Way Of The Devil Chapter 748

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'This phenomenon I think I've read about this in one of the old books'

Lu Sheng focused on the arch before himself. He suddenly remembered a similar record he had read in Libra City's library.

"This is World Invasion?"

The Heavenly Devil World would frequently conjure up foul winds and bloody rain in other worlds. Hence, he was very familiar with such unique changes in the World Door.

Lu Sheng had seen similar records as well. When a world was being invaded, all World Doors would behave like this as a warning.

'Interesting To think that there's someone bold enough to invade the Heavenly Devil World' Among the known worlds, although the Heavenly Devil World was not the most powerful world Lu Sheng had seen, it certainly counted among the small cluster of most powerful worlds.

The Void Underworld beings were overlord-ranked entities that were capable of disrupting other worlds. Currently, someone was reckless enough to invade the home of the great beings.

Lu Sheng was immediately intrigued. "Let's take a look."

He left a World Mark on the war fort with familiar movements.

He'd invented a mark which allowed communication between two worlds. The mark would send out signals automatically at fixed intervals as an indication of the bearer's condition.

With this, he could be informed about any possible issues the war fort might be facing in time.

He did not want to leave and find the war fort being completely destroyed by some accident upon his return.

After setting up the World Mark swiftly, Lu Sheng looked at the World Door before him again. Eventually, he took a step forward and went through it.


His vision blurred. In the blink of an eye, he was already within a spiraling blood-red tunnel.

He flew along the tunnel. In less than 10 seconds, he exited the blood-red tunnel as if he had broken the water's surface.

His field of vision widened up abruptly.

The metallic ceiling was black and full of circuits. The slightly moving air brought with it a faint smell of lubricants.

When Lu Sheng snapped back to the present, he was already standing in a black metal room that was neither too big nor too small. The floor was covered in the formation veins of the World Door Transport Formation.

He turned to look behind himself. The blood-red World Door swiftly shrunk as he willed it to. From the height of a man, it quickly shrunk to the size of a needle. He kept it at that size so that he could still maintain a faint connection with the war fort's world and receive some information.

Having done all that, Lu Sheng swiftly inspected the completeness of the formation around himself.

Soon enough, he nodded with satisfaction. The formation was frequently maintained by someone. There was no sign of damage.

'I've spent too long in the Seven-colored Dragon World, but I've gained much experience as well. I feel as if I'd been gone for centuries instead of decades' He looked round at the Transport Room. There was a faint feeling of familiarity and awkwardness at the same time.


Suddenly, the door to the room was banged open. A weak-looking boy with short dark blonde hair who carried a big box of assorted tools charged into the room.

"Toram, something happened again! Bring me the materials!" The boy rushed into the room hastily while shouting to his back.

"Got it!" Toram Bach's voice came from a far-off room.

When Lu Sheng saw the boy, he was reminded of where he was.

He was on his own flying ship.

This young boy was called Bansai. He had invited him to join him as a Formation Master when he discovered his talents.

There was also a maid he'd picked up throughout his journeys, Toram Bach.

Bansai was having his meal when he suddenly heard the alarm from the formation. He hastily picked up his tools and rushed over. He had experienced this situation many times now. Usually, all that was needed was some patching, and the issue would be resolved in no time.

With his understanding of formations, even the complicated business of transmigration formations could be simplified.

However, when he rushed into the Formation Room this time with his toolbox, he stood riveted at the door.

The dark red World Door had been opened without him noticing. All that was left of it now was a hole the size of a needle which hovered in midair.

Slightly before the small hole stood a well-built, handsome big and tall man.

The two of them exchanged glances. Bansai soon registered what was happening.

"Ah!" His expression changed as he let out a scream.

"Y-y-y-you!" The toolbox in his hands fell to the floor with a clang. He was currently having a panic fit.

Lu Sheng could understand why he was screaming. After all, the time flow difference in the Seven-colored Dragon World was 1:150.

He had spent almost 20 years there. After doing the conversions, he had been gone here for more than two months.

Soon, a white-haired young girl with a similarly sized box of materials hurried into the room as well.

"What's the matter?!" Toram Bach barely finished her sentence when she saw Lu Sheng standing in the center of the formation.

"Ah, it's the master. Welcome back." Her expression swiftly returned to normal. She used her hand to clamp screaming Bansai's mouth. Then, she reverently fell to one knee and saluted Lu Sheng.

"How long have I been gone?" Lu Sheng asked.

"Since you've transmigrated, it has been two months and seven days." Toram Bach swiftly gave a precise response.

"Not bad. Inspect the formation, then wait for me in the meeting room. I have some things to take care of," said Lu Sheng as he nodded.


Lu Sheng left the Transport Room and returned to his bedchambers.

His trip to the Seven-colored Dragon World had ended up quite bountiful. Other things aside, the huge amount of Mental Energy he'd obtained was enough to make him feel satisfied.

With more than 80,000,000 Mental Energy units, it was certainly enough for him to derive the next tier.

At his level, many of the Void Underworld beings were already grandmasters capable of inventing their own cultivation methods. Following established cultivation methods was no longer a practical route.

