Way Of The Devil Chapter 740

738 War Of The Plane 3

"This is a mess!"

Lu Sheng knew that very well.

Nobody besides a Heavenly Devil World expert such as himself could open up a pathway connecting different places in the universe.

Even if another Heavenly Devil Arrived here, he would not have thought about opening up pathways in the universe.

There were many Heavenly Devils, but there were only a few Void Underworld ranks. There were even fewer Void Underworld-ranked Heavenly Devils who were willing to open up these pathways. This was because they would not have anything to gain.

However, Lu Sheng was different.

Billions of rabbits poured out of the pathway in a frenzy. They devoured the vegetation and foliage everywhere. Some of the famished rabbits even ate the heathens.

In the eyes of the Divine Grass Church, all those who did not believe in the buddha were heathens.

The four gods had taken their leave from the underground palace. They had moved their god nations closer to the main plane.

Then, with the help of Lu Sheng's formation, they managed to establish connections to the main plane.

Since Lu Sheng was capable of opening up pathways to other parts of the universe, connecting a few god nations was child's play. Moreover, these gods were willing to do this.

He knew what the four lesser gods were thinking. After seeing the sheer numbers of the Rabbit Tribe, they would certainly want to obtain more belief power from them and climb up the ladder of the gods.

He did not mind.

Countless light spots in the underground palace formed an oval semi-transparent screen. The screen displayed the scenes of the invading rabbits all over the main plane.

Countless cities were engulfed in the flames of war. The Tribes that were defeated were enslaved by the Rabbit Tribe as well.

"How magnificent" Enifers walked slowly into the underground palace and witnessed the scenes.

The countless screens were distributed around Lu Sheng, who was at the center. Every single screen showed a battle scene.

When he learned that the Rabbit Tribe had been summoned by his master, his respect and fear toward Lu Sheng deepened.

Abominations were intelligent creatures. If he was still stuck in his chaotic mind phase, he might still be fearless.

However, now that the chaotic parts had been separated from him, he naturally gained the nature of an intelligent creature.

"My Lord, the Golden Dragon Tribe and the Black Dragon Tribe are engaged in full-blown war now. The lady has slipped away and is heading toward the golden dragons' secret cave. She intends to activate the inheritance with her bloodline," Enifers reported softly.

"The golden dragons' secret cave" Lu Sheng muttered to himself. Perhaps this cave would contain the hidden secrets of the Golden Dragon Tribe.

However, in this world, the things he valued the most were still Godhoods and Divinities. Those were the greatest resources in this world. They could directly improve his cultivation base.

Next in line was Mental Energy, and then it was fulfilling karma.

He was sure that the golden dragons' cave contained Mental Energy, but there would not be much. He was thinking if there would be any value for him to get involved in this.

"My Lord, your orders?" Enifers inquired reverently. Lu Sheng's attitude would determine the Devil Shadow's stance toward the Golden Dragon Tribe.

"Send two from the Abomination Group to deal with it." The Abomination Group comprised of the Abominations. After a long pause, Lu Sheng decided to give up on heading toward the Golden Dragon Tribe. "Be careful not to break the antiques, especially the old ones. I don't want these treasures bearing the marks of history to be meaninglessly destroyed in the war."

Enifers nodded reverently. Although he was slightly puzzled by Lu Sheng's orders, he followed them obediently.

"Also, have those who went to recruit Beflkah returned?" Lu Sheng asked.

Beflkah could be considered a formidable Abomination with the most terrifying strength throughout the endless planes.

After its battle with a war god from the Light God System, the war god was felled, while it was grievously wounded, and fell to the Star World.

One of the newly recruited Abominations claimed to know its whereabouts. Hence, Lu Sheng sent him to recruit Beflkah.

"We have a reply," Eni replied. "You should know that even though we Abominations possess a great resistance to the pull of the Star World, that place is huge, and it won't be easy scouring the place for a single Abomination."

Lu Sheng nodded.

"That's all, then. Send the leader of the Saint Group here."

"Understood" Enifers retreated slowly.

Ever since his return from the West Sea, Lu Sheng's pressure around him became more and more overbearing. Currently, it was already at a point where he could hardly withstand it.

It should be known that he was an Abomination, and an expert among the Abominations, at that. His own strength was on par with a true god's. If he could scarcely withstand the pressure, then his master's rank must have been

Enifers dared not think about it.

After the Abomination left, the underground palace regained its peacefulness.

Lu Sheng scrutinized the battle scenes on the screens around him. He sensed the belief power coming from the billions of rabbits.

The vast belief power in the underground palace was so concentrated that it was gel-like.

'If I want to, I can condense the beliefs here, light up my God Fire, and become a demigod. Then, I can utilize the Divinities I've collected and condense them into a Godhood, thereby becoming a true god Alas, although my own powers will be greatly improved this way, I'll be bound to this world as well'

Lu Sheng felt that this was a waste. However, it was something that he had expected long ago.

'The Abominations are the powers I want to bring out of this world. On top of that, they're natural enemies of god power. They can't form Godhood as well. Looks like I can only support the few gods I control'

Lu Sheng started making plans.

He wanted to establish a formidable force that would operate in the long term. He wanted this force to be capable of following him to the other worlds and fight his battles with him. However, he was not prepared to have them come into contact with the Heavenly Devil World.

Unless he was capable of standing firm on his own two feet in the Heavenly Devil World, his current plan was only to develop the Devil Shadow into his followers in the other planes.


The mutant rabbits invaded the main plane. It began in the West Sea. That was the domain of the Ocean God System. The other god systems did not pay much attention to it.

