tower, even Sardine would not be able to track them down if they were careful enough.

"That's actually what I wanted to suggest to all of you while I was looking for you." Lu Sheng nodded as well.

Keboye struggled to resist the urge to accept the offer, but he still spoke in his deep voice, "We don't want to burden you"

Currently, Lu Sheng was the final hope for the Seven-colored Dragon Tribe. If he could grow older, the Seven-colored Dragon Tribe would have greater hopes in the future.

"It's alright. Sari and Bog are doing quite well at my place. Besides, I have a good relationship with the Golden Dragon Tribe as well. Also, the Light Church has been taking care of me. They even gave me a lesser regalia as a gift not long ago. However, I turned them down," Lu Sheng said with a straight face.

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