Lu Sheng guessed that the Void Underworld beings would be cultivating something of a greater rank rather than cultivation methods.

They would surely be cultivating in different directions, which would determine their respective ranks.

It was analogous to the technological ages back on Earth, such as the Tool Age, Steam Age, Electronic Age, and Information Age.

Every single Void Underworld expert at this stage was practically a separate branch of biological evolution.

Lu Sheng placed the items he'd brought back into their proper places. Most of the regalia he had brought along with him crumbled after passing through worlds.

It was clear that the Heavenly Devil World's rules could not support the structure of the regalia. In other words, the physical structures that held in the Seven-colored Dragon World could not be established in the Heavenly Devil World.

Lu Sheng had a lot of regalia and lesser regalia. In the end, only three of them survived. However, the god power contained in the three had dissipated as well.

There was no god power in the Heavenly Devil World. The three items that survived were merely ordinary tools slightly sharper than standard weapons.

'The rise of the seven-colored dragons to prominence has been maintained for several years. Fortunately, my karma was considered settled that way.' Lu Sheng sensed his own spirit. The seven-colored dragon's spirit was certainly assimilated with his own now.

However, his current spirit was too powerful. The dragon's Spirit Power was like a drop of water into a great river. It felt weak and insignificant.

However, that drop of water made Lu Sheng feel as if he was more complete now.

The stability and toughness of his spirit rose another notch.

He reckoned that if he continued doing this for four or five more times, he would reach the limits allowed by his spirit. He might even naturally proceed to the next tier. After all, the third tier of the Void Wheel was not difficult to attain. All he needed was sufficient accumulation.

'Now, it's time for my third harvest' Lu Sheng made a thought. Countless pieces of his flesh appeared behind himself. They resembled countless mashed meat.

This was his main body's flesh which he'd scattered all over the abyss, hell, and the other planes.

These pieces of his flesh had absorbed ample nutrients from their surroundings. They were now his greatest store of energy.

They could now provide him with enough energy to realize the full potential of his body's strengthening and regeneration.

Heavenly Devils were terrifying beings equipped with extremely powerful spirits. It was easy for them to control any physical body, regardless how domineering the body was.

However, due to their habit of journeying to different worlds and their perception of physical bodies as mere tools that could be regenerated or substituted, most of the Void Underworld Heavenly Devils spent little effort to strengthen their own bodies.

However, Lu Sheng devoured large amounts of nutrients and stored them as stock with his body's special attributes he'd derived.

The dark red flesh swiftly formed a round disc and floated behind him.

'I'll call this piece of flesh my Flesh Basic Disc. This will serve as the foundation for my physical body's strengthening in the future.'

It should be known that this Flesh Basic Disc had devoured all enemy creatures of the abyss and hell. It was only formed after it had absorbed huge amounts of nutrients.

Lu Sheng could easily regenerate his own body dozens of times with this amount. Naturally, Lu Sheng would not merely use this to regenerate his body. He had greater plans for this.

'Next, I'll have to work on my cultivation base' Lu Sheng sensed the changes within his body.

'Deep Blue,' he called out in his mind.

The light blue frame popped up swiftly. Lu Sheng quickly focused his gaze on the latest frame.

"Qianshen Method, level-11. (Special traits. Qianshen Undead Body. Flesh Basic Disc. All-Nourishing. Fertilizing Spiritual Light. Civilization Transition.)"

'Currently, I'm at the second stage of the Void Wheel tier. The support I have from my Heart Image World is much greater compared to when I was in the first stage. Also, the living spirits of the three Tribes I've pulled into it before provided me with much power to expand my Heart Image World. Void Wheel means the cycle of the void. I can control much more Soil Qi now. The precision of my Soil Qi manipulation is also on another level. The reincarnation system is slowly being established in my Heart Image World'

Lu Sheng was unsure what good would come of the changes in his Heart Image World. However, the more perfect it was, the greater the peculiar sense of completion and satisfaction he felt within himself.

Since he did not have much contact with his peers, he did not know just how powerful he was right now.

"Don! Don! Don!"

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

"My Lord, several cultivators have showed up. They want to see you."

Toram Bach quickly announced through the door.

"Cultivators?" Lu Sheng was stunned. This was the edge of the Green Branch Sect's territory. They were within an asteroid belt.

The asteroid belt should have provided ample cover, and he had literally just returned. How did these cultivators notice him?

"Are they from the Green Branch Sect?" he asked.

"Yes." Toram Bach's sure reply came.

"I'll meet them." Lu Sheng willed his Flesh Basic Disc to vanish. He stood up and opened the door.

Toram Bach followed behind him. The two of them quickly walked to the observational window of the ship. They saw three individuals in white robes hovering outside. Their robes were adorned with the green three-leafed clover of the Green Branch Sect.

The leader was a beautiful female cultivator with a graceful build and gentle air. Her green hair fell loosely on her shoulders, her small lips were vibrantly red, and her eyes were like flowing streams in the fall. Anyone who encountered her would find themselves liking her for no reason.

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