Way Of The Devil Chapter 744

742 Coming Clean 1

The Moon God was slightly stunned. The buddha did not manifest itself before; hence, it was only natural that nobody noticed that the sun was actually the buddha. Now that the buddha manifested itself as Lu Sheng spoke, he could see clearly that this sun was

Although this sun was not a true star, since it was only the size of a minor plane, the irradiance and heat it emitted were something even the lesser gods or those with peak divine arts wouldn't want to get touched by.

However, Lu Sheng had forcibly replaced the sun which shone upon these lands with the rabbit buddha.

The Moon God was unsure how this had been accomplished, but this did not stop him from raising his guard against Lu Sheng.

"Very well. Since the Arc Light King has already made arrangements, I won't comment any further. However"

"I'm not interested in your objectives or the quarrels between gods. I merely want to collect antiques and regalia. If you have such objects in your possession, I can strategically cooperate with you," Lu Sheng suddenly interrupted him with a smile.

"Strategic cooperation?" The Moon God was stunned again.

In his eyes, this was a strange proposal. The allied army of the three Tribes had already owned such a huge territory and had gathered many believers. If he wanted riches or treasures, he could easily mobilize his forces and pillage anywhere he liked.

What did the Arc Light King mean by this?

Giving in?

That was impossible. Even most of the abyss was said to have been devoured by this terrifying man. Even hell was now his.

As the lord of the abyss and hell, the Arc Light King's fame and strength was surely not inferior to his god system's main god. In fact, he might even be much more powerful!

"Forgive me for being blunt. These antiques you speak of, our churches and god system have them in excess"

"I need ancient objects who have a legend of their own. I'm being sincere in this. If you can produce enough of such objects, I can hand over the area of Flan, north of Alt, to you," said Lu Sheng calmly.

"Are you certain?!" The Moon God's pupils contracted.

"Of course!"

"I'll pass this on to the main gods." The Moon God hastily rushed back with this piece of information.

Lu Sheng took a sip of his coffee. He leaned back onto his chair. His expression was languid.

The only resources in this world were the Godhoods and Mental Energy. He had gained much insight on Godhoods, and he had now gained a deeper understanding about the workings of certain parts of the world.

The main information he needed was regarding the most fundamental of rules. The more complex ones would not be applicable to his Heart Image World anyway.

Because of this, his Heart Image World was now in a much better condition.

If he stayed here longer, he would surely gain more benefits. However, he currently decided not to stay any longer. The reason for this was that if he wanted to gain more insights on Godhoods, he would have to kill more divine spirits.

The Ocean and Ice Blue God Systems were both cowering in their own god nations, and were unwilling to come out. Even with 10 times his current strength, he might not be able to deal with a main god who stubbornly stayed within his own god nation.

It should be known that Lu Sheng was only at the peak of a middle god. At most, he could only rely on his undead body and his massive stockpile of power to create hundreds of clones to launch a simultaneous attack. On top of that, the main plane did not suppress him.

If it were not because of these factors, he would not have been able to defeat a higher god. At most, he could only be evenly matched with them.

If he wanted to kill these gods, he could only chip away at their life force slowly. However, he did not have the luxury of so much time.

'Eradicate war, protect the peace. If I can accomplish these main karmas and stabilize the status and authority of the Devil Shadow, I'll be able to leave this place for a short while.'

Lu Sheng clearly knew that because of the huge difference in time flow, any sort of plan he had here could change drastically either way.

That was why he did not intend to leave the Devil Shadow here.

'I'll have to pick a world with a similar time flow to base the Devil Shadow in' Lu Sheng thought. 'The Seven-colored Dragon Tribe as well'

When he thought of this, he stood up and exited his study.

"Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding."

In the harp room upstairs, his daughter Hongye was still arduously practicing the harp.

She had intended to go save the Golden Dragon Tribe the other day. She almost went to activate her inheritance, steal the regalia, and defeat the black dragon army.

However, after being beaten up by Lu Sheng, she could only helplessly remain indoors with her harp.

Lu Sheng gave it some thought. He decided to inform her about his decision.

He knocked on the door three times.

"Hongye," Lu Sheng called out softly.

"Dad, what's up?" The door was immediately opened. Even after a few years, Lu Hongye's appearance was still that of a 17-year-old. There was a smartness in her purity. She was as beautiful and cute, and as flat-chested as ever.

The only difference was that her curves were more pronounced now. She seemed to be one size larger. Her waist was still slender, and her legs seemed to be in shape from all the training. Her long silky hair fell loosely and emitted a faint natural fragrance.

Lu Sheng sniffed. He could tell the nature of this smell.

This was the characteristic body odor of the Golden Dragon Tribe. Although it smelled nice, it was actually a standard threatening scent to the other golden dragons. It had a certain suppressive effect.

"It's been a long time since I've seen you. You've lost some weight." Lu Sheng ruffled her hair. "I'm quite busy lately and have neglected you. You've just graduated from the academy. Are you still working on that tour magazine?"

