Way Of The Devil Chapter 738

736 War Of The Plane 1

The universe where the Divine Grass Church was located began progressing and changing ever since Lu Sheng's departure.

Regardless of how balanced Lu Sheng had left things back then, he could not change the fact that the herbivores would increase in numbers. Even though he had developed special grass for them to eat, it was not enough for the Divine Grass Church's members who kept increasing in number.

This was especially true since herbivores had superior fecundity compared to the carnivores.

Hence, with the effects of the time flow amplified, the planet on which the Divine Grass Church was located finally crumbled.

The foliage had been wiped clean and the forests completely devoured. Countless church members had no grass to eat, and they were in dire straits. They had gotten used to eating grass. They could not eat anything else.

At the point where their situation was most dire, a giant rabbit king named Azuma came up with a new theory: all living beings are grass.

Since they had no grass to eat, the other living beings who were as numerous as grass could also be eaten.

At that moment, Lu Sheng Arrived in their world again. He had been keeping an eye on the planet. He would occasionally send his Divine Consciousness over during his free time between experiments.

When he noticed that the planet was about to be destroyed, he agreed to the novel theory proposed by the Divine Grass Church.

At this moment, due to the accelerated time flow, the blood essence cultivation method he'd taught these rabbits before had been derived into a more complete and formidable training method.

After the church gained control over the entire planet, the countless rabbits seemed to have driven the other species into extinction. Only a few species with powerful reproductive abilities could survive and withstand the rabbits' onslaught.

Among them, the Human Tribe, Rat Tribe, and the Insect Tribe were the three great tribes.

This time, Lu Sheng was also doing an experiment. When he established the Divine Grass Church, he'd already had something like this in his mind. This was just his way of checking his results.

Lu Sheng sat upright on Tia's head with a calm expression. A colorful ring of light appeared behind him. The silhouette of a peaceful-looking giant rabbit could be seen pulsing within the ring.

Although he had refined the various energy he'd obtained from the other tribes before this, he could not erase the fact that he did possess these powers before. Also, they were on ranks much inferior to his Soil Qi.

It was not difficult for him to replicate them.

"This What's this?!" As a dragon, Tia possessed great eyesight as well. She saw the great changes happening on the island below them that had been made visible by the liquid.

Countless giant rabbits emerged from the red light pillar. They headed in all directions as they plundered and pillaged.

The dozen or so towns on the island were soon engulfed in flames. One majestic-looking city in the center was quickly surrounded by the rabbits.

However, this city soon showed signs of burning under the flames of the war as well. The rabbits were natural hoppers. They leapt onto the city walls with ease and smashed the guards into mush.

They were extremely powerful. They were huge, had shocking defensive abilities, and were as vast as the mountains. However, they were much more agile compared to the Giant Tribe. They were also capable of unleashing more powerful explosive force.

Lu Sheng looked down at the scene. Several formidable troops surged out of the city. The Sorcerers of rank-10 and above and some gold-rank experts who were close to the legend-rank managed to fell quite a number of rabbits.

However, their efforts were futile. There were too many rabbits. They practically ruled a planet. They numbered in the billions.

After devouring everything on the planet, the Rabbit Tribe was summoned by the rabbit buddha. The discovery of a gateway to a new world was practically a saving stalk for the Rabbit Tribe.

This was because they would have most probably been in a bind if they could not find any substitute food. They would most likely resort to cannibalism.

The gateway to the new world appeared just in time. It perfectly diverted their internal conflict.

"Kill! Hahahahaha!" A fat rabbit more than 10 meters in height left deep pits in his wake as he rammed the city gates.

He was another rabbit general who emerged from the other side of the light pillar, Gegen.

As a general who led an army, Gegen had a powerful strength that surpassed his own tribesmen's. Even on his own planet, he was the lord of a territory millions of meters wide. He was ranked in the 10,000s among the entire army. That was a good ranking.


The city's gates shook. Black ashes were loosened and fell.

A dozen strong men desperately supported the city gates so that they would not be breached.

A big and tall black horse waited behind them. The knight on it was covered in black armor. He wielded a slender curved blade which glowed with a faint red radiance.

He was the lord of the city, Andrew Alpha. He was the disciple the demigod Sardine was most pleased with. He was also a peak expert who was extremely close to the ranks of a legend.

Although he had yet to attain the legendary-rank in his cultivation base, he had donned the Berserk Armor which his teacher had given him as a gift. The curved blade he wielded was the lesser regalia, Deep Sea Gust. He was also currently under the enhancement of various Sorcerers and Pastors.

"You dare invade the Deep Sea Nation. You evil demons I'll make you understand what true power is!" Andrew lowered his visor and covered his entire body with his powerful thick armor.


Another huge sound came from the city gates.

Blood started trickling out of the strong men's ears. Half of them fell to the ground, unable to conjure up strength anymore.


A third bang.


A hole was blown out in the center of the city gates. A thick arm covered in white fur reached in.

