Way Of The Devil Chapter 742

740 The End 1


Thunder roared while the buddha's light shone. However, the thunder was quickly dispersed by the golden radiance.

On the land of layer 71st of the abyss, the devils were being swarmed by the allied army of the three Tribes. Their numbers were in the millions, but the men of the allied army surging out of the transport points had already reached the million-man mark in 10 minutes.

Not to mention that they possessed immense blood essence and brute veins. The weaker devils were simply mowed over.

The stronger ones were hit by the Glorious Shine of Buddha's Light. Lu Sheng's main body's flesh and blood devoured everything. They could reach the core of the enemy's forces with lightning speed.

From a high vantage point in the air, the millions of devils resembled a black and red canvas that was now being dyed by white and yellow colors.

"Almost there" Lu Sheng raised a hand and grabbed his own left arm again.


With a sharp sound, he tore off a chunk of his own flesh. This was the flesh of a seven-colored dragon. He merely mixed some of his main body's flesh into it.

This was how he avoided being suppressed by this universe's natural will.

Lu Sheng had discovered this long ago. If he concealed himself with an aboriginal creature, he could effectively block out the suppression from the universe's natural will.

That was why he used this fact and his Nature Deception to perfectly divide his flesh into billions of pieces, and scattered them in the main plane, abyss, and hell.

"Next up, it should be"


In the blink of an eye, a golden electric flash came from behind toward Lu Sheng's neck.

His expression registered a slight change. The flesh in his hand flew back to his body. A pair of colorful cicada wings sprouted from his back, and he gave them a flap.


Elemental magic power formed a barrier behind him. At the same time, his automatic high-ranked Sorcerer barrier was also activated.

With the support of the Mental Energy he'd obtained from the regalia, Lu Sheng had derived all of his 99 arcane arts to the same standard, rank-10,000, before he came to the abyss.


The golden electric light collided heavily with the magic power barrier. The two of them instantly vanished.

"Who's there!?" Lu Sheng turned around to look.

In midair, less than 1,000 meters from where he was, a huge mass of pitch-black flesh had appeared without him noticing.

This mass of flesh brandished a large number of black tendrils. With all the spikes on its surface, it resembled a sea urchin.

On the surface of the mass of flesh between the spikes, countless purple eyes were packed densely. The eyes were bloodshot, and they looked frantically about themselves as if they were having a nervous fit.

"A combination of devils, huh" Lu Sheng had heard of such creatures from his Abomination subordinates before. This mutated monster was usually the product of the combination of ordinary devils. Its strength was at the legendary-rank.

To his surprise, the mass of flesh wriggled and spoke in the common tongue with a thunderous voice. "Destroy intruder"

Lu Sheng's expression changed. He adjusted his posture.


A purple light beam flashed past him.

"Ultimate Destruction Beam?" He heard of this Divine Region art before. How could a mere legendary mass of flesh unleash an art of this rank?

Lu Sheng was beginning to understand.

"A product of the abyssal will, huh?" Naturally, he could block the Ultimate Destruction Beam, but this beam was specifically used against magic power barriers such as the Sorcerer barrier. If he were to take it head-on, it would be a 1:50 ratio. Those were not favorable odds.

That was why he chose to dodge.

"All-answering Mountain of Buddha!"

He retreated swiftly and merged with the giant golden buddha behind himself.

The colossal rabbit buddha had a merciful smile on its face as it hurled its palm forward.

The golden buddha's palm was almost as huge as the mass of flesh. With an overbearing golden buddha's light, it bore down on the pitch-black monster.

"Pchht! Pchht! Pchht! Pchht!"

In the blink of an eye, the tendrils of the mass of flesh morphed wildly into huge arms which grabbed at the buddha's palm. At the same time, the eyeballs on its surface concentrated purple light, and it unleashed another purple light beam with terrifying might.

This was a colossal body of will the abyssal will conjured up by combining tens of thousands of devils. There were even two demigod-ranked abyssal feudal lords.

The might of the monster had surpassed even that of a middle god.

This was the greatest power this abyssal layer could unleash.


The buddha's palm loudly collided with the light beam and the tendrils. Both sides exploded with a thunderous boom. The tendrils broke and melted, while the purple light scattered into countless light spots.

The buddha's palm shook slightly. To Lu Sheng's surprise, it staggered backward from the impact.

"Do it!"

Seemingly at that very moment, several silhouettes appeared around him.

These silhouettes were covered in pure white radiance of god power. Chants of hymns could be heard coming from the white light. They were all gods.

The two most powerful silhouettes were bathed in so much white light that they were occasionally submerged by it. One of them was surrounded by icicles and snowflakes which appeared naturally around him.

The other was surrounded by a blurry gigantic deep-sea whirlpool. This gave off an illusion that there were no limits to the depth of the whirlpool.

"Heaven Screen of Despair."

The silhouettes raised their hands at the same time. The god light behind them spread out and weaved together into a colorful radiance, completely covering the rabbit buddha which was at the center.