The tour magazine job was something Lu Hongye came up with to fool Lu Sheng. In truth, she had been busying herself with the Golden Dragon Tribe's affairs.

"Y-yeah" Lu Hongye lowered her head to avert her gaze. She did not want her father to notice the look in her eyes.

"As long as you know how to balance your schedule. By the way, I have something to tell you. We might be moving away soon to somewhere far away. You should prepare yourself mentally," said Lu Sheng softly.

"We're moving?"

"Mm-hm. You'll have to make arrangements with your workplace as well. Say your goodbyes to your colleagues. You've spent so much time together, after all," Lu Sheng instructed her.

"Oh" Lu Hongye gave it some thought. She did not really mind. With the flying speed of a golden dragon, she could reach anywhere in no time. After all, they could not be moving too far away.

After telling his daughter that, Lu Sheng hesitated about bringing her along.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to leave her here in this world. At the very least, the Golden Dragon Tribe could look after her. That would give her enough security.

After talking to his daughter, Lu Sheng went downstairs to check on the fairy garden and the butler Hank. He told them about his plans to move as well.

Currently, Dawn City was now the capital of the allied army's territories.

Construction projects took place everywhere. Countless people migrated here.

The fort-like city walls were displayed as decorations. Even part of the Beast Tribe was moved over. They obtained enough food to last them throughout winter by trading with the other citizens.

Lu Sheng did some inspections on the condition of the city. He had to leave some foundation here so that he could use it as a hidden contraption to return to this world.

The setting up of the hidden contraptions was easy. After giving out dozens of orders through the city hall, all of his hidden contraptions were successfully set up.

At this moment, news from both the Light and Shadow God Systems reached him.

Due to the pressure from the allied army of the three Tribes, the two god systems had agreed to Lu Sheng's terms as expected.

They traded their antiques for Lu Sheng's territory and believers.

The two god systems sent out envoys to sign the agreement with Lu Sheng. A day later, an agreement known as the Star World Agreement was signed in Dawn City.

This meant that the fierce war in the main plane finally reached a more peaceful phase.

Lu Sheng had temporarily accomplished the karma and wishes of the reincarnation power he'd absorbedto stop the war.

On the third day, legendary-ranked suits of armor, weapons, and antiques were delivered to Dawn City. At the same time, huge amounts of ancient artifacts were also delivered by the allied army to Dawn City under Lu Sheng's command.

The Transport Formations were practically flashing all day long. The 100 Transport Formations even needed constant maintenance in the end to keep up with the high frequency of operations.

Throughout the next five days, Lu Sheng devoured the Mental Energy contained within the antiques delivered to him throughout the world. When he was lucky, he would receive up to 1,000,000 units. If he was less lucky, he would receive about 400,000 units.

Many of the antiques did not even contain any Mental Energy units.

During the first five days, the ancient objects were sent over. However, the amount of objects sent slowly dwindled.

Eventually, it was time for the regalia of the Light and Shadow Churches.

These regalia had long history behind them. Naturally, they contained massive Mental Energy.

There were more than 10 complete regalia which supplied more than 50,000,000 Mental Energy units to Lu Sheng in total. This was a terrifying rate.

Overall, within a period of slightly more than 10 days, he had absorbed more than 80,000,000 Mental Energy units.

This amount of Mental Energy replenished the amount he spent while deriving the cultivation methods before this. It was even in excess. It should be known that when Lu Sheng had first transmigrated here, he only had more than 8,000,000 units. Currently, he had more than 80,000,000 units. It had multiplied.

Lu Sheng began handing over his lands as per the agreement.

In the name of the rabbit buddha, the three Tribes did not show any disagreement.

Lu Sheng seized this opportunity to pick a layer devoid of living beings in the abyss. There, he opened up a portal to his own Heart Image World.

He intended to contain the three Tribes in his Heart Image World.

Creatures with special privileges were allowed in the Heart Image World. Although they could only exist in the form of souls, they would still be living in a complete world, just like the outside world.

Now that his Heart Image World was half the size of Earth, the expansive land was surely enough to accommodate the three Tribes.

The more living spirits his Heart Image World contained, the faster the world expanded. The rules of the world would also be more complete. Since he controlled the incarnation cycle there, he could easily pick powerful souls and release them into the outer world as his subordinates.

This way, Lu Sheng's main body would also grow stronger.

However, he did not have such plans for the moment.

There was also one crucial issue. He was still unsure how to deal with the abyss and hell which were largely covered in his flesh and blood.

Soon enough, Lu Sheng told Lu Hongye where they would be moving to. It was a place nobody had even heard of.

It would have been impossible for Lu Hongye and the Golden Dragon Tribe to have heard of that place before. This was because the place was a huge floating city Lu Sheng built in another plane in the void.

If all went well, he intended to bring this floating city out of this world.

However, the requirement of the Transport Formation for this feat was much higher than ordinary Transport Formations. Even as a Formation Grandmaster, he had to carry out many preparations. Also, he was not even sure if this would actually work.

At this moment, his daughter Lu Hongye decided to come clean with him, as he expected.

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