Way Of The Devil Chapter 764

762 Wonderful Lineage 1

Toram Bach walked up to Lu Sheng, and respectfully reminded him, "Master, the energy crystals are in place."

Lu Sheng snapped back to the present. The formation was already glowing red.

'Currently, the power ranks of the worlds I can transmigrate to are getting higher. The black energy crystals might not be enough. I'll have to switch to energy chunks with higher capacity However, the best I can get from the market is the black energy crystal I'll visit the Green Branch Sect when I return and see if I can get more high-ranked energy resources'

With a fleeting thought in his mind, Lu Sheng tapped his feet in the air lightly. His body was propelled forward, and he landed lightly in the center of the formation.

Red light was gathering all around them. With a crack, a gray rift opened up above him.

Lu Sheng was in no hurry to enter. Instead, he flicked his finger, and two light yellow spots flew out.

The yellow spots of light plunged into the foreheads of Bansai and Toram Bach.

"Cultivate these cultivation methods I've designed just for you. I'll check on your progress when I return. Do not slack off!" After the final instruction, Lu Sheng leapt lightly, morphing into a beam of yellow light before he plunged into the rift and vanished from sight.

The formation shook intensely for a while. Then, with a great vibration, the black crystals exploded.

"This is bad!" Bansai shook with fright. "We must replenish the energy crystals quickly, otherwise the boss might get lost in the space-time vortex if the formation crumbles!"

With a great stride, he shot toward the hidden compartment in the wall. He quickly carried some black crystals and returned to the formation.

Toram Bach also started. She hastily went over to help. The two of them quickly stabbed the new crystals into the sockets on the ground. The gray rift wavered slightly before it slowly stabilized. The two of them sighed heavily with relief.

"Looks like the black crystals are really insufficient for this" said Bansai with a sigh.

"We'll deal with this after Master returns. For now, we can only make do. Let's hope that these black crystals can last for the remaining period," Toram said slowly after a moment's silence.


"The autumn winds are rustling. It's getting colder again"

In a simple and unadorned courtyard, several maidservants were carefully fanning a person on a recliner in their middle.

This person was extremely fat, with a length of more than two meters and a width of more than one meter. The body resembled a mountain of flesh on the recliner.

"Come, help me turn over." After his initial exclamation, he lifted a chubby arm which the maidservants heaved and pulled.

"Careful, Young Master." The four maidservants put their backs to it as they grunted at the same time. They somehow managed to lift the fatso on one side.

The fatso sighed again. "I say, my father's the master of the Green Dew Altar, the greatest person of the underworld across three provinces, while my mother's the greatest beauty of her generation, with her admirers rumored to be as numerous as a school of silver carps moving down a stream 10 years ago. Why did I, their child, grow up to become this monstrosity?"

The maidservants lowered their heads, not daring to say anything. They kept wiping off their sweat with their towels.

They had heard about this before. A maidservant had actually answered the fat young master's question before this. Her reply angered the man, and she was never seen again.

The fatso sighed again. "I wonder where my mother is right now" The fatso was used to his maidservants not giving him any replies. He gazed at the faraway skies with his beady eyes and lost himself in a whirlpool of forlorn emotions.

"If only I was slimmer I'd be able to cultivate my martial skills and help father look for my mother" The fatso squeezed his chubby cheeks. He felt sadder than before.

However, he did not notice a slit suddenly opening behind him. A spot of yellow light flickered in the air and plunged into his head. It vanished in the blink of an eye.

After the yellow light disappeared, the slit swiftly faded and closed up as well, just as if it had never been there.

"Alright, you're all dismissed. I want to rest," said the fatso as he waved his hand.


The four maidservants bent their knees in salute. They hastily went out of the courtyard in a neat row. The fatso was left lying there in the courtyard with his eyes tightly shut. He seemed to be resting.

However, nobody knew that at this very moment, a deeply yellow spiritual light was assimilating the fatso's soul rapidly.

It was not devouring, nor was there any rejection reactions. The two souls merged harmoniously and became one in the blink of an eye.

Soon enough, the fatso reopened his eyes slowly. A yellow gleam flashed past his eyes.

'Pang Sicheng? The only son of the Green Dew Altar's master? The father has a celebrated status, while the mother has mysteriously disappeared, whereabouts currently unknown. This world what is this world!?'

Lu Sheng had just assimilated this Pang Sicheng's memories. He almost swore.

It was one thing for this world to be as vast as it could be, but the region he was in had no concept of a nation. The ruling class were the different gangs and sects.

The region where he was in was ruled by the formidable Green Dew Altar. The Green Dew Altar's master Pang Yuanjun was the father of his host.

Hence, by right of birth, he was akin to a princeling here. He was born with all sorts of privileges.

What Lu Sheng could hardly bear was that the martial system in this world was extremely crude. Everyone here cultivated in cultivation methods based on pure strength.

The martial practitioners of the various tiers were described with the pure strength they possessed.

In the cultivation of the martial path, within the only proper ranking system, the lowest rank was Strong Man, who had the strength of an ox.

Then, it was the Martial Master, with the strength of 10 oxen. From then on, it was Martial Grandmaster, Martial Arhat, Martial King, Martial Emperor, and the most powerful tier, Martial Monarch.

