Way Of The Devil Chapter 743

741 The End 2

Heavenly Devils had their own Heart Image Worlds backing them. When they died, they could extract power from their Heart Image Worlds and regenerate. They could not be killed.

They would not die unless their Heart Image World was destroyed. This was similar to a god who ruled a god nation.

If the gods merely stayed within their god nations and sent out incarnations made of god power to do their bidding in the outside world, they would be similar in nature to the Heavenly Devils.

However, the difference was that a Void Underworld Heavenly Devil was an all-rounded talent. Within the Heart Image World, the Heavenly Devil would have to gain insight on and build up the rules of the world.

On the other hand, gods resembled parasites who lived off the planes. They only had to understand the core rules about themselves and carry out their divine professions. The universe's rules would fill in the rest.

This was the greatest difference between them.

To put it simply, Void Underworld Heavenly Devils were like omnipotent creation gods. Ordinary gods were like weakened and incomplete versions of the Heavenly Devils.

The scale of weakening was huge.

This resulted in the god power which the gods possessed to be incomplete in themselves. They could barely last a minute against Lu Sheng.

'Even with so many gods working together, they didn't give me as much pressure as the mass of abyssal will.'

Lu Sheng shook his head slightly. Then, he took a final look at the land below. Most of the blackish-red land was currently converted to a light shade of green.

The allied devil army was nowhere to be seen right now.

'It's over. The so-called gods are but the executives of this world's natural will. This is meaningless.'

Lu Sheng was slightly disappointed. After understanding the nature of the gods, there was no longer any secret left in this world that was worth digging for.

The abyss and hell were similar as well.

He turned around and grabbed at the air.

The abyssal dimension behind him behaved like a canvas. It scrunched and contorted as Lu Sheng grabbed it.

Lu Sheng tore it with his sharp fingertips. The abyssal dimension was easily torn in the blink of an eye. A black pathway into the void was opened up.

After destroying the allied gods, Lu Sheng decided not to waste any more time. He planned on unearthing everything he could gain from this world and leaving this place as quickly as possible.

The members of the Devil Shadow would need much time to adapt to the other worlds. It was not as if they would be comfortable in those worlds as soon as they arrived.

The Abominations were formidable creatures that contained refined chaos. They were like refined instruments in and of themselves. Any slight issue with the rules, and they would instantly crumble.

Hence, if he wanted to lead the Devil Shadow to the Other Worlds, Lu Sheng would have to carefully study the difference between the rules and find a way for them to adjust.

He took a final glance at the emerald green patch on the ground. Then, Lu Sheng took a step into the void of this world.

The void of this world was not huge. At most, it was the equivalent of a stellar system of the Heavenly Devil World. The planes and god nations of assorted sizes glistened against the background like planets and floating continents.

There were stars everywhere.

Lu Sheng looked behind him. There was an extremely huge dark red eyeball.

The eyeball's pupil was an extremely black crack. That was the entrance to the bottomless abyss.

With his location as the center, the main plane was to the left, while the Earth Element plane was to his right.

One of them resembled a big blue ball. The other resembled a mass of yellow fog.

Nearby, there was also hell which resembled a huge skull.

There was also the extremely expansive Heavenly Realm, which was only slightly smaller than the main plane.

From afar, the Heavenly Realm resembled a tower contained within a white ball. Different creatures of the Heavenly Realm resided within different floors of the tower.

The god nations were like satellites that orbited above the Heavenly Realm.

"I can give it a try" Lu Sheng sensed his own main body. Currently, his main body's flesh had been split into countless pieces that were scattered in the main plane, abyss, hell, and the other elemental planes.

At every minute, the Glorious Shine of Buddha's Light which the rabbits unleashed would spread his flesh out, becoming seeds of his regeneration.

"Come, Qianshen." He extended his hand slowly.

Black liquid spread under his feet. It formed a lake.

A terrifying crane's head that was 1,000 meters long slowly rose from the black lake.

This was the first time Lu Sheng summoned Qianshen's main body in this world.

This time, Qianshen's appearance had changed again.

To prevent being suppressed and destroyed by the world's will, Lu Sheng scattered his main body to the various planes. In a way, he had assimilated himself into this world. He had harmonized himself with the cycle of the world and became a part of it.

Also, to conceal himself, Lu Sheng even converted a huge amount of belief power into buddha's light god power. He wrapped Qianshen in the buddha's light.

Hence, a brand-new Qianshen appeared.

In the void, a ferocious monster with a crane's head and human body quickly appeared. Its body was covered in inscriptions of Buddhist scripture, and a belt of Buddhist prayer beads adorned its waist.

'As expected, by wrapping Qianshen with the god power derived according to this world's rules through the Buddhist deity and topping it off with Nature Deception, I can fool this world's will'

Lu Sheng looked at Qianshen's main body with satisfaction.

Qianshen was actually the image of his soul. Perhaps it would be more apt to say that this colossal crane-headed monster was his soul's main body.

If Qianshen was not destroyed, he would not die.

Behind Qianshen stood his expansive Heart Image World. No matter how many times Qianshen was destroyed, as long as there were enough energy and materials in the Heart Image World, Qianshen could be reborn without limits.

'With my current stock, Qianshen can die 60-odd times at most. Any more than that, and even my Heart Image World won't be remade So, I'll need more stock'

Lu Sheng looked toward the abyss in silence.

"Oh, my kin hasten your footsteps" His lips did not move, but his soul spoke. His voice was transmitted to the minds of the allied forces of the three Tribes on the battlefront in the main planes through countless belief threads.

