Way Of The Devil Chapter 739

737 War Of The Plane 2

The Rabbit Tribe was enough for him to observe the results of his experiment. Before this observation ended, Lu Sheng would not release a second tribe.

Moreover, the reason he unleashed the Rabbit Tribe was because they merely cultivated the most fundamental blood essence cultivation method. This cultivation method was the least suppressed by the world's rules. That was why they could easily come to this plane and wreak havoc.

"What are we going to do now?" Tia asked again.

"Wait." Lu Sheng's dry reply came.

Tia would have liked to ask more, but she quickly understood what Lu Sheng was waiting for.

A gale reached them from afar. It brought with it clouds, rain, and arcs of lightning. The gale quickly caught up to Tia and Lu Sheng. It formed a big and tall man with horns before them.

The man had long blue hair. His pair of light yellowish horns curved downward and reached his chest. A thick and strong blue tail swayed behind the man.

"Seven-colored dragon!" When he saw Tia, the man's eyes seemed to burn with rage. A deep-set hatred could be seen.

"Sardine!" Tia shook. She immediately recognized the man.

They had been hunted by Sardine for a long time. It was only natural for her to be extremely familiar with his appearance.

The reason this whole conflict started in the first place seemed to be Sardine's gluttonyhe ate two seven-colored dragons. Hence, the dragon queen Eernie secretly killed Sardine's son, a deep-sea octopus with a colossal body.

Enraged, Sardine spared no effort in hunting them down. The grudge between them deepened. At this point of time, there was no ground for mediation anymore.

Currently, Lu Sheng had invaded his home base and slaughtered Sardine's men.

A demigod's God Fire required believers to keep it going as well. Although it was not much, that island could still be regarded as his greatest accumulation and foundation.

However, at this moment, everything he had was destroyed by Lu Sheng.

"It's you! You did this!? Arc Light King!?" The hatred and killing intent within Sardine's eyes seemed to overflow.

"What are you trying to say?" Lu Sheng did not attack immediately. He merely stared at the man calmly.

He was only a mere demigod. Lu Sheng was curious how he was able to locate them.

He had checked Tia's body several times before. He did not find any tracking method.

"As expected, the dragon gods were right to abandon you. The seven-colored dragons are utterly depraved. You've worshipped some unnamed wicked god and given up on your former belief!"

As Sardine spoke, his body began morphing and enlarging. Dark blue smoke emerged from his body. The smoke swirled around him swiftly.

With a loud click, a huge dark blue tower shield materialized in Sardine's hand. Countless mysterious patterns were inscribed on the shield. A gray human face was even wedged in its center.

"Roar! Gerladin!" Sardine roared furiously and charged toward Lu Sheng.

"Careful! That's the Shield of Gerladin which burns away magic power! It's powerful lesser regalia that has the greatest antagonistic effect against art users!" Tia hastily reminded him.

Lu Sheng leapt into the air. He moved forward and grabbed at Sardine's shield from the front.


With his height of more than five meters, Sardine tackled Lu Sheng with his shield.

Sardine felt as if he had tackled a mountain. The bones of his arm and chest shattered. The layers of protective radiance around himself instantly shattered. His thick hide and scales served no protective function as they were directly torn and penetrated.


He looked up and screamed. His tower shield, along with his shield arm, was torn away by Lu Sheng.

Although his body was colossal, the difference in strength between them was still too great.

The difference in strength between a demigod and Lu Sheng, who was the equivalent of a middle god in his own god nation, was in an order of 100.

In an instant, the outcome of the battle was clear.

What Lu Sheng did was merely allowing Sardine to ram into his own defensive force field. Then, he reached out and tore Sardine's lesser regalia away. That was all he did.

The so-called immense power of a deep-sea beast could not even break through Lu Sheng's rank-9,800 Archimage barrier. Lu Sheng did not even have to fight him.

Any random weak feudal lord from the abyss was several times more powerful than Sardine.

"I'll be taking this lesser regalia." He removed the dismembered arm on the tower shield. Then, with lightning speed, he grabbed Sardine's neck.