"Hahahaha! Weak vermin! Resistance is futile! Surrender! Surrender to the imposing radiance of the rabbit buddha!"


The entire city gates shattered with a loud crash. A giant rabbit charged in and headed straight toward Andrew who stood at the center of the gates.

"Die, you heathen!" Andrew roared furiously. He raised his curved blade high and charged toward his opponent.

Feeling the immense threat, the rabbit Gegen's eyes glowed red. He went into a frenzy as well.

"Experience the mercy of the rabbit buddha! Hahahaha!" He raised his hands, which shone with peculiar blood-red veins. His immense body enlarged under the enhancement of these veins. He was now almost twice his original size.

Gegen's huge shadow covered Andrew, but he did not flinch. He was already the most powerful person in this city. If he cowered and retreated in fear, the entire city would immediately fall.

The vast shadow covered him and his steed, but Andrew kept his curved blade raised high.

"Long live the deep sea!"

He charged into the huge shadow. Then, a loud crash was heard. That signaled the end of this war.

"Let's go," Lu Sheng said drily.

Tia was stunned.

"What about those Are we going to leave them there?" She was slightly flabbergasted. These terrifying rabbits were clearly summoned by Lu Sheng. They were just like an army of the dead. They were so numerous that they seemed to be in the tens of thousands.

"Leave them be," Lu Sheng said drily.

"Very well." Tia did not dwell on it. After all, there was a time limit for summoned beings. They would be sent back by the main plane when their time was up.

She did not ask any more questions. She brought Lu Sheng back to the city.

However, she had no idea just how formidable a monster Lu sheng had unleashed into the world. Nobody knew what kind of impact the billions of rabbits of the Divine Grass Church would have on this world. Also, there was no such thing as a time limit involved

However, Lu Sheng did not have the leisure to figure all these out.

He sensed a formless yet extremely formidable power surging into his own spirit.

At this current moment, he felt as if his spirit was being inflated. It expanded slowly, growing bigger and bigger.

From the knowledge he gained from the Godhoods, Lu Sheng could tell that this was most probably the belief power that came from the Divine Grass Church.

The belief power and Mental Energy were similar. However, it was of a lower grade compared to Mental Energy. It was more like a lower-ranked Mental Energy. It was a combination of all kinds of energy.

However, compared to the other forms of energy, belief power was clearly purer and more formidable. It could be easily absorbed by Lu Sheng's spirit, and he could strengthen himself with it.

On his way back, Lu Sheng recalled the condition of the rabbit general Gegen which he saw moments ago. The blood-red vein must have been the brute vein used by the humans on the planet where the Divine Grass Church was located.

Before he left, he had only heard about the brute veins. However, he did not expect the Rabbit Tribe to have included the brute vein into their own cultivation systems.

No wonder they progressed this swiftly.

Truth be told, even Lu Sheng could not tell just how big of a disruption the Divine Grass Church would bring into this world at this point.

Their power system had already exceeded his expectations.

When he summoned the Rabbit Tribe before this, the immense spirit which emerged from the vortex was the current Rabbit King Azuma.

Throughout their brief encounter, Lu Sheng had sensed Azuma's formidable power that was on par with a true god's.

That was unbelievable!

However, when he thought about it, it was not exactly unthinkable. That was how different time flows worked. Not to mention that the rabbits evangelized with a passion. With the accumulation of faith, even if they mainly believed in the rabbit buddha and the Rabbit King was only worshipped alongside the buddha, it was sufficient to give rise to a formidable true god.

Even though this was only a simple lesser god, and because it did not possess much god power due to young age, the fact that it existed alone was enough to shock Lu Sheng.

Now, the roots of this Rabbit King becoming powerful could be traced back to Lu Sheng.

An immense belief power that had been accumulated for an unknown amount of time surged wildly out of the vortex's light pillar. It plunged wildly into his spirit.

His spirit was being stretched, and even his Heart Image World enlarged.

This belief power, which was the equivalent of the collection of the middle gods' god power, surged into Lu Sheng's body over a short period of time. This was also why Lu Sheng was in a hurry to head back.

He needed time to digest this energy.

If he did not digest it in time, it was highly possible for him to be bound to the rabbit universe by the believers because he had absorbed their belief power. He would be unable to leave.

This was because the pure belief power would pull him toward the rabbit universe like countless belief threads.

On his way back, Lu Sheng suddenly understood why Mental Energy had to exist in its current state.

The greatest difference between Mental Energy and belief power was that Mental Energy flowed naturally out of the soul and was deposited as pure Spirit Power.

On the other hand, belief power contained the pleas and wishes of the souls.

These wishes and wills would bind the godly spirit like countless shackles and threads.

"Back then, that was Sardine's home base, right?" Halfway through their journey, Tia suddenly asked him a question.

"Mm-hm," Lu Sheng replied firmly.

"" Tia said no more. She remembered that she saw at least two more test tubes in Lu Sheng's hand.

If each test tube contained the same amount of power as that one had

Lu Sheng did have more of the liquid in his possession. However, he did not plan on using them anymore.

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