The categorization of the tiers was extremely crude. Everyone merely cultivated their blood essence power. The blood essence power here could be cultivated to mind-blowing levels.

Lu Sheng sighed. He had read plenty of online novels while he was on Earth. When he thought about those days, he could not help but feel this scene extremely familiar. Was this not the same ranking system in the novels he had read before?

He'd initially thought that this system had been simply fabricated out of thin air. Now, it seemed as if such a world truly did exist.

With difficulty, he nudged his body so that he was in a more comfortable position.

'Let's see what this Pang Sicheng's karma and wishes are.'

Lu Sheng moved his spirit and plunged it deep into his soul. This was a world where the time flow difference was one to 10. It was clear that the power rank of this world was one of the highest among the worlds he had transmigrated to.

'Besides the Empress Wa World, I reckon that this world is the dimension that resembles the Heavenly Devil World the most' Lu Sheng focused on Pang Sicheng's karma.

His karma was simplethere was only a single statement.

"Find Mother so that the family can be reunited."

As a person born with a slew of privileges, Pang Sicheng had not been wanting. He wore nice clothes, ate good food, and lived a life of luxury. Even if he wanted to cultivate the martial path, his father would be by his side, giving him instructions.

Hence, the only thing he wanted to do was to find his mother so that the three of them could reunite and live their days happily ever after.

There was another thing that surprised Lu Sheng. This host's father, an ambitious and ruthless overlord of three provinces, was currently engaged in a campaign to conquer other lands in his mission to unify the entire martial world.

The so-called martial world extended as far east as Tang Pass and as far west as the Nine Peaceful Mountains. There were huge fertile lands in between.

There were many small-scale forces scattered across the land as well. The most powerful ones were the three sects and 16 clans.

The Green Dew Altar was one of the most prominent 16 clans.

His father Pang Yuanjun was a well-known Martial Emperor. He was virtually unstoppable with his 10 Junyuan Skills. Every attack of his spilled blood.

'Alas, Pang Sicheng is afraid of pain. He didn't even cultivate the 10 Junyuan Skills, which are all savage. Instead, he cultivated in something called the Straggling Star Path Toad Method. Although it was also a martial skill of the Martial Emperor rank, this method is still a far cry from the Yuanjun Skills'

Lu Sheng regretted this slightly. He sensed about his body and could feel the thread-like force coursing through his veins. This force had no physical form, unlike spiritual power or other types of pure energy which were visible.

It was merely attached to the flesh and blood, with which it circulated as a vibrating, formless power.

"Young Master." Suddenly, a man in green combat attire appeared at the entrance to the courtyard with a swoosh. He greeted Lu Sheng with bended knee.

"What's the matter?" Lu Sheng drawled just as Pang Sicheng would.

"The young master of Seven Peaks City is here."

"Young Master of Seven Peaks City?" Lu Sheng felt a bell ring somewhere in his head. He swiftly searched among Pang Sicheng's memories.

The young master of Seven Peaks City, Zhong Xiu. He was also Pang Yuanjun's great disciple. He treated Lu Sheng's host quite well. However, his identity was slightly mysterious, and not much about him was known.

"Bring Big Brother Zhong in." Lu Sheng tried hard to straighten himself up, but he was too heavy. It was a humongous task.

Even though he had some martial path competence, Pang Sicheng was too lazy. That bit of competence was not enough to support his own body weight.

The man in the combat attire replied with acknowledgement. He vanished in the blink of an eye

Soon after, a big and tall yet emaciated man walked slowly into the courtyard with his hands behind his back.

The man's face was cold and handsome. He had a certain coolness and indifference that was natural for him. His right hand had been injured before, and that was why he used to hide it from plain sight like what he was doing now.

Lu Sheng slowly looked up at this man.

"Is Father not coming home again?" Lu Sheng summarized his host's memories and found similar incidences in the past.

"The altar master is laying siege to Feng Family Villa right now. The Blade King Beisheng is stubborn and will not yield. I'm afraid that your father won't be home for quite some time. I've brought his message with me. He wants you to travel to Feng Family Villa one of these days. He has something for you there."

"I'm not going," Lu Sheng said curtly.

Pang Sicheng's relationship with his father Pang Yuanjun was rocky at best. Pang Yuanjun was an overbearing person. Even toward his only son, he would do whatever he wanted to do without considering his feelings.

Part of the reason why Pang Sicheng refused to cultivate the martial path was because he was being rebellious. Back then, Pang Yuanjun was being too hard on him.

"Come on," Zhong Xiu said with a hint of helplessness as he shook his head. "Also, there's something else I have to tell you. If you bump into a person called Zhuang Xiesheng around Clear Dew City, avoid him as much as you can."

"Oh?" Lu Sheng was taken aback. There was no recollection of this in his host's memories.

Before this, it was the other people who would have to give way to him wherever he went. This was his first time being told to avoid someone else.

"Why is that?" Lu Sheng blurted. Pang Sicheng had always been like this, so he had nothing to fear as well.

Zhong Xiu was silent for a while before he slowly replied, "The master has his own reasons. You just remember that. It won't do you any harm."

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