"Oh, deep sea!" Sardine roared furiously. The God Fire within him burned wildly. He unleashed a power that was roughly 1.5 times what he'd unleashed before.


The terrifying energy explosion instantly impacted Lu Sheng's palm. Then, it was swiftly absorbed and negated by a layer of transparent barrier on the surface of Lu Sheng's skin.

When he saw this, Sardine finally lost all hope. He turned around with the intention to flee, but he could not move with his neck being held in place.

"Eight Divinity points. Not bad." Lu Sheng licked his own lips. A huge shadow slowly surfaced behind him.


In the blink of an eye, the shadow shot past. Sardine vanished.

The sky swiftly calmed down and regained its calm.

Only Tia, who was close to Lu Sheng, could hear the faint sounds of bones being crushed coming from Lu Sheng.

"Let's go. It's time to head back." Lu Sheng looked at the tower shield. He sat back down on Tia's head.

"Alright" Tia suddenly felt that Lu Sheng was becoming more and more of a stranger to her.

Where did those peculiarly formidable rabbits come from? How did Lu Sheng manage to reach this stage in such a short amount of time?

How could a divine region being easily deal with a long-time demigod such as Sardine? That black shadow

A series of different questions played around in her mind. However, she could not find an answer to any of them.

That was no longer something that could be explained by his being a genius.

However, for the Seven-colored Dragon Tribe which had lost hope, Lu Sheng was their final hope. They could not afford to leave and give up again.

Hence, Tia chose to keep quiet.

Lu Sheng preferred it this way as well. He carried the lesser regalia tower shield and swiftly absorbed the several hundred thousand units of Mental Energy contained within it. Then, he casually tossed it into his dimensional pouch.

After a moment of silence, Tia reminded Lu Sheng, "With Sardine's death, the ocean god system would surely not let this rest. We need more power, more assistance."

"There's no need," Lu Sheng said with smile. "The Light-Shadow War is one of belief. It won't stop easily. We'll only have to deal with one ocean god system, right?"

"Only?" Tia wanted to say something, but the words eluded her.

She could no longer see Lu Sheng's vista. That was not a realm that she could be associated with.

The man and dragon flew back to Dawn City.

Along the way, Lu Sheng dropped formation pebbles the size of fingernails from the skies.

Tia did not ask him what those pebbles were meant for. She could no longer understand Lu Sheng's actions.

However, currently, the future of the seven-colored dragons lay on his shoulders. There was no going back.


The Extreme Winter God Nation.

The main god Lull stared at the powerful incarnation which hovered before himself.

The incarnation was in the form of a big and tall man completely covered in black robes. However, the man was covered in slimy scales.

"Beloan. What do you want? I don't remember the ocean god system showing any kindness to us before."

Although the ocean god system was slightly weaker than the god system he led, it was still considered a massive force.

The main god of the deep seas, Beloan, was just like him. He was of the rank of a higher god with formidable god power.

"You saw that as well, didn't you? Those heathens from the Other World." Beloan's sharp chin hidden under the black robe moved slightly. His voice was sinister and sly.

"They're only orcs with some cultivation bases," Lull commented indifferently.

"I heard that the Ice Blue God System's war goddess Peka has descended to the mortal realm?" Beloan asked in his sinister voice.

Lull clenched his fists slightly, but his face was as still as a pool.

"Peka has her own will. Her descent into the mortal realm, or not, has nothing to do with me."

Tremble Goddess Peka had descended to the mortal realm for quite some time now. However, she had not been heard from since. Even the Divine Consciousness he sent out in search for her was unable to locate her. This gave him a bad feeling.

"Stop hesitating, Lull. This is a war of belief. The heathens are slaughtering my people and enslaving my worshippers. Even when the deep sea gods descended to the mortal realm, they were attacked by some mysterious power," Beloan spoke in a deep voice. "I smell a conspiracy here."

"In that case, you should be looking for the God of Conspiracy instead of complaining to me." Lull was unmoved.

"The God of Conspiracy has gone missing."