Hundreds of millions of soldiers from the allied army charged into the abyss wildly through the Transport Formation.

While Lu Sheng kept himself suspended within the void, the 80th layer of the abyss was taken in three short days.

The high-temperature devil flame of the 80th layer was converted into hot spring pools by the invading humans with their brute vein formations which absorbed and stored heat energy. The 80th layer was converted into a dedicated resort for the logistics personnel.

When the humans joined the sacred Divine Grass Church, they quickly found their niche.

They had the brightest minds. They made huge progress in doing research and handling logistics.

After the salt mountain abyss of layer 81st's Salt Devil Prince was taken care of by the rabbits, the layer became a steady production land of edible salt for the three Tribes.

The Insect Tribe released acid-resistant insects into the acid ocean of the abyss's layer 85th. The insects with terrifying reproductive capabilities quickly devoured the meager organic materials contained within the acid ocean. After destroying the food chain, they swiftly went on shore.

The remaining acid devils had nothing to eat, and could only resort to cannibalism. Eventually, when they ran out of things to eat, the helpless devil feudal lord leapt out of the ocean to charge at its enemies. The three Tribes swiftly pounced on him and divided his body as food among themselves.

The abyssal layers were being progressively taken. Great devils who repented increased in number as well.

The might of Lu Sheng's Glorious Shine of Buddha's Light was extremely overbearing. Any creature with a mind weaker than Lu Sheng's would find their body being invaded by Lu Sheng's flesh upon being shined upon by the light. Their life and death would be under Lu Sheng's control, and they would have no choice but to serve Lu Sheng.

In three short years.

The terrifying reproductive powers and devouring power of the three Tribes showed this world's creatures what a destroyer of nature looked like.

The abyss was the first to fall. In truth, when the 100th layer was taken, the abyssal will had already been converted to the rabbit buddha's will.

The three Tribes practically occupied every single corner of the first 100 layers of the abyss. The war ended quickly. Fertile grass and farmland could be found everywhere.

Under the Glorious Shine of Buddha's Light, it was a scene of peace everywhere.

After the abyssal will fell, hell followed shortly after.

The great lord of hell was still asleep. It was said that because of his overly massive body, he would need at least half an hour to rouse himself.

Unfortunately, the allied forces of the three Tribes, Abominations, repented evil feudal lords, and the gods merely used three days to take the ninth layer of hell.

The great lord of hell did not even have the time to open his eyes when he was hit by the Glorious Shine of Buddha's Light. Large amounts of Lu Sheng's flesh entered his head and quickly converted him.

Against these life forms whose flaws were obvious, there was no endeavor that was met with failure by Lu Sheng's main body.

The fall of the abyss made Lu Sheng's powers grow to an extremely terrifying state.

There was no change in his tier. What changed was his stock of accumulation.

The lives devoured by his flesh had provided an unimaginably large amount of resources for his Heart Image World. Throughout these three years, the number of lives Lu Sheng devoured was many times more than that usually found on an ordinary planet.

After hell fell, Lu Sheng's powers grew substantially again.

It was time for the harvest in this world. His main body hovered in midair. With the Capacity of Qianshen Undead Body, he created several hundred clones with strength at the middle-god rank.

Then, they moved out in all directions.

Whether it was the main plane or the other elemental planes, in five short years, Lu Sheng had devoured all life except the humans with his Heart Image World.

Compared to when he'd just Arrived, his Heart Image World had grown 10 times larger than before. It was now half the size of Earth.

At this rank, Lu Sheng finally possessed the terrifying strength of Void Underworld beings who were capable of destroying planets.

His strength was not limited to wiping out the creatures on a planet. In fact, he could even destroy the planet itself.


Dense Fog City.

In a red mansion which belonged to the Devil Shadow.

Lu Sheng lifted his cup of steaming coffee and leaned in his rattan chair. He stared calmly at the white-robed blonde man who sat opposite him with a cold and stern expression.

If the Light and Shadow Churches were still unable to sense anything at this point, they would have been the greatest of fools.

Currently, the 7,000,000,000 soldiers of the allied army had completely invaded this world.

Even the natural will of the world was being affected.

To put it bluntly, the natural will was the immense body of collective consciousness of the countless rules and living beings. The natural will would instinctively reject all materials and changes that were harmful to it.

However, with Nature Deception, Lu Sheng silently bypassed it. When the natural will finally noticed him, it was already too late.

Lu Sheng looked at the incarnation of the Light Church's god with a smile, and spoke, "At this point, you should know that you'll have to agree to whatever request I have."

"It would seem so, on the surface. However, you might not be aware of the reason behind the conflict between the main Light God and the Shadow God." The man was a clone of the Moon God, Mosier, of the Light God System.

He was also a formidable middle god whose powers were close to a higher god.

"The reason I'm here for this negotiation is not to implore you to release the other god systems. What we want is an agreement not to invade each other, that is all," said Mosier calmly.

"Oh?" Lu Sheng was intrigued. "I've conquered one-third of the main plane. Aren't you guys worried by this?"

"The light of the main god shines upon all things. As long as the sun continues to rise, the light will never wither." Mosier's expression remained unchanged.

Lu Sheng raised an eyebrow. "The sun? Are you talking about that thing?" He pointed outside the window.

In the skies outside the window, there was a golden sun. Within it, a golden rabbit buddha with its fingers forming a mudra was emitting an endless gold light which illuminated the cities and towns below.

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