"Working together in full force!" The Ice Blue God System's main god Lull's voice reverberated.

"This action will determine if we succeed or fail!" The Ocean God System's main god Beloan produced a dark blue crystal whip.

"Purify and devour."

With him in the lead, the colorful light started moving wildly as if it had a life of its own. It began tearing away at the golden buddha's light on the rabbit buddha's body.

Lu Sheng hovered within the rabbit buddha's body. He quickly looked around himself.

"Two of the great god systems are working with the abyss? Interesting. However, do you think that a few incarnations and the projection of the abyssal will is enough to kill me?"

He spread his arms. He began activating his 99 arcane arts in full force.

The terrifying 99 arcane arts had been derived to rank-10,000. Currently, they formed 99 dark red light spheres which shot out of his body and orbited around him at high speed.


Lull and the others had sour looks. They had clearly purged the area of all elemental power. They even had the cooperation of the abyssal will to suppress it. Where did Lu Sheng draw such immense elemental power and arcane art power from?

However, the arrow was already nocked, and they had to fire it. Their combined god powers and the abyssal will's abyss power had formed a massive and contorted creature of colorful light. It was currently devouring the giant rabbit buddha.

This was a short-lived creature they created to deal with the rabbit buddha.

Its sole purpose for existence was to suppress and devour the rabbit buddha, and also to destroy the Arc Light King.

Initially, this arrangement was impeccable before Lu Sheng suddenly erupted with such formidable arcane art power. The unbelievably formidable combined power of the 99 arcane arts was not something that the collection of gods and abyssal will could ignore.


After making a complete orbit around Lu Sheng, the 99 dark red light spheres swiftly merged into a single mass on his palm, like rivers that flowed into sea.

"Ten Thousand Art, Instant Destruction!" Lu Sheng's muscles swiftly enlarged. His robes flapped as if blown by some strong wind. His eyes glowed with a blood-curdling light.

He sandwiched the light sphere between his palms. The buddha's light wrapped around the dark red light sphere between his hands like flowing water.

"Black Skies Descend, Chamolo!" This was his first time actually unleashing his full power since he'd created the 99 arcane arts.

When the 99 rank-10,000 arcane arts were merged together, the chain reaction it set off was unpredictable.

Lu Sheng quickly pushed his palms outward. The red light sphere with golden linings vanished before himself in the blink of an eye. When it reappeared, it had split into a dozen portions which appeared around the gods and the mass of flesh at the same time.

Lull's expression changed drastically. His god power surged wildly and formed a god power barrier as he attempted to defend against the gold-red art ball.

However, he was a minute too late. The art ball seemed to have appeared within his god power barrier. It crashed into his god body.


At seemingly the same time, a brilliant red flower with golden lining instantly blossomed in the skies of the abyss's layer-71.

The huge flower, which spanned several thousand meters, burst forth slowly. It merely lasted for a few seconds before it withered away.

As the flower withered, the colorful light monster enveloping the rabbit buddha had also been torn to shreds. It vanished without a trace.

Lu Sheng hovered in midair, bare-chested. A pair of see-through dragon wings unique to the seven-colored dragons flapped slowly on his back.

A massive red light sphere with golden linings danced around him. Scarlet lightning arcs flashed past his eyes every now and then. He was not as tall as his actual main body.

However, in his humanoid form, this was his most powerful state. This was the state after he unleashed his 99 arcane arts in full force.

The key to activating this state was the unique switch he wrote in the Heavenly Realm's language.

"Ever since I created these arcane arts, this is my first time unleashing my full strength. Alas"

Lu Sheng looked around himself. More than 10 incarnations of gods, including two main gods, and the formidable collection of abyssal will... all of his enemies were obliterated by the blossoming of the gold-red flower.

He carefully sensed the dimension around himself. All traces of god power and abyssal power were melted and destroyed by the arcane art power. They were reduced to the most basic energy particles, and scattered in the air. They no longer posed any threat.

"Before I knew it, I've already reached this stage" Lu Sheng felt the seemingly limitless competence of the arcane arts within his body. The huge expense he'd incurred just now was quickly replenished by the supply of belief power from him worshippers.

Belief power was practically the jack of all trades in the world of energy supply. It could be converted into various forms of powerful energy with some slight modifications.

'The essence of belief power is actually heart power. Since heart power can be converted into various forms of pure energy, does this mean that the essence of this world is the heart?' Lu Sheng suddenly thought.

'The gods here rely on belief power to maintain their existence. They're just like the connecting belt between the heart and the physical body. They converted heart power into various forms of god power, which they gave back to all creation and the world. Although the gods here can attain the Void Underworld tier on the surface, the nature of their power is actually fickle. The god power which they relied on isn't exactly a high-ranking power. There's no way they can handle the corrosion of a Void Underworld Heavenly Devil's power with that.'

A Void Underworld Heavenly Devil's most powerful strength was not in the energy or materials it possessed. Instead, it was their heart's will.

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