Lull suddenly looked up. Ice-cold blue radiance burst forth from his eyes. Even a legendary expert would not be able to withstand the freezing effects of this blue light. He would have his soul instantly frozen and fall into an eternal slumber.

However, Beloan merely made a slight pause.

"Some mysterious power is invading our main plane. He's not from the abyss or hell. He's not even from any of the planes that we're familiar with. That's why I need your help. The Light God Nation and the Shadow God Nation's war is at its climax right now. They won't even have time for us." Beloan reached out slowly.

Lull was silent for a moment. He was still of the opinion that there was no need for them to work together to defeat those heathens. Beloan was just making mountains out of a molehill.

However, since he proposed it and lowered his head to him, he thought that this would be a good opportunity to ease their relationship.

When he thought about this, he reached out his hand slowly as well.


The cursed land.

Lu Sheng sat upright deep within the underground palace.

Tremble War Goddess Peka, God of Conspiracy Katasa, Beast Tribe War God Feisien, and the God of Tides Duan.

These were the four lesser gods he captured and controlled by implanting them with his own flesh and blood.

Currently, all four deities were glowing from their own God Fires. They knelt with one knee on the ground and fell prostrate before Lu Sheng.

Although their bodies were constructed of god power alone, Lu Sheng's flesh and blood did not target god power nor any physical or energy form. His main body's flesh and blood targeted the spirit.

Even the spirits of the gods were no different. They had merely converted their souls to God Fire.

It was not difficult for Lu Sheng to control these lesser gods. It was the same as controlling the Abominations and the abyssal feudal lords.

Moreover, his overly powerful main body had grown one size larger after he attained the second stage of the Void Wheel tier.

"Main god, everything's ready." The Tremble War Goddess was the strongest among the four lesser gods. Her god power was born for killing. As a war goddess, her profession was fighting.

"My preparations are complete as well."

"Everything's ready."

"The formation is perfect."

The other gods replied as well.

Lu Sheng sat calmly on his throne.

Throughout the time he had, he created up to 10,000 connecting formations, which he had these gods scatter.

In the mere span of a month, while the ocean god system sent out its great armies, saints, and incarnations to deal with the rabbits, Lu Sheng had already scattered up to 10,000 connecting formations throughout a dozen nations.

These formations contained bits and pieces of his flesh and blood.

They thought that they had completely taken care of the Rabbit Tribe. However, that number was only the tip of the iceberg for the Rabbit Tribe.

Soon, they would experience the power and terror of the Rabbit Tribe.

"Since everything's ready, let's begin," said Lu Sheng drily.


The four gods exchanged glances. They took out the connecting formation pebbles.

In the beginning, they could hardly find themselves willing to be Lu Sheng's slaves. However, after learning about the depths of Lu Sheng's powers, they were now willing subordinates under Lu Sheng's command.

Lu Sheng heaved a long sigh.

"The body is a Bodhi tree, the heart a dais of weeds. Frequent clearing shall guarantee the growth of flowers and trees."

As he chanted, a faint red radiance slowly rippled through the underground palace.

A series of muffled, long sighs came from the distance.

"All life is hard."

"All life is grass."

As the voices echoed, the red light quickly gathered into three blurry silhouettes.

The three silhouettes appeared and started worshipping Lu Sheng.

"Have mercy, rabbit buddha."

"The inhabitants of the world are in misery. It is our duty to save them." A huge silhouette of a white rabbit surfaced behind Lu Sheng. A sense of mercy directed toward all life could be felt from the silhouette.

"As the buddha commands!"

The three silhouettes stood up and raised their arms.


Countless red spots of light immediately lit up in the underground palace. If they looked closely, every spot of red light reflected the scenes of different parts of the world.

Countless Transport Formations lit up at the same time. Rabbit warriors swarmed out of them.

In the east, west, north, south, islands, and deserts, and even at the poles.

Billions of rabbits surged wildly into the main plane. It was as if the entire Rabbit Tribe consisted of nothing but warriors.

For a time, seemingly half of the entire main plane lit up with the flames of the Divine Grass Church.

"This is a crusade!"

"A crusade!"

The four gods could not help but feel their blood boil slightly.

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