However, they quickly noticed something amiss.

In a few short days, large numbers of dimensional connection points appeared at hundreds of locations all over the main plane.

The rabbits emerging out at every point numbered in the tens of thousands. More terrifyingly, these rabbits were already formidable enough as individuals, yet new rabbit soldiers kept pouring in.

The first to fall were the Ocean and Ice Blue God Systems. There were five god nations affiliated with the two god systems, and they were all engulfed in the terrible flames of war.

Their armies were destroyed, while the Rabbit Tribe merely suffered superficial losses. The strength of their muscles and their regenerative abilities were too mind-blowing. If their heads were not lopped off, these terrifying rabbits would never stop swinging their weapons about.

The military could not hold them back any longer. The churches finally made their moves.

High-ranked Warriors and Sorcerers formed their own armies under the protection of the Sorcerers' Towers. They targeted the rabbit army. The sudden spike in high-ranked combat power caught the Rabbit Tribe off guard.

However, they reacted to the situation quickly enough. New Tribes emerged from the transport pathways. They were the Rat and Insect Tribes!

The Rat and Insect Tribes covered both land and air, while the Rabbit Tribe served as tanks. They charged toward their enemies from all fronts.

In a week, they managed to slaughter three churches and destroyed the headquarters of three lesser gods in the main plane.

The legendary-ranked archbishops and popes did not have the leisure to assist their people, as they had their hand tied with the attacks from the peak experts of the Rat and Insect Tribes.

The terrifyingly plentiful blood essence within the experts and the complicated yet formidable brute veins on their bodies gave them unrivalled magic resistance. They were practically immune to arts lower than rank-5. Even if they were hit by arts of above rank-5, the potency of the arts would be weakened by 60%.

The legendary popes and archbishops were defeated without putting up much of a fight.

If the popes had not summoned the gods to send their incarnations into the mortal realm with their lives as the price, the god nations would have been completely wiped out in a week.

The invasion of the three Tribes flustered the other gods from the god systems besides the Light and Shadow God Systems.

They killed as many rabbits as they could; someone had even calculated that millions of rabbits had died. This was especially true when the legendary Sorcerers, Divine Region experts, and the incarnations of the gods were capable of unleashing terrifying destructive power. With a single blow, they could take the lives of tens of thousands.

However, they were of little help. There seemed to be no end to the rabbits.

By the second week, the manifestations and incarnations of the lesser gods were surrounded and destroyed because they ran out of god power. The three churches were completely destroyed.

By the third week, four middle gods of the Ocean God System descended to the mortal realm. In the form of saints, they slaughtered the rabbits around them in a frenzy.

More than 600 peak rabbit army leaders charged against them. They worked with the Abominations sent by Lu Sheng. With a combination of sieges and sneak attacks, they easily killed all the saints.

The four middle gods of the Ocean God System destroyed their own Godhoods on the spot. Their God Fires were extinguished and fell into an eternal slumber.

Lu Sheng harvested hundreds of Divinity points, a dozen faulty regalia, and a few battered Godhoods.

By the fourth week, the Ice Blue God System's main god nation's capital was sieged. The papacy had no choice but to unleash its ultimate power. Three Divine Region beings and four manifestations of deities exhausted their powers to unleash their ultimate Catastrophe Art, Aurora Freeze.

The might of the art instantly froze an area of several hundred kilometers. It stripped the environment of the water and ice elemental energy. The magic net collapsed from being overburdened by the sudden demand.

The immense elemental power transformed the area into an ice-cold region of death. On top of that, arts unleashed by Divine Region beings and above could bypass any magical resistance. With this, they finally stopped the advance of the three Tribes.

The war slowed down momentarily.

With the Aurora Freeze region as the boundary line, one-third of the main plane fell under the control of the three invading Tribes.

The remnants of the two god systems managed to settle down in a small area that was only several thousand square kilometers wide to the north of the frozen region. If they went any further, they would be in the parishes of the Light and Shadow God Systems.

To the south of the frozen region was the domain conquered by the three Tribes.

The Ice Blue and Ocean God Systems sounded full retreat. Throughout the war, the main gods Lull and Beloan attempted to send their own manifestations down to the mortal realm. However, they were obstructed by some unknown entity, and could not manifest themselves.

After seeing the saints of some of the gods being struck down, the others dared not descend to the mortal realm casually. At most, they would only send their manifestations, which were condensed versions of their god power.

However, they needed an immense amount of god power to form a manifestation as well. The lesser gods would only be able to conjure up several manifestations. The middle gods perhaps could produce dozens, but even then, they would be spending their god power which they had accumulated over countless years.

Nobody would want to selflessly give their god powers up. Even with the death of their believers, their stock of god power could still sustain them for some time. However, if they used up all of their god power, with no believers to supply them with more, their God Fire would instantly be reduced to ashes. They would fall into an eternal slumber.

What puzzled them the most was the apparent apathy of the higher gods.

The two god systems only had two higher gods, Lull and Beloan. However, these two had made no movements from the very beginning.

What worried them the most was that these rabbits did not kill the humans wantonly. Instead, they herded the humans up and began preaching about the mercy of the great rabbit buddha, and how the buddha was selfless in giving himself in service to all.

Then, the humans were put to work. They were tasked with planting grass everywhere.

In some of the feudal lands which had been given up on, the despairing residents initially fought back against the invaders, though their efforts were futile. However, they soon realized that the rabbits had no intention of slaughtering them.

As long as they cooperated, no ill fate would befall them. On the contrary, as long as they joined the Divine Grass Church, they would even be protected by guards.

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